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Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 24 Aug 2012 10:48

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
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Topic Poker is not gambling
Posted 24 Aug 2012 10:10

Absolutely correct. But the person person with the folding hand gambled and lost. This is thinking way down the road. Poker isn't gambling... more poker establishments open... more people THINK they know how to play poker... more people play poker and lose to someone who DOES know how to play poker. For the average Joe, who goes in with a couple hundred bucks and is relying on pure luck and the knowledge he gained watching WSOP on ESPN, THAT's a gamble.

People are lazy. Not everyone is going to play and study the game of poker to learn all the nuances to become proficient at it. For someone like me, I'll get together with some guys, pay my buy in and have fun. If I win, great. If I lose, it's ok because I paid to have a good time with my buddies. No different than paying for a round of golf. Unfortunately, some people will go to the casino to play poker with their rent or utilities money and lose it. That's why it's a gamble. But, if a person is dumb enough to gamble away their rent money they'd probably blow it on something else if you took away poker.

True the person with the folding hand gambled and lost. But he could be a winning player too... Just not at against the guy that seems to have worked the flow of the pots his way that night. Could have been a table with all sharks too? I know what you are saying that for the average joe that doesn't know how to play, he needs go all in to see all the cards and get lucky and win. In that instance, that's gambling like flipping a coin gambling. But the average joe, like you say may take 200 bucks to a table to have fun and get a few free drinks and win or lose he had a good time. No harm done. From my experience, most cash game tables are 7 average joes, 2 real players and some wildcard maniac... or a woman. women should really learn how to play poker more. Poker is about reading people... When 9 out of 10 people are men at the table. Advantage: Woman.

But, if a person is dumb enough to gamble away their rent money they'd probably blow it on something else if you took away poker.

So true... Always someone that has to fuck it up for the rest of us. Almost in any situation someone will be stupid enough to mess things up for everyone.

...who goes in with a couple hundred bucks and is relying on pure luck and the knowledge he gained watching WSOP on ESPN, THAT's a gamble.

I do want to add that the coverage of the WSOP is pretty good about talking about pot odds, the same winning players, how its a skill game, how you shouldn't be a weekend warrior about it, etc. I mean the really talk about it a lot. I am one for lots of rules and laws because I think thats what makes America great, is our laws and rules. But at some point... Dumb people are just dumb people and like you said, they will burn their money some other way.

Fuck I want to play some holdem now.

Topic Poker is not gambling
Posted 24 Aug 2012 09:50

Btw, I once sat 27 hours at the same poker table in Atlantic City...not sure I should admit that or not, but I'm told it's not even close to being a record down there...or particularly unusual for that matter...

Were you winning or were you stuck? And for how much c'mon, lush needs some good poker stories.

Topic Poker is not gambling
Posted 24 Aug 2012 09:32

If putting money on that your skills will be better than other people's skills then we're all gambling. Taking a degree in a market with tight job application; you're putting not just the schoolmoney but also years of your life that your skills in the subject is better than your fellow students.

Making a business; you're putting money on that you can provide a service that is more comptetative than other companies.

When a footballclub pays 25 million quid + wages then they're gambling on the fact that the skills they aquired will be enough for them win.

Gambling is chance, where you might as well flip a coin. There's no skill involved in blackjack(unless you count cards which is not considered legal by the casinos), roulette and so forth. The fucking lottery is gambling.

Poker is all about being able to read your opponents, calculating probability and fucking with their heads. There's a difference between that and rolling the dice.

Totally. Everything is gambling when you really think about it. Like when you try to see the whole forest.

Topic Poker is not gambling
Posted 24 Aug 2012 09:30

There is no doubt that you can lower the risks of losing money on poker by spending money and learning how to be a better poker player. Investing in a stock car is a great business tool. The advertising return is worth the money since NASCAR is the routinely the most highly attended sporting events each year. But betting on the outcome of the race is different, but I understand your point. It's still a gamble. But there's "legal" gambling and there's "illegal" gambling. Those lines get blurred quite often.

Poker does require skill. Lots of it. But there is still a level of degree of luck involved. I'm sure you've played cards, whether it's poker or hearts or solitare, and sometimes the cards just will not fall your way. If you play a little rinky dink Texas Hold 'Em night at the local Elk's Lodge and pay the $50 buy in and get shitty cards the first 5 hands, you may be out the $50 before you even get to ply your skill. Even the best player's in the world have off days/weekends/tournaments. It happens. For a skilled player it's less a gamble than video poker or roulette. For the average weekend casino warrior, 'bout the same.

Some insurance does cover gambling addiction, it's viewed the same as alcohol or drugs. Not sure if shopping addiction is covered, maybe? I read a little about it and I have an old friend/co-worker that went through inpatient treatment for gambling. He literally lost his house betting on horses. And you're right, an addictive personality will find something to abuse.

