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Topic Why do men like to see women kissing?
Posted 28 Oct 2013 18:25

Why do men like to see women kissing?

It's more fun than watching them talking to each other?

Topic Sexy Butts
Posted 28 Oct 2013 18:04

Topic Just for a Day. . .
Posted 28 Oct 2013 17:59

I imagine I'd be turned into a balding, overly sun-tanned, leathery horse faced, old hide with a cigarette ravaged voice.

You were supposed to say what you would do if you were a woman for a day. Not what you are doing currently, as a man.

Topic Time to Ban and Burn confederate flags
Posted 28 Oct 2013 17:43

In the context of the states mentioned, it makes sense. It's a defeated army/nation's flag that still means a lot to the people who live in the conquered state. How is that any different? If anything, it makes more sense to fly the Mexican flag, because that country still exists.

It's very different because of what the south was fighting for. Plus the mexican flag is a country flag. The confederate flag was used specifically for the civil war. The US was trying to expand westward and mexico didnt want to give up texas, hardly the same thing the civil war was fought over.

If there was some flag specifically used by the mexicans when they slaughtered everyone at the alamo that might be a more valid comparison. Flying such a flag would be despicable. It would be hateful to do that and it would not be about pride at all.

It's like the difference between a german flag and a nazi flag.

Topic Lonely :/
Posted 28 Oct 2013 14:20

Believe it or not this was a good strategy a couple years back when I was in high school only not coke but really good weed I didn't smoke myself but it was always good to have. :D

I was semi joking about that but it does work but you may feel more lonely afterward.

The best way to deal with your feelings would be to just get used to the feeling, to realize it's a normal feeling. In the end you're the only person you should count on. It's the counting on others to be there that will fuck you up. Once you realize that you're the only person that will always be there for you the lonely feelings will start to go away. It's like this, if you don't expect it to be sunny tomorrow then you won't be disappointed when it rains.

Topic Help with Obama/Clinton Health Law
Posted 28 Oct 2013 11:47

First I want to say Congrats to all on here that are among the 50 to 70,000 lucky Americans that actually got through to the web site and to the lucky few that got good deals. Maybe you will buy my next lottery ticket for me. The Insurance companies are getting their money worth out of the lobby people who helped with this program. We understood that we would be protected from losing coverage and increase cost, but that's not really important. The important thing is that noone say anything bad about our Leader or ask any questions. The Leader back tracked on the three main issues that he used to sell this program, but what the heck it isn't the first time he has gone back on a campaign promise.

Oh and I have voted for Democrats, real Democrats not the far right Progressives or the far left wing nut types. But I realize that I have committed a political uncorrect crime by not being a puppet and clicking my heels and keeping my mouth shut. As far as checking the actual facts I have and that makes me guilty of seeing what the program does instead of listening to Ministers of Progadanda.

Of course the people in Washington are keeping their insurance. They have a great system that will not be touched by the Obamacare rules and along with all the other special perks that they have they deserve an insurance program that we the people pay for, but only they can enjoy. I certainly don't question their right to push something on the people that they won't touch with a ten foot pole. If it was a good program and if they truly represented the people they would be part of the system to show that it is a good program.

And I believe President Obama when he says that he didn't know anything about the problems on the web site. Time and again he has admitted that he doesn't know what is going on in the various Departments of the government. He doesn't attend meetings and doesn't supervise the Administration. The people who made him the figure head don't expect him to be involved. That is why he has lots of time to stick his nose into more important things like the name of a football team or a local trial case, etc. The progam was written by others, many of whom now have other jobs in the Insurance or Medical industry.

As far as the web site goes, those who put this site up and those who make the various phone and computer programs that we all use could do the job better and make it work, but they would most likely charge less and not expect to have to give kick backs. Better to spend a lot and get less is the motto of our government.

There are some very mean Democrats who question the Act and ask that people not be fined for not being able to get on the site. That it should be given a little more time to fix and make it easier for people. Lucky for us that these mean people are not many.

The Act needed to be done to curve the runaway cost that both Insurance Industry and the Medical Field is charging. There are government run systems in other countries that we could have copied and improved upon. Our leaders could have kept the Insurance lobby and others out of the writing of this Act, but didn't. We expect something that will help and protect the citizens of the country. This Act had that chance, but with over 10,000 pages and being pushed thru Congress without hardly anyone there knowing what was in it, but ordered by the Administration and its henchmen/women to get it throught and find out what was in it afterwards. (Remember the then Speaker of the House admitted this fact.) So there is no surprise that there are lots of problems and that many people are now feeling the pinch of losing their coverage (one of the promises that was not kept) and increase in cost of their present insurance. Doctors not taking their insurance anymore and finding they are not listed on the Act (another promise not kept). I realize that the few on here that are among the very lucky to find this Act works for them are happy and I am glad. I wish it would make the majority of the people happy. But you can't have everything.

