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Topic Which are you?
Posted 23 Jun 2018 22:29

Gouge out your eyes and then I'll believe you.

I'm dom-adjascent. We kind of have our own rules.

That took you way too long to respond to. I was confused when I saw this in my timeline.

Dom adjacent lol wtf is that

Topic Should Freedom of Speech Include Hate Speech?
Posted 23 Jun 2018 21:14

What is funny about anything I said? Please enlighten me or does the truth threaten you? Go ahead! You're so cocky and full of yourself then surely you won't mind engaging. Please do so!

Everything you said is funny. Every single part of it. Every single word and letter is funny.

You’re a funny guy.

Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 23 Jun 2018 21:01

I disagree with much of your view. Though, I have to say millennials do lean toward the entitlement view. I think too many were way too spoiled by their parents.

In your case, if you feel about living here so negatively, why do it? I'd move somewhere I would be happier.

Myself, I love where I live in the southeastern USA. I am very well traveled, so quite familiar, especially with the English speaking world outside the USA. I quite frankly, have loved my forays into Canada. I'd say Canadians are friendlier than Yankees, but then, I am not a Yankee. We're pretty damn friendly where I live. (Yankees are that northeastern corner of the USA, and while not so averagely friendly, I still like 'em. They're usually alright once you break down their defensive barrier.)

I can't say I've ever been grimly determined to enjoy myself to the maximum possible extent. I do though, eagerly and joyfully, max out my enjoyment as much as possible.

How you've missed the compassion and giving Americans passionately dish out, I do not know. I've lived that and witnessed it my entire life. And having been to Canada, the UK, Europe, and many other places, have not witnessed or experienced any other nation that possesses that quality in more abundance than we have in America. It's actually much the same everywhere I've been, but certainly no less here.

But success and mega? Great! I love it! That inspires and energizes me. So I say, go for it. And humor? It exists in abundance throughout my social experience. And I'm very average.

Hell yeah!

BUT... have you not been to the west coast?????????? We love that accent out here. I’m pretty sure that accent gets you free drinks and all kinds of perks over here.

Topic Should Freedom of Speech Include Hate Speech?
Posted 23 Jun 2018 19:20

The problem as I see it, is that the Progressive's are classifying ANY SPEECH WHICH DIFFERS FROM THEIR IDEOLOGY AS "HATE SPEECH AND THEREFORE, SUBJECT TO HARASSMENT, SHOUT DOWN AND PHYSICAL VIOLENCE." This is a really bad problem and its getting worse with each passing day.

This tactic is rather common with Progressives as is attaching the label of Racist, Fascist or Nazis to anyone disagreeing with them. No one versed in the Social Sciences is falling for this juvenile Poly Sci 101 throwback maneuver and in fact opposition is building and its building quickly.

Tied in with all of this is feeding the public a constant diet of racial. sexual and gender victimization.

Every Autocracy or Fascist Dictatorship needs a villain or central character in which to galvinize or channel the wrath of the abused victims and in America such a villain is found in the Conservative White Heterosexual Male. He is the epicenter of everything that is bad or will be bad on the planet and eliminating him as a Political entity is a supreme goal. Those Whites resisting are labeled Racist Fascist Nazis worthy of having their skulls crushed in with a mallet and those Whites joining the Progressives have undergone a thorough program of indoctrinated White Guilt. In effect then, the Progressives simply replace what they see as hate and racial bigotry with their own form of hate and racial bigotry.

I would strongly caution the Progressives about their Fascist tactics. Americans are waking up fast to it and Americans don't like being told how to think and act. Not one bit! A prominent Harlem Pastor has foreseen a major Civil War coming to America and he is going to ally himself with the Whites because of their core belief in God and family. "DO NOT KEEP PUSHING THE WHITES" is his mantra. THEY BUILT IT AND THEY CAN SMASH IT. I hope nothing like this ever happens but I am very fearful. Things are getting increasingly divided. Progressives keep taking people's space and this is not good.

Do you guys wear those shiny dresses, shit my bad, I mean robes? With like your klan merit badges? It’s so funny. You guys dress up in your little dresses and stand around your civics and start a little fire. It’s cute. You’re easy to spot with your capitalization of white, nazi and racist. You’re like those GameStop manager bdsm masters who get offended when the word master isn’t capatlized.

So damn funny. Good luck selling your food stamps to pay for your internet connection.


