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Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 17:51

Citation please. Still haven't seen that link, Rob.

You're asking a retarded person to explain why they shit their pants.

Just saying.

EDIT: I posted this before I saw rob here talk about crapping his pants because I was reading the thread and saw you ask him again. I think I just blew my own mind.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 13:32

You have part quoted out of context, and you know it!
As far as being off base, you should take a look at the link Magical Felix posted! That is one sick country!
Men turning a discussion about rape into one of men's rights and false accusations. Their view that implies that if 99 rapists walk free that's fine as long as the 1 wrongly accused is free.
I cant comprehend that mentality.

You're not getting it. Look at how many of the reported cases even made it to trial and how little times of those cases the rapist was actually incarcerated. women have to go through an ordeal almost as traumatizing as the rape itself to have just a small chance of getting "justice". Not to mention all the people in their lives that will know it happened to them and how many will unjustly judge her and put blame on her for the rest of her life.

You just don't get it and you should just be quiet now.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 13:21

Felix....Felix...Felix...You are beating a dead horse...leave it alone...step away. Let him writhe in his convoluted misery.

I know... I usually don't stop until the horse is dogfood or glue but I will this time.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 12:30

No it isn't... yet one more lie you've told. What I said you tore apart and put back together to suit yourself and then posted your garbage assumption with regard to what that "makes me". And that has ZILCH to do with the OP. So, anytime you want to get back on point feel free to leave your garbage assessments of who and what I am out of it as THOSE are NOT the OP! Have a nice day...slandering the next person you disagree with.

I made the original post. I know what the thread is about. You were being a slut shamer. You were being an actual example of one of the things this thread is about.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 12:02

And people wonder why more often than not women don't report a rape.

Statistics from Justice Department, National Crime Victimization Survey: 2006-2010 and FBI reports.

NOTE (1/7/13): For more detail on statistics used, please click here .

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 11:42

Economic issues are not related to crime rates? Okay. I'm out.

That's not what I said.

Explain how the economies of the United States and Australia are so different to the point that it is warping the stats on murder in australia after they put real gun regulation in place. We aren't comparing Nigeria to the UK here.

Explain how they are so vastly different, please.

Oh that's right you can't.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 11:25

Demographically, who is the USA closer to? Australia or Canada? Who do we share similar histories with? Who do we more closely share similar economic issues with?

History and economic issues don't have anything to do with the statistics of Australia regarding their actions they took after mass murders were reaching epidemic levels.

You are insisting on picking and choosing data (which you have no sources for by the way. I can provide real sources for all of mine).

You are also acting childish now. It's embarrassing.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 11:09

Here's a thought, how about I don't CARE what gender you happen to be wrong is wrong? Now, if you're about through commenting on ME in an effort to once again use ASSUMPTIONS in an effort to discredit my commentary, can we maybe get back to the OP?

It's not an assumption. It is what you said and it has everything to do with the topic.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 11:05

If a nice, polite, law-abiding country like Canada only achieved 15% compliance, I'd call it an unworkable law.

How was a less polite society like Australia able to account for every gun in their citizens hands? By your rationale then we should do it since that country was able too.

Firearm controls have been in place following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. Gun ownership in Australia is not a wide social issue, and major political parties are generally supportive of pro-control legislation

The rate of homicides involving firearms per 100,000 population in 2009 was 0.1. The rate of unintentional deaths involving firearms in 2001 was 0.09. The overall homicide rate of Australia was 1.2 deaths per 100,000 for 2007-2008.

In 1996 Australia restricted semi-automatic weapons and "The American Journal of Law and Economics reported in 2010 that firearm homicides in Australia dropped 59 percent between 1995 and 2006. In the 18 years before the 1996 laws, there were 13 gun massacres resulting in 102 deaths, according to Harvard researchers, with none in that category since.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 10:40

Millions of people can't even afford to register a car, much less a gun.