This is not a political issue, but a health care issue. It is a cost issue to everyone. Only those who have their hand in the till are against anyone questioning or trying to improve the Act or those who are so brain washed and like one person on here joked, keeps a gold idol of the Beloved Leader at her bed side, object to correcting or improving and for God's sake questioning it or the Leader. I hope, in spite of Washington, that it gets fixed (I don't just mean the web site) and works for everyone.

Like all programs, the real worth and cost of it will come to light after a few years. But I just hate having to roll a pair of dice and hope it doesn't come up craps. I would rather know now that it works and is cost effective and fair.

I bet no one will read that.

Topic Time to Ban and Burn confederate flags
Posted 28 Oct 2013 10:54 OK.....if you know me here or outside also know that I am very passionate about my state and country...but actually getting my point across in written text is sometimes not how I intend it to be taken. If you don't wanna know me great I am good with that.

My posts were never about racism, the KKK, slavery, or anything else degotary. The things you see on tv about rednecks and southerners are exaggerated so unless you meet and get to know some. My views are mine I stand behind them, if you would like to discuss it further or get a better explination find me in a chat room and we can charlt about it or don't...I promise I really don't care.


You say a lot of things but you don't actually say anything at the same time. Like you don't say what a redneck is, why the flag is a source of pride or anything. You just go "you don't know me" and other vague things that mean nothing.

I really don't know why anyone is taking you seriously. I don't believe you're serious at all. If I wanted to deliberately come off as stupid or if I was trying to annoy someone by purposely being dense, I would post in the same way you are.

Topic Time to Ban and Burn confederate flags
Posted 23 Oct 2013 19:17

OMG are you an ASS or what.........geez..... you know nothing about me or my princessness.... don't presume to know me.... you don't.... you wont, cause I wont let you... aside from this post......YOU AREN'T WORTH MY TIME...


Topic Classic Rock fans:Come on in
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Topic Classic Rock fans:Come on in
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Topic Classic Rock fans:Come on in
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Topic Time to Ban and Burn confederate flags
Posted 22 Oct 2013 23:43

Well I did answer you, you just didn't see it....We as rednecks and Texans have so much pride it is

and race has nothing to do with it....IT IS A STATE OF MIND

the Princess has spoken......again...giggles

Actually, you didn't answer my question. But ironically, your no answer does kind of answer it.

Okay, story time, so I dated this girl who was a special education teacher and we were discussing art. What art is and what it means to the artist. Now these retarded kids she would futilely try to "educate" would make glued on macaroni pictures and things of this nature. I would laugh. But she would say, no jack, it is art, you should see how proud they are. They may be retarded but it's their state of mind. Their macaroni expresses their state of mind, their pride...they are proud of this art and good for them.

There was this one retarded kid who would be like, look at me I'm a princess. It would break my heart. I would take her a whopper and that paper crown they have at Burger King, I would have to ask for the crown as this retarded way of thinking is on a down little proud of being retarded Americans left. These poor retards do let us know they at still here though. They really do.

Kids out there, indulge me in a metaphor... Every once in a while, the special education teacher's most retarded student, a quiet student... So irrelevant that she'd forget this student was even in her class actually...but every so often this student would shit their pants and made everyone very aware of their presence. This most retarded of students would just take a big ridiculous dump in their pants, right there. Carefree. Truly free. Just poopin. Now if the classroom represented this country, and the teacher someone trying to reason with the retarded, and the retarded represented people like Texas princess, the poop would be the confederate flag.

This has been story time with jack.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 22 Oct 2013 15:12


Topic Time to Ban and Burn confederate flags
Posted 22 Oct 2013 15:10

No, I've met redneck blacks, whites, mexicans, asians, and others.

Rural labor class, primarily lower education, although not always. Typically fights change, democrats, and outside intervention.

I really wish you would have let the self appointed princess answer.

Topic Gay Weddings Vs. Hetero Weddings
Posted 22 Oct 2013 15:07

What are the differences between gay and hetero weddings? Would you marry dressed in white or black? How about your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do colors mean anything in gay weddings?

