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Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 06 Jun 2012 11:07

Death Row inmates are housed separately, in solitary confinement. They have probably twice the number of corrections officers per unit, for probably less than half the number of inmates. The inmates often are on suicide watch, which means around-the-clock medical supervision. The maximum security housing units cost more to build and maintain than other prisons. The largest costs are legal fees. Appeals are filed and heard, more appeals filed and heard, more appeals are filed and heard... the longer time drags on, the appeals get more and more far-fetched, driving up costs for expert witnesses and forensic scientists to go over everything that's already been gone over a multitude of times before. It's probably not uncommon for a single appeal to cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The deal-breaker for me is that we taxpayers foot the bill for the attorneys and experts who act on the inmate's behalf, and we also pay for the attorneys and experts who act on our own behalf keeping the murderer on Death Row.

Isn't it insane that we have to pay for both sides of the same fight?

It is totally insane nudie pants. But I suppose it IS necessary to keep them separate. I mean, a man that has nothing to lose is a very very dangerous man. It's all very frustrating. I don't think there is a right answer on capital punishment.

I saw someone say that the death penalty is good cause it will prevent people from killing people. If that is true then there wouldn't be a death row. People that are in a frame of mind where they are capable of ending a life arnt thinking about anything besides their blood lust.

Also, I sometimes think that someone that has been in prison for 60 years has a lot of regrets. To be honest they might have some cautionary tales for the youths. The nightmares, the guilt. The guilt that must build up in them as the look back at their life. The waste of life they have created. I'm sure their words might be more effective than the threat of death. Especially since people that kill are fearless while they are in that frame of mind.

Topic What do you do in real life as opposed to online?
Posted 06 Jun 2012 09:42

It is what you make it. I could and should change things. In time, yeah?

Your life ain't too shabby, joto!

The only thing I would change, if I were you, are some of those hair brushes... I think they're broken or something.

Topic What do you do in real life as opposed to online?
Posted 06 Jun 2012 09:28

Lots of time is spent with family and friends.
I try to spend time experiencing different cultures, and people.
Volunteer work at the the Senior Center. I love listening and talking to them. So wise. I could spend all day just listening to their stories, and comforting them.
I'm not a licensed professional, but I color and style hair for the Seniors, and anyone else if they want.
I also color kids hair every color you could think of.
Time is spent with "troubled youth" or at the "Half way" house.
Festivals, Music, Flea Markets, Antiques, Art, Architecture, Stained Glass, ...... Any venue that has things that are made "old school" or with one's own hands I'm interested in.

I have an unfinished documentary that will be attended to next month.
I work in the residential construction field, specializing in certain trades.
I am a good "closer".
It's my name that is on the License, but I do not hold the title of President.
I will leave that part a mystery.

Sounds like a beautiful life you got there Angeheart.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 06 Jun 2012 09:26

Something like 130 incidents in Poland and Ukraine over the last year and a half. And since that's where a bunch of that matches are, it's got people concerned. In terms of playing the odds that you'll be hurt or killed at a match, I'm sure you're right. It's just sad that white supremacy has such a foothold in the sport in Europe, especially with certain clubs.

Oh I see, yeah that is a lot. Maybe those countries can take this as an opportunity to clean that shit up. Or at least crack some skulls back if the nazis attempt to embarress those host countries.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 06 Jun 2012 08:16

re: Euro, Hopefully nobody of color is hurt or killed by neo-nazis. Pretty reprehensible racist bullshit going on over there.

Was there a recent hooliganism or racist incident? I think sometimes those things get blown out of proportion... You have to imagine how many soccer games are played around the world. Reminds me of that fact that you are more likely to die in a car accident than an airplane crash. It's an irrational fear to be scared to fly.

Being scared of nazis or hooligans or just tosspots in general at soccer games is like being scared to go watch a baseball game in the states cause a guy was put in a coma after a game or scared to go to a charger game cause some guy got shot in the parking lot.

Topic What do you do in real life as opposed to online?
Posted 06 Jun 2012 08:07

I got that, thanks. I was implying that Clint is such a badass that he'd probably do just as well in the porn industry and become "the Clint Eastwood of fucking".

Also, he's probably a damn good fuck.

You're welcome. I hate assuming everyone functions on the same speed.

I don't know how mighty Clint's fuckin' prowess is but I imagine he has to get the rattler out and shake a little blue diamond out of it then pray he doesnt break a hip nowadays.

