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Topic I am done meeting people half way. I'm done. Melt the motherfucking guns.
Posted 26 Mar 2018 20:05

I don’t know what he did... I don’t condone it... but him in this gif alone is my spirit animal.

Topic Lost badges this weekend of March 24th, 2018.
Posted 26 Mar 2018 19:56

Not to worry. You will find your badge still residing in my heart. Regaeman Man

Dude, elizabethblack totally ignored your heartfelt sentiment. Super fucked up.

What say you¿

Topic Cum or Chocolate ?
Posted 26 Mar 2018 19:41

Without a doubt, chocolate.

What about a cum filled chocol... sorry I couldn’t even finish that one, a little too gross.

Topic Should couples watch porn together?
Posted 26 Mar 2018 19:36


And I’m being serious now. Couples should not watch porn together unless some kind of fetish that played in early on in your relationship is involved. Like something really involved like deep dick anal or tying each other up, the vids could be enough to satisfy that urge/association without actually doing it. If it doesn’t involve something shared like that though, your porn should be seperate. She doesn’t need to know you’re into fucking your au pair...and he doesn’t need to know that his 6 inches isn’t all that fine. Keep your real porn seperate.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 26 Mar 2018 19:27

Kiera told me to be nice to you, otherwise i wouldn't have held back. :)

John is at his funniest when you go in on him full force. The guy is priceless.

Topic Complimenting a Girl
Posted 26 Mar 2018 18:36

Certainly not.

According to who?

Topic Complimenting a Girl
Posted 25 Mar 2018 01:41

Surely there are heaps of things you can say without any fear of sexual harrassment; its the touching you have to be very careful of.

You look radiant today or a more specific compliment on the attire... the hair... the shoes... whatever.

Has the touching ended up getting you in a bind before, john?

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 25 Mar 2018 01:26

I think maybe...

A wise man once said a real dragon doesn't have to tell you he's a dragon.

How many more times do you feel it's necessary to tell me you're a forum dragon so I can smile politely, nod my head, pat yours and reassure you that when it comes to blowing fire, you're the first person I'll tap when I need to light a cigarette.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 25 Mar 2018 01:20

Didn't you mean to communicate that to DamonX? He had a long post directly addressed to you while I clearly didn't. scratch

And the character who pronounced those words wasn't wise at all. That Shakespearean character was an old senile fool whose just about every judgment proved to be utterly misguided and preposterous throughout Hamlet. Shakespeare actually mostly used that character for comic relief and intentionally packed his dialogue with a hefty dose of completely absurd and ironic statements. The play Hamlet itself was Shakespeare's longest and arguably the most prestigious of all English literature. There goes your silly lesson about brevity.

Did the character write his own dialogue? I said a wise man not a wise character. Did you know what character said that off the top of your head or did you have to google it? Don't answer because both answers coming from you are sure to be long and boring.

What's your point anyway? That long-windedness is rad or what?

Topic Complimenting a Girl
Posted 25 Mar 2018 01:02

Yeah, sarcasm or not, this is really fucking creepy.

Which part?

Topic Complimenting a Girl
Posted 25 Mar 2018 01:01

You know, you'll go back into stir when you get caught failing to register, everytime you relocate to a new residence.

Perhaps you should've considered that before you repeatedly leaned in hard with dubious intent.

That took you a while... You taking your vitamins and showing up to your mall walking group?

Topic Why do you like guns?
Posted 20 Mar 2018 23:59

Pew pew

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 20 Mar 2018 23:54

With the World Cup starting in a couple months I have ceased to give a single pity fuck for the olympics. Just the kit reaveals are more exciting really. Even the laughing at countries that didn’t make is more interesting.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 20 Mar 2018 23:46

Oh no, I totally missed the highlights of this ferocious skirmish and literally just walked into the battle as the hostilities are slowly subsiding. Who the fuck am I going to swing those nunchakus at now that the fighting is over? Damon? Felix? Anyone? That will teach me to fly over to some exotic destination right during an intense period of rut...

*dejectedly removes his Karate Kid bandana and sighs over the sound of debris still haphazardly falling from the ceiling*

Seriously, a few statements almost triggered me to write yet another of my long usual essays but I'll just let it all slide for now, especially since this whole thread wasn't even about fighting to start with and I'm rather late to the party. It's quite likely that I'll create a thread about martial arts in the near future however, that might prove to be a whole lot of fun.

Concerning the validity of some martial arts though, and since this is a thread about Olympic Games, quite a few of them weren't even intended for realistic street fights to begin with. A lot were purposely created as watered-down sports (like judo or boxing), a lot were intended as cultural/artistic visual wonders similar to dancing (like the hundred different styles of wushu), a lot were simply established for physical conditioning or various health benefits (like cardio-kickboxing or Tai Chi).

