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Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 08 Jul 2015 17:33

The role of money in US elections is troublesome indeed. It's an insult to democracy really.

Isn't the money spent on elections just money that goes back into our own economy? Like print banners, signs, flyers, for example. They pay the printer who buys paper and ink then pays their employees who buy food to eat and pay their bills? It's not like they are just throwing the money into a furnace. It's good for the economy really. It's money that would be sitting in some bank account becoming "old" otherwise.

Topic Today's Thought or Message
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Topic Sexy Girls in Nature
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Short Haired Beauties
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Topic Sexy Girls in Nature
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Topic Short Haired Beauties
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Topic Sex with someone you don't like....
Posted 07 Jul 2015 18:58

i hate everyone, so i'd have to, otherwise i'd be a virgin.

Let's make hate.

Topic Short Haired Beauties
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Topic Short Haired Beauties
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Topic Sexy Girls in Nature
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Topic USA Women win the World Cup!!!
Posted 06 Jul 2015 20:28

As for my being a teacher... what does that have to do with anything? I was trying to pay you a complement

I don't know, you brought it up... And it was a backhanded compliment and you know it.

you need to get over yourself.

No, you need to get over your fixation with me. I can tell from this exchange that you have been doing a lot of thinking about me. I have never even talked to you before but you seem to have a pretty strong opinion of who you think I am.

And with that I say, good day sir. And I leave you with a gif of one of my favorite soccer player's pre-game handshake with a teammate.

Topic USA Women win the World Cup!!!
Posted 06 Jul 2015 20:03

All I asked was we agreed to disagree. If you had read all that I had written and not just the first line... you would have seen that. In fact... I asked this of you twice! I assure you... I have no "weird fixation" on you whatsoever. You gave your opinion. I gave mine. We did not agree. Instead of just agreeing to disagree... you continued to go on a tangent

Ya know... I asked if you would be willing to agree to disagree with me. I also asked that you respect my opinion. The part you didn't include in my quote did say I do respect yours.

I stated how your words made me feel to show you that I did read what you said. Yet... when you don't like something I say, you seem to have a rant. You like to argue. I'm sure it's something you do rather well. If you were one of my students, I'll suggest a career in law or arbitration. Use that gift of arguing to help others.

One last time... I am willing to agree to disagree with you. Will you please accept this?

You can't say something ridiculous then act like a martyr when I respond to your ridiculous insinuation.

Also, just because I quote your bullshit first line and not everything else that followed doesn't mean I didn't read it. You're a teacher? And you're making assumptions like that?

As for the rest of your post...

Topic USA Women win the World Cup!!!
Posted 06 Jul 2015 19:30

Please... don't flatter yourself.

I'm not flattering myself. You insinuated that I was choosing to argue because it was you. I'm serious when I say I never recall you saying anything that registered with me much less anything that I would argue about with you.

I wasn't even arguing with you anyway. When you post on a message board, people quote what you say and usually post something that may contradict what you said. It's the nature of conversation. Does every conversation with you and the people you know consist of someone saying something and everyone agreeing and then sitting there quietly? How lame and weird.

How it felt to you is not my problem or fault. Obviously, you have some weird fixation on me if you're adding meaning and some made up world where I choose to argue with you simply because it is you. I have never even talked to you before.

Topic Short Haired Beauties
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Topic Short Haired Beauties
Posted 06 Jul 2015 18:53

Topic USA Women win the World Cup!!!
Posted 06 Jul 2015 18:47

In the USA, male athletes flock to American football, basketball, baseball and in the northern states, hockey. All those sports are much more popular than soccer in the US with men and those sports are what most American males put all of their efforts into. So I doubt the USA will have a serious contender for the men's World Cup anytime in my lifetime and I'm 29. It's not a knock on soccer, it's just how it is here.