Topic Only vote 5?
Posted 06 Jun 2012 08:02

When I vote on a story I look at the overall score it has already received and then I have to decide if it was as good has its current score. If not, was it bad enough to deserve the drop it's likely going to get by my lower vote? One should consider that even a four vote will have a strong affect on a story that has only received say 10 votes. My single 4 could take the author of the top author of the month list on the front page. This will cost the author potential reads and that does hurt.
Perhaps it's because I do write, but I have to vote on a curve. I'll give a four if my vote doesn't have a huge negative impact but if it has 8 5 votes and I don't like it, I will withhold my vote. I see no reason to be the one to pop the authors bubble.
There are many who will, it doesn't have to be me.

To the original poster: The problem with any scoring system is that every author thinks their story is one of the best yarns of the 21st century... I compare it to parents and their babies. Have you ever been shown a picture of someone's baby after the go off on how cute it is then you see the picture and the baby looks like rodney dangerfield? It's kind of like that. No matter what system people are going to believe they should have perfect scores.

Milk the Red: so you're saying that the same story could either get a score of 5, 4 or other based on the current score? Like, you could read a story and consider it a 4 but then if you see the score is at a 3 you will give it a 5 because you think it deserves higher than a 3 even though you considered the story a 4? Am I understanding correctly?

Topic Why do guys show their dicks??
Posted 05 Jun 2012 22:27


Come'on man...paragraph this kind of response. Or any kind of reply; are you lighting up again. Felix? Hoarding that spliff?

You can do better. I have witnessed such, before.

Look, I'm letting this slide this time old-timer...

Also if its the fucktards that show their dicks... No matter how majestic, like in my case. What do you call the guys that show off their ass while rolling around in bed like some young chick? clown

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 05 Jun 2012 22:04

Topic What do you do in real life as opposed to online?
Posted 05 Jun 2012 21:58

I always imagined that Clint Eastwood was the Clint Eastwood of fucking.

He asked if I worked behind the camera or in front. Clint is probably the greatest actor/director ever. I added "of fucking" cause it's porn.

Topic Expressing dialog, verbal, written, thought.
Posted 05 Jun 2012 14:02

A great deal depends on whom the narrator of the story is, the Point of View, who knows what, etc. If you visualize the story like a live stage play, we (the audience/reader) cannot hear the thoughts of the characters so they must be portrayed through actions or dialogue. In most cases, the inner thoughts of a character are superfluous, if their actions and dialogue convey what is intended. So that eliminates the need for one style of dialgue. Or it can be summed up while a character is alone and ruminating or reflecting what has happened in retrospect.

Written communications are usually set in place by introductory descriptions, such as "She read his email..." etc. If they are communicating via IM or google chat, I think it should be treated as normal dialogue with again a set up that the reader knows that is how they are communicating.

One thing with dialogue I always find superfluous are examples like -- "What are you doing?" she inquired -- it's obvious this is a question from the question mark, why add that she "inquired"? It is unnecessary and adds absolutely no new information.

Well, she is asking a question so you either say "she inquired" or "she asked" etc. Its not so much about stating wether it's a question or not, it's more about attributing the dialogue to a character to avoid confusion.

What I see the most in books. If its spoken dialogue then it belongs in quotes. Thoughts I have seen in italics. And written notes and such not in italics or quotes but indented in. So it looks like a floating block of text.

Topic What do you do in real life as opposed to online?
Posted 05 Jun 2012 13:32

Behind the camera or in front of the camera? Or both?

I'm like the Clint Eastwood of fucking.

Topic What do you do in real life as opposed to online?
Posted 05 Jun 2012 13:21

You work for Fredericks of Hollywood?

Close. I'm actually a pornographer.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 05 Jun 2012 13:15

Euro is almost here. Pretty excited. Hopefully they can match the magic this song created after a goal was scored. If it was the first goal, a goal to tie or a goal to win, this song blasting as soon as the ball touched the net was just awesome.

Edit. It's just like the first 15 seconds or so of the song that they played.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 05 Jun 2012 13:12

A lot of those players may be under 23 but some/most of them are good enough for the senior team and their payroll for their clubs is probably greater than most senior teams as well. Mexico wasn't full strength either. Was a great friendly between giants of their continents and I think Mexico was lucky on the first goal and lucky that the ref didn't call a penalty against. Switching over momentum to a team like brazil while they are only one goal down will result in brazil evening up or winning. That said, teams still need to make their own luck.

I understand what the brazilians were thinking. It's Mexico, one of the worst teams at defending in the air. The problem was that they were going for the air down the middle. Even on corner kicks they elected to play out instead of going for the header. Really confusing against Mexico since that is their major weakness. At least they are testing it out now. The Olympic gold is the one prize Brazil hasn't attained yet right? When everyone uses the olympic teams, they might just dominate.