And this kids is what makes the difference between a winning player and a losing player. What makes the difference between poker and casino gambling.

Anyone that has played real poker and I think some are confused here about what type of poker is in question. A game where the dealer is involved in the actual play and outcome of the hand and not just there to collect antes and hand out the cards is not actual poker... Okay that said. This goes out to the people that have actually played real poker, that is Razz, 7-card, holdem, omaha, and omaha hi-low. These are the games played in the actual poker room. When you guys played these games... How many times did you actually see the winning players hand? And especially in tournament poker when players fold to a bet like 95% of the time BEFORE the flop. Now if most of the time you never see the winning players cards... Does it matter what that player had? No... it matters what the folding player had.. The winning player knew the folding player was scared to lose, wanting to wait for the next hand, nervous, or you sensed that he sensed you had a good hand. Thats what poker is, its not the cards. That's why its different. What other casino game do you not see the winning players hand?

Of course in TV they show the hands like a a full house against a straight flush that got lucky at the end because that makes for good television. What they dont show is that the guy that lost by getting unlucky against the straight flush probably has been running the table betting people out. He is not showing his cards so the players are really confused... This gets the players to play at you with weak hands and weak draws. If the player with the flush draw didnt get really lucky then the other player would win even more. BUT since he is a skilled player he has a chip advantage that is big enough that it doesnt matter if the flush got lucky. When you can build a lead with you shit hands and you lead is so big.. they have to get lucky more than once. Then you become really hard to beat. That's the essence of poker. Poker is NOT about getting a four of a kind. Video poker is... But thats a slot machine with a poker theme.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 24 Aug 2012 09:06

Topic Who was your favorite Olympian in the 2012 London Games?
Posted 24 Aug 2012 08:44

Alex Morgan

Oribe Peralta

Topic Poker is not gambling
Posted 24 Aug 2012 08:30

I wonder how many poker players are in Gambler's Anonymous and what their opinion is? Legal ramifications? If it's not gambling, will insurance not cover treatment for addiction to poker? I do agree that playing poker takes a lot of skill, but if you put money on your skill level to beat another player's skill level, that's gambling. I'm sure if you asked Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Dick Trickle if it involves skill to race a stock car they'd say it is all skill. But they cannot bet/gamble on races, even if they're betting on themselves. The best pitcher in baseball can't bet on his team to win when he pitches. The outcome of any game is never certain, placing money on that outcome is gambling.

If poker halls, video poker, and the like start popping up all over the country and is more easily acceptable to the masses, you can bet there will be a spike in bankruptcies, foreclosures, and stuff like that. Few people will have the necessary skill to not go broke if they get addicted.

Whether or not gambling/poker should be legal or not is a different ball of wax.

I agree that it is a bit weird that they are actually saying it is NOT gambling. Because it is. I mean you are putting down money with the expectation of "winning" more money. Maybe they should call it something else, maybe something more like skilled gambling or something.

Poker like a sport or any other skill requires practice to get better. You can invest money in books, an instructor or just logging in thousands of hands to learn the ropes. You will probably lose money at first as you are learning to play and getting the blood in your veins to turn to ice water. I don't see this early learning period where you are spending money to get the tools you need to play poker at a level where you are able to have fun because you are not just loosing as too different than other learning periods in other activities. investment in a stock car is similar i think. Investors or however they get the funding are basically gambling on a driver. The payback isn't a big pile of actual money but if the driver wins, all the investors get their logos displayed a whole lot more. The amount of money they invested doesn't change wether the driver wins or not so you can kinda say that they are gambling. They are like picking a horse, throwing some money behind it and hoping it wins to get their logo out their more to create awareness with consumers and eventually make more money than they started with. That's gambling, just not stripped down in a more pure form like poker.

No other gambling game that is played in casino requires practice or understanding to win. They require luck. Every other game requires luck to win. Video poker, three card poker are not really poker and I dont think those are the type of games they are talking about. Those are table games/slot machine style luck games and arent found in actual poker halls, just casinos. They just call them poker but the odds are more similar to pai gow and black jack. you have a 46-49% chance of winning with those games no matter what you do.

I suppose if insurance companies cover shopping addictions they should cover poker addictions. I'm not sure if they do. I doubt it. The thing about addictions though is that the vices themselves don't create addicts. Addicts find vices to abuse. Take poker away and something else will consume them. I doubt "bankruptcies, foreclosures, and stuff like that" went down when they outlawed online poker or live poker in certain areas. Would be interesting to have stats on that. Wouldn't know where to look though.

Something interesting... if you keep records of your winnings and losses in poker you can write off your losses because they can tax your winnings. Like if one year your head gets out of the game and you lose big time you can write it off.

