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Topic Let's Talk About Scars
Posted 28 Jun 2013 15:46

In the immortal words of Shane Falco and that idiot Keanu Reeves... "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever."

If you would actually read up on Keanu Reeves. His history and life. What he has been through and the way he lives his life now, you wouldn't be so quick to call him an idiot. Just sayin'.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 28 Jun 2013 15:40



Topic What's your kryptonite?
Posted 28 Jun 2013 15:28

should we start referring to you as Mr Pot? evil4

You trying to get high? You know where to find me.

Topic Guys, what kind of perfume or shower gel is turning you on?
Posted 28 Jun 2013 15:26

I actually like strong smelling perfume. I don't have a particular favorite. It's like an extension of her. I like being able to still smell her on a pillow or something when she's not around. Like a scent signature.

Topic Favorite Ice Cream
Posted 27 Jun 2013 23:24

I like my ice cream just like I like my vaginas. Black cherry.

Topic Cumming: Describe It
Posted 27 Jun 2013 22:05

Good afternoon gents.

I'm doing a little research for my next story and was wondering if you would be so kind as to help a girl out.
What I am looking for is some fairly detailed descriptions of the male orgasm; more specifically, your best ever orgasm.

- Do you have one that stands out in your memory as being mind-blowing?
- What do you remember most vividly about it?
- What did it feel like?
- How could you tell when you were 'getting close'?
- Did you moan or growl?
- Did you clamp your eyes shut?
- Did you pass out?

Anything you are happy to share would be a help.
You can be as detailed or as graphic as you wish.

(As always, the usual Lush rules apply: Nothing under 16 years of age, et cetera.)

Many thanks!

Liz x

Check your "in"box, know what I'm sayin? free-sexy-smileys-947

Topic Who is your favorite actor to play James Bond?
Posted 27 Jun 2013 20:20

If you've read the books, none of the actors have captured the essential James Bond character in looks, attitude, or behavior, in my opinion.

This milktoast no answer sickens me. Just pick one you fucking fool. Plus who reads action story books? LOL


Anyway.... I agree that Pierce personified the ultimate gentleman spy, lacking in the physical aspects of course. I think my favorite was Roger Moore because it was so funny, his villains were good too. The best combo was Connery, swagger plus physicality. Pierce was like roger in that it was cheeky and a very self aware performance. The most realistic is the new dude though, daniel craig. He seems like the only one that actually looks like he could kick some ass.

Topic What's your kryptonite?
Posted 27 Jun 2013 20:09

or maybe....

Exactly... Wellmademale: the early years.

Topic whats the naughtiest thing you've ever done?
Posted 27 Jun 2013 20:02

I was in the produce section of the grocery store late one night...not many people there. I had assorted groceries because I was preparing for a dinner party the following evening. I had a couple of huge cucumbers (and I mean fucking HUGE) in my cart. And I walked down an empty aisle (as I said before, not many people were in the store). I got smack dab in the middle of the aisle, near one of those automated "Take One" coupon machines that dispense one coupon at a time. And...OMG...I can't believe I'm sharing this...Anyhoo. I checked and double checked to make sure no one was looking...and I took 2 coupons instead of one.Embarassed

Cucumbers? that's it?

This is the store brand vanilla. Yeah, the kind without little vanilla bean specs in it.

Topic What's your kryptonite?
Posted 27 Jun 2013 18:56

Finding the motivation.

I like telling stories orally.

My memory is pretty good, I mean aside from all the cocaine and other assorted drugs and booze I've consumed over the last 35 years.

What is in it for me..That's my motivation.

I could give a shit less about adoration. I want my dick sucked or squeezed til I shoot a load or three. Pay me or play me.

Or is that too brutally honest?

No, brutally honest would be that your kryptonite is a lack of skill to write, you doofus.

And how dare you use doc holiday as an avatar... you're more like sam eliot in that movie to be honest.

Topic I recommend this member's profile.
Posted 27 Jun 2013 18:21

Oh my god, the nostalgia of this thread is overwhelming me. Look at it. Look at it...


I would recommend this kittycat because I seriously dig her fresh, flowing, and realistic writing style.

Topic Story Posters
Posted 27 Jun 2013 15:59

Graphic design is, at the end of the day communication.
If it does not communicate to all ( as in- cuts out certain groups ( ageing, visually impaired, dyslexic) chances of understanding it, is it unsuccessful.)

