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Topic latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted 18 Jul 2017 00:41

spot on review - just got back, and yeah, its weird using the word "humanity" when talking about the apes, but it's fitting - the film also didn't get lazy and go with what you expected - there were a lot of touches, both big and little, that took me by surprise (i won't list them - some are major spoilers). all in all one of the best movies of the year, and yeah, bite it, Oscars, and give Serkis at least a nomination for an incredibly nuanced performance as Ceasar.

I feel the nominations should be special effects, best picture and score. Even though serkis does a good job I still dont think motion capture should win a best actor since the animators are the real actors there (scratch that... "real" was not the right word, but they are 50% of the acting there.). If the CGI was shit no one would be thinking serkis should get a best actor. That said, a lifetime achievement award, eventually, I am all for. If he keeps it up that is.

Topic Does the 2nd Amendment only apply to white people?
Posted 18 Jul 2017 00:35

A friend has told me that someone on my blocked list finds one of my previous posts too hard to understand.

Holy shit... Is anyone else on lush thinking what I am thinking? Accidentally seeing blocked posts, other people telling them about it and forced to comment, martyrdom?

I need to set seax up with my favorite fiend. They have so much in common. <3

And now, the Carpenters. Art imitating life.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 18 Jul 2017 00:14

It is a proven fact that the amount of calories per kilo to raise one cow could grow crops that would feed considerably more people. On average, animal protein production in the U.S. requires 28 kilocalories (kcal) for every kcal of protein produced for human consumption. Beef and lamb are the most costly, in terms of fossil fuel energy input to protein output at 54:1 and 50:1, respectively. Turkey and chicken meat production are the most efficient (13:1 and 4:1, respectively). Grain production, on average, requires 3.3 kcal of fossil fuel for every kcal of protein produced.

In addition, U.S. agriculture accounts for 87 percent of all the fresh water consumed each year. Livestock directly use only 1.3 percent of that water. But when the water required for forage and grain production is included, livestock's water usage rises dramatically. Every kilogram of beef produced takes 100,000 liters of water. Some 900 liters of water go into producing a kilogram of wheat. Potatoes are even less "thirsty," at 500 liters per kilogram.

Very interesting info, thanks.

There are a million variables to consider though... It's endless. How many wheat products like say sliced bread are used in conjunction with meat and cheese? Or made into cereal and eaten with milk? It really is all a wash.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 18 Jul 2017 00:08

No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that those hunters kill with the intention to get a thrill and a trophy and couldn't care less about what happens to the carcass afterwards. The food is merely a by-product, if it's eaten at all.

The hunter who killed that lion, an American dentist named Walter Palmer, can be found with numerous pictures of big game kills, including an American black bear, which he illegally killed ( source ). The man has no conscience when it comes to wildlife.

Sources about that lion kill?
Try these:

I imagine you talking to your plants about this. That's funny to me.

Look, it's like giant redwoods. Every once in a while someone chops one down... And it's awful. Doesn't mean that chopping down trees isn't a necessary evil. Like it or hate the virus that is the human race lives on the planet earth. The only right thing to do to save the planet would be to kill every human on earth. We are nothing but detrimental to this planet.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 16 Jul 2017 05:02

Fair enough, back to google for a few seconds. suggests soybeans give 263 lb/acre of protein "fully digested by humans", while beef gives 15.6. Quite possibly outdated numbers, but still a very big gap. And apparently hemp is even better than soybeans...for protein content, I mean, not just for other purposes. Regaeman Man

Consumption of frankensoy is not very recommended by anyone. Google that too. And let me know what the best way to consume hemp protein is? Sorry, I'm ignorant.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 16 Jul 2017 04:45

I never said the meat wasn't consumed. I said that the hunters probably didn't care if the meat was fit for consumption. They would have killed the animals regardless, it was about trophy after all.

In 2015 in Zimbabwe a 13 year old male lion was killed just outside of a national park. After the kill the lion was beheaded and his carcass was left to rot. The hunter who killed him is the bald guy posing with the dead rhino in the opening post of this thread.

So you're saying that the outcome doesn't matter if you believe the intention was nefarious? So like if the animals are eaten, like every other animal on earth, it doesn't matter since you believe that the hunter killed it with the intention to waste. That is what you're saying.

Plus you have no source. You just posted a thought (for lack of a better word). I asked you to link to a source where carcasses are being littered in Africa after a hunt in relation to big money big game hunting. Where are the wasted carcasses being dumped?

