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Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 28 Sep 2016 21:15

I agree, but I still like Trump. He's not polished, just because he wants tougher immigration doesn't make him a xenophobe or a racist. Closing our boarders until we have a better system is the smart thing to do and I see nothing wrong with that.

Lol, you don't even know how to spell borders... Literally. The fact you use smart in the same sentence is beyond hilarious.

A fringe of society mental case like you would make someone like Trump cringe. you think he gives a fuck about you? Yet, you are voting for him.

Stupid ass reality TV culture at it's non-finest.

Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 28 Sep 2016 19:01

"Calm the fuck down"? "NEEDLESSLY AGGRESSIVE?" Tell me did you BOTHER to read the part where this PERPETUALLY aggressive AND ABUSIVE "MOD" ONCE AGAIN repeated HER personal attack on me once again leveling her basely and utterly BULLSHIT allegation that i'm a rapist? Oh I forget that's "an entirely different matter and TOTALLY "acceptable" RIGHT? SHE ATTACKS ME but what's deemed "aggressive" is my DEFENSE and insistence that she post some manner of EVIDENCE or simply admit that she's nothing ,more than a damned liar!

Ruthie is more likable than you though.

She tip-toes the line with grace.

You shit your pants on it.

Topic Have you ever seen a prettier woman than
Posted 28 Sep 2016 16:47

To be honest, I saw hotter chicks at the mall today.

Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 28 Sep 2016 16:45

I'm USMC combat Marine

Isn't it redundant to say USMC and marine? Is there another branch of the military that marines come from? Plus weren't you saying before that you were in the Navy? Or was it the coast guard? You said you were in charge of swabbing the poop deck when you were in the military. That's what you said. Or are you one of those guys that claims they were a Navy SEAL in the CIA after you were a Marine in the Air Force? All classified of course.

Topic Announcing our Fetish Stories Competition
Posted 28 Sep 2016 10:15

By personifying it. A smooth 21 year old? A wetness that brings warmth? How after consuming it, I become relaxed and sleepy?

Whisky is much more than just a liquid

Dude, you should have just wrote it all out with a fetishistic attention to detail only to reveal it was about whisky the whole time after his partner snapped him (and the reader) out of his obsessive whisky ritual and told him to come to bed or something. It would have been great!

Topic Which contraception do you prefer...
Posted 28 Sep 2016 00:06

You told Steph that all the women here were a bunch of retarded cheerleaders. Then, magically, your post was deleted. So was Stephs. Felix, you have a very long and colorful history of saying horrible things to people, such as saying someone was 'too old to be on LUSH'.

You're a sad little man. I really wonder if you're sitting in your parents basement right now with just your boxers on and an old dirty wife beater on.

Kiss off...You can deny it all you want, but your reputation precedes you. It's too late to try and rebuild your stellar character.

Lol no I didn't. I called you and just you a retarded cheerleader.

You're a crazy person, just like steph. You should delete your account too so you can be free like him lol

Topic Which contraception do you prefer...
Posted 27 Sep 2016 23:51

LOL! The term is 'intellectually disabled' or "Felix"

Goodnight, sweetheart

Nothing... That's what I thought.

Goodnight retard.

Topic Which contraception do you prefer...
Posted 27 Sep 2016 23:37

No, no Felix. bs You said "Good thing you have the lesbianism as a backup" Don't start trying to deny it, like you did the retarded cheerleader comment. You're a smart guy, you wouldn't have said that if on some level you didn't believe it. It's ok, I just really feel sorry for you Big Hugs

Now, let it go, lets not derail the thread.

Sorry everyone, I couldn't just let that one go.

Carry on....

But you were being a retarded cheerleader... You're right, I meant that. And that time too you acted like I called all women retarded. But I just called you - specifically - retarded. Because you are. You're retarded. Sorry, retarded-american-person or whatever the correct term is.

Just like that time you are now trying to act like I was making fun of all lesbians but I wasn't. I was making fun of you specifically.

Just you. You are not every woman. Calm down Whitney Houston lol

Oh and when you say "sorry everyone" you should apologize for trying time and time again to insult their intelligence with your bullshit. I doubt anyone falls for it. You're really bad at being a social justice warrior. You should apologize to them too. You make social justice warriors look retarded.

Fix your mental problems before trying to fix imagined social injustices on lush.