We're talking about real world problems that will need real works solutions. Passing a law, knowing ahead of time that is an unworkable law, is insane. It's living in a fantasy world. If we're going to live in a fantasy world, just have Magic Jack make a magic wand out of a unicorn horn, and wish all the nasty evil guns away. evil4

I never said take all the guns away. Making a responsible system for gun ownership doesn't mean take all the guns away. It's not an all or nothing issue like you are trying to make it.

Only the Sith deal in absolutes.

How many people buy a firearm, and train with it regularly? You don't, but many do. How many people have a smaller gun for concealed carry and a larger one for home defense? You don't, but many do. How many houses have both spouses that own guns, and adult children that own guns? Evidently yours doesn't, but many do. How many spurious accusations have you made (and will continue to make) in your life? I don't even think you could read a number that long with the Hubble telescope.

You avoided a simple question once again to attack me on things you couldn't possible know.

We get it, you jerk off with guns and you believe that more guns equal less killings.

Do you have anything else to say because this thread isn't just about your slippery slope paranoia that the government and american citizens are out to take your guns away.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 10:32

What I find most fucked up in this thread is that there are so many sentiments about what women are doing wrong and what they need to change.

We need to:

- not drink or do drugs or 'glorify' these things because it sends the wrong message to guys
- we need to not condone pro-athletes like Tiger Woods cheating on his wife
- we're making the situation worse by not reporting all rapes, despite the aftermath, being a social outcast, and lack of criminal outcome
- we are apparently making false rape accusations nearly 50% of the time according to tinfoil-FBI websites
- we need to buy more guns and ammo because that's supposedly the answer - regardless of the fact that a drive-by shooting while you're standing outside a sorority house is still going to kill you, regardless of whether you're packing

What about what guys can do to better the cause?

* What about not making 'rape' jokes - how many times in the past year have I heard jokes made about the 'rape van' and that girl's dress looks pretty 'rapey' and then having the guy say relax, he was just 'joking around'.

* What about not standing by and condoning locker-room talk that degrades women beyond the pale and promotes a culture of misogyny?

* What about not supporting your buddy when he intimidates women at the bar or grabs/gropes them and not blame it on him just being drunk - or looking the other way when your friend mistreats his girlfriend or wife?

* What about not blaming women when they don't want to date you or have sex with you despite you being a 'really nice guy' and sticking it out in the friend zone? And not taking the approach that if you're persistent enough, eventually she'll come around.

* What about not calling a woman a 'stuck up bitch' when she tells you she's not interested or doesn't respond to your leers and cat-calls on the street?

* Or not judging a woman based on what she's wearing, whether she has breast implants or whether she works in a strip club to make money and not assuming these things means she's open to being a sex-object 24/7 or that you can treat her differently than you would treat the girl next door.

* Or not silently blaming the female when you hear stories of women who stayed with abusive men or girls that went to a party and got wasted and ended up being half-consciously pushed into sex with one or more guys. And if you are actually there - step in and do something instead of being a bystander because it doesn't involve you! And don't whip out your camera to take pics or laugh about the 'slutty drunk girl' the next day with your friends or on Twitter and then have your friends back and defend them and put the blame on the girl for 'making trouble' when she tells people or wants to report it. She was there - drunk or willingly taking drugs - it's her fault if she inadvertently ended up turning all those guys on, right?

* Or how about not ignoring the girl that's being harassed on the subway or the street and clearly needs help because you don't want to get involved and it's not your problem.

* Or maybe not shrugging it off when your friend tells you he dropped some GHB in the drink of the girl he's been dating lately to 'loosen her up'.

* What about not doing a damn thing when you know your friend date-raped a girl and insisting on having his back or ignoring the facts that you are 100% aware of as fact.

* What about not being content to take the stance of "well, rape and assault happen - go get a gun and learn how to use it."

I have seen stuff like this happen around me - every single example I've given comes from personal experience, either involving myself or close friends of mine - and there were plenty of 'good guys' who wouldn't dream of committing any kind of violence against women themselves who just let it happen, made excuses, or listened to the stories from their buddies and laughed or said nothing, or looked the other way because as long as they weren't 'the bad guy' it doesn't matter. And this bystander-effect involved men of all ages, economic backgrounds and status - all the way up to high level CEOs of massive international corporations. And they all did nothing or they covered for their 'buddies' and blamed the girl.

