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Topic Do people believe in Destiny?
Posted 20 Aug 2016 20:43

Yeah, she charges 20 bucks a song, 60 bucks for a private and 300 for a blowjob.

Just don't ask if Destiny is her real name.

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 18 Aug 2016 18:29

I would have said the same thing until some years ago, but I'm starting to believe that the Clintons are closer to the Underwoods than we'd like to admit. The main alternative seems to be a ginger Berlusconi clone, with probably an even bigger ego and less diplomatic skills.

What have you folks gotten yourself, and the world, into?! The US Titanic seems destined for an iceberg in November.

Hillary is no Claire. Please...puhlease.

Topic Contact after date
Posted 17 Aug 2016 14:48

evil4 The pussy beggars doling out sage dating ritual advice.

By all means, call him, chase him, give your new dating partner an inflated sense of his importance to you and at best end up with a guy who always makes you contact him - or end up with a guy who is quite happy to let you make the decisions.

I guess if you're into either of those scenarios, follow the lead of the cat.

Sounds like someone doesn't get very many calls...

I understand you come from an era where a phone call was a big deal, you actually had to get to a phone and stand by it. Nowadays we all have phones in our pockets. Making calls and sending texts is not a big deal anymore. It's weird not to call now. It's not the 70's anymore, doofus.

You saying men get an inflated sense of importance if a woman calls first just means you don't get very many, if any, post date call backs. You don't even know how to interpret it. A call just means "hey, I like you let's hang out again." But you're such an idiot that you view relations between men and woman as who has the upper hand after each interaction. That's why you're a single, old, angry, pathetic excuse for a man.

Topic Contact after date
Posted 16 Aug 2016 23:07

First date went well. Or I thought, now 2 days later and no contact. What's the rule of thumb ? Should I move on ?

If you like him just call him. You have nothing to lose. He may also be trying not to appear too eager. It is a shame for something to slip through your fingers because you are both trying to play it cool.

It's always awesome to me to get a call or a text from a girl the same night I met her. It breaks all the weird tension from those supposed dating rules. The most important thing in the end is your attraction to each other and calling too early or too late isn't going to change how attracted you are to him and he is to you. Just call him.

Topic Contact after date
Posted 16 Aug 2016 23:04

If you call him first, you risk giving him the idea that you think he's the total shiznit. Even though you might think that.

Resist. Make him call you. You want a man who recognizes a good thing and pursues it/her...don't you? This might sound traditional, old-fashioned or just plain out of touch with the times.

I'm just saying, from the POV of a man who's made plenty of 1st calls after 1st dates that ended well enough and I thought I saw a good enough 'thing' to make the effort to show I was interested in asking for a 2nd date.

If he doesn't call... consider that you dodged a bullet and proceed forward with your life. He wasn't the shiznit after all.

You're an idiot.

Topic Danielle X's What's the Odd One Out Quiz - A prize to the winner!
Posted 16 Aug 2016 11:18


yeah yeah haha

Topic Danielle X's What's the Odd One Out Quiz - A prize to the winner!
Posted 16 Aug 2016 01:55

Depends how you define brand. Maybe could have found a better word but they are not just generic liquors. They are specific to a region or place or in the case of a Guinness, a traditional brand. Sherry isn't just fortified wine, it has to be made in the vicinity of Jerez.

Anyway if you don't like the answers you can go stick em where the sun don't shine!

D x

Well... I define brand much like the rest of the English speaking world does.

Brand ( noun ) a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

That would mean Guinness is the only one that is actually a brand. Guinness is a brand of Irish ale.

Champagne isn't a brand but Dom Pérignon is. Dom Pérignon is a brand of champagne.

You pointing out sherry is similar to cognac or champagne in that it needs to be made in a certain region only fortifies my point that it's not a brand since any company can slap their brand or label on a sherry as long as it follows the rules of how it's produced. I had already stated that twice (with cognac and champagne) but I didn't want to beat you over the head with it, but yes, you pointed out that sherry is also not a brand, it's a fortified wine made in or near Jerez, not a brand

Plus Chardonnay isn't specific to a region. You can grow Chardonnay anywhere and call it Chardonnay. It originated in Bordeaux but it does not need to be grown there. Chardonnay grapes are grown all over the world and made into wine. That wine varietal is Chardonnay then you put a label on it with a specific name for your Chardonnay and that would be the brand.