Actually, one of the biggest mistakes a designer can make is to try and market to the entire population. By trying to reach everybody you risk reaching no one. What is one of the first questions you should ask a client when you are going to design something for them? ......What is your target market? Right? There always needs to be a target market so you can communicate with the segment of the population that you are trying to appeal to.

I am not trying to appeal to the aging or elderly. I just don't think they would enjoy it, although wellmademale has read a few of mine. I was trying to appeal to a younger group of readers, ones that like different kind of stories rather than the more traditional style of erotica.

Visually impaired? Well wouldn't everything be blurry anyway? Or like, it's reading... How they gonna read without being able to see?

Anyway, the i is a bit weird in that font, you're right, and if it were for a client or an actual book cover I would go in there and manipulate it a bit but I just didn't feel like spending the time to. I actually thought no one would notice. Wrong! haha

Topic Story Posters
Posted 27 Jun 2013 14:17

It's a nice composition, now step back a few feet, can you read your name?
Tone down the blur a bit, try a tight, dark, drop shadow instead . See how that goes.

This is a fascinating example for the paper I am writing.
We can just read that,(as in the majority of lushies can read that easily).
But when I think of the minority in lush, and the general public, who may be dyslexic, visually impaired or ageing, this becomes a problem.
I'm not criticising your design, just using it as a good example for my paper.
Thank you felix, I shall refer to this again.
I'm looking at highly used, legible typeface and misrecognition in certain groups.
Although this is not a highly recognisable typeface such as Garamond or Century Gothic,which also get misread in these categories, it is still , a bit of primary research for me to investigate.

Lush is so fucking handy sometimes. X

How dare you... Just kidding. I realize what you are saying BUT, This design is meant to only be seen on a computer screen. So pretty close. I could also make the argument that it would be for a poster that is printed rather largely or for a book that you would most likely be holding in your hand. I also wanted the lettering to resemble neon lighting inside of a mist filled dance club. So, in a way, it is meant to look a bit blurry and disorienting. I could have made the name bigger I suppose but I feel like my name isn't the focus of the poster, I wanted the title to be. It has a "z" shaped line of sight.

But your points are valid if I were making a billboard or television ad.

Topic What turns you off immediately?
Posted 27 Jun 2013 14:10

Diarrhea. Kills the mood immediately.

Agreed. I dont like feeling like I'm at a goddamned Gallagher show during anal.

Topic Story Posters
Posted 27 Jun 2013 13:41

This is the nuts! :)
Good job.


Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 27 Jun 2013 13:40

Topic Story Posters
Posted 27 Jun 2013 13:34

Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic Club Zafia....
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Topic How many of you guys get manicures/pedicures?
Posted 15 Jun 2013 23:42

Sure, why not? I get waxed too.


Topic Any small cocks here? Or any small cock lovers?
Posted 15 Jun 2013 23:25

This is so irrelevant. Everyone knows the internet adds at least 8 inches.

Is that why all these chicks on here have these monster clits?

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 15 Jun 2013 20:38

This is what I play for chicks as I unveil my majestic wang.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 15 Jun 2013 20:18

Topic Any small cocks here? Or any small cock lovers?
Posted 15 Jun 2013 20:15

I'll be first and say I have a small 4" cock. I do have confidence in it though, I think it's adorable and does the job.

It's adorable guys.

Topic The Gentleman's Charter
Posted 14 Jun 2013 03:02

Yep, I know... and I looked through The Rules of a Gentleman which Crazydiamond posted...

No.37 - Good hygiene is a must.

Yes good hygiene. Considering what entails a dirty sanchez, I will leave this one alone and bid thy fair maiden, sexytwenties, goodnight ;)

Topic The Gentleman's Charter
Posted 14 Jun 2013 02:37

According to a previous post, you're not a descendant of hidalgo, so this doesn't relate to you!

Oh si! You are correct, I am a descendant of Pancho Villa, heir to Dirty Sanchez. You know how that story ends...

Topic The Gentleman's Charter
Posted 14 Jun 2013 01:35

A lady doesn't have people "let" her win, she wins. As a lady, I won't wrestle you because it wouldn't be proper to cause you such embarrassment!

Ah, but as a gentleman squire, descendant of hidalgo, I would let you win without you even realizing that I let you. You would think it was all your doing. That's the way of a true gentleman.

Topic The Gentleman's Charter
Posted 14 Jun 2013 01:16

No, sorry. A lady doesn't wrestle.

But I was planning on letting you win.