I think there is plenty that 'good guys' can do to help the cause... and it doesn't involve buying more guns.

Just quoting this so it doesn't get lost so fast in this thread because some people think this thread is only about fear that their guns will be taken.

These are the core problems with rape culture. The bystander effect, men getting dumber in groups to impress each other, slut shaming, sexual intimidation and making light of women's fears. This is the first time in the thread that specific things have been mentioned that men can do to curve this problem in our society. Eventually after a few generations if older wiser men teach their sons, younger friends and peers some good values and lead by example these practices can be minimized to the point of extinction.

Topic Are you a dry guy or do you use lube when masturbating?
Posted 29 May 2014 09:59

You'd have drowned by now

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 09:54

But tell the everyday, ordinary people who use a firearm in self-defense that guns "aren't needed" in their lives. Conservative estimates place defensive use of firearms "somewhere between 250,000 and 370,000" times per year.


Are you saying those people wouldn't have been able to defend themselves if they had to register their guns? If they had to take some tests before owning one it would have made their self defense non-existent? Of those self defense cases how many of them used three or more guns and hundreds/thousands of rounds of ammo to do so? That is a serious question, not that I expect you to have an answer. Go ahead and prove me right again nudiepants.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 09:29

"Shooting from the hip", Jack? Did you make a funny?

What you're saying is that you have no idea what will work and what won't. You have no idea of what it would cost, how it would be implemented, or even what restrictions you want in place. You just know that baby wants what he wants and he wants it NOW!

Got it.

You have proven once again that you don't have the brains to answer anything. I ask you simple questions and you respond with wanting me to write up a whole program (that anyone reading can imagine what it would be like) with all the details and laws and numbers and processes and test questions and budgets (which you didn't do for your idea) that takes many of the smartest men in the country to come up with. You are purposely being stupid because you don't have anything intelligent to say. The only reason I use my time to debate you on this is not because I think someone like you could ever see the light. I do it because many people read these threads, if a few young people that haven't began to think about some of these issues read this and see how clearly mentally un-armed the gun nuts like you are in this thread it might get them thinking about just what the hell we are doing in this country.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 09:22

There is a war on for your mind and they won! Must be the Fluoride

The war for your mind must have not been much of a battle...

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 09:11

When you can actually show how your "DMV" idea would actually do anything to prevent crime, especially crimes as heinous as rape, I'll be happy to hear it. Most of your ideas have been tried, and they don't work. The rest would never be allowed due to HIPPA laws.

Preventing rape? I'm talking about gun control because there was a mass shooting once again and there will be another one and another one because we have nothing in place to even attempt to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. The fact that you are using rape to try and win an internet debate about guns is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. The only way to prove that a diligent department of firearms would work is to actually implement one. You know that. Stop being so stupid. Obviously your idea of doing nothing about anything isn't working.

I believe we need a fundamental change in the way we, as a culture, view mental health. There's such a social stigma attached to getting counseling that people who need it are in denial about getting it. California law allows for a therapist to make a call as to whether a patient is a danger to society or not, and if a person is dangerous, the authorities have the right to take any weapons from him. This never happened in this case. If society had been more proactive in dealing with Rodger, his six victims might still be alive.

He was reported by the way. You're not even informed about what you're debating. You're just shooting from the hip because you care about your guns more than anything else... (you won't answer just like you don't answer any simple questions asked of you) but how are you gonna changed society's mindset? You go on about we "should" change our views. How exactly are you gonna change the views of 350 million people. Many of which are uneducated, disinterested, just stupid, prejudiced, crazy, misogynist and also deluded about the impact of guns. How on earth are you going to do that? It's obvious to anyone reading any part of this thread that gun nuts like you will never ever want any steps toward responsible gun ownership. Why you wouldn't is bizarre.

Again-This shouldn't be a gun rights discussion, or a knife rights discussion, or a pipe bomb rights discussion, or a nuke bomb discussion. It's a mental health issue. Our current system is broken and needs to be fixed.