I mean you can say your interpretation of 2+2 is 5 but when you're running a contest you should probably use 4.

But it's your contest so you can make up your own answers. But at least one of your "winners" answered Guinness which is the right answer even though his reasoning is off. It's still the right answer. But again it's your contest so you can make up whatever answers you want. But they aren't correct in this specific one and it changes the outcome. But again, it's your contest and nothing serious is at stake.

Topic Danielle X's What's the Odd One Out Quiz - A prize to the winner!
Posted 15 Aug 2016 16:17

And the answers...


Absinthe - not a brand

Hmmm... I think you screwed this one up Danielle.

Chardonnay, for example, isn't a "brand" it is a varietal.

Sherry isn't a brand either. It's a fortified wine that comes in many brands or labels.

Cognac isn't a brand either. It's a variety of Brandy made in Cognac, France in a very specific way using certain grapes. Same with Champagne (must be made in Champagne, France in a certain way with certain grapes)

The answer should be Guinness because that is the only one that is a brand.

I guess absinthe can be the answer too but not because it is not a brand but because it contains wormwood. But really the answer should be Guinness because it would be the most correct because absinthe also comes in many brands or labels.

Topic Irregular verbs
Posted 10 Aug 2016 01:51

Well those phrases tripped off your tongue a little too easily.
Especially the one about the wig.

I was gettin' a taco 'cross the street an' I seen dat ho walk out the wig shop aiiight.

Topic How to make a lady orgasm while licking her...please share your thoughts here.
Posted 09 Aug 2016 19:05

It was only a matter of time before you'd chime in.

Hope all is well Jack.

Oh relax. It's not like I am making fun of your love for Michael Bublé again. Just saying, it's weavindreams... you can do better than making fun of his typing.

Topic How to make a lady orgasm while licking her...please share your thoughts here.
Posted 09 Aug 2016 17:09

How did that work for you?

I am not grandstanding at all. More like having a debate and asking you about your posts which you haven't addressed.

That's all.

Of the many things you can make fun of weavindreams for you chose to focus on a typo... I mean come on, you say you're a wise ass but I have yet to see any evidence of this.

This is just a straight up tard fight.

Topic Irregular verbs
Posted 09 Aug 2016 17:06



Topic Irregular verbs
Posted 09 Aug 2016 16:11

Not sure if that's a Scots thing but I work with two people from the same town who use those (I seen and I done). Thought it was maybe a central Ontario (Canada) thing.

That's pretty common in California too.

"I done seen that bitch at the wig shop."

"I seen that movie already."

"I done that ho wrong." Followed by "I should take her to get her nails did."

Topic Irregular verbs
Posted 09 Aug 2016 11:42

When I drink a little too much I get drunk and drank mixed up.

Topic Why even have a scoring function for stories?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 22:49

If you don't want anyone to score your story, then don't allow any readers to vote. Simple as that.

That is not what they said at all... How do you get it so wrong? Your reading comprehension is so bizarre.

Sprite's right about the issues of other sites. They tend to get a higher percentage of trolls and people who will trash your score for basically no better reason than because they can.

Good Lord... That's actually the problem here, bozo. On lush anything that is not a 5 or any kind of comment that is not total praise is considered "trolling". In no way do you get actual useful feedback on lush. Someone can fall asleep on a keyboard and call the resulting gibberish a poem or flash erotica and a bunch of people will act like that author is Shakespeare reincarnated. Last time I left a realistic comment on a story that author blocked me within the hour. (and let me know they did so because I am a troll) Like, it was a legitimate comment saying I scored the story a 4 and I talked about areas of improvement in a serious way but that was considered trolling.

Topic Why even have a scoring function for stories?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 22:39

She has an outstanding toy collection. Shhh,300_.jpg

Topic Anals
Posted 08 Aug 2016 16:46

Maybe some of the sexual partners had two anus's, therefore creating the need to pluralize?

Your avatar goes down in the anals of lush history as the most unintentionally funny on the site.

Topic Anals
Posted 08 Aug 2016 16:34

This is a very wild question and thread title. You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Wilson.

Topic Why even have a scoring function for stories?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 16:31

see, the thing is, you're not even worth the effort of a decent comeback, foo.

You might as well say that you're taking your toys and going home. What a chump..

