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Topic Have you ever rejected a woman's advances?
Posted 27 Jul 2013 21:41

Of course I have. I kick it in trailer parks sometimes. I gotta be like, "Robin, hand me the skank repellant!"

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 27 Jul 2013 11:26

T leave now enough, who cares what she thinks, miss flashy pants lol..... don't make me call Ginger, babes this is understandably a very very hard topic for you, and you certainly do not need slippery people being cruel, lets leave and hit the groundless lies forum ok x

Please call ginger... Oh my god that will be so funny!

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 27 Jul 2013 11:22

Thanks for agreeing that I'm being attacked Jack. Don't tell me not to post on the forums, it's a public forum.

It's a public forum, correct, not your personal whining and crybaby tactics whenever someone says something you don't like blog. Someone says something you don't like and you focus on "rules" and forum "decorum" and words like "troll" or "attacking" or "bully" to tattletale when someone says something you disagree with. It's so transparent. You're just a huge baby. Grow up.

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 27 Jul 2013 11:08

You've been drinking again, haven't you Spritey? drunken

Did you forget to take your anti-stupid-chick-out-of-touch pills?

Having sex is irresponsible in your opinion basically... That's what you've been saying. That is so stupid. It's like saying. Don't leave your house because you can get mugged. If you don't leave your house you won't get mugged so its your own fault if it happens because you're irresponsible enough to leave your house. That is asinine.

Please stop falling back on your "this is my opinion" defense whenever you say something stupid and people respond to you in the thread. Guess what, it's your own fault for posting. Don't post and it won't happen. Kinda like not having sex and not getting pregnant. Duh T, it's your own irresponsibility that leads to you being attacked.

How come I don't see all the pro life people lining up to adopt all the kids in foster care? I've always found that strange.


Kiera, you're so annoying and you're a mouth breather.


Young girls, do it in the butt. No ones ever had a butt baby.

Topic would you be a boyfriend for a girl who wants to save her virginity till marriage?
Posted 25 Jul 2013 01:06

Would you purchase one of these without taking it for a test drive?

I wouldn't.

You'd be hoping you'd land one of the top two models....and might end up with the knockoff domestic unit. Somewhat dependable but not very fun to spend a lot of time inside of.

Sorry to rain on your parade.

You wouldn't be able to reach the peddles you disgusting hellhound embarrassing pig of a man.

Topic the role of the dom and sub
Posted 25 Jul 2013 00:22

You're not MY master. And what the eff is with your obsession with reading books? Books aren't the only source of knowledge, payaso.

The only thing you're the master of is riding my dick. Now kindly dislodge yourself from it.

I'm speaking for the BDSM community and I really don't appreciate your tone and the amount of disrespect you're showing. You will never learn the lifestyle with this attitude. Again, read a book and inform yourself before you post here.

Fix your tone, read a book, and learn respect. Then maybe you can be one of my slaves. I think I'd like you dressed like one of those women from the movie, The Help.

Fix your attitude and I will guide your journey into the lifestyle.

Topic the role of the dom and sub
Posted 25 Jul 2013 00:03

I know. That's why I'm asking, idiot.

Please capatalize the I, in idiot. You're talking to a Master now.

Read a fucking book for Christ's sake and stop asking these asinine questions. It's disrespectful and it makes you look childish. You obviously don't have what it takes to live the lifestyle.

Topic the role of the dom and sub
Posted 24 Jul 2013 23:51

Read a book, idiot. You have no clue what the lifestyle is all about.

Topic Another think coming? Really??? 17 Phrases you're probably saying wrong...
Posted 24 Jul 2013 23:41

I saw a documentary on these retarded ass hicks that normal hicks are like, fuck those hicks are retarded... And they went to Taco Bell to order "fiestas". They said fiestas instead of fajitas.


Fuckin' fiestas, dude.

Topic Broken sentences
Posted 24 Jul 2013 23:36

If you have an iPad, I highly reccomend an app called iWriter. Once you learn to use it, you can write incredibly fast. It's very stripped down but it has some great features to it and you will find that while writing on it, it's easy to get "in the zone" and do your best work. It's hard to explain unless you use it.

Since I started writing with it I've never had any formatting problems when submitting to lush.