I would imagine that one difference would be that a lot less male family members would try to catch the garter the groom throws behind his head.

Topic Time to Ban and Burn confederate flags
Posted 22 Oct 2013 14:57

my My 2 cents ...... rednecks are not common folk.....they stand and fight for their country, women, religion, place you don't want to be is on the wrong side of a redneck...they will tell you where you can go then show you how to get there.

Yes I am from Texas, Yes I fly MY State flag, Yes I fly MY country Flag, Yes I fly the confederate flag. I will do all this while wearing my boots, a smile, and my princess tiara on my cowboy hat.

If you have to ask "how did you come up with that" then you don't know anything about the pride of this country and of the south. I am not commenting to say anything other than we as American's have pride in what we believe in, but until you meet a Texan (a real one), you wont know true loyalty from someone, unless they have fought for this country we live in and call the "Home of the Brave".

The only other group of people I have met that have the pride of their country like the Texans and rednecks is that of the Military.

just The Princess' My 2 cents ......kisses

What is your definition of a "redneck" and does race have anything to do with wether a person is a "redneck" or not? This whole statement makes me wonder if you stereotype all groups of people in this way.

When I asked how he came up with that, I was asking about his two times more likely statement. How do you come up with that figure?

Topic What if...
Posted 22 Oct 2013 14:48

I only said no to the sucking... I wouldn't ask my man to go down on me at that time of the month, but fucking and messing around is fine by me...

I guess that makes me a yes?

Yes to period cock: 1

No to period cock: 3

Undecided: 4

Yes, but with stipulations: 2

Topic What if...
Posted 21 Oct 2013 17:30

Did you put me down as a yes or a no or an undecided?

I think I put you down as a no.

Topic What if...
Posted 21 Oct 2013 16:59

I vote no. Blood freaks me out. confused5. However I give you props on your theories Jack.

Thank you.

Yes to period cock: 1

No to period cock: 4

Undecided: 4

Topic What if...
Posted 21 Oct 2013 16:52

But, in this alternate world that you've described in your op, you men do all the bleeding...

I think that means you need to make me a sammich!

*swats your ass as you move to the kitchen*


Blatant sexism aside, the tally is now:

Yes to period cock: 1

No to period cock: 3

Undecided: 4

I see a double standard emerging here.

Topic What if...
Posted 20 Oct 2013 16:39

Okay, I can sort of see where you're coming from but you're making the assumption that back then, women just sat around and looked after the offspring? I doubt very much that was the case... Plus I'm told that the men were much tougher back then than now...

It was the case though, or else men would have evolved to be better than women at nurturing babies, but that's just not what happened. And I didn't say that's all the women did. They took care of the man when he was sick too. And they picked berries and made baskets n shit.

Topic What if...
Posted 20 Oct 2013 16:21

Hey, does that mean you lot would be having the babies too?

I'd like to see you squeeze one out hahahhahahahah

We would have evolved to shoot out tadpole sized babies out of our cocks and it would be just as painful. Don't be ridiculous.

Topic What if...
Posted 20 Oct 2013 16:19

Yes to period cock: 1

No to period cock: 2

Undecided: 2

Topic What if...
Posted 20 Oct 2013 16:16

Oh what a great question!!

No, I don't think I'd like to suck a bleeding cock as much as I like to suck a non-bleeding cock and as for a bloody tit wank, well, I guess that's what showering afterwards would be for??


I think that we girls all know that IF guys did get periods, that time of the month would be a national holiday or some shit...

I've SEEN guys with man-flu - you couldn't handle periods, never mind get a hard on when you were "on"

Get real MF!

Oh I have a theory on why men are big babies while sick. Now the gals may disagree initially but put your tomatoes down until you ponder it a bit.

I think it is because of evolution. Like back in hunter gatherer times everyone in the cave would probably get sick because of the tight quarters. Now the woman of course would have to take care of the babies, sick or not, so they evolved to not feel as weak when sick. Now back then there wasn't effective medicine and people would die from any old mild sickness. The men were really important in a family unit, maybe even more important for survival because an alpha male could have several woman pumping out babies at once. If a chick died here or there it was fine, survival wise, because other women could take over the dead chick's babies. So when the man got sick he would feel super weak and be bed ridden because going out to hunt while sick could prove fatal. So nature made men evolve this way to protect the alpha man. The woman would still have to take care of the man knowing that without him they wouldn't have sabertooth tiger meat to eat, only berries n shit. So they would take care of him in spite of being sick and so over the centuries they evolved to handle being sick better than the man.