I think what happens is this. The majority of Americans play soccer as kids for the same reason everyone else in the world does - it's cheap. When kids get older, I think they start to think, soccer is fucking hard to play, it's so tiring, it's frustrating, there is no timeouts and no sweet pads n shit. Most Americans just can't play soccer at the pace and skill level that is required to compete professionally. Maybe if there were a million time outs and a rule book as thick as the bible, then maybe they can find a way to win, like gridiron football. There also seems to be an anti-soccer attitude with many people. Instead of just ignoring it, much like people do with hockey (I mean come on, most americans don't give a shit) or cricket or rugby they actively hate it. They think it's un-American. There are many many Americans who are xenophobic. It's the same ones who started calling french fries freedom fries. It's retarded.

The American women though... There is no pro baseball, hockey or football league (that I know of) So soccer is still a great option for athletic American girls.

Topic USA Women win the World Cup!!!
Posted 06 Jul 2015 17:13

This is a fruitless debate in all honesty. It's going to become circular, so I'll leave it there.

Regardless of everything else, yes, the best team won the competition. Team USA is a well-drilled unit, full of talent, who blew the competition away. But that does beg the question: when are the US men going to step up to the plate and emulate the women's success on the world stage?

It is, I agree. I wouldn't have even mentioned it if it wasn't brought up.

And to answer your question - never - because they suck ass.

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Posted 06 Jul 2015 16:54

Topic USA Women win the World Cup!!!
Posted 06 Jul 2015 16:30

Japan were also very fortunate to be awarded a penalty. Neither penalty should have been given, so both sides were equally lucky in that respect.

I watched the England/Japan semi-final with avid interest and I can assure that England were by far the better side, so it is a fair assumption to say that England would have been a tougher opposition in the final. England had far more of the possession and came closest to scoring on many occasions. They had the more talented side and were brimming with confidence and team unity. Unfortunately, football is a funny game, and on many occasion the best team loses.

Football is the most unpredictable game on the planet, which is why it has cemented its place as the world's dominate sport. In England's domestic cup competitions, we often see inferior sides, whose players earn on average a few thousand pound per week, beating top-flight teams, whose players earn hundreds of thousands per week. Last season's giant-killings occurred on the same day - 24/01/2015 - in the 4th round of the FA Cup.

Those scores were: Chelsea 2 - 4 Bradford City and Man City 0 - 2 Middlesbrough.

I've played and watched football/soccer since I was a small child. I know what the nature of the game is. And no... I'm not trying to be snarky or argue. Just saying I know the sport. I don't even follow any other sports really.

You're from the UK, there is this phenomenon that happens when you're watching your home country in big games... It's when you think you only lost because you got unlucky. The truth is England couldn't score on the much weaker defense. The penalty awarded to Japan was not a true penalty but it was more of a penalty than that dive that was awarded to even it out the injustice and that's fine. Own goals don't happen because the team passes to itself, jukes itself then shoots. They happen because of pressure. In that moment England got confused, cracked, fucked up.. Whatever you want to call it because the ball was in a dangerous part of the field late in the game where England had no business allowing it to be. Sure Japan got sucker punched early on in the final but they still scored two legit goals. No way would England have even scored one. Especially after going down.

Topic USA Women win the World Cup!!!
Posted 06 Jul 2015 16:15

Must you always argue... or is it just me you chose to fight with.

I don't recall ever arguing with you, ever. I don't even remember anything you ever posted that resonated with me in a meaningful manner - negatively or positively. You must have me on your brain more than what is healthy to be thinking something like that.

I didn't like your dismissive comment about the Japan team. A team I think did better than what England would have done. It's my opinion and I can post it if I want. Wether you like it or not.

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
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Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
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Topic Short Haired Beauties
Posted 06 Jul 2015 14:07

Topic Short Haired Beauties
Posted 06 Jul 2015 14:06

One of my favorite new characters on this season's game of thrones.

Topic Short Haired Beauties
Posted 06 Jul 2015 14:05

Topic Ideas on how to make me squirt
Posted 06 Jul 2015 13:58

Eat taco bell with the plenty of the fire sauce all over that sloppy shit for a few days in a row.

Topic Searching for a special sex doll
Posted 06 Jul 2015 12:07

Get a blow up doll and put a fucking chocolate snack pack in its ass and then...fuck it.