Topic The World Cup
Posted 23 Jun 2018 16:27

Germany.......very lucky tonight. Hope Sweden win their next game

That loss for Sweden was absolutely brutal... and they were robbed of an early penalty too. Germany was so damn lucky.

Mexico won today but they weren’t entirely convincing against Korea. I’d say the Mexico Sweden game is a coin flip after watching them both this morning.

Topic LBAGC......
Posted 23 Jun 2018 14:32


Is that Lady Boys and Giant Cocks?

Topic The World Cup
Posted 23 Jun 2018 13:14

There’s going to be a lot of hot Swedish chicks in Russia needing some consoling tonight :’(

Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 23 Jun 2018 11:05

I'm sorry... did I define "American culture" in a single paragraph? I think that if you actually take your hand off the wine bottle and read the threads you post on, you might do a little better. I actually didn't even post anything on this thread until you came out with your repetitive defensive bullshit just like you did. I know your memory isn't the greatest, but you should maybe check your previous posts just to ensure that you don't make yourself look like a double idiot. I understand.. you had a bottle of wine and you came out swinging for an enemy.

I used troll as a verb rather than a noun. You previously made the comment that you somehow enticed me into posting pictures of myself due to your childish taunting. You admitted that you were trolling, and you even bragged about it.

But here's the thing guy... I look fucking good. There is a reason that I post pics of myself and you hide behind a cartoon cat from the 1930s. You don't need to trick me into posting pics of myself. I do it voluntarily on demand. Unlike you, I have nothing to be embarrassed of.

You've done this numerous time before. I gave you the benefit of the doubt before and laid out a cohesive argument but you since then you have proven that you want to be nothing but an insect. So be an insect. But stick to your insect-like one liners and stay away from actual knowledge based conversations. Because you're out of your fucking depth.

I goaded you lil bit... I struck a nerve a lil bit...

I goaded you into posting a selfie (which still looks very old and blurry and could be anyone...) on a sex site in a public forum. You did that to prove to a stranger not exactly sure what, but you did give that stranger a chuckle. Because it’s funny. Think about it.

Look how mad you are... over what? Because I dared to speak up and say that American culture isn’t as negative and problematic as it was being painted here? That maybe the fact that our culture is actually a commodity that the world consumes more than any other culture’s combined kind of means that our culture can’t be all that bad. What kind of response did you want “yeah guys America blows!” Get the fuck out lol.

And seriously, calm the fuck down before you give yourself a heart attack. The fact that you think I try to piss you off on purpose and you still get all pissed off is something you should maybe discuss with a professional.

Topic What is Canadian Culture (For MF)?
Posted 23 Jun 2018 10:55

Isn't it obvious? I came here to be closer to you, MF. Hugs

Ok, but seriously though. Like I wouldn’t move somewhere if I described the place and people like you did.

You probably know that I know that you moved here for some kind of opportunity, you married an American or just a better life in general. You also know that I will then answer by saying that maybe that’s what American culture is or that you should at least have included that as well instead of being a disdainful shithead.

Topic The World Cup
Posted 22 Jun 2018 09:32

Hey! Danica Patrick turns right plenty of times. Excitement increases every time that happens.

That's IndyCar. Probably too internationally flavored for the likes of Brandie and her genius hubbie.

Topic Should Freedom of Speech Include Hate Speech?
Posted 22 Jun 2018 08:13

That was in Scotland if I recall. Scotland and Northern Ireland have different legal systems to England and Wales, hence hate speech laws are not necessarily consistent across all of the United Kingdom.

Oh I thought the nazi dog was from England. My bad.

