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Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 27 Feb 2017 05:08

The meal sounds just great but not the rest!.


It's a lot more fun when you reply to me when I'm not suspended, creepo.

Topic most memorable Oscars moment EVER?!
Posted 27 Feb 2017 04:44

Obviously a stunt to get mentioned all over the internet and the news. What sucks is they made a meme out of the best picture winner and everyone involved's moment.

Topic Would you ladies mind having your used panties sniffed, or do you men sniff used panties?
Posted 27 Feb 2017 04:28

Hell yeah, i be hanging around the laundromat waiting for chicks to go buy soap from the vending machine so I can get a quick sniff of those filthy panties. Straight up quick dookie hit.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 27 Feb 2017 04:10

Topic Should The Think Tank be renamed to The Troll's Lair?
Posted 27 Feb 2017 03:36

Did you spray this on Return2Sndr... I mean nuder? evil4

Why are you disparaging nuder? Did you not friend him multiple times? Like every time he came back you friended him... But now you are disparaging him? Wow, what a phony piece of turd you are.

Topic Fart Rape
Posted 27 Feb 2017 03:23

You read that right, Fart Rape...


“By farting louder the man is using passive aggressive violence to position himself as dominant, this intimidates the woman to subconsciously not release as much flatulence and thus the woman fearing for her safety doesn’t fart as loud as a sign of submissiveness, this in turn contributes to rape culture and women being oppressed.” -Ashleigh Ingle

Another article followed by an excerpt

The discussion boiled down to women’s bodies once again being controlled by society and women being told what to do.
Local activist Steph Guthrie a feminist advocate and community organizer who specialises in social media and interactive events proposed an online campaign to tackle this misogyny that “keeps women down and trapped in their own bodies. I just find it horrific that the patriarchy has been controlling women’s flatulence this whole time and we have just realised this now, it is time for feminist worldwide to re-educate women on how they are being discriminated against. - Steph Guthrie

I seriously hope this is a joke otherwise you might as well lock me up now. lol

You were shocked and appalled by some bullshit aimed at grey-hairs who are looking to be shocked and appalled by the kids these days.


Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 04:05


I've told you, all you need is 2,000 bucks, a car service (for me) and a fancy steak dinner... For the first 1/2 hour that is.

Topic Velma or Daphne?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 03:51

I'll vote for Velma


Topic i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted 27 Jan 2017 03:44

Didn't trump say that he is going to tax Mexican imports to pay for the wall? So basically what that mean is that if you enjoy Sabritas, Corona or drive a car that's assembled in Mexico YOU will pay for the wall. Because you can bet your gringo ass that the extra cost will be passed on to the consumer.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 03:36

I believe one of the U.S.A.'s greatest authors F.Scott Fitzgerald was a terrible speller.

Thank you, tocayo.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 03:03

Lol. Pot/kettle. clown

trinket, I'm loved, not liked.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 02:55

Awww you changed your post. Probably a good thing.

This is why no one likes you trinket.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 02:40


lol fuck me

Still, its not like I said lesin or some shit like that. But still embarrassing. You finally win one trinket.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 27 Jan 2017 02:25

I dont believe I have ever been in a movie.


Don't sell yourself short SJ. To Catch a Predator is TV, yes, but it's more than what most people have on their resumes.

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 02:08

You spelt "politically" incorrectly.

Being fucking stupid doesn't lesson my opinion, trinket. Get with the times.

Lush 2K17

Topic Velma or Daphne?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 01:56

Velma seems like she'd want to talk and cuddle afterwords...

Topic Does the new American President seem mentally ill to you?
Posted 27 Jan 2017 01:51

Some can't deal with the fact that he does what he says and doesn't try to be politacly correct


Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 07:45

Yes, I remember how your childish and insecure behaviour and bullying chased a friend away, and that I reacted to that. That's what decent people do, when a friend comes under attack. And if anyone proved to be an idiot, it is you, by making perfectly clear, what a lowlife you are.

Lol my insecure behavior? It's insecure to point out how wrong it is for 50 year old men to fall in love with children? I don't care what stupid delusion makes you think that's ok. That's what you defended, you fucking weirdo...

He ran and hid... guess why?

And go ahead and respond and then pretend you didn't see the mod telling you not to... again. Go ahead victim.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 07:25



(Resident troll always attacking others and people are sick of it)

I thought you had me blocked? Plus you linked to something funny really. You're only offended because simplicity is one of the few members who don't think you're a total idiot.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 07:14

I've never sought you out, I only responded to you. And what you perceive as "putting me in place" only reveals how pathetic you are. You, like anyone who needs to insult and belittle others to feel good, are pathetic.

You have a short memory... Or you realize lush does. One or the other.

I pointed out certain creepy things about your friend... who deleted his account... because he must have been so right... right? Then you attacked me for it and then I pointed out what an idiot you are.

That's it.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 06:17

Stormdog, Robert and many others post here to engage in a discussion, and even though some of their views are insulting to many, their main goal is to bring across their opinion about the subject at hand. They stay on topic. Your posts however have nothing to do with the ongoing discussion. Your only goal is to annoy and insult. That's the difference between them and you.