This discussion is what it is because that is what is relevant. If you wish you can go start a thread about how the only reason that mass murders happen is because people are crazy and you can put your head in the sand about several guns and hundreds of bullets not aiding Rodger in his killing spree. Ignore that all these killers use a gun to blow their head off to not face responsibility for their crimes. If it weren't for them getting guns so easily and under the radar they wouldn't have the balls to mass kill anyway. Someone like Rodger or the sandy hook killer or the columbine killers etc probably would not have had the balls to kill themselves with a knife. It's the guns they can all too easily get that give them the courage to do this shit. If these people can be weeded out through extensive testing and training before purchasing a gun many lives can be saved.

But go ahead and start a gun free thread and you and the rest of the full metal jackasses can come up with your ultimate solution to change society and cure everyone of mental illness. LOL

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 29 May 2014 08:44

Now, where do you get that I expect the rest of the world to kiss my ass to get along with me? NOWHERE IS THAT INFERRED IN ANYTHING I HAVE POSTED!

I believe he is assuming that because you're a women. Comments like that and earlier when he said women condoning the use of alcohol sends males the wrong idea make it evident that he is a misogynist and a slut-shamer.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 19:50

Fun fact: The second amendment originally only applied to actual militias and was thrown in because the country at the time was still in a state where people could be attacked or have to attack other people, i.e. Native Americans, the Spanish, the Mexicans, the British, etc. If the country's (notably outdated) constitution was written today, the second amendment would not only be considered unnecessary, it would also be considered an extremely bad idea for a country of this size and population.

Like, I'm sure some of you just love your guns and all, but countries like Japan, which has a higher population density than the US, has like no guns and they have a shockingly low rate of mass murder. Same with Australia. I'm sure you want to look tough and macho and talk about this how free this country is and how you have a right to your guns. It must be completely fascinating to you, especially the men who make up 80% of the gun owner population.

Which brings me to this point: This is also partly a women's rights and men's entitlement issue, and women feel threatened by men not just because any of them at any time could murder them for being rejected or feeling entitled to their bodies, but also because 80% of the gun owners in this country are males.

What a lot of you fail to understand is this IS both an issue on the rights of women, but also the fact that a lot of men feel entitled to a woman's body, and the fact that the gun rights and gun culture in this country makes mass murder like this very likely.

I'm sure some of you will go on your tired spiel about serving this country and fighting for our freedoms that were NEVER in any danger, but it's not impressing anyone. Sure, guns were probably useful when you invaded some country somewhere, but in this country right here, it's part of the problem.

Well said and you managed to touch on all the themes of this thread nicely. I agree with all of that.

The statistics of Japan and Australia don't lie. The truth about the second amendment is simple to understand. The fact some men feel entitled to their guns with no regulation no matter what makes me feel that the entitlement mindset doesn't end there.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 19:45

Your rants in just this post...."Listen clown" and "you have no clue" and "you nimrod" and then you end with..."Oh and they are bullies, I wanted to leave me alone."

Looks like you have picked up on the bully game very well.

Seems you have a boatload of anger in every single post on this subject and you have also stated that you carry a I'm just gonna suggest here to step away from the weapons. Get the help you need for the PTSD that you so obviously are inflicted with before you snap.


Is it just me or are weavindreams posts sounding less and less like message board rants and more and more like...evidence?

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 16:50

i thought, for a while, that this was going to be a needed conversation on rape culture attitudes, but i see it's devolved into an unwinnable shoving match about guns once again. glad to see we have our priorities straight. guns out rank women. the debate over the second amendment is more important than make sure that women have a culture in which they feel safe.

You wanted to know what gun nuts like weavindreams think about rape culture.

