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Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 01 Mar 2017 14:36

The letter was for those students who couldn't handle the Presidential Election result ... book ...dontknow

I know maybe you have never been in charge of anything or have trouble seeing the big picture... It is pretty smart of Stanford to give disillusioned students a place to vent about the current state of politics instead of you know, the school lawns, armed with hairy armpits and megaphones.

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 01 Mar 2017 14:30

Primary and secondary schools probably, yes. Universities definitely not. They should be physically safe of course, but they should actually provoke mental challenges.

Look, I am not going to talk in circles because of one of Hayley's memes that doesn't have much to do with anything... I think all the posters in the think tank who rush to go find some meme that has the slightest connection to what they are quoting should collectively shove them up their asses before clogging up the threads with them.

And you know what I mean. Schools are schools. The end result is learning. If there is a class about coping so some students won't get swallowed up by wolves then that is the whole point about school.

This... is a porn site. You know the difference right? <-- don't answer that. You know what I mean. Don't be stupid again.

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 01 Mar 2017 14:08

What's wrong with a safe space? For fragile people? Yeah, fragile people often need safe places. Why deny them that? Where's the harm?

Go tell your wife that your safe space is a porn site. Go tell anyone... Then come back and tell me what their reaction was. lol

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 01 Mar 2017 14:06

There are safer spaces being created in our institutions of learning... hope they are troll free... but the pacifier is good... will send it on to Stanford .. if I may. election result stanford uni brendan on cpd x500.jpg

That's a university... Schools should be a safe spaces. This is a porn site.

Topic How to tie a tie
Posted 01 Mar 2017 14:04

My personal view on this, if I may?

I agree with Angieseroticpen, I like the kids in uniform.

Some parents can afford things others can't. Kids can be cruel about such things. Having a standard uniform for all the children makes them all more equal and bullying for such things less likely.

In addition to this, they are all more easily identifiable when on school outings. I also think they look really smart. I think most parents in the UK look forward to their child's first day of school and go crazy taking pics of them in their new uniform.

I had to wear a uniform for a couple of years and the standard uniform didn't really curtail bullying n such. In fact I think it made it worse for some kids because the uniform doesn't fit everyone right. Plus things like shoes, watches, haircuts etc. tend to stand out even more.

I do agree that it makes students more identifiable on outings... But it does so for everyone looking, know what I mean?

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 01 Mar 2017 09:25

Take a look in the mirror Jack, you just finished calling someone a fake piece of shit. Do you call people a piece of shit to their face in real life? I'll bet you dont because nobody would tolerate it. You do it because you can hide behind a screen. I called you a drunk once in retaliation to something you'd called me and you didn't like it. How about if someone calls you a piece of shit?

YOU come out of nowhere and start attacking and insulting people when they have said nothing at all to you. Why? What does it have to do with you if someone wants to poke a little fun at someone else. At least she didn't call him a piece of shit or a dog turd.

Actually, I do call people that to their face... I think you're projecting your own cowardice onto me, little mouse. And you left the first part off, that comment is meant to follow the first part you didn't bold. Context is important, trinket.

And when did I get mad about you calling me a drunk? I believe it was me that called you a drunk and you went crazy... well, crazier than usual.

...I bet trinket is furiously combing through her magical felix dossier right now looking for the post in question lol.

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 01 Mar 2017 08:42

Lush has basically become a safe space for the most fragile and pitiful people I have ever encountered on the internet. Their idea of a troll is anyone who: disagrees with them or one of their dumb friends, is impolite, gives you a 4 score, calls you a name, doesn’t kiss ass, starts a thread they don’t like, gets attention from the fake girl profile they are obsessed with, has different political or social views, makes fun of glaring and funny spelling mistakes or anyone who corners them with logic in any way.

Then there are the even worst type of members… The ones who scream troll if you point out something clearly sick or wrong. If a member posts about liking underage girls and you call him a pedo then you are wrong and are a troll for pointing out an obvious truth but not them for sexualizing underage girls. If a member posts about calling black kids purple in a classroom and you point out how that is wrong because you shouldn’t call any kids any color because it lets them know that you are seeing race and not just another face when you look at them, then you are the troll. If you call anyone out on any kind of hypocritical behavior - any kind - then you are a troll.