Topic Have you ever ejaculated without having an orgasm
Posted 20 Oct 2013 14:49

Not sure if this is what u mean but 2 times in life I had the most bitchin orgasms while plowing my ass with my dildos. I discovered after years of personal reserch why girls/women love a hard twiching PENIS GOING CRAZY IN THEIR GOOEY FUCK HOLES> I apologise here Im real turned on right now so am not as careful with my grammar and stuff or proper spelling right now.

In my quest 4 sexual knowledge I found for me personal a grrl behind me pegging me. Once several yeers ago my sweety Honna. I'd recently told her what I REALLY LIKED 2 HAVE DONE 2 ME 4 ME. I think I shocked the shit outta her. Some lil time passes and we were 69ing when out of the blue she worms a finger in my ass and I start thrashing on the bed like a fish outta water!!!

I tried 2 keep eating her jucy fuckhole but her finger in my ass was making me crazy as a wasn't so much like she was driving it in and out but mo like she waswas just wiggling it RAMDOM LIKE !! Barely a minute into what she was doing and I was all over the bed Iam surprised I didnt knock her off the bed or me either for that matter. I was OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!! It was like that first time in 1972 ir Im not sure it was 40 ofuckkin years ago. The memories and time line ((Guy in radio is yakkin bout records and turn tables...45s...33 1/3rd LP's (long playing records these were large 12-13 inch round flat discs usually black) We all had record players back then this was way B4 CASSETTE players Fifty year ilds and older here will member what Im yakkin bout. Teenagers had record player parties where they all dance around//there mommys and daddies think these kids call THAT DANCING?? We diid the BOOGY WOOGIE like we all thot we were freekin Elvis presley!!!!

That was the Commercial kidds!! Now bak 2 R regular program...SANTANA...shes just twitching this finger willy nilly pell mell nothing I can hope 2 get a feel for I..the bitch was making me bounce and thrash around!!! It was the MOST DELICIOUS TORTURE one could ever imagine!! I dont know if she was smiling or chuckling at me dont know dont care...

IDK 4 sure HONNA was FRYING MY BRAIN With her WONNERFUL ministrations to my manpussy!!!(sum years ago a cute crossdresser I spent night with referred to his ass as his MANPUSSY!! He is role playing so I know when Im yakking w/my hot lil slut KYLIE KAINED she wanna be grrl BABY YU R MY plaything lez go Lunatic on each udder!!! Just fired up big fat doobie (Weed was made LEGAL here in WA last June)) I LOVE 2 Get BUZz and or drink yodka or Shine w/pop or OJ...just a drinky poo or three to calm us both down a bit and make the nervousness go away...

I KNOW HONNA was making my eyes bug out and rolling my eyes into backka my head like someone having a was all her fault!!! this went on for 20 minutes or 5 min..difficult to be sure it was like TIME WAS STANDING STILL LOST IN A SEA OF PASSION the likes of which I'd never known up to this point in time!!!!!!

Her fingers and her hands were so freakin TINY...her hands were dwarfed by my hands and Im really not a real big guy at 6 foot 190 pounds..Honna was round and curvy semi BBW semi just a fat grrl WHo LUVE 2 FUCK!!! She was WIDOW WHEN I METbinky HER FIRST TIME...Christmas Day 2006 I think it was ((Backman Turner Overdrive!!) I wood question her about her husband and their love life they were both virgins in high school after they got married-in the 20-25 years they had 2gether he wood fuk her LIKE A MADMAN WHILE HER PUSSY GOT SOOO FUKKIn slimy he wood eat her the way she talked he could eat her for hours and hours..she gets all drreamy and looking off into space recalling their life together...I was ONLY HER 2ND LOVER she was a church grrl so very prim and proper but behind closed doors she was JUST a FUCKING SLUT OF THE MAGNIFICENT MAGNITUDE!!! She could KEEP WITH AIR FORCE AMY XXX Hell I think she'd SURPASS AIR FORCE AMY in pure Fuckability!!! AF AMY is Amazon Hot Assed Butch so so Fuckkable but I doubt she HAD IMAGINATION of My Honna!! of HBO Cat House speacial sum years ago on cable...she could suck a basketball thru IV TUBING her mouth was so.......Barroom blitz RnR OLD R N R got it crankin and YANKIN!!!! this fukkin hooter WONT STAY LIT!!! BAR ROOM BLITZ!!!!!!! great music 2 fukk to!!