Topic Why even have a scoring function for stories?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 16:24

*slaps the annoying buzzing gnat out of the air with a rolled up newspaper* oops, sorry Jack. did that hurt?

I dare you to post that weak ass comeback on another site. It would get thumbed down faster than you can delete your account out of embarrassment.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 16:21

suntan lotion and extra socks.

Sounds kinda...kinky.

Topic Why even have a scoring function for stories?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 16:20

sure, but i've seen sites that go the opposite way, low scores, abusive comments, that tend to drive authors away

No wonder you don't post on other sites OoOOOoOOooooOOHhHhhhHHH! Want some aloe for that burn, honey?

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 15:38

If I get one more notification in my timeline that someone has unfollowed me I am going to march my happy ass right down to the Lush Headquarters in fucking Scottsdale Arizona and demand satisfaction.

Topic Story Feedback
Posted 08 Aug 2016 15:33

Un-classy nudes in my inbox will do.

Topic Who do you think is actually a guy although the profile says female?
Posted 23 Jul 2016 15:47

I think I have found some guys deliberately put female in their profile by simply chatting with them.

You must be some kind of super detective. Move over Batman, David has arrived.

Topic Celebrating our new sub forum!
Posted 23 Jul 2016 14:35

i could kill you with my thumb, you know.

Why, was it in youre but or some thing?

Topic Celebrating our new sub forum!
Posted 23 Jul 2016 14:32

now not know. feel not feal. you're not your.

Go a way, your annoying! Their, I said it.

Topic Celebrating our new sub forum!
Posted 23 Jul 2016 13:36


know I feal stupid as fuck. I hope your happy.

Topic Has the UK replaced the US as the political laughingstock of the world?
Posted 20 Jul 2016 09:12

First off, don't use your response to me to engage with Magical_Felix, it just makes you look like a coward and feeds his ego. If you have something to say to him... then fucking say it to him ... not to me. It's never too late to reply to anyone. However, I gave you fair warning dude.

Next, a Wikipedia article on copyright? Really?! Did you read what I said? I said you were repeating things almost to the point of plagiarism. Nothing about copyright. Please, don't send links to articles I won't read.

As for you not wanting to share "private information"... are you serious? That's your excuse for failing to answer a question. It's not like I asked you for your name, address, social security number, birth date, bank account number, etc. I asked you what country you came from. Considering the size of most countries, that's not asking for a whole hell of a lot of information. You choose to post on public forum then cry foul about your privacy. Truly you're a hypocrite.

And I don't need to know what country you're from to know you're an idiot. You are the one who has been using stereotypes... not me.

So stop talking about "your country" if you're not going to tell anyone where you're from. Stop using me to make useless attacks at Magical_Felix. If you don't have the balls to stand up to him yourself, that's your problem... not mine. I shut the door on him a long time ago and walked away. I don't care what he thinks about me or says. And honestly, I now feel the same way about you as well.

Oh my god haha

Topic Has the UK replaced the US as the political laughingstock of the world?
Posted 19 Jul 2016 15:03

As for what Magical_Felix posted, I, trully, don't care. I choose not to reply to his post for two reasons: 1. I've saw too late his reply. 2. I was too lazy to make a double post as I was using a tablet.

Nymph is just trying to make you feel foolish for responding to my post. It's a normal thing to respond to posts on a message board. Sure it was insulting but this thread is insulting in that it suggests the US is the world's laughing stock when nothing could be further from the truth.

But... Let's just say Nymph is right and it is foolish to respond to me when I post in the manner I posted to you... Nymph isn't someone who should talk. It took her over a year to realize that I would deliberately post in a way to fire her all up and watch her explode then laugh. I mean, the shit I would say was true... But you know, the truth can be embarrassing. You shouldn't take her nonsense seriously. The only reason she can even control herself now is because she supposedly has me blocked (she reads my posts anyway, let's get real) but if she does directly respond now she will look doubly foolish because she is supposedly using the block. That's why she always goes out of her way to say she inadvertently read my posts. Makes her look dumb and dishonest every time. If it weren't for the block feature she begged and begged for she would still be responding so don't take her judgment to heart. But yeah, she uses the "block" because she has to because she was so annoying about it and now I can say whatever I want to her and she can't defend her points. She played herself pretty much.