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Topic How To Open Her Up
Posted 22 Sep 2013 17:37

How To Open Her Up

Topic Washington Redskins: Time to change the name?
Posted 22 Sep 2013 15:10

Words and stereotypes are only as offensive as the people they are meant to offend make them.

Topic Now you can really say...
Posted 22 Sep 2013 15:05

This thread is kinda funny now.

Topic Gag Balls.... Yes, No, Why?
Posted 22 Sep 2013 15:03

My question is . Why are Men, or Master's or Dominants into gag balls?

Because some chicks are into talking too much.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 22 Sep 2013 14:54

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 22 Sep 2013 14:50

Topic The Food Style Thread
Posted 22 Sep 2013 14:47

Topic Happy Birthday Her Royal Spriteness!!
Posted 22 Sep 2013 09:52

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Topic How to scale linked images
Posted 21 Sep 2013 13:03

I don't think it's possible.

We have an image resizer here anyway, so anything over 800px wide I think it is, gets reduced.

I've noticed that is true with the profile'c comments section and the mini blog but in the forum it does not get reduced.

The more sizes option when searching like mentioned above makes it unneeded though.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 21 Sep 2013 12:58

I don't get it.....what kind of selfish bastard would insist on sex when a woman is nauseous?

What kind of selfish woman insists on me hanging around her when she's nauseous if she's not giving it up? Open up those pits, princess.

If you are going to tell me that she insists on giving you some kind of sex, why the hell don't you be a real man and let her off the hook, insist that you don't feel up to it, or just tell her that you want her to enjoy it as much as you do so you will wait until she feels better.

Calm down, Harlequin®.

Topic Story Posters
Posted 20 Sep 2013 13:15

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 20 Sep 2013 12:21

This could be useful for some Asian guys evil4

No you didn't...

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 20 Sep 2013 12:20

if we can go boobing, why not pitting!

Exactly, thank you.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 20 Sep 2013 12:19

I would just rather not do it myself!

Boooooo I say!

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 22:23

Dude, I think I'd rather just masturbate instead of fucking an armpit! ^^

You'd rather jerk off than fuck like say... Scarlett Johansson's armpit. Get out of here.

Boo this man.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 21:35

In Canada, we use this... clown

Are you serious... We use that shit on surf boards down here. Leave it to a Canadian to get everything wrong. (politely, anyway.)

Topic "Cunt" course word? crude word? exciting word?
Posted 12 Sep 2013 21:32


hope that helped? by the way, i have a cunt, a pussy, a vagina, a slit, a snatch, a fuck hole, depending on my mood.

Or a front butt... For the fetishists.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 12 Sep 2013 20:30


Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 12 Sep 2013 20:09


Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 18:18

Cockpit sex .... Only when you blast me in the eyes of course, and ONLY IF!

These nice people don't need to know about our blinded pity parties.


Topic Now you can really say...
Posted 12 Sep 2013 15:45


Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 15:26

Right, got you. Okay, well, whatever works, I guess. Right?

Right. Whatever's cheddar.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 15:23

Don't you mean queef ?

No, a queef is a release of air in an audible fashion from the vagina.

This would be a pueef. Q ueef + P it = Pueef .

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 15:05

Some people like head , some people like bum hole, periods are really a fucking inconvenience...
Felix likes armpit, who cares!!!
Lush is a place to vent this stuff, we should appreciate his imput I say !!

I like all that too... This is for when those are off the menu. That, or if a girl wants to please 5 men at a time.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 15:03

I just don't get it. Why not just give head? This is so disturbing. confused1

It is usually practiced when a girl is on her period, she doesn't like anal and she's also feeling nauseous.

The nausea. It is hard for a girl when she's feeling nauseous.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 14:55

Can you make fart sounds like that?

You mean a pueef? Yes.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 14:50

I hope this isn't real...

It's as real as the streets, little girl.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 14:48

You don't tell me! I'll move along when I see fit.

Can I get a moderator in here? I mean, how are people gonna answer if this person keeps taking my thread off topic?

Topic Probiotics
Posted 12 Sep 2013 14:44

whatever you say pussy cat x bunny

Oh, it's what scientists say, not me.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 14:40

There, I fixed it for you.

Your immaturity and close-mindedness has been noted. Please stop making a mockery of the thread and answer the question or move along.