Sorry Ppl went the fukk off topic and right the fuk off the edge of the world LIKE OLE CHRIS COLUMBUS HUH???dontknow 3some

I'll try 2 keep it hereNutbag Pint Drunk

Once I recorded it in my diary but DONT KNOW WHERE diary is so gotta gets-ti-mate but think around..OK round 2006 maybe 2005 when I wanted super Hot Ass me time and my toiz I took long ass hot showers and Enema myself till I squirted clean plain water...all while doing this playing my Mr Big ((Dildo--1st dildo I ever bot--1st dildo that ever I fukked myself ohh soo fine and rubbed my Prostate so finnnnneeeeeeeee.

Girls We guys r Prostate is as fukkin elusive as finding your G Spot and rubbing Fuk me and a half ARETHRA FUKKIN FRANKLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all I gots this lil tweeker cd cranked and Yanked WHY cant Lady Gaga and BEYONCE MAKE MUSIC LK LIKE THIS???? Baby Boomer Gen is like 50+MILLION of us Demograhic and many if us (nit me) are LOADED ($$ loded is stoned)) Mott The Hoople and LOUD!!!3some

Since year 2000 I've given myself hundreds perhaps a thousand or 2 mini/tiny orgasms...I call them Assgasms since they cum from INSIDE my ass. Just like a pussy clenching unclenching at a high rate like a slowmotion WWII Thompson with a full drum ((Rocky Horrow Picture SHow!!!!!!)))Sword Fight 3some bootyshake clown

It's like surfing..a wave you're riding or its riding you. first time it WAS s Fukking Saizure absolute NO Controll TBT It scared the heebee jeebees right outta me...about 44 seconds into it ((Ramblin Man Doobie Bros)) I realize it's The BIG 0 and I was fit to be tied!!!Big Hugs bootyshake My ass was rapidly clenching-unclenchingRegaeman Man I had let go of BrBig who is jumping like wild . My whole body shaking unfukkin controlably. That Assgasm went a full 2 minuts. None of it had Thing One to do with my pecker. AA ALL ASS All the Time.

I was a Trainwreck. Tried to restart up for Round 2. After 20M I had No Round ((Diana Ross-The Supremes...or maybe Tina Turner PROUD 104.1 D MARY Fuk me I need a thosand waat box to blow out my ears

Hey yall wanna have sum REAL FUN go to a Pentacostal Church when they're getting down SINGING!!!!! Talk about Shaking like A Fukkin Hurricane!!bunny Sword Fight

Signed Sealed and Delivered Little Stevie Wonder I THINK> Now that fucker could BELT IT OUT!!! Him and Barry White and Marvin Gaye or AL Green...thses ppl were HUGE in 1974 Yay more Stevie Wonder!!3some

Got 2 boom boxes goin simul got sum way gay michael george micheal driving me---making Chinese> Sweet and Fire deep breaded chicken++(No thats phil collins I dont even LIKE P Collins butt this sounds perty fukkin GOOT!!drunken Al Greene?? Sweet Motown of sum kind...

Momma tole me Not to Cum...3 Dog Night

Ha ha ha ha ha Sword Fight fart Gotcha--------------I ain't even all that High...not bouncin off the wallls like when I get drunk. wood be sooooo nice if I had a partner in crime ...the song Eight Six Seven Three Ohh Nine 867 5309 fuk that allotta werk.fart she got my Number this tune was hot when I was in Junior High I thinkdontknow FINALLY AT mild 68....all day it was like being inside Pressure Cookerd'oh!

Foods ready. C ya

Topic what r ur limits?
Posted 20 Oct 2013 14:35

It would be most helpful if you were a tad bit more specific in your inquiry.

Mouthy broads make me reach my limit pretty quickly.

Topic Classic Rock fans:Come on in
Posted 20 Oct 2013 14:32


Topic Sexy paintings and illustrations.
Posted 20 Oct 2013 14:22

Emily Burns

Topic What if...
Posted 20 Oct 2013 14:10

"Jack, but you do get a period, I seen't it!"

Period cock... be still my beating heart! love7

I should have made a poll. I take this answer as Liz saying yes, she would be down to paint the town red with a period cock.

Yes to period cock: 1

No to period cock: 0

Topic Fantasies
Posted 20 Oct 2013 13:59

I fantasize about Lush being an actual place. It would be hilarious to see everyone's reality.