Topic What is Canadian Culture (For MF)?
Posted 22 Jun 2018 07:49

Canadians have been asking themselves this question for more than a century and a half. As a people, Canadians tend to be friendly, pleasant and considerate. They try not to cause offense, and often go overboard on political correctness. We sometimes have lengthy debates in parliament about who owes an apology to whom, which makes them infinitely more entertaining than American political proceedings most of the time. Canadians tend to embrace diversity as a way of enriching our society, rather than insisting that everyone assimilate to a single mono-culture 'melting pot.' That said, Canadians tend to be intensely nationalistic and obsessed with distinguishing themselves from Americans. They fiercely protect and promote the Canadian arts (despite of a lot of movies, TV and literature being of inferior quality to those produced in the US - we make up for it with vibrant and healthy music scenes in our major cities, and tend to cherish bands that are relatively unknown in the US). We are also loyal to our home-grown businesses to the point that they become national symbols. Our biggest fear is that the ubiquity of American culture will erase our own identity. We're fond of protecting the environment, and wild areas, which is probably a good thing because there's quite a lot of it in Canada. Canadians understand the benefits of socialism, and don't mind paying a little extra for the common good which benefits us all (such as through health care, or addressing poverty). We're also not particularly passionate about religion, though we do have our fair share of churches and mosques and temples, and so forth. And it's a point of national pride that when one is vandalized by white supremacists, the community comes together to show the victims how welcome they are. However, most public displays of religiosity are often perceived as a sign of mental instability.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of stuff (like I did in the post on American culture), but maybe others can add/correct.

I've been in the US about a decade. The biggest distinguishing feature of America in my opinion is individualism. It's a culture of "I" rather than "We". That leads to a lot of personal freedom, but also a lot of selfishness, and a lack of compassion for others. Americans individually tend to be warm and friendly, though they are suspicious of and easily threatened by novelty and difference. They genuinely want to be seen as good, decent people (or whatever their version of good and decent is - a lot of it seems to revolve around going to church). Collectively, however, they're very entitled and often convinced that everyone else is out to get them or screw them over or take something away from them, and therefore they need to get it first, protect it, and keep it away from others. Americans seldom appreciate the concept of "enough" and instead pursue the goals of making everything bigger, louder, faster, and more powerful, in pursuit of the toxic myths of perpetual growth and unlimited freedom. Everything in America is "Mega." Consequently, Americans are tired most of the time. Their endless ambitions (and failures) towards wealth, success, and greatness are exhausting them. Americans possess little sense of humour, and even less joie de vivre. They are very serious-minded people even when it comes to their entertainment and recreation - grimly determined to enjoy themselves to the maximum possible extent.

So if that is your overly positive definition of Canadian culture and that is your overly negative definition of American culture... Why did you leave to live in a country full of greedy paranoid humorless people that lack compassion for others?

Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 22 Jun 2018 01:38

As the U.S. is such a melting pot of culture race income class and many other factors, we have to go back to the roots that founded "us".

1. Many of the first immigrants ( starting with Europe) came here for religious freedom or opportunity. This means that they were so persecuted, or poor, or both, that they were willing to leave family and culture behind. That takes brave Independence. Out of that culture forms an embrace of action, and favor of the individual.

A state was, before we fucked with the definition, was a complete nation. We started out so head strong and independent that even the colonies couldn't give up their identity when forming a new nation (hence "united" states (an almost 250 year old bad pun)).

2. Combine that independence with the fact we were, at least American historians claim, the first colony to succeed from a mother country. A strong sense that we are right; our moral superiority is justified.

3. The states was blessed with both many natural resources "free" for the taking, and one of the few developed nations NOT to have war destroy their backyard. This makes us cocky, and greedy. if everything is "mine" for the taking then others needs become secondary.

in summary (my opinion):

We are aggressive and greedy individualists with a smug moral superiority that hasn't truly been punished for being bratty teenagers.

Sometimes this is helpful, like industrializing a nation, or standing up to injustice. Often this is counter, like discrimination and immoral companies.

This post shouldn't be lost in the douchebaggery in this thread. It's a pretty good and accurate. Not sure how any American can disagree with it.

Topic The World Cup
Posted 22 Jun 2018 01:23

What a Messi they are in laughing6 <----------------------------

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Topic Should Freedom of Speech Include Hate Speech?
Posted 22 Jun 2018 01:18

Hate speech is illegal in England. I believe the legal definition specifies that it holds individuals accountable for expressions of hatred based on a person's colour, race, disability, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation, that are threatening or abusive, and are intended to harass, alarm, or distress.

If the intent is to threaten or abuse, why should anyone be allowed to throw around derisive racial, religious, or sexual slurs without consequence?

Dude what about that guy who taught his girlfriends dog to be a nazi? He obviously taught the dog to "Shake" but edited in a way to give a nazi salute. It was obvious that he was just fucking with his girlfriend turning her DOG into a racist fascist. Yet they are treating it like a hate crime. With like serious consequences. He just wanted to fuck with his girlfriend, how does that really affect anyone's life enough to ruin that guy's life?