Sprite, while I agree with you wholeheartedly and have NO explanation for events of this sort (it's foreign to my own mindset, and there is; as a result NO WAY for me too understand it either). These are two separate issues. DO NOT mistake them for being the same issue because it was the motive for one sorry excuse for a man. All I can say is that when the likes of Tiger Woods are defended publicly by WOMEN, it sends the WRONG message to young males. But, once again; HOW do you stop such idiocy in a FREE society? All too much of our entertainment is just as corruptive, Add in drug and alcohol glorification (EVEN HERE! much of it by? WOMEN) and use and this IS the result! I wish there was a simple, effective answer; sadly I'm afraid there isn't. BUT, IT DOES speak to the NEED for women to LEGALLY obtain, learn to use and obtain permits for...FIREARMS!

There you go. He blames women themselves. And he suggests you buy a gun.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 16:09

Damn Felix... that shot is a bullseye! Very well put.

I see what you did there laughing8

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 16:07

i have, and would, but it seems that the guys screaming about their right to own an arsenal don't listen. it's wonderful to live in a society where you have no voice. what really hit me were all those face book comments. can't anyone here wrap their head about what reading those feels like? to be the focus of that kind of hate for no cause other than gender? to know that there are people out there who think and believe like that, and to know that they're one step away from talking the talk to walking the walk? it's just a little depressing, is all.

They don't listen or more like they don't have an answer for you. Many men hear feminism and they think you want to take their rights away rather than wanting women to be treated equally and for women to not have to think about the repercussions of saying no.

I can wrap my head around it to an extant because I have been the target of hate for simply being the race I am. A successful uppity one too so I'm extra anger inducing to some.

That's why I asked if you think misogyny and rape culture warped his thoughts into thinking he was justified. Should we be scared of the other young men saying vile things on the internet about what happened? What real life, tangible things can be done besides saying "we need to change rape culture"? That is why I included guns and mental illness too. Rape culture being bad and the need for feminism isn't even a debate. Not one I would take seriously anyway.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 15:44

i thought, for a while, that this was going to be a needed conversation on rape culture attitudes, but i see it's devolved into an unwinnable shoving match about guns once again. glad to see we have our priorities straight. guns out rank women. the debate over the second amendment is more important than make sure that women have a culture in which they feel safe.

So go ahead and discuss it. I have discussed my views on rape culture. Elicia has. Xuani has. The gun tards haven't of course. But that is fine because this thread is about a mass killing about all three of these things. Guns, rape culture and mental illness.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 15:40

Xuani called it a while ago. This was always intended to be a "gun" thread, although if was disguised as something else in the beginning.

It says guns right there in the title and I also go on about guns in the very first opening thread post. The thread I started was about three different things.

Mental illness.



I even numbered them... Have you even stated anything that wasn't about guns until I basically forced you too and you came up with "we should have them willingly undergo mental health treatment"? The only reason you mentioned mental illness is because I forced you too because all you did was come in and cry about someone taking your guns away. After I started this thread everyone decided to talk about guns because that is the tangible part of the three things I posted about. A couple people posted some obvious truths about misogyny and who is gonna disagree about that?

Not to take anything away from Xuani's incredible detective skills in sniffing out that this was a gun thread (so cleverly hidden in the TITLE) but here is the original thing I posted so you guys aren't confused.

Friday Shooting Spree

As most all of you have probably heard already there was another murderous rampage by a young man this friday, this time in California. The link above has the story if you do not know yet.

As I was reading the details about this from several sources I couldn't help but wonder about some things. Some of which have been discussed here on lush but never in the same thread.

1. This man made it pretty clear that he was on edge. He made videos. Had purchased multiple guns and talked about these dark thoughts with several people to the extent that his parents and a counselor were prompted to contact the police before his shooting spree happened.

What can be done when all the warning signs are there but no crime has actually happened yet?

Is it ethical to take actions against someone who hasn't specifically threatened a person by name?

2. He stabbed some of his victims but also used guns to kill others and hurt a lot more. He had three hand guns and 400 rounds of ammunition remaining in his car.

Does the ease of acquiring guns and stockpiling ammunition have anything to do with wether someone actually goes through with these killing sprees?

If he only had knives, do you think he would have still done this in the first place?

Do you think he would have managed to do so much killing and injured as many as he did without guns?

