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Topic The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted 08 Jun 2016 23:28

All I know is what I've seen on the national news, but I am really appalled by the lenience shown by the bench in this case. There may be more to the story than what we've seen -- although I would hope if there were, someone would have mentioned it.

Six months (probably no more than four with credit for good behavior) is a woefully inadequate punishment for rape no matter what the mitigating factors may be.

Apparently the judge is up for reelection, but is running unopposed. I really hope the folks of Palo Alto get really organized on forwarding a strong write-in candidate to unseat this guy.

This fucking douchebag isn't even going to prison, he's going to jail. Fucking jail... Jail is a joke.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 08 Jun 2016 23:15

A woman beater? What's with innocent until proven guilty? So far the evidence supporting that is a pictures of an injury that didn't exist when the police responded, pictures of destruction in the house, that the police apparently didn't see either, a text conversation between Amber and Deuters, of which Deuters is willing to testify under oath, that it is fabricated and untrue, and the statements of Amber and her friends.
There is no known incident before his relationship with Amber where any woman was attacked or injured by him, quite the opposite. Both women who have intimately shared a significant portion of his life, state, that he was exactly the opposite from what Amber describes. So yes, I have doubts about his guilt. Right or wrong, I'm not sure, that's the meaning of the word doubt, isn't it?

Again, you believe everyone but Amber Heard. It really is disturbing that you decide to believe everyone but her. That is why so many women are trapped in cycle of abuse. No one even believes them. Good thing old idiots like you will die off soon and new generations raised by better men and women than you will inherit the earth and make it a better place. RIP

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 08 Jun 2016 23:09

Are you saying, that you've done things, that are worse than domestic violence against a woman, and got away with them? And you are proudly sharing that with us?

No... I am saying that the justice system is so fucked up that other "crimes" would get you a harsher sentence because you know, they would prosecute them. Just look at the kid who got six months for rape. And you wonder why a woman would chose to go through the media rather than the court? I am also illustrating that the cops are so fucking stupid that you can just say whatever and they will just go away when called to a house. There is no doubt that a battered woman would not get the benefit of the doubt when the police come to Johnny fucking Depp's house. If any old asshole can confuse some dumbass pig then someone with clout like Johnny Depp can talk his way out of murder most likely. But you're too fucking stupid to understand any of that. Plus you are not even American (unless I am mistaken but I am pretty sure you are european), you don't know what the cops are like in this country. They are retarded. I mean not all of them... But goddamn you can seriously get away with anything if you know what to say and do. The fact that the cops didn't arrest johnny depp when they came to his house isn't proof of anything. In fact all it does prove is that Amber heard is right to go to the media because that is the only thing that would affect johnny depp. But again, you are obviously too stupid to understand that.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 08 Jun 2016 10:48

Also, as someone who has had the cops called out to my place several times (not for domestic violence, but for things that would probably get a harsher punishment) I can't stress enough how easy it is to talk your way out of almost anything and send them on their merry way.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 08 Jun 2016 10:41

I have three, why?

And you're this hellbent on defending a woman beater knowing full well how the deck can be stacked against young women in almost every aspect of life?

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 08 Jun 2016 09:36

Let's assume the statistics are 100% off, and let's put the number of bad cops in the LAPD at 200. Even then there still are well over 9 1/2 thousand police officers in the LAPD, who don't think and act as if they're above the law.

You don't have daughters do you?

Topic Do you think Sanders could beat Trump if he gets the Democratic nod?
Posted 08 Jun 2016 01:20

u may not realise it... but this is probably the best, most complete and accurate summation of this whole election!



Topic If she asked.. would you?
Posted 07 Jun 2016 19:58

Guffaw, you made a funny

...I don't get it.

Topic If she asked.. would you?
Posted 07 Jun 2016 13:10

Aren't those fairly normal acts during sex?

I think she means for the man to do to the woman...