OMG this DOG offended me! Get out here.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 22 Jun 2018 01:03

smiles you make me laugh.
Don't change you little ray of sunshine.


Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 22 Jun 2018 00:36

Jesus fucking Christ.

Have you ever glanced at a history book? It's the same culture. The two countries were founded at the same time and developed at the same time in parallel with one another. If you would like me to explain certain different aspects of various regions I would be happy to.

Like I said, if you have specific questions let me know. I'm not going to write an essay just so you can sit there and giggle like a silly little bitch. Next time you troll me, try and do it earlier in the evening.

I have not glanced at a history book, obviously. I’m begging for enlightenment.

There’s different regions of the US too. That never stopped anyone. I don’t know, just sounds like a lot of excuses. No need for an essay. A paragraph will do, geez. Crazy how American culture can simply be defined in a paragraph when someone asks but not Canadian culture. What gives?

Look, I find this “troll” word highly offensive and scapegoatish. If my memory serves me right I was minding my own business before you decided to slap me with your tampon in this thread.

Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 21 Jun 2018 23:51

Oops... I'm sorry. Tombstone is an American movie... Am I allowed to use that reference? I'm related to Doc Holiday, but Val Kilmer is American...

This is such a conundrum. d'oh!


Um, I’m related to Pancho Villa.

Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 21 Jun 2018 23:42

Someone else already made a thread about "Canadian culture."

If you have any specific questions then let me know. I suggested that you do a little research first because I'm not an elementary school teacher.

You already did this before in the martial arts thread. I'm not going to waste my time laying out a cohesive argument when it's apparent that you are just going to fall asleep laughing with a bottle of Pinot in one hand and your dick in the other.

I suggest you go back to spouting one liners until you accumulate enough knowledge to actually take part.

If you do want this to elevate, then I'm fine with that. But let's not bog down this specific thread.. Let's spread it out... I'm sure there are numerous threads that could benefit from your completely original hockey and maple syrups jokes.

Pinot what? See, you think that’s a varietal but you probably saw that in a movie one time.

Martial arts thread? That one was okay. Which thread was the one where I got you to post a blurry selfie? That one was one of my greatest hits. Like you were posting selfies dude. I did laugh my ass off at that one with a bottle of Sauvignon!

I did have a serious question though. Define Canadian culture in the same way American culture was defined here. Cut and paste it if you have to.

That is my specific question. Okay go.

Topic The World Cup
Posted 21 Jun 2018 23:11

Damn. I was trying to be funny. The Canadian in me feels anxious. Sorry. I did not mean to offend, just
trying to be funny. 8-

It’s okay, I’m sorry too. Sorry.

Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 21 Jun 2018 22:20

Maybe take out an Atlas or do a quick google search. I know you're not an idiot, but you seem to think than appearing ignorant makes you more "American" so have it.

I agree with one of those. If you're not willing to look back at your previous errors then don't waste my time with new ones.

Awwwww I was just starting to have fun... I never took you as a scardy cat. Guess I was wrong.

Run along now.

Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 21 Jun 2018 21:48

I think I explained that in my previous post and in other past posts.

You insinuate that because you know nothing of my country that I must possess a reciprocal level of ignorance of yours. If you would like to engage me on that, then I am more than game because I can assure you that that is not the case.

I don't share a culture with Japan, Senegal or Italy. I share a culture with the USA. And this continued implication that I have no knowledge of the subject is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Although, if you want to discuss any of those nations, I am fairly confident that I can conduct fairly reasonable discourse regarding them as well.

As for your "bad memory" you might want to go back and check the Roseanne thread where you made pretty much the exact same argument as you just did now. You didn't go on a "rant about Canada," you drug out the tired old bullshit defense that because I was born ten minutes north of an imaginary line, I should have no knowledge or opinion of anything American. In fact you might want to read that thread through completely. Just so you avoid the same mistakes if you wish to continue this current discourse.

Look, I don’t read all of your posts... you may read all of mine and that’s fine.

So why don’t you give a breakdown of Canadian culture then. Since I don’t know anything about it I’m genuinely curious. What is Canadian culture? Extra points if you crank the contempt way up. How do you “share” our culture? Going by what you say about the two countries, you consume our culture. And don’t talk about hockey or syrup or whatever. Make it interesting like just a guy you know’s breakdown.