Most of these styles don't even deny that reality in the slightest (although plenty of idiotic instructors will still attempt to convince you that their flimsy martial art is the greatest thing in the whole fucking universe). The founder of judo (Jigoro Kano) intentionally took the most brutal techniques out of jiu-jitsu to create the 'spiritual sport' which judo is renowned as today (while funnily enough, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is based on judo and essentially reinstated all those forgotten techniques). Even Muay Thai is an entertaining sport which emerged out of the much more undisciplined Muay Boran.

So yeah, all martial arts weren't created equally in terms of real-fighting applicability, but that certainly doesn't strip the majority of these sports from their validity as an extremely demanding or highly entertaining physical activity. While we're at it, well over 90% of sports are utterly useless in terms of real-life applicability. As an obvious example, when's the last time that a situation required of you to run for 2 hours straight?

While I'd be the first to agree with DamonX that taekwondo really doesn't offer the best bang for your buck regarding fighting skills, it's still a sport that I'm personally quite impressed by. Case in point:

Did not read.

Brevity is the soul of wit a wise man once said.

Free writing lesson.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 13 Mar 2018 15:54

What exactly is your point? That eye gauging or finger biting are effective? Of course they are. So is pulling out a gun or a knife. All of those are not allowed.

But every human being on earth has the ability to do that. Martial arts are about doing what other people can't do.

What are we arguing now? That TKD is an effective martial art? It's been objectively shown to be not an effective fighting style.

And yes, grapplers are put at a disadvantage when it comes to UFC.

If you watch UFC 7-20 you see what happens when there are no stand ups and no time limits. A wrestler takes the other guy down and mauls him for 40 minutes. It's not exactly crowd pleasing. So they changed the rules.

I am perfectly willing to engage in this topic, but please do your research. This isn't an opinion based argument. You can't rely on sophistry to make your point.

You can call it "chest beating", but you're honestly just barking from a much lower level of knowledge with regards to this particular subject.

I'm sure that you are more knowledgeable that me in some things.

This isn't one of those things.

You have roped me into repeatedly arguing about fighting on the the internet. A new low for me. Congratulations.

You have yet to really post any compelling arguments on how exactly grapplers are at a disadvantage when most of the rules are there to protect them.

Grapplers are stood up after not really showing any ability to further an actual win against a striker because after a certain point it turns into stalling. If the referees didn’t do that you’d have bullshit going on like grapplers being able to cheese draws and wins against better oppenents by simply hugging a guy so close no one can do anything for 30 minutes. That’s not real fighting, sorry to burst your bubble.

Not sure how you boys go at it Canada but I really have never seen a real fight end because one guy was really awesome at hugging a guy on the ground. I mean do fights in your neck of the woods usually end up with both guys on the ground for 30 minutes while everyone just watches and makes sure no one does anything “unfair”?

Answer honestly, if there was a guy at a club, bar, curling rink etc. cornered by three guys. What type of fighting do you think would give him the best chance of overcoming those three guys and walking out of that situation? Grappling them one at a time and hoping the other two just follow the rules or like kicking and punching them in the throat and balls?

Topic Complimenting a Girl
Posted 12 Mar 2018 01:03

Where do these charming, savvy men congregate? They are all around...

This isn't the first time that some men have seemingly become withdrawn or more careful with their behavior. It does serve as a good reminder to those who pay attention to the world around them, though.

What an embarrassment of riches for wellmademale.

Topic Complimenting a Girl
Posted 12 Mar 2018 00:38

Look fellows... Lead in hard and with dubious intent. If she slaps you (physically or figuratively) but especially physically... It only means she wishes you were a bit more romantic with it because she likes you. If she didn't like you at all... She wouldn't have bothered to slap you in the first place. If she smiles (which is mostly involuntary when a person you like flirts with you)... get ready to get some stank on your hang low.

This whole #metoo thing is important and all that shit but it shouldn't hamper you and your peacocking and throwing your dick out in the water. A slap is just a nibble that can turn into dinner or a catch and release even. Keep your pole and reel well oiled. Make her go, "yeah I fucked #himtoo... and you know what, I really liked it."

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 11 Mar 2018 08:49

No pussy, maybe an ass cheek.

Put a little butthole in the next pic or I'm never saving you from DamonX ever again.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 10 Mar 2018 18:05

It actually used to be in the rules to drop knees and throw head kicks to a grounded opponent.

I'm still trying to figure out whether you are actually defending a stance that you hold, or are just playing hero to a girl you like. Either way is cool. Just let me know so I can adjust my comments accordingly.

If anyone that is a fan of tae kwon do, then check out John Makdessi. Probably the best TKD practitioner to compete in the UFC.

Awww why did you delete all the stuff where you call me a white knight and a beta male and that I must have only dared to post because princessC might send me pussy pictures and your awesome argument of "you're just wrong"?


I don't recall being ugly in any of my posts. You started with that.

