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Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 02 Jun 2012 10:30

Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 02 Jun 2012 10:16 the Cat empty.JPG

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 02 Jun 2012 10:08

Truck, truck, truck...

Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Why do guys show their dicks??
Posted 02 Jun 2012 08:35

They show their dicks because the slutty girls like it. Those slutty girls aren't posting in the forum, they are busy taking pictures of their bodies (or finding close enough pics on the Internet) and posting them here. Most of the older gals or more prudish women or the women that are on lush to trade ideas about writing and stuff tend to post the forum more than the young horny sluts do... That's why it seems that girls don't like to see dick pictures, but they do. They just pretend they don't to not seem all whore-ish. But they do like them.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 01 Jun 2012 15:56

Is it weird that this makes me think of a reverse birth? Like getting sucked into the deep dark depths of a vagina. (like, without all the seaweed and all of that)

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 01 Jun 2012 15:11

Topic Gave my first BJ today. lump stuck in my throat
Posted 01 Jun 2012 14:06

And what is yayo? dontknow

Yayo is cocaine. It turns all your bad feelings into good feelings. It's a nightmare. You don't want any part of that shit.

Topic Gave my first BJ today. lump stuck in my throat
Posted 01 Jun 2012 13:32

Oh no! You might pregnant!

Relax, lad. You simply had a protein shake - it's good for you. sunny The more you worry, the more you will think there is a problem. It will mostly be psychological, but if you did get some spunky fun cum into your sinuses, it will help your own mucus tissues by coating them, and it will eventually disperse. Like when you go swimming, and the chlorine water gets in there, it will settle soon.

So, how do you feel now you've told all 123,818 members and the rest of the world who are reading about your experience? evil4

You mean the jizz is gonna seep into his system like a fucking yayo drip?

I'm gonna go throw up now.

Topic Gave my first BJ today. lump stuck in my throat
Posted 01 Jun 2012 13:21

At least he didn't leave a lump in your ass.

Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 01 Jun 2012 13:18

Bloody Japanese,
Make even writing a poem
Kind of difficult.

xx Steph

That was the best.laughing6

Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 01 Jun 2012 13:17

Sexy sun kissed skin
Coastline Traveling Seeker
Sandy Covered toes

Rampant Salty Waves
Carbonated Ocean tide
Reminiscent thoughts

You're making me miss the beach!

Topic When was the last time you gave a guy a handjob?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 13:14

Aww.. When I saw your name by this topic in my feed I was all excited to hear a detailed account... What a let down. PM me..

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 13:10

I like to watch the World Cup games but overall I think Soccer is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Maybe if they if they played naked!! Some of the guys are very HOT!!

I'd body paint you and watch it dry all day... Shoot... Then help wash it off at night in a very thorough fashion...

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 08:16

And that would be a pretty long list, right?

Ahh, the World Cup, where the only thing worse than crooked-ass officials and administration are the 90 straight minutes of botched passes followed by somebody kicking the ball the length of the pitch.

I do kind of wish I had one of those plastic trumpets though.

Sometimes stupid shit happens yes. But that one was pretty bad. It's not like goals like that happen a lot. If anything they are usually overzealous about the offside calls.

What seems like passing around and such is the game. The hardest thing in sport is to score a goal in soccer.. It's not hitting a fast ball. It's hard to score and it's a test of a team to score on a team that's defending and kicking the ball away. If you have a knife and you're fighting a guy with a gun you're gonna hide and stab him.. Not fight him straight up.. You'll loose. Once all the tactics and the game is understood on all the levels the drama is intense.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 08:05

I mean one time they didn't go to Copa America and the excuse was that they were saving it for the olympics.. A tournament no one cares about. It's better to play and lose in Copa Merica but play with heart than try to be a big fish in a small pond and fail anyway.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 08:00

Last time they played it was in 2009 for a WC qualifying game. Unless its a friendly, the USA can´t choose not to play in Mexico.

The USA did not turn down the last invite. They actualy accepted to go, but due to the Gold Cup tournament and the subsequent matches against Mexico, decided to send their B-squad. The COMEBOL (governing body of south american soccer) declined to accept their B team.

I´m not bashing the Mexican squad, like I said, it will be a tough test for Brasil. If Brasil looses by more then 1 goal there is a good chance the coach will be fired.

However, I think you are forgetting that The USA team finished in the top 8 in the last WC. Including disqualifying Mexico in the final 16.

The last time they played was in 2009? Are you sure about that? LOL, me and the rest of the world must be imagining things... 4-2 in a final last year... The USA was winning 2-0 too then reality happened.

The USA disqualified Mexico the last world cup? If my memory is correct the USA was in the easiest group in the tournament. Mexico was in one of the hardest. They both made it to the round of sixteen with USA loosing to Ghana... And Mexico loosing to Argentina after a goal by Tevez where he was like three yards offside early in the game fucking up the whole momentum cause it was the first goal and one of the most ridiculous offsides non calls in the history of the tournament.

Put the pipe down man!