3. People with mental illness, surprisingly, have a lower rate of violence than the general population. He claimed to be a nice guy and a true gentlemen in his you tube videos and was very hurt that women didn't see these qualities in him. He was jealous of what he felt were inferior men with beautiful women and he didn't understand why he was still a virgin because he had a nice car and nice clothes and glasses etc.

Is it a cop out to simply state these killers are crazy?

Do you think rape culture and a misogynist society contributed to this guy rationalizing his actions?

Do phrases like, "what if it was your daughter" instill in men that they should only care about what happens to a women if they are perceived as their property?

“Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.”
-Margaret Atwood.

Do you agree with this quote? Do you think it's an exaggeration and was this just another crazy guy and that's it? That it isn't a misogynist society breeding men like this, it isn't gun culture, it's just a tragedy that just happened?

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 15:30

Actually, you haven't.

I have. In fact I reiterated it.

The fact that people in America get all up in arms about any kind of step toward gun legislation is really bizarre. Its crazy that a car rental place won't even rent someone a car unless they are 25 but this kid can buy a bunch of guns at 22. Because we all know what great decisions 22 year olds make.

Why can't there be a department of firearms like there is for cars? What is so wrong about that? It's not banning guns. It's not getting rid of the second amendment. It would be a way to ensure that all the guns purchased by someone stay in their possession. Tests and training to get a license should be required just like it's required for a car since cars can be deadly. Can you imagine if we treated cars like guns? You can just go buy one without a license or any experience. Can you imagine all the accidents on the roads. But no... The pro-gun Americans think that is somehow unconstitutional. It's ridiculous.

Registering firearms once a year to make sure they are still in your possession or making people take a few tests and classes before owning one doesn't take your right to own a gun away

AND he probably owns a bunch of guns... But I guess asking someone like him to take a few tests and classes where his obvious psychosis can be caught before he acquires a bunch of guns is unconstitutional.

It's impossible to know how many people have guns since there is no registry... But it's estimated there are over 250 million guns. Of all those millions how many of those gun owners have a concealed weapons permit? The fact that you are using that as any kind of argument is ridiculous.

A registry isn't so Obama can come take your guns. It's for making sure guns stay in the hands of the original owner. Cops can use it to see how many guns are in a home before they enter it. You don't think that is a useful piece of information for them? Where do you think black market guns come from? Do you think they grow on trees? They are made here, they fall off a truck here, they are stolen here, they are given away here. All of them were legal at one point. Since there is no registry it's all too easy to lose track of a gun. Just the fact that they are so easy to obtain has companies making more and more guns. Black market guns aren't being made by criminals here in the US. Maybe in the Philippines but here in the US all those black market guns are just guns that were legal at one point.

As a society we failed the victims because we refuse to do anything about making it easy for madmen to kill them. You can't rid the country of madness, misogyny and violence with the stroke of a pen but you can rid the country of insane people having guns by having registries in place, having mandatory classes, extensive testing and extended wait periods for guns.

You think all those measures wouldn't help weed out insane people like your fellow nudist above having guns? Insane people can't jump through all those hoops. You think all those measures wouldn't stop people in some dark mindset for a couple weeks from obtaining a gun and carrying out some moment of insanity. You know damn well you can just go to a gun show and take home guns as easily and way faster than going out to a car lot and taking a car home today.

Why are you so against responsibility. Are you afraid you wont pass the tests? Has the government come and taken your car because it's registered? No and No. So why are you so against a responsible gun system?

The thing is, what the hell can anyone do about our whole culture. Nothing. We can take very reasonable steps toward a department of firearms that is run like the DMV. That in no way goes against the second amendment. The second amendment is the right to bear arms not the right to bear as many arms as you want with absolutely no restrictions or regulations. Like Nudiepants said, with enough money you can get ahold of pretty much anything short of your own drone. So are they really arguing that we should all be able to have guns to overthrow the government or to police ourselves or defend ourselves like the second amendment was intended or do they just like blowing stuff up and satiating their paranoia and fear with a bunch of guns they don't need and creating a demand for more and more guns to be made that will eventually end up in the wrong hands the more guns there are?