And I’m too lazy and probably not smart enough to pinpoint exactly what I said in the Roseanne thread that offended you. Show me the exact transgression, you know better than me what it was.

You see what happened here? It’s a microcosm of Canadians being experts on Americans. Damon has a fucking Felix masters from magic U now since he reads all my words.

It’s like someone starting a thread in “ask the gals” about what a female orgasm feels like and a bunch of guys answering like they're experts because they’ve watched a bunch of porn and then the dudes claiming the gals are just ignorant for chiming in and telling them they aren’t exactly hitting the spot on the subject. Lol

Topic The World Cup
Posted 21 Jun 2018 21:33

Hubbie and I have absolutely no interest in this game.


Heard nascar was turning left 2,000 times this weekend. It’s wicked epic how they just turn left.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 21 Jun 2018 21:15

The saga continues.
What will happen next in blocks

Stay tuned for next time

DBZ outro plays softly in the background

baby just more of the new nymphwriter emoticon

Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 21 Jun 2018 21:05

You're missing the intent of MF's query. He thinks that Canada has no culture of its own as opposed to seeing North American culture as a whole. You have to forgive people like this since they think the 49th parallel is a magic force field that separates two alternate dimensions.

The political systems are slightly different, but the two nations share a similar cultural and economic system.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and my "culture" is far closer to that of Seattle or Portland than it is to Quebec or Newfoundland.

Nova Scotia is similar to Maine.

Alberta is essentially a colder Texas.

These are both huge, geographically diverse nations.

Magical Felix has proved his ignorance in previous threads. This is just something that Canadians have to deal with. They will always view us as a foreign entity, even though in practice we are all the same. The whole entertainment industry is a cross border venture. As are sports. Domestic box office results include both Canada and the US. We just have to come to terms with the fact that we will always know more about them than they do about us.

We just have to smile and nod while they make dumb jokes about bacon.

Pardon my bad memory but when did I go on a rant about Canada in a previous thread? It’s like you know more about me than I do you or even myself. (See what I did, funny haha)

Just asking for a similar culture breakdown of Canada from an actual Canadian. Like, if I did it it would seem weird since I’m not Canadian right? Would you feel the same confidence breaking down the culture of Japan, Mexico, Italy, Senegal etc? Just weird how so many non Americans are confident enough to breakdown our culture and insult us while doing so. You yourself would think it sounds idiotic doing it about any other culture. Why do you feel so confident when it comes to America? Why?

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 21 Jun 2018 20:53

Yes... I took it to mean that becasue that was pretty much what it was about. Though... to be fair... Jen didn't say it wasn't in the forums either and yes... too often it is seen this in the forums. I can't speak for the chat rooms as I don't go into those.

My suggestion was to strengthen the current block and help cut-back the nonsense from certain members. Clearly it wasn't aimed at you... unless you took it that way. My 2 cents

You’re the only person crying about needing an ironclad block that protects you from yourself in the forums. Everyone else just blocks people and that’s it. You’re the only crybaby. Grow up.

Topic The World Cup
Posted 21 Jun 2018 19:48

How can you not go for Iceland?

I'm still waiting to see how Russia finds a way to cheat....

Canada, USA and Mexico are going to host the 2026 World Cup. I'm a little annoyed that all these snobs in Vancouver didn't want it. Now people are going to see Edmonton as a representation of Canada?

Vancouver has an absolutely beautiful new stadium.

What a waste.

On the bright side, Canada will get to compete for the first time since 1986. Let's see if we can score a single goal this time.

Did you see it was actually Sweden that got cheating? Here I thought that the Swedes were so sweet and gentle. The best part was that the Korean coach didn’t even care because he said that Europeans can’t tell Koreans apart anyway lol

Topic The World Cup
Posted 21 Jun 2018 18:05

Lol @ Messi.

The goalie though... what the fuck was that pass

Topic The World Cup
Posted 21 Jun 2018 16:30

Aren't you rooting for us?


And I’m glad Argentina got spanked today too.


Topic What is American Culture?
Posted 21 Jun 2018 16:15

We're America's annoying know-it-all younger brother, and of all our sibling colonies, Mother England loves us best. We constantly make fun of America, but secretly look up to them (at least in some ways), even though we insist that we're totally nothing like them, and do everything better than them.

That sounds more like what everybody thinks of Canada not really what Canadian culture is. I was looking for an answer more like your American culture one.