Edit. Sorry Rachel, I missed your post. I'll stop.

Many times you have sought me out just to specifically point out how you don't like me or what I said. The difference is I put you in your place when you do instead of crying about it like you. So of course later on when no one is paying attention you act like a victim if I say something mean to you. Because that is your strength. To act like a victim.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 06:12

as do a lot of people. thing is, they also contribute something beyond cheap insults. funny thing is, i don't get PMs complaining about Stormdog while i have an entire file of complaints about your behavior here from a wide range of people. last warning. cool it. and with that, this public conversation is done with.

In that specific instance. Sounds like someone is more interesting than the other. That's all. Or maybe.. just maybe some people are bigger bitches than others and like to go tattle.


Anyway, you're being a hypocrite. You derail the fuck out of threads constantly, for years, then tell people to get back on track. You insult the fuck out of people then tell others not to. It's hypocritical as fuck. It wouldn't matter if you weren't a mod and didn't threaten people with bans all the time. But every time you threaten to ban me for doing the same thing you do because you feel the reason you do it is more important, it just makes you look hypocritical. You shit on the floor then spray some lysol and think it's all good but then you raise your eyebrow at me for pissing on the floor a whole bunch of times. You think making fun of people is worse than defending those same people for displaying the most heinous of human tendencies for god knows what reason... Because they kissed your ass or something? Well I won't and never will.

Do what you gotta do.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 05:42

nope. i'm good with letting pretty much everyone do it, because it's the think tank/adult swim. that's because not everyone else comes in here simply to insult people

You sure about that? Or are you easily fooled? Sure I could play dumb and bullshit around and hide an insult here and there. But who has time for that?

Your fellow moderator stormdog sure likes to fling the insults around without hiding it. You too. Hence, I just follow the lead. Or is posting like the mods not the right thing to do? Do as you say not as you do kind of thing?

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 05:31

nope, that was me being insulting. if you read thru my posts tho, you'll see that it's the rarity. 99% of my posts here are thoughtful and voice my opinion on the subject. read thru your own posts and you'll see that next to zero have anything to do with anything other than taking cheap shots at people. that's the difference. don't treat me like a fool, Jack. it's unbecoming.

Sounds a whole lot like it's okay when you do it but not anyone else.

Sounds a whole lot like you think your posts are 99% great because it's just your own words you read. Guess what, 100% of people feel their own words are 99% perfect, 100% of the time.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 05:20

this forum is called "the think tank". it's not called the insult tank, the judgement tank, or the entertain felix tank. it'd def. not called the make more work for sprite tank. you're not being clever. you're not being funny. you're simply being, in your own words, the ultimate douche. please cease and desist. that's the last time i'm going to ask. thank you.


can i just say... you're kind of an idiot? i mean, i won't, if it seems lacking common sense, but i really really really REALLY want to. let me know. thanks in advance!

What was that? was that you being clever and un-insulting?

An honest answer would be cool.

Please, thank you.

Topic donald trump for president
Posted 25 Jan 2017 05:15

if you're going to vote for someone, and yes, when you voted for Trump, you also voted for Pence, you should actually take a few minutes to be informed. you helped vote this guy in. now do you people understand why we "snowflakes" are pissed off?

Don't get pissed off at a crazy person... Would you in real life? Like some guy yelling at a tree? Would that actually piss you off?

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 05:13

Thank you Rachel. I still wish to respond, if you don't mind.

Jack, I am aware that my avatar shows some similarity with the image in the Sistine Chapel, but that's all there is to it. I'm not religious and there's no religious meaning in my avatar, unless you seek a reason to lash out. I still don't see, how your rant relates to the post you quoted.

Please give up your attempts to annoy or insult me. Only a few are capable of that, and you're not one of them.

Now, let's get back on topic.

I don't "try" to annoy or insult you... I got bored with that a while ago. I like fucking with you because you're the ultimate douche. Because you like to play the victim. Sure, you may post obvious truths here and there... water is wet 'n' all. But eventually... you will play the victim again, over and over... Just helping you out.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 05:05

please stay on topic and knock it off with the personal insults. thank you.

I just follow the lead.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 03:48

Nice little rant. What links the text you quoted to either Adam or my avatar? Or did you just need an excuse for some verbal abuse?

That avatar obviously harkens back to Sistine Chapel imagery... Are you claiming to not realize this and admitting you're a philistine swine? Or is this more gratuitous indignation on your part? ...which is obviously your modus operandi.

Topic Why I voted for Donald Trump
Posted 25 Jan 2017 02:31

We've seen it before:

Step one:
Make your people believe your country is in disrepair
Step two:
Find a scapegoat to blame for it
Step three:
Get in control
Step four:
Silence the voices that tell the truth
Step five:
Either try to conquer the world, or, if you're not that delusional, isolate yourself from it

So far, Trump is on track....

What's up with that avatar? You think you created Adam? You're so annoying... god... You're the ultimate douche. Look at that fucking avatar for fuck's sake.