Like if I say that blocking forum posts or disabling scoring on your stories is not “winning” it’s just a preference for fantasy and not reality then I would be labeled a troll. If I say it’s more indicative of their thought process that they even use the word “winning” to describe exchanges on the internet then again, I would be the troll.

Even in this thread the ultimate hypocrite on the site “NymphWriter” speaks disparagingly about the member formerly know as “tnadnuder”. When this member first joined it was obvious he joined because he had been kicked off every other erotica site on the planet. He would say something negative then lose his slow little mind if you replied to his nonsense in a negative way… Guess who was the first person to become his friend (multiple times actually when nuder would make another account after being deleted)? You guessed right, NymphWriter… Since nuder didn’t like the same people she did, he wasn’t a troll in her eyes. Nuder ultimately really really really lost it one day and posted about something so vile (think of the worst thing imaginable a person can do) that he was banned for good. This is who NymphWriter championed simply because they both disliked the same members. But now here she is calling him a troll and trying to act like she didn’t encourage him. This is extremely hypocritical. This kind of hypocrisy is very common on Lush but if you point it out you are a troll .

If you don’t want to be trolled… How about not saying weird, stupid, sick, disturbing, absurd or hypocritical shit. How about that? What a notion.

Lush is a porn site… Just look at what the site looks like when you're logged out in case you're confused about that. Those ads, those popups… Those are only found on porn sites. The fact that this forum of all the forums on the internet has been made into a ridiculous safe space/platform for mock social justice heroism is beyond absurd. So someone on a porn site said something that you didn’t like… Put the pacifier in your mouth and calm down.

Topic Mixed race father, white Mother... kids?
Posted 01 Mar 2017 08:18

All right, here's your explanation:

The father of the child has a mix-up of genetics from one white parent and one black parent. Of course, skin color isn't the only thing affected. Facial features, hair texture...other things that are far more nature than nurture.

A random half of his genetics are in each of his sperm. A random half of her genetics are in each of her eggs.

Then you go to how those genes interact. There's dominant, recessive, and incomplete dominant genes. Incomplete dominance is when genes are expressed as a skin color. It isn't just the genetics you get but also which ones are expressed.

So, first you're going to get a different genetic mix and then it's going to be expressed in a unique way. So, as I said above, you can't predict.

With the first mom, it's entirely possible he just contributed a sperm with more genetics from the white side of his family. It's really just a matter of chance. If he'd had a fourth child with her, it's possible that child could represent his ethnicity more. There's no way to know what this child "should" look like, either with a new lady or with the one he's already had children with.

That's without charts or graphs or Punnett squares but I think it counts as 'widdom' and I'm definitely edumacated.

If you're black and your girl is black and she pops out a white, blonde baby... you should put the genetics book on the shelf and call Maury. If by some new age immaculate conception miracle the results come back that it can't be anyone else's but yours or gods you should keep those results in your back pocket because every time you introduce the kid as my son/daughter people are going to hit you with awkward silence or a pat on the back for having the gravitas to adopt the mailman's kid.

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 01 Mar 2017 08:01

Is being called "a phony piece of turd" worse than being called an actual piece of turd? Because a phony piece of turd could just be made of plastic or rubber, and not particularly disgusting at all. Might even be fun at parties! I would think calling someone an actual piece of turd would be a much more damaging insult.

Thank you for showing some restraint. You set an excellent example for all of us.

It's funny you say that... originally I called her a phoney piece of shit .

Also, it's flattering that you look up to me as an example to follow.

Topic How to tie a tie
Posted 28 Feb 2017 22:58

Here's a how-to for most of the styles.

Too many grown ass men don't know how to do this. These step by step instructions are pretty simple to follow.

Topic Mixed race father, white Mother... kids?
Posted 28 Feb 2017 10:50

You can't predict. Even with the same parents you can end up with wildly differing appearances:

**Image removed by moderator. Violates Lush TOS.**

Somone call Maury.

Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 27 Feb 2017 05:08

The meal sounds just great but not the rest!.


It's a lot more fun when you reply to me when I'm not suspended, creepo.