You embarrassingly pounded your chest about being a fighting expert and that no one could possibly debate you about it but that you welcome it, and then when I did you go and focus on all this downright cringy beta male nonsense. Wish I would have quoted you earlier before you came to your senses.

You want to know who the only other people here who quote me and hit post before they respond then edit their post so that it doesn't show up in my timeline? Wellmademale and Trinket.

You're being trinket right now.

You went off about rules and actual fighting and I simply pointed out that wrestlers and grapplers are definitely not at a disadvantage when it comes to UFC rules. In fact, it's the opposite because you can't kick them while they'll rolling around and you can't bite or break their fingers or gauge out their eyes or squeeze their balls when they do get ahold of you. It's like if there was a rule that grapplers couldn't try to grab your legs. That would put strikers at an advantage.

Topic Silence about Boomerang Deaths in Australia.
Posted 09 Mar 2018 03:02

Which one do you think you are?

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 09 Mar 2018 01:52

If MMA did make it into the Olympics, and I'd like to see it happen, I'm sure they'd make the fighters wear those amateur boxing helmets to add to those MMA gloves.

Getting into a real fight on the street with a stranger, in a bar, parking lot, wherever, is pretty scary really. You never know what skills the other person knows. You don't know if they have a weapon on them and if so, will they know how to use it effectively. In real fighting there are no rules. I've seen small guys beat the hell out of much larger, very well muscled and athletic guys and vice versa. A real fight is a good way to get killed. If your life depends on it, hell yes, hit the guy in the balls and poke and gouge his eyes, then get the hell out of there.

I've used Tae Kwon Do in a real fight but certainly not exclusively. Everything else I've learned from boxing to Judo a self-defense class (that taught all kinds of good dirty tricks and moves) to what I've seen, and to past fights, all kick in. And seriously, it's best to just leave. Save fighting to a time when you're cornered and can't get away or you have to defend someone else. Fighting will get you killed.

Well yeah. Gun-fu.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 09 Mar 2018 01:30

How about beer pong? It's kinda of a sport.

Or how about an event that's just drinking.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 08 Mar 2018 23:59

I did watch the first UFC. Numerous times. In fact I've watched every UFC fight from UFC 1 up to the modern day. Many of the fights I've seen numerous times.

Girard Gardeau was a 6 foot 6 kickboxer. He lost to a 5'9 165 lb BJJ guy with no wrestling experience. And he was a Dutch style kickboxer, which is far more effective than taekwondo. (Side note: muay thai is the most effective form of kickboxing when it comes to actual fighting).

The rules do not favor grapplers. Fighters are stood up all the time nowadays because the crowds favor flashy stuff.

I'm not sure what your argument is.... I'm assuming that you have some relationship with princessC and you've chosen to defend her. If that's the case let me know. If this is actually a topic that feel strongly about, then let me know... and then we can tangle.

Like I said, I've been trying to start MMA threads since 2010 so if you feel like you have an opinion in opposition to mine I welcome it with open arms.

She really needs no defending, bud.

Being stood up in a ground fight is way less of an advantage to being able to step back and kicking a grappler in the head. That’s why it’s illegal. It’s too real and brutal. Grapplers rarely win in an initial takedown. Even so there are so many rules that protect them. Like some guy goes to the ground right under you and it’s illegal to drop your knees on his head. It forces non grapplers/JJT fighters to have to adapt to make it fair. In real fighting with no rules that’s not the case. Some hug fighter fucks up shooting for your legs and you drop your knees on his head - it’s over. You might even kill the guy.

Rules against small joint manipulation is also to grapplers/wrestlors/JJ fighters favor. Also biting. In a real fight if you could bite or break a finger against someone pythoning you, you would. And it would be effective. Very effective. But ufc rules stop you from doing that. Advantage hug fighters.

If you knew that grappling someone might result in getting a chunk of flesh bitten off you you’d think twice about doing it, leaving you open to getting kicked or punched in the head while you think about how to strongly hug your opponent. The striker is the real no rules fighting paradigm. When’s the last time you saw a real fight end with a hold? Come on get real.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 06 Mar 2018 23:17

Old school MMA actually allowed soccer kicks and head stomps. Those prevent Jiu Jitsu specialists from constantly pulling guard, which is why most MMA fighters actually favor them. The general public just doesn't feel comfortable with head kicks on the ground.

I would love to see one TKD specialist try and defend a takedown from even a high school wrestler....

Now if the TKD fighter had some wrestling and could defend a takedown, then he/she might have a chance.

If you're talking about cheap shots and groin strikes, eye gouges, etc... then it's a different issue. And TKD would probably do a lot worse in those situations than they would a controlled fighting environment. It's just not a martial art that lends itself to actual fighting situations. I did karate for 10 years and I feel karate is quite bad when it comes to actual fighting.