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 07 Jun 2016 11:38

I was addressing the LushStories village idiot

Topic Compare Lush to Other Adult Social Networks
Posted 07 Jun 2016 08:47

If I was a member of several adult social networks I would have to take a long hard look in a mirror and ask myself what in the fuck am I doing with my life.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 07 Jun 2016 08:37

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 05 Jun 2016 12:18

If you don't wish to be seen as just another idiot, like the guy who posted immediately before me here - then you'll choose your posts a bit wiser - otherwise, you'll soon get your message drowned by your own hands and number of literally - retarded posts.

Picking on Hillary is child's play, she has a Senatorial and then as a Secretary of State track record which is chock full of her tendencies and questionable behavior history. We don't need to make anything up about her or repeat other people's fantasies of her misdeeds.

Again, much like the idiot I referred to earlier. His track record speaks volumes about the type of person he is too, and it has ever since he first logged onto LushStories with his first hilarious username. (Which almost earned him an immediate ban - and still ranks as one of the fastest threatened bans ever recorded in LushStories history)

This is just mean and ugly. I was getting your back, telling fools to be careful because you're a wizard on the keyboard and you attack me. Just uncalled for.

#recordholder #compchamp #donkey #punch

Topic Cops Out of Control.
Posted 04 Jun 2016 17:57

I have done nothing wrong with this thread or any other that has not already been done repeatedly by another member... One who was allowed to stay & be active while I was banned without reason or notification.

JUST NOW sent contact to Callisto regarding this member & a few rightful punishments (including ban of membership/IP).

Hopefully, "Lush cops" will not be "out of control", but will get things under control, & member they have allowed to run rampant & violate rules will be properly punished.

Wow, that's fucked up nuder. I just got alerted that I have 1 hour to say goodbye to everyone before my IP ban takes effect.

Reason for ban: Making fun of slow adults &/(or) high functioning mentally handicapped members.

I hope you're happy nuder.

Topic Who is your celebrity crush?
Posted 04 Jun 2016 17:48


Don't you raise your font at me, son.

Did your head fit in your microwave or not? ANSWER THE QUESTION

Topic Who is your celebrity crush?
Posted 04 Jun 2016 17:37

Something so hot (& relatable for me) about someone who isn't "jailbait" but may be mistaken for it.


Listen, go to your kitchen and see if you can fit your head in your microwave, then turn it on.

Topic Cops Out of Control.
Posted 04 Jun 2016 17:33


I've got no idea how we got here -- and frankly I really don't care -- but you need to give it a rest.

You have thoroughly hijacked the discussion in this thread, and instead of a debate about police behavior you seem intent on making this all about you.

Sprite has asked you quite politely to stay on topic, but you either can't comprehend English or you are being willfully ignorant/defiant.

At this point you are alienating even casual observers like yours truly.

Take the hint -- start a new thread, contact Admin, or simply go away.

The lush cops are out of control.

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 04 Jun 2016 13:33

So what you're saying is that, Zeifman aside, my comment about Hillary is still true.

Don't fuck with wellmademale and his internet investigation skills. This is literally him on his way to fuck your shit up with technology.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 04 Jun 2016 08:13

The message says "you know you love me because I'm the best". I just assumed the feeling was mutual lol.

Um yeah you got upset about some random thing I said somewhere and you sent me a PM and I responded with that. Yes, I am the best and you secretly love me like some internet Stockholm syndrome shit, that is true.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 04 Jun 2016 08:04

It's still in my inbox knucklehead. o didn't need to screenshot it. You only sent it today.

Spoiledsport. I understand you don't want everyone to know you luv me. I'll take it down.

What? I'm pretty sure I never said anything like that. Seriously wtf

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 04 Jun 2016 07:55

I have the PM where you said that very thing lol.

You must have grossly misunderstood what I said.

And stop saving PMs and taking screen shots n shit... It's so fucking disturbing.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 04 Jun 2016 07:46

I can guarantee you a woman can live with a man for several years and not know he was capable of physical violence. It only takes the right trigger to tip him over the edge and one punch to find out. I am sure the same would apply to women physically attacking men.

