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Topic Happy Cinco de Mayo!!
Posted 07 May 2014 13:53

Oh, and Magical_Felix ... bootyshake

Keep shaking that ass at me and we can make up a new holiday. One where a Mexican invades the South. Knowwhattamean, sweet cheeks? bates

Topic Would you if you could? Can you?
Posted 07 May 2014 12:13

As for your question, I am pretty flexible but I can not (NO, I haven't tried to but I said I'm flexible, not a contortionist, LOL!) lick my own pussy. If I could, I would probably try it just to see if it tastes as Yummy as I am always told it is, HAHA!!

Would be pretty entertaining to watch you try though. Lots of exposed parts going on in that scenario. The way I'm imagining it anyway.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 07 May 2014 12:11

hmm.... have you edited them recently? maybe, if you did, it resets? have to ask Gav - you know how good i am at the tech stuff. Embarassed

No I haven't edited them. I figure Gav will see this eventually and look into it.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 07 May 2014 12:01

i'd be happy to edit it for you. evil4

What I meant was that when I go to try and add a cover to my stories that placed in a comp the system actually doesn't let me. It says I need to wait a year but for two of them it has been more than a year already.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 07 May 2014 09:18

MF, this should be in now. Let me know if you have issues wit it.

No, it seems to be working just fine and looks great! Thanks man.

Only issue I have now is that I am unable to edit stories that placed in a competition for a whole year, unfortunately. So I'll have to wait to add images to those ones.

Actually it has been more than a year for my competition winner and I still can't edit it.

Topic Boko Haram Abductions
Posted 07 May 2014 08:38

Isn't the president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan? A guy that has a long list of ignorant and bizarre actions including getting pissed over the Nigerian soccer team not being good enough and wanting to ban them from FIFA competitions and also banning same sex marriage across the country and imprisoning gay people who were already married. Obviously this guy is a little backwards by most country's standards. I highly doubt he and his forces are actively doing anything to find the girls. There has been many more abductions like this, this has just been the most recent and brazen. I believe his government practices the sweeping under the rug style of dealing with human rights violations.

Nigeria also has a large mismanaged oil industry that has a grossly negative environmental impact including water contamination leaving nearly half the country without drinkable water amongst other crippling social and economic impacts on the people of Nigeria. The main buyer of it's oil is the United States so conflict in the region would have large economic repercussions to a powerful country with powerful allies. I'm sure there has been many discussions weighing the consequences of any country taking actions against these abductors too rashly.

I wonder how the world would react if this was happening in South Africa with white students.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 06 May 2014 19:26

Topic Happy Cinco de Mayo!!
Posted 06 May 2014 09:14

Funny how such an innocent question could get so ugly.
Especially when I had no malice when asking it.
Thanks for your input.

What the fuck did you expect? You were dealing with Colin Ferral Jr, wise ass . Better recognize, mija.

Topic Your favorite category to read/write a story on LUSH?
Posted 06 May 2014 08:58

I don't have a favorite. I enjoy any well written story, period.

With the exception of cuckold stories. I read a fairly good one once, and it made me cringe. I tried another, and's just not for me.

I don't know... My favorite story of all time was a cuckold story. I think it is no longer on the site though, unfortunately.

It was written by a sub girl or some shit for her lush boyfriend and in the story the girl fucks three - very large - black men in front of her lush boyfriend then the black men bend the guy over and fuck him in his ass - repeatedly - as she watches and cheers them on. Like, they are wrecking the lush boyfriend's virgin white ass.

The best part was like people leaving comments about how awesome the story was and the final comment was from the lush boyfriend and he just said.

"Nice story babe."

And that was it - nice story babe - and the whole damn thing was so fucking funny.

Topic Happy Cinco de Mayo!!
Posted 06 May 2014 08:26

Why don't you google the damned thing then? It would have taken far less time to do that then to keep this thread going down the path it is.

If you know, why not just tell her... That would have been faster too instead of acting like a chode.

Cinco de Mayo isn't Mexican Independence day. It was when the Mexicans won a big battle against the French in Puebla. It isn't really celebrated in Mexico and it's more of an American Holiday.


Yes it's the day that the Mexican's gained independence from the Spaniards. It also just happens to sound pretty damned cool too, not to mention it calls out the date (5th of May).