Oh and technically if just the last time the USA was invited to the Copa America they weren't allowed to play cause the USA didn't want to play by the rules isn't conmebol (that's the correct spelling by the way...) disqualifying them. It's the USA disqualifying themselves. Just doing it that way to save face. They always do shit like that.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 06:37

Latinfoxy: Yeah, Venezuela played well last Copa. Even a broken clock is right twice a day...laughing8

As for Mexico vs USA - I´m totally with you when the game is hosted in Mexico City. USA has no chance in the cauldron that is Estadio Azteca nicknamed - "El Coloso de Santa Ursula" or "the hornet´s nest".

Every team is better at home. EVERY single team.. True, Mexico is invincible in Mexico city (only one loss I think ever) but when's the last time the USA agreed to play there? They are like children who only want to play on their terms or else they take their toys and go home. Like how the turn down Copa America invites.

However, when the usa plays at home, the story is been a little diferent. American fans have learned how to cheer the team on, and the players have learned how to handle big games. Its a much more even debate now.

33-15-12 (Mexico) is the record. I'd be up 18,000.

True. The USA not so recently though in games that don't mean anything where Mexico sends a B squad to play against the USA's A squad at home while the USA fouls and time wastes and plays defensive football likes its a world cup they have been more even.. Even makes things a coin flip IF it isn't Mexico's real team. Like the last north American cup.. Hosted by the USA recently, always home court advantage for the USA in this tournament.. They lost 5-0... The current Mexico full strength team can beat most teams in the world every time. And will beat the best teams if the best teams don't try their hardest. The USA? Come on... You'd be happy if brazil drew the USA in their world cup group. Every country in the world is.

Re Spain: I forgot about those flashy little lispy dudes. It won't last long... Never has a European country dominated the number one spot for an extended period like Brazil. I was incorrect in my wording saying right now Brazil and Argentina are best but I would take either of those teams if I were to bet on the next 100 games they play with Spain.

Topic New York City to ban "sugary drinks".
Posted 31 May 2012 21:18

Jackie baby, if there were two men talking, maybe I'd let it go... But you're a pussy catcat

You are what you eat, as they say.

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 31 May 2012 20:21

I am certainly not an expert on soccer but I believe that Brazil is almost always one of the best teams in the world. I believe they have won multiple World Cups.

Mexico is probably pretty good but I know that Mexico and the USA are usually a pretty even match . I doubt the USA is any kind of serious threat to win the World Cup in men's soccer, though they may be decent. It is not all the primary sport here. It is an awesome sport though.

Along with soccer I'd love to see lacrosse grow in popularity. I always wanted to play lacrosse but it was held at the same time as baseball and I could not do both.

Brazil and Argentina are the best right now. It's a coin flip really for me if I were to gamble on a match between the two. They can both play as a team and as individuals which makes them incredibly lethal. They also start kicking the ball around at age like, 5 months old. Dudes are good.

As for Mexico and the USA being an even match... I would bet 1000 on mexico straight up on that every time they play. All the history and the recent history can tell you that its not an even match. I think the last game was like 5-0 or something... It was a final I think. Mexico has actually placed second in the Copa America. Arguably the second biggest tournament behind the World Cup... The USA regularly declines the invitation to the tournament. Pussies.

Don't even start in with me Buz laughing8

Topic Waking up to a blow job - yay or nay?
Posted 31 May 2012 18:35

I would love to wake to a blow job.

I woke my first girlfriend once by going down on her. As she woke she yelled out another guy's name. She dumped me for this guy s few weeks later. The really funny thing was that I caught him cheating on her.

Dude... That blows.

Topic Beautiful Faces of Women & Handsome Faces of Men
Posted 31 May 2012 18:33

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 31 May 2012 18:22

I tried to play soccer once but I couldn't think without a helmet on and kept tackling everyone.

Actually the soccer team at my high school was pretty good and we'd always have a good crowd of football/baseball types like myself there to cheer our soccer friends on. They especially liked us cheering them on because we were so loud, rowdy and heckled the opponents.

I think part of the fun of soccer is the passion of the crowd at live games. Like the international games. It really needs to be experienced at least once by everyone. It's probably the most dramatic sport there is, with each goal being so devastating. With such an open free running sport that never stops for more than a few seconds you can literally see momentum swings coming just from the player's body language. The openness and free flowing nature of the game creates for lots of tension with highly contrasting styles of play. One team can attack and attack and look the better team the whole game and give up a goal from a team that has been waiting to counter strike right when the opportunity arises. ALmost like a fighter that has been loosing a fight the whole way and suddenly puts a submission on his opponent. When that happens the collected gasp of 70'000 people is fucking crazy!

Topic Are you a soccer fan?
Posted 31 May 2012 18:07

Mexico vs Bosnia-Herzegovina Starting right now right now. For all you Bosnia-Herzegovinains out in Lush Land.


Posted 31 May 2012 17:38

I've never done it before.. But I only ever wanted to do it with one girl anyway... I think it's easier for me to get laid for real than to cyber sex :(

Topic Beautiful Faces of Women & Handsome Faces of Men
Posted 31 May 2012 17:31

And she is well read too? *sigh*

Topic New York City to ban "sugary drinks".
Posted 31 May 2012 17:29

Magical_Felix would be quite entertained. I can't imagine he's ever seen anything like an Auburnoid anyhow.

laughing2 laughing3 laughing8

I know not of what you speak. So your imagination is spot on.