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Topic Announcing our "This is Hardcore" Story Competition, $200 First Prize!
Posted 14 Apr 2015 18:35

Did I win yet, or nah?

It's a hardcore competition. Not hardass.

Topic getting wife to go nude in home
Posted 14 Apr 2015 18:29

You go. "Look bitch, I ain't trying to get ugly up in this muthfucka. You take them panties on down...give me the view I want to see. I wanna see that honey in that pot, and if I want a taste I'm gonna taste it. Don't make me repeat myself now."

Topic Leave already!!!
Posted 14 Apr 2015 18:14

Who has to leave? Hillary Clinton? Yeah that bitch has to leave


Topic What's the hardest thing about being in a relationship with you?
Posted 14 Apr 2015 12:26

I say and do crazy things. I'm fucking raw bitch.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 14 Apr 2015 07:10

They would only have to click "LushStories" in the top left hand corner to get back to the home page with all the stories Felix.

That would be confusing.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 14 Apr 2015 05:43

A reader not familiar with the site, can see stories by default. If they are reading stories by default is there any reason to have a "stories" link? Most are not going to know they can link to poems and I dont think the "poem" or "all" links stand out enough to catch someone's eye. There is not even a frame around the words themselves. It's just two tiny little words that aren't easy to see. I write poems hoping someone will read them. if they don't know poetry is here, they aren't going to read it are they?

There is a stories link in case people want to go back to the stories after they clicked on poems or all. The point isn't to trap people in the poem section forever. That would be cruel, trinket.

Topic My wife's best friend
Posted 13 Apr 2015 21:05

Why did you marry a chick you don't like fucking.........

If you're attracted to her friend, learning to like fucking your wife isn't gonna change that.......

This will all end in tears.......

Topic trying to make sense of my situation
Posted 13 Apr 2015 20:25


Topic Advice for a noob please
Posted 13 Apr 2015 20:21

Don't tell him you bought a new one. You don't need to share everything . Just buy a big one and go ape-shit with it.

Topic sexiest Fictional character
Posted 13 Apr 2015 20:16

Justine (Therese) from Justine: Or the Misfortunes of Virtue.

Topic Leave already!!!
Posted 13 Apr 2015 17:47

Not to bright to let that happen.

It's not like it's so easy to just kick a girl out after you bang her. It has nothing to do with him being bright or not.

Topic Leave already!!!
Posted 13 Apr 2015 17:29

Did you meet her on a hookup site or a dating site... How exactly did you make it clear it was just a hookup? Like, I don't know how old you are but you better get used to that. She obviously saw you as more than a hookup and she lives with her parents at 22... Of course she doesn't want to go back home. I guarantee you that this will happen with every early 20's chick you hook up with if her living situation is less than ideal and she likes you. Those are the breaks.

Topic The Devil's Undertones - The Novel - is on sale this week!
Posted 10 Apr 2015 15:09

Thanks, Felix

You're welcome Metilda. Let me know how your site is working out for you sometime.

Topic Road Head
Posted 10 Apr 2015 14:33

It does sound like fun...

but it still goes down on the list of things not to do when you're driving - with texting, bloody "selfies" and phone calls.

I'm all for people endangering themselves (and I know it's rare something does happen but the possibility is still there) but as soon as you're putting others at risk it stops being so entertaining, for me at least.

Well, like I mean the giver isn't the one driving. You'd be surprised how focused the senses get when you're a receiver. Like your brain goes into remembering this moment mode. It's like spidey-senses but for blowjobs. Blowey-sense.

Topic Best thing to do in Vegas?
Posted 10 Apr 2015 14:29

I will be in Vegas for a few days and looking to find the best "entertainment" in town....

I just realized what you were asking omg... Ask the concierge. A male one. They'll break it down for you. You've probably already come and gone. Hope you aren't on a med regimen as I type this.

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 10 Apr 2015 09:51

Angry? Gee, with Felix resorting to his utterly BS tactics on every thread and the band wagon chiming in to cheer him on as he labels me (you liberals don't LIKE labels...remember, unless of course YOU'RE the ones APPLYING the derogatory labels...then it's perfectly alright... to quote your own words back to you...hypocrite much? ) as a head case after pissing me off with his constant derogatory crap (to the cheers and applause from the peanut gallery he plays too).

I'm most surprised that a site like lush isn't blocked at your mental institution. Do you guys get to browse the Internet freely or did someone smuggle in an iPad for you or something?

Topic Best thing to do in Vegas?
Posted 10 Apr 2015 08:47

No Vegas trip is complete to me without doing these following things.