Topic Which do you prefer nudes or clothed?
Posted 24 Jul 2013 23:29

I like when girls straight up just push their panties to the side and take a selfie of their hey-nanner-nanner.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 24 Jul 2013 23:15


Topic Teasing At Work
Posted 24 Jul 2013 23:08

I would probably think, "wow, look at this whore".

Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 24 Jul 2013 22:57

I don't reccomend it. It sucks, kids. It's not all poetic like in the movies. It sucks turd.

Topic the role of the dom and sub
Posted 24 Jul 2013 22:34

If a sub is just a needy girl without a master, then wouldn't a subless master, by default, be just a needy man without a sub? I really am curious.

You're supposed to capitalize Master. Show some respect. Sounds like you have a lot to learn about the lifestyle.

Topic Thoughts on Anthony Weiner's wife - Huma Abedin?
Posted 24 Jul 2013 22:30

Don't feel so bad for Huma.

She sent me a picture of her vag once. Loose lips sink ships, as they say.

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 23 Jul 2013 15:51

I'm not an emporer, I don't care how it's spelled, and I'm a virgin . And I'm truly sorry for rape victims. If I could, I would hunt down every rapist out there and throw them in the highest security prison there is to rot for the rest of their life. I do contradict myself because I haven't fully formed an opinion on the matter. And thank you for being a jackass and calling me dumb. I really fucking appreciate it.

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 23 Jul 2013 15:49

I see where you're coming from in that they're all killing the unborn child. And I see that I'm not completely pro-life as you all may think. But abortion is killing it when it is visible in the womb. Can you see the egg?

Are the eggs you eat for breakfast just eggs or baby chickens? Do you order two baby chickens over easy?

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 23 Jul 2013 15:45

Oh. I'm so sorry for voicing my opinion. But isn't everyone entitled to their opinion?

Well yeah they are. That's why they are entitled to their opinion that you just very well may be one of the dumbest people to ever post any opinion on this website. Maybe the dumbest on any website. Your thoughts are not well thought out, you contradict yourself, you lack basic empathy and I highly doubt you're an Emporer (spelled incorrectly mind you) of anything, definitely not sex.

I am not sure if you're even serious. It's a scary thought if you are.

Topic The Food Style Thread
Posted 23 Jul 2013 09:32

These look so good!

Balsamic glazed brussel sprout skewers with crushed pine-nuts and parmesan.

I love brussel sprouts. That preparation looks good but my all time favorite way to make them is to toss some lardons in a skillet until they release the fat and then toss in the sprouts with some butternut squash. Season and Let them get coated in the fat and get a bit of color then add a bit of garlic and finish them in the oven until they are to your liking. I don't like them too soft, I like a bit of crunch in them.

I also like to make a simple slaw with them. You just shave the sprouts really finely. A mandolin is best. Then add chopped hardboiled egg and good parmesan cheese or romano (the kind you grate yourself). A salty dry cheese is best. Add some olive oil and lemon juice too. If the cheese isn't salty enough add a bit of salt and pepper to taste. It's really simple and really good.

Topic Giving and taking
Posted 22 Jul 2013 21:56

i thought it's only gay if balls touch? evil4

It is, that's why whenever I play pool and my solid ball touches a striped ball I'm like, "no homo, bro".

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 22 Jul 2013 21:30



Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 22 Jul 2013 21:27


Topic Great Film Scenes
Posted 22 Jul 2013 18:52

You mean a bordello, Baron?


You Baron!?

Yes! Why? You think I've never been to one!


Topic Careless fantasy
Posted 22 Jul 2013 18:22

Yep. I'll surely put it back when some other posters share their own fantasies, and prove that this subject can somehow be treated seriously.

My ultimate fantasy is to fuck Milla Jovovich for hours in one of those wacky funhouses full of mirrors after snorting a huge rail.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 22 Jul 2013 18:17

Topic Careless fantasy
Posted 22 Jul 2013 17:22

Well you can post it now, I'd be glad to hear it. And I edited out my own fantasy because it seemed to shy people away from posting in this thread. Ironically the initial intent was the exact opposite.

You should put it back. What was it? Something about banging a chick while a bunch of guys jizzed on you or something?

Topic Careless fantasy
Posted 22 Jul 2013 16:38

I can see you guys have vivid imagination.

I was going to post something but by the time I was finished reading your fantasy (which I see you edited out) all I could say was wut .

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 22 Jul 2013 16:20