You posted this before I could answer and you just turned this into a funny ass thread dude laughing8

Topic why send a friend request if you don't know me
Posted 06 May 2014 01:23

i was trying to be funny when i made that post. i thought jenny would come in and say something but she deleted instead. if i was really her don't you think i would have tried to delete. no matter

You're so unbelievably stupid yet bold. It's quite a combination to behold.

Topic what happened to JohnC?
Posted 05 May 2014 21:05

No, my leaving had nothing to do with Jack though (Magical_felix), though I do see he is up to his old behavior.

You can't quit me.

Topic what happened to JohnC?
Posted 05 May 2014 10:14

Thanks, MF, just spit coffee all over my keyboard laughing...

Sorry about that... laughing8

Topic What is the sexiest thing a girl can wear to bed?
Posted 05 May 2014 09:18

I like when girls where t-shirts and no panties to bed.

Topic what happened to JohnC?
Posted 05 May 2014 08:59

I heard it was an undiscovered extreme case of butthurt. The doctors are still dislodging the internet from his ass.

Topic Sexless life or lifeless sex?
Posted 04 May 2014 20:15

The latter. My penis can't tell the difference.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 04 May 2014 20:09

Topic Stuck in the friend zone
Posted 02 May 2014 23:14

I'm not a vary out going person, I'm vary quiet till I get to know you really good. I've had a lot of close friends that are girls but none that want to go that step further they ALL say we ought to just stay friend. But I don't want that because If we just stay friends we will never see what could have been. I'm about to be 20 and never had a girlfriend or been on a real date. It bugs me but I know it kills my parents and my older brother. And I'm afrai that my yunger brother is going in the same direction as me and I don't want that for him eather.

Next time you are with a girl who has friend zoned you and she's all like "omg you're so cute and you listen so well, I'm so glad we are friends aww" and she gives you her purse to hold while she goes to the bathroom... Pick a guy out and and start some shit with him. Tell him to stop eyeballing you or you're gonna make that pig he calls a girlfriend squeal. That should be enough to get almost any guy pissed enough to come at you. Make sure you time it just right so that when she comes out of the bathroom you are beating the shit out of this guy. Like straight gorilla mode. Then when you walk out of the place with her you explain that the guy you beat up had said some really awful things about her as she was going to the bathroom. Things you just can't bring yourself to repeat. Next thing you know she'll be asking you to hold her purse as she hops on your dick.

1. Make sure it's a guy who isn't gonna kick your ass. That would be the worst case scenario.

2. (Optional) Ask if anyone else has anything funny to say.

Topic DIY toy help
Posted 02 May 2014 22:52

Duct tape.

Topic Do guys really imagine having sex with all of their female friends?
Posted 02 May 2014 22:44

Not at the same time.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 02 May 2014 22:38


Topic Acoustic Marvels
Posted 02 May 2014 22:10


Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 02 May 2014 11:34

Topic Do you pee when your partner is in the bathroom with you.
Posted 02 May 2014 11:27

NO common senses would mean they used the toilet

Oooooh, I thought you meant you were showering together.

Topic Have you ever been busted by the cops while having sex?
Posted 02 May 2014 01:33

Cool, I negotiated for $1000.00 per five word/line/paragraph. And a jug of Mogen David 20/20 - thanks to my good friend Magical Pussycat, who told me that this would be some kickass knockyoudown juice...

Whatever the fuck that crazy talk means in California-speak

Oh man, you've struck oil!

Can't wait to see you embarrass yourself. (once again)

I eagerly await for this negotiation to amount to nothing for you.

Topic Rage or Satire expressed through .gifs or tube vids only
Posted 02 May 2014 01:21

What the fuck is this? Grow some balls before coming at me. laughing8 .jpg

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 01 May 2014 13:38

Topic Ever been busted by the cops?
Posted 01 May 2014 13:32

What are you prepared to pay.

You know you'd do it for a 12 pack of MGD.

Topic Does she like me?
Posted 01 May 2014 10:17

So as I left it, the last text I got from her was a :/ upset face after telling her to just forget about this stuff and no hard feelings which was Tuesday night. Yesterday I wake up, go throughout my day normally and then at 9:45pm I get a text from her. It's another stupid pic of herself when she was a little girl, and the message reads: "see I told you I haven't changed".

Literally have no idea what that's supposed to mean. Last time she did this we were cool and I went with it and joked n flirted over her pic. I haven't responded yet though, don't think I will. But what's the deal? Why send me weird younger version pics of yourself?

Send her a dick pic.

Topic Rage or Satire expressed through .gifs or tube vids only
Posted 30 Apr 2014 22:29