Topic most memorable Oscars moment EVER?!
Posted 27 Feb 2017 04:44

Obviously a stunt to get mentioned all over the internet and the news. What sucks is they made a meme out of the best picture winner and everyone involved's moment.

Topic Would you ladies mind having your used panties sniffed, or do you men sniff used panties?
Posted 27 Feb 2017 04:28

Hell yeah, i be hanging around the laundromat waiting for chicks to go buy soap from the vending machine so I can get a quick sniff of those filthy panties. Straight up quick dookie hit.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 27 Feb 2017 04:10

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 27 Feb 2017 03:36

Did you spray this on Return2Sndr... I mean nuder? evil4

Why are you disparaging nuder? Did you not friend him multiple times? Like every time he came back you friended him... But now you are disparaging him? Wow, what a phony piece of turd you are.

Topic Fart Rape
Posted 27 Feb 2017 03:23

You read that right, Fart Rape...


“By farting louder the man is using passive aggressive violence to position himself as dominant, this intimidates the woman to subconsciously not release as much flatulence and thus the woman fearing for her safety doesn’t fart as loud as a sign of submissiveness, this in turn contributes to rape culture and women being oppressed.” -Ashleigh Ingle

Another article followed by an excerpt

The discussion boiled down to women’s bodies once again being controlled by society and women being told what to do.
Local activist Steph Guthrie a feminist advocate and community organizer who specialises in social media and interactive events proposed an online campaign to tackle this misogyny that “keeps women down and trapped in their own bodies. I just find it horrific that the patriarchy has been controlling women’s flatulence this whole time and we have just realised this now, it is time for feminist worldwide to re-educate women on how they are being discriminated against. - Steph Guthrie

I seriously hope this is a joke otherwise you might as well lock me up now. lol

You were shocked and appalled by some bullshit aimed at grey-hairs who are looking to be shocked and appalled by the kids these days.


Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 04:05


I've told you, all you need is 2,000 bucks, a car service (for me) and a fancy steak dinner... For the first 1/2 hour that is.

Topic Velma or Daphne?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 03:51

I'll vote for Velma


Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 27 Jan 2017 03:44

Didn't trump say that he is going to tax Mexican imports to pay for the wall? So basically what that mean is that if you enjoy Sabritas, Corona or drive a car that's assembled in Mexico YOU will pay for the wall. Because you can bet your gringo ass that the extra cost will be passed on to the consumer.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 03:36

I believe one of the U.S.A.'s greatest authors F.Scott Fitzgerald was a terrible speller.

Thank you, tocayo.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 03:03

Lol. Pot/kettle. clown

trinket, I'm loved, not liked.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 02:55

Awww you changed your post. Probably a good thing.

This is why no one likes you trinket.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 02:40


lol fuck me

Still, its not like I said lesin or some shit like that. But still embarrassing. You finally win one trinket.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 27 Jan 2017 02:25

I dont believe I have ever been in a movie.


Don't sell yourself short SJ. To Catch a Predator is TV, yes, but it's more than what most people have on their resumes.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 02:08

You spelt "politically" incorrectly.

Being fucking stupid doesn't lesson my opinion, trinket. Get with the times.

Lush 2K17

Topic Velma or Daphne?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 01:56

Velma seems like she'd want to talk and cuddle afterwords...

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 01:51

Some can't deal with the fact that he does what he says and doesn't try to be politacly correct


Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 07:45

Yes, I remember how your childish and insecure behaviour and bullying chased a friend away, and that I reacted to that. That's what decent people do, when a friend comes under attack. And if anyone proved to be an idiot, it is you, by making perfectly clear, what a lowlife you are.

Lol my insecure behavior? It's insecure to point out how wrong it is for 50 year old men to fall in love with children? I don't care what stupid delusion makes you think that's ok. That's what you defended, you fucking weirdo...

He ran and hid... guess why?

And go ahead and respond and then pretend you didn't see the mod telling you not to... again. Go ahead victim.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 07:25



(Resident troll always attacking others and people are sick of it)

I thought you had me blocked? Plus you linked to something funny really. You're only offended because simplicity is one of the few members who don't think you're a total idiot.