1. Stay somewhere decent. Going back to a shitty ass room after a fun night is lame.

2. If you're with someone who's never been, walk around the strip so they can get that out of their system. A big stupid drink makes this more enjoyable if you've already done it a million times.

3. Take pictures when you're drunk.

4. Go to nightclubs. Marquee is my personal favorite.

5. Eat at lotus of Siam. It's some of the best food I've ever had. Only thing off the strip I really do.

6. Eat at mon ami gambi, on the patio, facing the fountains of bellagio.

7. Strip clubs are fun, the rules in Vegas are very lax. Want to watch your girlfriend feel up and get felt up by a hot naked woman? Go to a strip club. I like the sapphire club. Bring plenty of cash, them hoes are hungry.

8. IF you can get out of bed before 2 pm, IF you're staying at a decent place, the pool is a great way to spend the morning. A massage or facial is also a nice morning activity.

9. Gamble. So weird to go to Vegas and not gamble at least once. If you don't have enough money to gamble, then you probably don't have enough money to go to Vegas in the first place. If the games are intimidating. Roulette is an easy, slow paced game, good for beginners.

10. Buy yourself and your partner something nice. New shoes, an outfit, some jewelry. Buy yourself at least one nice non souvenir item.

11. Watch a cirque du soleil show. O, zumanity, and mystere are my favorite ones.

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 10 Apr 2015 07:16

No only at smart assed individuals who flounce around insulting others out of their own ignorance and then insist upon being treated with dignity and respect know ... HYPOCRITES. you'll find one in your mirror every morning. (The funnier part being I even offered you a chance to extract your feet from your big yap and all you did was open wider!

No politician is ever trustworthy... Yet the military goes to war when a politician decides to. You went to war because a politician decided you should.

How deluded can you get sign5

Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 09 Apr 2015 20:01

Sometimes, when you're at work, I like to lay my head on your pillow and imagine that it's your bare chest. Then I pee on it to mark my territory.

It must be just a quick spritz because I honestly don't notice it. Unexplained blonde hairs have gotten me in a jam once or twice but nothing I can't wiggle out of.

Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 09 Apr 2015 19:49

Good. It'll make it easier for me to sneak in and sniff your underwear when you're asleep.

I do my laundry everyday so I think I'm safe there. I do usually sleep with just sheets though. If you're extra careful, the possibilities are endless. Just don't let me catch you, restraining orders are an ugly ordeal.

Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 09 Apr 2015 19:44

Scarlet Johanson comes to mind. crybaby

I'm glad you're finally over me as well. I can finally sleep with my bedroom door unlocked and window open.

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:56


That's not funny. That shit was traumatizing.

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:50

And I was trying to illustrate a point that you are wrong when you say that no one wants to ban guns.

The problem is that there are plenty of people who would do it in a second if they could.

Okay I'm wrong about that. Can you tell me the most powerful, influential person or group trying to ban all guns and how close they are to doing so?

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:45

That has nothing to do with what we are talking about. You stated that no one wanted to ban guns. Yes, there are people in the US who do want to ban guns.

Okay but I was trying to illustrate a point by comparing it to something equally ridiculous that wouldn't be taken seriously by the majority of Americans.

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:37

Stupid or not, there are people in the US who want to ban all guns.

There are people in the U.S. like nambla who want to abolish the age of consent for sexual activity. Would you take them seriously or consider it an actual threat to the current age of consent laws?

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:30

That is exactly all I'm asking for - no more, no less. apparently, tho, the moment i mention the words 'gun control', everyone starts screaming that i want to kick their front doors in,take all their guns, and put them in work camps. the problem with this subject, is that no one wants to listen to reason - they simply hear what they expect to hear and then start spouting every single slogan they've heard on FOX or from the NRA. *

Fully automatic weapons are already illegal.

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:26

The title for this thread is "Just take away the guns, do it now". What else is someone suppose to think it means besides gun confiscation?

Yeah I mentioned it earlier. I hate the title of the thread. The real gun debate thread was deleted and this one was made by someone trying to wind people up. It since then has become the de facto gun debate thread. Unfortunately the title turns it into a black and white issue. A silly one since yeah, it's stupid to propose a complete gun ban in a country like America.

Topic Would you sell yourself?
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:16

Comfy class only. I do like to lower the tone when flying!

Damn, I thought I was talking to a rookie... Sounds like you run a hard bargain. Must be worth it ;). First class it is.

Topic The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted 09 Apr 2015 17:06

How does that change what he stated about gun control?

His quote is sorta irrelevant since total gun confiscation was never proposed. His other quotes demenstrate the type of extreme views a person like he has. Pretty uninformed and alarmist.