Dick Trickle.

Topic People Who Have It Out For The Opposite Sex
Posted 23 Aug 2012 10:43 past posts...u do...have problems

i feel so sorry for so sorry for u...peace...

That's what I thought.

No explanation for your stance on you don't like bashing/attacking yet thats all you did here.

Go back to you little hick life now.

Topic People Who Have It Out For The Opposite Sex
Posted 23 Aug 2012 10:28

"You bash me, then you say that people shouldn't do that.

Look, judging from your previous forum posts, it's obvious your brain funtions at one speed. It's obvious that subtlety, humor, sarcasm are concepts that are too abstract for a simpleton like yourself to comprehend... So I will go easy on you."

why are u so mad...really bullshit or sarcasm..i am truly sincere here...

i really want to understand??

are u just argumentative....for u take these.....posts to a hurtful level??

is your life hard...are you sick???out of work???did some lady take a HUGE shit what??

if so..i will never never say 1 more word to you about your nasty posts..u have earned the right to be a grade A boob

but if you just are an asshole....

CUT it out...ok...

I am not mad, people like you just annoy me. I was bantering with an old friend and you come in to call me bitter. The line of questions you asked me is also indicative of your low level of intelligence. You are thinking "Gee it can't possible be me, blazestcyr, creating annoyance by constantly saying things that miss the point or are tainted with redneckism. it must be some other factor because I am perfect." No it's not any of those other factors you mentioned, you are just annoying.

Weren't you the person that said that where you live black kids get away with punching white kids because they are black? You are so ....I dont want to say stupid, so I wont... you are so... ignorant that when you see black kids punished fairly like everyone else you dont remember it. You probably dont remember when white kids get away with something either. But the one time you saw the black kid go unpunished you saw red and now all of a sudden black kids are getting away with everything.

You say things like the above all the time. So the main reason I am nasty to you is because you have a history of saying things like the above and also you came in to call me bitter out of nowhere. What arent you getting?

Also this is the think tank not the hick tank. So if I am here and I have time I will try to revert it back to think, not hick.

Topic Can a woman call herself a MILF
Posted 22 Aug 2012 14:35

From what I hear, it truly is a Magic Wand!!

I agree with ginger that nikki is a babe.

But Nikki please... It's more of a big thick magical scepter.

Topic Best Butt Discount
Posted 22 Aug 2012 14:32

To be honest, i'd be slightly insecure if i went there and didnt get it (Not in a immodest way though!)

Edit: As long as they werent creepy/sleazy with it or tried to ambush me as i left

That was my first thought when I read this. I can see myself going with two sisters or just two women and if we all pay separately and one women gets a discount and the other doesn't... That's a situation. Wether she vocalizes it or not, that has to hurt her feelings.

And do the female waiters issue the discounts too? I can see some girls not liking that.

This is pretty weird to me. I wouldn't want to screw with my business in this way. So many things can go wrong. I do think it's a cool idea in that there is no harm letting someone know they are attractive but people are hella weird and I'm surprised they haven't had some kind of incident yet. Or maybe they have, who knows.

Or I can see a boyfriend going "what the fuck?" if some male waiter puts on the receipt that his girlfriend has a nice ass. Like really.

Topic Can a woman call herself a MILF
Posted 22 Aug 2012 12:21

Based on the exact meaning Mother I Like to Fuck, can a woman label her self one or give herself the screen name with term in it?

I would imagine that if she wanted to fuck herself... then yeah.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 22 Aug 2012 12:16

Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Poker is not gambling
Posted 22 Aug 2012 11:38

if u lose money on is gambling...

So then everything is gambling then. If I buy a fucking ham sandwich, am I gambling that it might be a shitty sandwich?

Obviously you are missing the point...

You can lose 200 bucks on tuesday, another 100 on wednesday, win 300 on thursday, win 700 on friday, loose 200 on saturday, win 400 on sunday and on and on... I trust that you can do that simple math...I hope. Now if you are this type of player... Then in the long run you aren't losing a dime. You are winning money. You could argue that you could be making more money spending your time doing something else but that is another topic.

When you put your money in the middle with better than 50% chance of winning you will eventually win. Unless you are a bad player and scare the money you can win away. That is the difference. If you are truly great and know how to maximize your pots with good hands while winning small ones or not losing a lot with your bad hands, you will win. If you are a stupid person though, your odds at winning at poker in the long run become 0%. That's why they made slot machines...To take those people's money.

Topic People Who Have It Out For The Opposite Sex
Posted 22 Aug 2012 10:12

thinking felix might need to be put in the corner with a hitachi hand wand....

speaking of bitter.....


all being bitter & bashing others does is to bring harm to yourself....rode that train myself when my marriage ended

then a good buddy told me to knock it...out....