Also, Mexico wasn't just defending. What they did so effectively was double team the right guy every time suffocating Brazils attack. I mean, the frustration on Neymar and Marcelo's face could let you know how much the reduced space was affecting them. The real key to victory was that Mexico kept playing the ball out if the defense calmly to kill Brazils momentum and put the ball on Brazils half for extended periods. The teams that clear the ball out of their half and let brazil attack and attack are the ones that stand no chance.

I'm looking forward to the next game... To be honest, I want them to spank Argentina. Hopefully they remember that their strength is creativity in the midfield and teamwork up ahead with that constant threat of a superstar individual play at any time. To me that is what sets Brazil apart. You can kill every strategy they have but before you couldn't stop Romario, Bebeto, Ronaldo from releasing a wonder play at any moment. This brazil team seems to lack that. When before that had 8 players on the pitch that could dribble past 3 defenders and score now they don't. Neymar can, but like you say, he and some of the others are green still.

Topic What's your favourite joke?
Posted 05 Jun 2012 10:41

It's a toss up between insult based jokes and... The human condition.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 05 Jun 2012 10:33

From the couple of websites I looked at, most say that housing inmates on Death Row costs about $90k more per year. The fix is simple. Let's restrict death penalty cases to a small section of people. Whatever that section may be. Death may ONLY be use when there is DNA and other irrefutable (sp.) proof of guilt. Once convicted with 100% certainty, they go down.

I'm not saying we should fry every criminal. But the true monsters out there, I don't have a problem with legally carried out death sentence. Strangely, I'm 100% against in-prison retribution of inmates exacting revenge of other "worse" offending inmates.

Yeah, the cost to house them is one of those things that adds to the ridiculousness of it all. That's part of what I meant by everything leading up to the penalty being what costs not the actual method. It all seems fucked up. I mean they even put death row inmates on suicide watch.. It's insanity right? I don't really know WHY it costs more. Separate facility I guess, psychologists and all of that shit. Not sure why, but the system needs repair.

It's not that strange you feel that way. I would imagine in prison retributions are more about satisfying their own blood lust rather than the desire for justice.

Topic time signals messed up in US
Posted 05 Jun 2012 10:18

It's the first sign.

2012 man... Kingdom come... Revelations... Fire and brimstone... End of days... The apocalypse... 1000 million angels are all trimming their wicks as we speak!

I saw a pale horse and it's name was death.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 05 Jun 2012 10:09

I don't have the energy either. But if it costs more to put a 100% surely guilty monster down as it does to clothe, feed, and house him for 20,30,60+ years... then we're spending too much. Strap in down, give him the same thing the give a person in the hospital that is about to die to kill the pain..... inject whatever needed to stop all life. What's that cost? Couple hundred bucks?

I hear what you're saying and I'd rather carry out the penalty myself. But if not me, I'm fine with a man in a black hood doing it too.

That's always the age old argument when debating the death penalty. Yeah, I hear you that it should only cost a couple hundred... Fuck, I could kill a guy with a plastic bag if I want to, those are free. It's not so much the method of killing them that is expensive. It's the circus surrounding it all. Everything leading up to it.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 05 Jun 2012 09:58

The cost isn't an issue for me. Cost of putting a murderer down pales in comparison to housing and feeding him for a lifetime.

I don't have the energy to go look up all the info or sources but there is a ton of info out there about the cost of life imprisonment vs the death penalty. It's pretty jaw dropping stuff.

I'm with you that of course, if I saw someone hurt a hair on someone's head I hold dear it's immediately on. He's dying or I'm dying... But it's by my hands. I don't think I'd have the same closure if it was done humanly by the state... Fuck that. You think that girl that was raped or killed or that guy that was beaten to death didn't suffer? You think life in prison isn't an unbearably miserable existence? I'd prefer that guy to be killed by me, if not, go rot and suffer for the rest of your life with a bunch rabid diseased dogs of human brings.

Topic Death Penalty. For or Against.
Posted 05 Jun 2012 09:45

put them in jail for life, no possibiltiy of parole, it has the same effect. :)

I think that's worse actually. I'd rather sit there for a few years then get put out of my misery. One of the reasons I'm against the death penalty amongst other reasons like the cost of it. But seriously, give me death over living with a bunch of animals the rest of my life.