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 16 Jul 2017 04:44

At the risk of dragging the thread off topic...ah, probably too late anyway. But the bit I highlighted is the exact opposite of what I see quoted all the time. For example, says, "The team calculated that beef requires 28 times more land, six times more fertilizer and 11 times more water compared to ," and, "All told, on a calorie-to-calorie basis, potatoes, wheat and rice require two to six time less resources to produce than pork, chicken, eggs or dairy." Cattle here are either grain fed (and the grain uses a lot of land), or run over enormous areas. Maybe it's a bit different in some places, and when we allow that vegetarians cannot live on wheat alone, but it seems to be generally accepted that if an extra billion or two people start eating half as much red meat as those of us in first world countries, then the world is fucked. Well, a bit more fucked than it already is...

And FWIW, I eat meat. Probably more of it than is good for me. And I don't really disapprove too much of hunting when it's done for food or to kill non-native pests. But to say, "Look, I'm a big, tough hunter who killed a lion," when the hunter was driven to where the lion was, and the lion looked at the vehicle and wondered whether they'd come to feed it, well, that's pretty pathetic.

Calories? Sugar has a lot of calories, way more than anything, why not just feed everyone on sugar? So many calories... How about comparing it by grams of protein to protein? Because what you said is just a bit misleading. Not all food is created equal. Also you compared it to other meat and meat byproducts. (I wonder why the article you found did this lol) How much land does it take to grow a gram of rice or wheat protein to a gram of beef protein or any other animal. And how much processing does it take? haha

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 16 Jul 2017 03:47

Seriously? Because it was a trophy hunt, not a food hunt.

Yeah but tell me how you know the meat wasn't consumed. How you know the guides that tracked the animal also don't have connections on where to send the meat, for a price as well I imagine. That they only let some rich goofball kill the animal for a hefty price, an animal that would probably be killed anyway, but throw the body away.. link me to a credible source about where the carcass is littered if that is your stance, go ahead.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 16 Jul 2017 03:35

The flesh being inedible would not have stopped him from killing the animal.

How do you know that though? Seriously.

That's like saying that the opportunity for you acting like a lil bitch not being present would have stopped you from posting. Sure, it's what is expected and proven by history of you but it doesn't make it 100% true.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 16 Jul 2017 03:24

Google "sentient plants" and you'll find lots of information about it.

Topic On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, what number would you rate your blowjob skill?
Posted 16 Jul 2017 01:03

I've been told multiple times that I give the best blowjobs, not sure how else to rate it. I believe I'm pretty good because I genuinely like giving blowjobs.

That would be a 10 out of 10, A+, 👍, 100%, gold medal.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 15 Jul 2017 23:25

poor little misunderstood jack, everybody picks on him. you're always welcome to speak your mind up until the point that it becomes constant personal harassment. then you get your hand slapped, just like anybody else here, myself included. learn to play reasonably nice, try harder to keep to the actual topic at least some of the time and learn where the line is and once you figure out where it is, don't continuely cross it. simple as that.

Not sure where I said everyone. It's clear that I implied you and you alone in regard to the last time I dared to disagree with you.

I seriously feel like I am understood pretty well. Too well maybe.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 15 Jul 2017 23:24

excuse me for "being smug", something you've never had any cause to be accused of.

actually, since you asked, and i'm sorry if i'm being smug about this, but i don't actually consume very many dairy products. cheese, yes. milk, no (almond or soy milk). butter, no. someone made a point of saying that you have no room to be opposed to hunting if you eat meat - i simply pointed out that i don't eat meat. my apologies for actually being part of the debate instead of simply calling people "stupid" or "fools". and i am relaxed with "my bullshit", so don't worry about me.

as for the 'hassle' statement, it's simply a matter of looking around at the people i, personally, hang out with - all i can speak from is my own experiences, and the number of times i've seen vegetarians or vegans make comments about meat eaters diets is far less than the other way around, something you understood when you read it - you just chose to misunderstand. you're smarter than that, i know it, and you know i know it.

thing is, at some point, you decided it was my turn to became the latest target for being an asshole, and i'm fine that that. just don't expect the reaction you get out of others. i'm happy to debate with you, but please, leave the baiting out - it's really beneath you or anyone else who got past the 3rd grade.

Only on lush is a counter point considered baiting.

If only american third graders were smart enough to see through bullshit on an adult level. We'd be able to catch up to those koreans and danes in no time.

So are you vegetarian or vegan? So.. are you now saying you're vegetarian but you only eat cheese, so 95% vegan? Because that is a very important difference to point out lol. Almond trees are just another orchard by the way in case you think almond milk is saving the planet.

Oh and The reason vegans/vegetarians feel more hassled is because omnivores don't go around making the fact that we are omnivores a topic of conversation like vegans/vegetarians do. Hey look we are at a BBQ a vegetarian chose to attend? Where is the grilled lettuce????????? Triggered.

Topic Does the 2nd Amendment only apply to white people?
Posted 15 Jul 2017 23:10

Yup, sounds about right.