Topic Which contraception do you prefer...
Posted 27 Sep 2016 20:21

Explain? Why do you assume lesbianism a 'back up'? I'm not the only lady lover here, so please...

Added in: Are you assuming lesbians settle because we can't find the right man?

No, I meant you are very off-putting and that you wouldn't have to worry about using contraception anyway because of it. It was a mean joke about how repelling you are. Like, not even If you were straight and by some long shot you found a deaf and blind desperate man to impregnate you, you wouldn't have to even worry about it in that rare instance because you're lesbian. So no worries either way. Because of your undesirable, off putting nature.

Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 27 Sep 2016 17:06

Lefter Holt can help her with her make up all he pleases... and Soros can pour all the money into lies and BOGUS organizations he wants too... it doesn't make her any less of a pig!

You admitted to having another man's jizz on your penis.

Topic Which contraception do you prefer...
Posted 26 Sep 2016 23:36

LOL! I was gonna say that flower flower

Good thing you have the lesbianism as a backup in case being completely undesirable failed.

Topic Japan and sex
Posted 26 Sep 2016 23:25


Unleashing trinket on the Japanese would cause a stampede. Call that shit grosszilla.

Topic Which contraception do you prefer...
Posted 26 Sep 2016 20:37


Topic Which contraception do you prefer...
Posted 26 Sep 2016 20:36


You're a porn author. Shame on you.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 26 Sep 2016 08:39

I was thinking about someone's story and how I think they should have placed it in a different category and I went to go look at the categories and was surprised to see that there isn't an older/younger category . That seems to be a popular theme. I mean there is a mature category but that just sounds like two old people taking a viagra and being gross. I guess there is taboo category as well but taboo always seems like the category you put your story in when there is a lot of fucked up shit going on at once not just because one of the characters is a lot older than the other.

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 25 Sep 2016 16:10

That cat looks fat.

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 25 Sep 2016 16:06

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

― Socrates

When someone is too stupid to debate on lush they quote Socrates because they think it sounds smart.

― Aristotle

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 25 Sep 2016 16:00

"Name-calling is one of the most common tactics people use to hurt others or disparage them. It often occurs when someone has an emotional argument to make with little or no supporting logical argument."

Time Magazine is, I suppose, mainstream media, but they have actual journalist and don't get their information from other new sources. But, I digress, there are a lot of 'sheeple' that believe everything they hear on the top 3 networks

You take every chance you get to call me sexist. Plus you were endorsing a post in another thread where someone called me a dick for no reason other than me posting a counterpoint.

You're a hypocrite.

Exercise and get the sauce on the side. That's it.

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 25 Sep 2016 15:54

*Edit ~ That isn't to say that this applies to ALL obese people, but there is no way of knowing just by looking at someone. Maybe as a society we could be a little less judgmental

I tend to believe Time Magazine over the mainstream media such as ABC, CBS, etc...

Lol, surprised you didn't delete the whole post like you usually do or change the article to confuse everyone. I like when you do that too.

Maybe you should read what you post next time.

It applies to less than 5%. 35% of Americans are fat because they eat too much and don't move enough. That's it.

Plus you're a hypocrite. You're one of the most judgmental people on the site.

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 25 Sep 2016 15:44

I tend to believe Time Magazine over the mainstream media such as ABC, CBS, etc...

Time magazine is mainstream media...But that's not important.

Did you even read the article you posted? The article says that it's a very rare gene and not responsible for the current obesity epidemic. It says that food consumptiom and lifestyle are.

You posted an article that doesn't support your stance that there is absolutely nothing fat people can do to get to a healthy/normal weight.

What a moron lol

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 25 Sep 2016 15:24

Added; Also, in most cases it has to do with metabolism, PTSD (traumatic life events) and how long one's body has held the fat. It is no more a choice than having a bad stutter, which can be corrected with hard work as well, but, as it should be, there is no judgment.

That's not true. It's a choice.

"It's a myth that we have no control over our body weight," says JoAnn Manson, an obesity expert and chief of preventive medicine at Boston's Brigham & Women's Hospital. She says genes do partly determine body shape, but not mostly. "Maybe a third is genetic and the remainder is lifestyle-based," Manson says.

The Tale of the Twins

Well, a recent study done at California's Lawrence Berkeley National Lab found that people with exactly the same genes — identical twins — could have big differences in their weight. The researchers studied 35 pairs of identical twins to try to learn if certain traits, like obesity, are mostly hereditary. Their conclusion — fat is not.