Topic New York City to ban "sugary drinks".
Posted 05 Jun 2012 09:32

That's actually brilliant. Then everyone will freak out that the guvmint is forcing large sizes on us. "Our founding fathers roll in their graves at this dastardly overrreach! How dare they force-feed us these mass quantities of sugary liquids! What's next, they strap us to the counter at Cinnabon and pour the rolls straight down our throats! Bring your guns to the rally, it's time to make a stand for Amurrica!"

You missed your calling, Jackie.

Who knows... Maybe if I wouldn't have lost the election for student council president in 7th grade I just might be wearing a blue suit, an understated tie and an American flag pin on my lapel, reading over a speech someone wrote for me as I wait for my que to start talking in a frank and clear manner right now.

Topic New York City to ban "sugary drinks".
Posted 05 Jun 2012 09:23

Of course they wouldn't do that now... There's too much money involved and the drinks companies are way too powerful for that sort of action...

Besides, a law like this will only serve to make the sugary drinks even more appealing...

Yeah, that's a good point. The way to make people want something more is to make it forbidden, I agree. But it's not exactly forbidden.

I don't know, this is pure speculation but I would imagine that the alcohol companies 80 years ago were pretty powerful too.

Wouldn't it be funny if a guy would have normally only drunken 20 oz of soda but instead now buys two 12 oz drinks and ends up drinking MORE soda than before? To be honest, this is the most likely scenario in my head when I really think about it. People are just dumb like that. What we should do is ban small drinks then everyone will want small ones. That would probably work better.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 05 Jun 2012 09:06

Guille - I´ve seen you spam this place with baby blue and white colors for a while now... doesnt sit too well with me LOL

Saturady it´s on... I doubt messi will be able to repeat his last performace - I predict 2-1 for Brazil!

One goal from Neymar and the other from Hulk.

After seeing them play this weekend, I don't know man. I'm predicting 1-1. Although I know Brazil "anda bravo" right now after a loss but after seeing the way they played (the style) I think it's going to be hard for them to deal with the short pass barrage that Argentina will do.

Maybe it's just me, this brazil team is good, don't get me wrong but did it seem to you like they were playing more like England than Brazil? I got that feeling as I was watching.

Topic New York City to ban "sugary drinks".
Posted 05 Jun 2012 08:51

Thing is, this ban won't work. Prohibition never works. History has proven this.

You're right about that for sure... Criminals love prohibition. And obviously it doesn't work. I mean it's easier for teens to get pot than alcohol and pots illegal. It was for me as a teen most of the time anyway.

The difference though I think is that I don't think they are going to create a task force of untouchables to take down the "Al Capone" of large sized soda runners. I doubt any kind of enforcement will be done. I think it's more of the type of law that is there to better society, not create criminals. Kinda like that law that prohibits swearing in public. It's probably best not to cuss but that's not really enforced. Who knows what the climate was in America when that law was introduced? I do know that the climate now is fat. I just don't see how encouraging people to drink less harmful stuff is bad.

Its the outright banning of things I would take issue with. I know in some states you can't buy alcohol after a certain time or certain days. In California you can buy it whenever. If they did that in California I wouldnt feel my rights were being restricted or my freedom taken away. I would think.. Well yeah, the only people buying alcohol at 3 am are already drunk and driving around. If they aren't... Well wait until morning. What's the big deal? Now if they banned it, that's different.

Topic What do you do in real life as opposed to online?
Posted 05 Jun 2012 08:36

I work with some of the poorest, richest and most educated people in California to create one of the oldest, most romantic products in the history of mankind. I am basically a conduit of cooperation between these people so our common goal can be achieved.

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 03 Jun 2012 19:35

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 03 Jun 2012 19:35

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 03 Jun 2012 19:34

Topic Just throwing it out you think I'm ugly?
Posted 03 Jun 2012 17:08

I hope that one day you will find someone or something that will make you feel like you are beautiful.

(And, for what it's worth, I don't think you're unattractive).


.......To pinstate. Look man, by what you say that this man who raised you belittled you and the girls gave you a lot of shit I think you just lack confidence a bit and you realize that. On a day like today when your filly gallopped off with a stallion this self esteem issue is gonna feel overwhelming. Of course you feel like you can't get another piece ever. Just be a man and suck it up. Go about your day doing shit the best you can. Give females you like attention. Do nice shit for them. Make them laugh. Something will happen.

Also posting this on lush will do nothing. To be really honest, I laughed... It will do nothing because no girl is going to come in here and say you're ugly. They will all say you're attractive or that you need to let your inner beauty shine like the star you are or some bologna... That's why the responses won't matter.

Just be a man. Give attention to girls.