Where do we draw the line between animal and human? Is the line between simmerdownchick and pack animal not blurry beyond recognition? Should we not allow a poor bastard to marry simmerdownchick simply because she is indistinguishable from an animal? I say not sir! I say she is a person! Will giving her rights lead to giving warthogs or other beasts rights? Maybe, but who are we to know or judge? Is our name Nostradamus? No, it's not, so don't judge.


Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 15 Jul 2017 22:51

In the interest of what's good for the goose is good for the gander...

Shut up, MF.

I probably won't. Unless you choose to muzzle me. Then you'll get me good. You'll show me (again) to speak my mind.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 15 Jul 2017 22:47

i don't feel high and mighty about it. in fact, it's something i rarely mention - it's a choice, my choice, and i don't call out people who make a different choice when it comes to diet. i mentioned in here, because it was pertinent to a reply to a post i had made. i do get on a 'high horse' about people who hunt endangered species for sports. and, to be honest, i'm not really fond of the way animals, such as cows, pigs, chickens, etc, are treated - which is the number one reason i am vegetarian - does that create a larger footprint? possibly. but, imo, that is counterbalanced by the fact that it creates less suffering among other living creatures. btw, you don't think a lot of land isn't cleared in order to provide food for the animals that become ribeye steaks? and, are you aware, that cows are a huge source of methane gas that contributes to global warming?

also, in the interest of fairness, people who eat meat ALSO eat fruits, grains, and vegetables, so please don't pin it entirely on vegetarians.

speaking of high and mighty, in my experience, i'm more likely to be 'hassled' by meat eaters about my choice of diet than i am to 'hassle' them for theirs. second i mention i'm a veggie i am used to getting the 'waving bacon in my face' treatment. not sure what that is all about? dontknow

I was responding to burquette not you... But... You may rarely mention it (even though you did in front of everyone on a public forum), but you did, and in a smug way.

Look, I'm a farmer in one of the biggest agricultural states in the country... I know about footprints. It takes a lot more land to grow crops than beef. Sure they both have impact on the environment. They are both barely sustainable (according to the law...) That's a different debate though. Being a vegetarian does fuck all in a mother earth blessed be sense. Get real. You very much used your supposed vegetarianism to try to make a point. Vegetarians consume milk, cheese, butter etc... That's prolonged enslavement and working of animals by the way. So just relax with your bullshit.

And you are more "hassled" by meat-eaters because meat-eaters don't have high horses, fool. Why would a fellow vegetarian "hassle" you about being a vegetarian? Lol! C'mon now, don't go turning into low hanging fruit. Pardon the pun.

Topic We all know every girls body is different. But what's some things in general, every girl likes sexually?
Posted 15 Jul 2017 22:09

I think its natural that when a woman breast feeds she gets utter pleasure
In my opinion sucking on my tits n biting my nipples lightly can make me horny as hell
More or less it should be the case with most women

20-25 years and up admitted.

Topic latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted 15 Jul 2017 22:01

Saw War for the Planet of the Apes last night.

It's the best one of the series I think. Very sad and emotionally profound in general. Caesar is one of the best characters of all time. And Maurice the orangoutang, Rocket the chimp, Nova the human and the Gorillas too, both the good one and bad gorillas, so well realized. Even Woody the bad guy was humanized and not just a bad guy, he cares about his species surviving. The movie is an examination of the futility of war. Caesar offered peace but the humans didn't want or were too scared to accept it. Such a good movie. Plus those special effects better win the Oscar. I really think it should also be nominated for best picture. But it probably won't. It's a profound movie. 10 out of 10 really.

Topic latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted 15 Jul 2017 21:58

Just saw it, not horrible, but never as good as the original.

This speaks volumes.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 15 Jul 2017 20:56

I'll make this brief as I have ZERO intention of getting into a debate here.

1. I am in favor of shoot on sight orders when it comes to poaching. Poachers are in the bottom rung of human excrement in my opinion.

2. I have zero respect for big game trophy hunters who think they're tough shit because they hunted down animals either used to some level of human contact, are too big and slow to avoid douchebag humans, or are otherwise just outclassed by modern killing machines. Get back to me when you take something down with your bare fucking hands. Otherwise...Cowardly twat waffle rings a bell.

3. It's a sad fucking indictment of humanity you need to kill rare exotic animals to "save" rare exotic animals. And I think it's a cop out to pay for the ability to kill say a giraffe to fund their further survival. Please. You just wanna fill the dark desire to kill. You don't really give two shits about the animals.

4. On that note, it's sad hunting has to be a sustainable economic element.

5. Random note. Too many goddamn humans on this planet.

6. I think there's something troubling in the desire to wall mount heads of animals you "hunted." And I mean at a psychological level. Undiagnosed sociopathy? I dunno. It's something though. I wouldn't want to be in the house if a person who gets a stiffy bragging about what they killed with a high powered rifle from dozens of yards away.