Researcher Paul Williams says he was surprised by the study's findings. Even though identical twins "have the same genes, they do have the freedom of choice. … They can decide how much they want to exercise, how lean they want to be," Williams says.

Take John Sovocool and his twin brother, Wayne. Despite having the exact same genes, John is 50 pounds lighter than his brother.

Paul Williams says he was surprised by his study's findings. "Even though these two have the same genes, they do have the freedom of choice. They can decide how much they want to exercise, how lean they want to be," Williams says.

This goes against what I've been hearing, which is that your body type, basically, determines how, how big you are.

John Sovocool says he doesn't buy that argument. "People are overweight," he says, because number one, they eat too much, and because they don't exercise enough. Period."

John runs nearly every day. Wayne lifts weights, but he doesn't exercise nearly as much as John. And, Wayne eats more than John.

We took the twins to a buffet so we could spy on their eating habits. Sure enough, John made a beeline for the fruit salad. Wayne went for the chow fun and the octopus, dumplings, deep-fried seafood, barbecue pork, prime rib, and baked, cheese-stuffed oysters.

For dessert, Wayne had coconut pie, melon custard and three pieces of cheesecake.

Wayne isn't uptight about his food choices. When pointed out that he had five desserts, he says, "Why deprive myself of what I enjoy?"

OK, that's a philosophy, but guess what? It makes you fatter.

John weighed in at 159 pounds, while Wayne weighed 205 pounds.

The California study found that height and cholesterol levels correlated almost exactly among identical twins, but the twins' body mass index, based on their weights, were very different.

Eating More and Moving Less

It shouldn't have surprised us that genes turn out not to be the main reason so many people are overweight. After all, 40 years ago, only 13 percent of Americans were obese. Now it's more than 30 percent. Our genes didn't change. What has changed is that we eat more, and move less.

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 25 Sep 2016 14:48

'hostesses should be pretty'. Why?

Because you don't want to put anyone off their food before they even sit down. Duh.

Topic What's your take on this article: The thing all women do that you (men) don't know about
Posted 25 Sep 2016 14:45

This conversation came to mind yesterday as I watched some music videos.

One in particular made me think: Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel". That video was always a little off-putting to me, but I never really analyzed why. The choreography and music were great but still the song seemed a bit disturbing.

I rewatched it and tried to see it from a female point of view, and finally understood what bothered me about it.

Visually speaking, the video was threatening.

The female character was minding her own business, walking home when accosted by Jackson's character who blatantly saw her as a sex object. He proceeded to stalk her through the video, telling her how she made him desire her, and offering to buy her stuff to make her want him, basically telling her he viewed her as a somewhat whore, willing to enter into a relationship for material things.

As she attempted to get away from him, every avenue of escape closed down, and at every point there were other men who viewed her similarly but were betas to Jackson's alpha character and who encouraged the stalking. Even her female friends offered no protection from Jackson's basically predatory character.

When the lyric about it being "nobody's business but me and my baby's" came along, I heard it as isolating and taking control, even before she accepted him. It really said that it wasn't anyone's business but his. Her opinion didn't really matter.

When at the end of the video she finally acquiesced to his overtures, it was more to protect herself from the implied threat of the betas than a true acceptance of him because she found him attractive.

Funny thing is I watched it again as a live performance and this time watched the crowd reactions. Not one of the females in the audience seemed the slightest bit disturbed by the song, caught up in their idolization of the performer. I'm not sure what to make of that.

But I think the idea that a man can't see the world from a female perspective is just bullshit.

It takes a bit of effort, and some letting go of one's inherent biases, but it most certainly is possible.

You should watch thriller again.

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 25 Sep 2016 11:52

No, lack of self control and discipline are not the causes for fatness. These are urban myths to say the least. People should update their knowledge on the latest scientific research, if they're going to rely on old research.

I am fat and I have no problem to perform at work. In fact, I am a very efficient worker. Excessive self-control and discipline are precisely some of the causes of my size.

Recruiting or rejecting candidates based on physical appearances makes employers lose on the talent of those who do not look what you think is right or agreeable. It's about as absurd as building a beautiful house on weak foundations.

It's not absurd. I mean it is if you're hiring a walmart greeter I guess but if you're hiring a hostess then she should be pretty. If you're hiring a personal trainer than they should be fit. If you're hiring an esthetician than they should have nice skin.