And Tae Kwon Do is far worse that karate.

Okay so you know who won the first ultimate fighting championship right? With an asterisk because second place broke his hand (which goes back to your point about real fighting not lending itself to short form, hence the structure change of it) but in the first UFC if that Dutch karate master didn’t break his hand and fracture his foot on the Sumo’s head... who knows if gracie would have won that. Gracie beat an injured man and then won subsequent UFCs after rule changes after the brutality and injuries sustained in the first one.

It’s the rule changes that favored the grapplers over strikers after that that made the ufc realize that real nights out fighting was too much for mass audiences and - advertisers especially - too real and violent to digest and have fun with by mainstream audiences.

Topic What sports do you think should be in the Olympics?
Posted 04 Mar 2018 18:18


Finally... someone wants to debate me on fighting!! :)

Most powerful styles of martial arts? You have to be joking.

I would love to see a Tae Kwon Do "expert" try and fight a wrestler. TKD only works if your opponent is playing by the same rules. It's a cheesy point-fighting martial art that has almost zero applicability when it comes to actual fighting.

Please excuse me if I'm not "reassured" by your claims. I'll be waiting on pins and needles to hear about the next time you actually win a fight using Tae Kwon Do....

If you want to continue this line of discussion, then I suggest that you learn a bit more about actual fighting beyond your latest cardio kickboxing class.

Haha... "powerful"?? That's awesome. Please let me know... does all your knowledge of fighting come from 1980s action movies?

All martial arts are like that though. They only work if everyone follows the rules. A wrestler would fuck themselves up if attempting to grapple someone on the street. Like paisa fighting would win in that instance. Like someone’s primo would just kick the wrestler in the head. Honestly, TKD’s ability to land a sucker kick in some random confrontation might take out a wrestler before the wrestler even knows a fight is happening. In Bruce Lee’s book about fighting he states that the number one thing to do in a real fight is to kick in the balls and gouge out your opponent’s eyes. Both of which are illegal in any type of competitive fighting.

Wrestlers tend to shoot for legs and a lot of the time the opponent is able to step back and avoid this attack. If the rules didn’t prohibit the wrestlers opponent to kick the brains out of his head while he’s on the ground the fight would be over pretty quickly. If anything MMA rules protect wrestlers more than other fighters.

Topic Silence About Gun Violence In Chicago.
Posted 03 Mar 2018 13:45

Vladimir and Estragon aren't gay. They are trapped in an existential nightmare for all eternity, with no chance of escape. Which describes the Think Tank rather well (* tiptoes quietly out the door *).

I was referring to the original poster who called seax and damon's penchant for debating each other (in a debate section of the forum mind you) a lover's quarrel. The implication being that they do so because they actually have gay crushes on each other.

Please try and keep up verbal.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 03 Mar 2018 03:52

Topic Silence About Gun Violence In Chicago.
Posted 03 Mar 2018 02:48

so, there's something wrong with being gay? is that what you're trying to say...? evil5


Topic Silence About Gun Violence In Chicago.
Posted 03 Mar 2018 02:46

Wasn't your point something about baseball bats? Okau, I guess what you're saying is - "If people don't have access to guns, they'll find other yways to commit murder." Which is true in some number of cases, but I'll do the maths for you. The murder rate per capita is 5 times as high in the US as Australia, and the 'murder using firearms' rate is 25 times as high. I'm pretty sure that the rates in other rich nations are much closer to Australia's than the USA's.

And there has never been, and never will be, a ban on firearms in Australia. They are restricted, and licensed, but not banned. If you have a good reason (e.g. own a farm, member of a hunting club, work as a security guard etc), then you get a licence.

I can't be bothered looking up all 32 cases (although, briefly touching on the thread topic, they were all reported nationally because they're rare enough to be newsworthy), but I know they would include domestics and other incidents where licensed gun owners lost their cool. And yes, they would include some 'bad guys' with illegal guns. But mostly that would be organised crime groups, and usually the victim is in another organised crime group. They don't tend to wave guns around at random passers-by, because there are hefty penalties for such offences.

Anyway, the point is, some people are so motivated to murder someone that they will use whatever they can find (although seldom a baseball bat, according to the real stats, as opposed to fake news passed around social media). But sometimes it's a domestic fight, or road rage, or a drunken brawl, or an attempted robbery, or some disturbed young man pissed off at his school, and easy access to guns makes it a murder case.


Topic Silence About Gun Violence In Chicago.
Posted 02 Mar 2018 01:01

Seeing as you brought it up, It’s not so funny when you’re on the receiving end of DamonX’s twisted personal insults. No, you don’t get them because you’re a mod. It’s always funnier when it’s someone else.

Your mod theory is invalid trinket. DamonX might not fuck with the mods but I certainly have. Many many times, viciously so at times. And here I am replying to you. Just saying.