You bash me, then you say that people shouldn't do that.

Look, judging from your previous forum posts, it's obvious your brain funtions at one speed. It's obvious that subtlety, humor, sarcasm are concepts that are too abstract for a simpleton like yourself to comprehend... So I will go easy on you.

Topic People Who Have It Out For The Opposite Sex
Posted 22 Aug 2012 09:03

I don't think anyone would seriously argue that bully-victims are typically "alpha" personalities, but I also don't think there's any question that bullies and loudmouth bigots are often harboring some fairly hardcore insecurities that help explain their behavior.

Thanks for ruining what I was attempting to do there.

Now she really won't argue that the victims are the confident ones. I wanted to get that debate going and talk about how when mothers leave nerdy little Timmy notes like "I don't care what everyone says, any girl would love to go to homecoming dance with you. If I was in your school I'd ask you! I think you are way cooler than the captain of the football team, how about that?" It just makes it worse for Timmy and his confidence, lack of balls problem.

It would have been funny but you fucked it all up!

Topic People Who Have It Out For The Opposite Sex
Posted 22 Aug 2012 08:43

I think you are very true on your assessment but I also see another element to the bashing.

It has to do with the egos of some individuals and when they are not the focus or center of attention, they may create negative comments against others so they look better in the eyes of people they desire to be attended by. It's basically a lack of self-confidence and does nothing productive as you say.

It is also a sign that the individual has a lack of maturity and does not live by the standard: "If you can't say something nice, Say NOTHING"!!!

Thanks for sharing this.


Wait a minute.... Hold the phone.

This sounds like some bullshit some suburban mom tells little Timmy after little Timmy keeps getting made fun of at school. You're saying that the people that sit there getting teased, harrassed, manipulated are in actuality the confident ones and the loud, confrontative people are the ones that lack confidence? It's really the wall flowers that are the true alpha males and females? LOL

Okay.. And to the OP, your point basically is that you don't like gender bashing? Well okay that's good. Me neither. (unless it's funny)

Topic Poker is not gambling
Posted 21 Aug 2012 23:36

It's not skill if you can count the cards.


Counting cards in poker?

That's black jack or 21. A casino table game.

And seriously? learning how to count cards is a skill... It's extremely difficult to learn and put into practice with hundreds of cameras and a dealer and a pit boss staring at you.

That would be a skill. A very rare one because of the difficulty of it.

I was gonna say things but ladyX covered it pretty much.

In california I can play live poker whenever I want. But oddly I can't online. When it was banned a few years ago I figured it would be back quickly. Not as fast as I thought it would but good thing that finally the ball is rolling.

Topic Are all men unsatisfied with the size of their penis?
Posted 21 Aug 2012 01:38

I wish God took exchanges on wangs.

I mean, how would you feel if every time you get naked in front of your girlfriend she tries to fasten a camera to the top of your head?

Topic Teacher convicted of sex with 18yr old students
Posted 21 Aug 2012 01:33

This picture of her in court looks better.

Maybe shes born with it... Maybe its Maybelline (A truck load of Maybelline).

Topic Girl Denied Highschool Diploma in Oklahoma!
Posted 20 Aug 2012 12:55

But can you blame her for making a big deal over it? She busts her ass for 4 years do get all A's and then she is denied her diploma because of something so trivial as this. Since when is hell considered cussing?

Im sure that after all this the school will come out and cover their asses and say she isnt being denied the diploma becasue she said HELL. It is becasue when she submitted te speech for approval she wrote "HECK" and she changed it without approval and that violates school policy. Or some BS like that.

What a JOKE!!

Since she has been working hard for 4 years... All the more reason to not jeopardize her achievement. Just write the stupid letter and move on to things that matter. Pick your battles. I mean I have had BS like this thrown at me throughout my life but if I wasted energy over dumbass people like that, I would feel stupid.

I agree that it's a joke. And I also get that hell is hardly a cuss word but rules are rules, if I was the principal I wouldn't care... Until the next kid says ass and then he points at the girl that said hell and asks me why there is a double standard. I can see parents bitching about anything. I can see them bitching about them saying fart and thats not even cussing. So I don't blame the principal for his reaction although I think its stupid. But I think sometimes these simple country asses make decisions based on their community or what they feel is politicly correct. They may not be the smartest amongst us so decisions like this are made.

Topic Girl Denied Highschool Diploma in Oklahoma!
Posted 20 Aug 2012 12:32

Just write the fucking letter... Big deal. She knows cussing at school is against the rules. Just write a letter, oh my god.

What are these people's lives like that this is a big deal? Looks like the school is power tripping, the student and her family are seeking attention, and everyone is stupid. What else is new?

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 20 Aug 2012 09:58

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 20 Aug 2012 09:57

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 20 Aug 2012 09:55