The irony of what you are proposing though is that it would create more laws and more paperwork and more bureaucracy than what I am proposing in having a department that regulates guns in a thorough and useful way . You argue more laws and regulations don't help anything but that is what you are proposing. I guess it's okay as long as it has nothing to do with guns. What is even more ridiculous is that your guns wouldn't even be taken away.

Do you want me to list everything you have avoided now because you don't have the mental fortitude to answer?

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 14:19

So which one of your new laws would have prevented Rodgers from carrying out his mad attacks, and how?

I have stated that already. I asked you several questions throughout this thread that you don't have the mental fortitude to answer. Do you want me to repeat them neatly all in one post for you?

Topic Why are some men such fucking girls?
Posted 28 May 2014 13:38

Why are men such pussies? Well some would say, "you are what you eat."

You know.

Is that why you are a dickhead?

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 13:34

Meh. You want to live in a perfectly safe environment, go find yourself a NERF planet and move there. I never said make confinement in a mental health facility mandatory. I said offer counseling to kids who appear to need it. And I never said more laws wouldn't help. I said YOUR laws wouldn't help.

Have you said why registering guns and real waiting periods and classes and mandatory training before getting a gun wouldn't help or have you just stated they wouldn't? I'm all ears.

I didn't say you said to make them mandatory I said you would need to for that to work. Are you trying to say someone like Rodger would go to a mental health facility willingly? His parents reported him to the police. Do you think they didn't try to get him help before resorting to that? Laughable and talk about a bandaid solution.

Topic Why are some men such fucking girls?
Posted 28 May 2014 13:26

I'm not like all men on here I promise, show me your tits.

Just kidding overmykneenow. Calm your moobs.

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 28 May 2014 12:59

This will get us started.

How Pick Up Artist Philosophy and its Misogynist Backlash Shaped the Mind of a Killer

The Terrifying, Twisted Online World of Involuntary Celibates

The Pick-Up Artist Community's Predictable, Horrible Response to a Mass Murder

and not one I necessarily endorse, but I'm still thinking about the points within:

White Guy Killer Syndrome: Elliot Rodger's Deadly, Privileged Rage

Yeah all this shit is pathetic and it's right up there with penis enlarging pills and snake oil. Sounds like something desperate our immediate gratification culture has created. Men think they can pay their three easy payments of 19.99 and they will be taught how to pick up chicks from the bar instantly and they can finally get their dick wet. I can see the most inept, lonely and gullible of men falling for this. Unfortunately what can you do about it? Snake oil salesmen have been part of america since before it was even America and now they have freedom of speech and capitalism on their side.

It is disturbing that men will buy into that. That they think women work that way to begin with. The whole system adds to it. Its passed down from father to son, they see their moms give into it or not even notice it happening. The media blasts it on every screen. Music, listen to rap, R&B, dance, country just to name some of the more popular genres and it's there too. ~ You know you want it ~ How many women themselves sing about needing a man or their world is empty? Open up a comic book aimed at teenage boys and look at the way women are drawn compared to men. Even some of the most socially aware comic books like the X-Men drop the ball when it comes to the way they depict women. They have strong female characters but they also have to be sexy. In the new movie which I thought was great they have an incredible female lead in jennifer lawrence playing a complex not quite hero not quite villain character. That is great except they chose to make her naked most of the time. What does it mean that she is naked? Could be it just looks cool, 14 years ago thats how they first made that character for the big screen (she's clothed in the comics), it could make more sense for her power, or it could be that yeah they made an incredible female character but guess what, she's still gonna be naked.

And what does it all mean? Why are we like that? What can we realistically do about it when it relates to mass killings? We can't really change our whole system in a timely manner can we? It takes generations, centuries for us to change that. History can show you that. 100 years ago it was harder to be a woman. 100 years before that is was even harder. It still is hard. Thats why I posted the quote about men being afraid of rejection and women being afraid of death. But there are no laws that can be made to protect women from a misogynistic mindset. In fact the first amendment protects them. In time the more and more these type of men like rodger don't breed the less of them there will be. 2,000 years from now they might almost be extinct.