Perhaps she made it public to discourage him from doing it again, but didn't want to press charges this time.

Can a mod make this dog turd change her forum sig? Surely you can't make your sig about another member.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 04 Jun 2016 07:18

I'm not crying Jack, I'm enjoying this.

I'm looking for anything, that sheds more light on this case. That could also be something, that proves I was wrong in any of the things I said in this thread. Explain to me, why she won't press charges, yet seeks publicity. Explain to me, how she is able to make a selfy showing injuries, shortly after the police was unable to find any. Explain to me why she would claim 50,000 dollars a month, if money is no issue for Amber. Make it plausible for me, that a man, who, apart from breaking objects, never was accused of domestic violence by any of his exes, became a violent and abusive monster shortly after marrying Amber Heard.

Make it plausible, that everything supporting Depp's innocence, including the statement the police issued after the alleged attack, is a ly, and that only Amber tells the truth.

I'm still open to any reasonable argument.

This is stupid. It's just stupid.

Just because you've never been caught before committing a crime you're now accused of makes you innocent? What?

You act like Depp losing his temper and hitting her is highly implausible but Amber heard hitting herself to fake injuries is. Lol

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 04 Jun 2016 02:12

Hi Jack, needed to prove your lack of debating skills again? Congratulions, you succeeded.

I never stated, that I believe him, I just mentioned what Deuters claims. But you're right about one thing: I seriously doubt Amber's side of the story, considering all the (lack of) evidence and claims so far. I'm still willing to reconsider though, if new facts emerge, that prove Depp's guilt. So far, I have seen nothing conclusive, that supports Amber's case and a lot, that casts serious doubts. Please prove me wrong. I know your insulting skills, but I'd rather see debating skills, if you have any.

Lol keep crying.

What kind of evidence you looking for? The kind that could never exist for this kind of thing.

Topic Cops Out of Control.
Posted 04 Jun 2016 01:15

LOL, you're such a drama queen ;)

You're an idiot. Go back to drooling into a cup. Don't address me ever again.

Topic Cops Out of Control.
Posted 04 Jun 2016 00:54

If this is true then I take back my "welcome back". I thought it ws just his usual way of going about that got him kicked out.

Of course it's true. You think I'm a liar? It was deleted right after he posted it. T-nudes is one sick individual.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 04 Jun 2016 00:50

One of the things Amber produced as evidence that Johnny is an abusive and violent man, is a text conversation she claims to have had with Depp's personal assistant, Stephen Deuters, in 2014. This Stephen Deuters, however, told TMZ on Thursday, June 2, that the texts were heavily doctored. He claimed he never said Depp attacked Amber Heard, and he is willing to testify under oath that he never had a conversation with Heard about the alleged domestic violence.

Why are you so quick to believe him on his word and not her?

You know why? Because you're a piece of shit.

Topic Cops Out of Control.
Posted 03 Jun 2016 19:57

I read it as many times as it took to be comprehended. However, apparently, several members were unaware I had been banned &/or done anything to deserve it, & also believed that someone who did get banned would get an E-mail about it. I believe briefly going off-topic was OK if it helps educate the members about the way the staff does-or-does-not do things.

You were deleted for posting extremely pedorific comments. I wouldn't trust you alone with an animal, much less a child.

You fucking weird little creep.

Go play in traffic.

Topic Cops Out of Control.
Posted 03 Jun 2016 17:45

Yeah... Contrary to Gogh, I went, but not by my choice. In fact, until a few minutes ago, I believed someone here was taking steps to find out why my IP was banned & how to fix it.

Just curious: What is the term for a Writer whose unsure how to spell a common word?

Did you even lift while you were gone, boy?

When you get deleted again soon you really need to hit the gym and work on getting naked with a girl finally.

Topic Would you rather be very wealthy, or live forever?
Posted 03 Jun 2016 16:13

Live forever. Eventually with all that time I would figure out a way to get rich too.