You say you are fat and have no problem performing at work. Do you mind sharing what it is that you do? And how does self control make you fat? I don't understand that statement.

It is not an urban myth that your lifestyle, what you eat and how active you are, affects your body. If you exercise for real every day and eat the exact right food for your body and what you want it to be you will not be fat. That takes self control, motivation and discipline of course. When you see someone that is very very overweight you can safely assume they lack those traits and employers see that.

Topic $100 Prize - Design Competition for our Default Avatars
Posted 25 Sep 2016 11:10

Only if the stock images are reduced to two :-" #competitionspecs

Her idea is perfect. Way better than default avatars.

Topic The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted 25 Sep 2016 11:01

you continue to post in these forums and when you don't bother to either think about what the poster has said or assume you know what their intent is without asking for clarification, that is on you.

That's rich. Holy shit.

Topic Things you should not say on a 1st date...
Posted 23 Sep 2016 16:11

Ah! You must be Magical Felixdrunken

*unzips pants* lucky you

Topic What's your take on this article: The thing all women do that you (men) don't know about
Posted 23 Sep 2016 16:00

I don't fully agree with the article. In fact, I read this yesterday and was just going to ignore it and give no response. But now I'm giving a response and it's because this article came to mind earlier today.

This morning I was walking through campus (it was about 9:30 am - during class period - so very few students were walking around. I was ALMOST alone). A guy approached me (mind you, I live in the South). "Hey girl..." he jogged up to me. I smiled and said hi. He asked where a building was. I jokingly told him 'all buildings are down the path to the right...'. Anyway, we walked and talked and made a few jokes about the heat and course loads being too heavy. Casual banter.

I wasn't afraid.
I wasn't concerned.
I wasn't questioning anything about the situation - a guy walked and talked with me about college.

Meaningless pleasantries.

But, this article did come to mind while we walked and talked. Because in that situation some other woman might have been paranoid as fuck... and that made me a little sad to think that a guy just trying to find a campus building would have been looked at like a pariah just because he approach a girl instead of a guy.

So my view of the article yesterday still stands: I don't fully agree with her or her concept, here.


For one, all people - all people (men and women) - must immediately assess situations on a subconscious level and determine the potential dangers and risks. This is how we stay safe in life. Everything from going to an abandoned house because it was on our potential 'buy' list to someone knocking on our car window while we're stopped at a street light.

This is a normal, healthy level of self and external awareness. Without it, we'd all die rather quickly.'


Not all women think the way the woman in the article says all women think. Having been a victim of sexual violence, molestation, etc, doesn't necessarily mean a female assesses interaction with all males in such a way.


The level of concern this woman has - how she describes her mind set with every male-female interaction and moment of her life - is worrisome. That is in fact unhealthy. You should not fear everyone unnecessarily. Being cautious (like how we're always looking around while we drive) is healthy. Being fearful of other vehicles because 'someone had an accident' or 'I had an accident 5 years ago' is unhealthy.


If any woman - having been a victim of sexual assault or NOT - feels that extreme in the paranoia / fear department toward EVERY MAN she encounters, she needs therapy.



Very excellent post. Glad you posted this. It's hard to post #4 as a male and not be called insensitive or the oh so clever, "you just don't get it." But all four points are very valid, realistic and level headed.

Topic Things you should not say on a 1st date...
Posted 23 Sep 2016 13:02

You didnt have time to do your hair and make-up?

John I strongly advise that on your next first date you lie about everything. Tell them you're rich, powerful, a former spy, 3 inches wide , your Rolex is real and that your jaguar is in the shop. Pay the waiter ahead of time to call you Mr. whatever your last name is and act like he already knows your drink order.

Your date's panties will become a blur with how fast they hit the ground.


Topic What's your take on this article: The thing all women do that you (men) don't know about
Posted 23 Sep 2016 10:53

Is looking harassment?

That depends on if the onlooker is ugly... Take the Lena Dunham example. If the guy was Jason Alexander she would probably have been offended if he did check her out (the nerve to think he could get her) but since it was an athlete she got offended he didn't (the nerve to think he's too good for her).

Of course everyone is different... And it's true of guys too. I'm sure you've been at a bar and an ugly chick is talking a bunch or trying to get your attention. I think "fuck, this toad is obnoxious, please stop hitting on me." When a hot chick says the exact same thing at the same audible level and hits on me in the same way I'm like "this chick is sooooooo funny! I like her..."