And I use air quotes because my fucking ass you're hunting. Use a traditional bow and arrow and a hunting knife and little else and maybe I'll give you credit for actually hunting. Otherwise, you're just an animal with a debatably Greater intellect blessed by evolution using tools that create an unequal playing field.


5. That's the most dangerous game. Careful now, you might be put on some list.

As for bow hunting... Have you seen what a modern bow does? It actually allows you to miss the first shot without the animal running away. A shot from a compound bow is extremely devastating and fast and silent. Where I am from a guy actually took out a cop and fucked up another one with a compound bow. The cops had guns...............

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 15 Jul 2017 20:51

Unless I'm wrong, she's saying that when you buy beef from the supermarket, you're supporting an industry that destroys the environment, raises the animals in inhumane conditions, and slaughters them with little regard for maximum use. In doing that, it's a little funny if you have a problem with game hunting.

I would agree with that point, as a person who buys meat from the supermarket.

To be fair, PrincessC forgot about hotdogs. They really do use up the whole animal. The buttholes, ears, taints, lluevos, knuckles, everything really.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 15 Jul 2017 20:50

Are you saying that because I buy steak from the supermarket, that I have no right to protest about hunting for sport?

Shut up trinket.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 15 Jul 2017 20:49

Well, fuck. I'm down to dandelion greens growing wild in my front yard.

I know... It's pretty awful. Just sayin', being a vegetarian because you don't want to kill animals and you think it makes you all high and mighty because of it is silly and very misinformed. What I mentioned is just the normal operating procedure. Think about the land that had to be cleared of it's natural ecosystem to make way for crops. In some instances it's been the genocide of certain species. It's fucked up. Think about the price and footprint of your zucchini. It's just as big, if not bigger, than your juicy ass ribeye's footprint.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 14 Jul 2017 17:11

For the record, my wife and i are both staunch vegetarians. :)

There are a variety of pesticides that are used in the growing of vegetables. Even in organic farming. Vertebrates are considered pests as well. Deer, fox, rabbits etc are killed regularly to prevent them from eating the crops or damaging drip systems.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 14 Jul 2017 06:17

Now are there game farmers that fuck around? Of course. But the vast majority are doing more good for ecosystems than some keyboard warrior munching on a Big Mac .

That one may be hard to actually form a good argument against.

You're like a prized gazelle now. Gonna take a quick, steady, accurate and high powered shot to take you down.

Topic Does the 2nd Amendment only apply to white people?
Posted 14 Jul 2017 05:22

I own three rifles, two shotguns and one hand gun.

Calm down Rambo.

Topic African Big Game Trophy Hunting
Posted 14 Jul 2017 03:00

For many years I remember my father would go deer hunting. As a child it was always about him killing Bambi (yes, as in the Disney movie.) What I didn't understand until many years later was he was helping to control the deer population. The deer he would kill would be butchered and donated. If for some reason he didn't get a deer, he'd tell me Bambi lived for another year. Now, his father (my grandfather) did have the head of his first kill stuffed and mounted. That damn deer head hung in Grandpa's room until his passing in 2000. No one in my family, including my father, wanted it so it was donated to Goodwill (as far as I know.)

I have no problem with hunting when it's done for the purpose of providing food for people. I have friends who rely on this practice. My late father-in-law fed his family this way when times were rough, thus forcing him to become a very good shot which the Army took full advantage of during the Korean War.

However, I have a huge problem with African Big Game Trophy Hunting. This isn't done to feed people, it's done so rich fucks can say they got to hunt and kill a lion, elephant, etc. And if you look a bit deeper into this, you'll see quite often they aren't "hunting" as much as ambushing these animals.

You're a product of redneck culture. It's sad but true. Not trying to hate, we are all a product of what came before us... but you, my dear, are a product of redneck git er dun society. It's not your fault: I sympathize. You were raised by animals. Hunting hasn't been cost effective since your great grandfather was an afterthought in his daddy's nuts. I have family members like that too, they go broke hunting too. Let me know which hunter you know is well off because they live off the land. It's sad.

Topic Dating advice and confusion.
Posted 13 Jul 2017 21:46

Ahhh my Magical_Fanclub. Deep down you know you want me, you just won't admit it.

I know people talk about the power of positive thinking n shit... and honestly I don't have the heart to burst your bubble. Keep visualizing your dreams trinket. Bless.

Topic Dating advice and confusion.
Posted 13 Jul 2017 10:46

Just be yourself.

...I think that's where you've been going wrong.

Topic Putting your story title in all caps...
Posted 13 Jul 2017 02:49

Flies?! We aspire to flies in Africa.

Wow. You're going to Kuzimu for that one.