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Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 06 Jul 2017 22:36

Hi Dani ...hello2 ... warmhug...I see ya feeling better....I'm glad.

I'm having a very yummy French Pinot this morning ... It's only 7:00am...sssh ...

You didn't put ice in the pinot, did you bro?

Topic Condemned to Hopelessness? Charlie Gard
Posted 06 Jul 2017 21:16

But you're not my favorite moderator

Wipe the turd off your nose, how nymphy of you. I was joking before but now I'm just disappointed.

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 06 Jul 2017 20:22

You're such an old goof.

Topic Condemned to Hopelessness? Charlie Gard
Posted 06 Jul 2017 19:33

I'd kinda like to know that too.

I'm not fond of you either, noll.

Not one bit.

Topic Tell something weird about yourself, cooking-wise
Posted 06 Jul 2017 18:06

If it's the popping you're scared of when frying, adding salt to the oil helps to reduce that.

Also, getting an air fryer will change your life.

All as seen on tv n shit. Set it and forget it dog.

Topic Condemned to Hopelessness? Charlie Gard
Posted 06 Jul 2017 16:47

I agree with just about all you've said. But acting out of love doesn't always equate with doing what's best. I know the parents will live with the what-ifs for the rest of their lives, but not allowing them to do so rules out the precedent that the end doesn't have to justify the means.

What happened to you to make you this way? Why is your heart so tiny and frozen?

Topic rules of blood and gore
Posted 05 Jul 2017 20:55

I wrote a story where a Lilith monster/entity blew people up. From the inside out. It was an awesome story.

Topic Watch This Space for a Stupendous Announcement about the New Direction of LushStories!
Posted 05 Jul 2017 17:10

Please do not engage in personal attacks on the forums.

Can I please ask him to post the scathing PMs?

Topic Watch This Space for a Stupendous Announcement about the New Direction of LushStories!
Posted 05 Jul 2017 16:04

Ya not ever even look at my Lush page?...Maybe ya should try reading it? God just like other guys here , they never read my page, just go for the boob pics.
Why would I take pics down from my Phunpages account silly. Lush isn't the only cybersex chat site ya know.
I have other pages too, why I'm not always here a lot. I have other chat friends other than just here.

Ok...I'm very sorry for saying ya have a small dick and i will change my post.

I am 25, not 22, and no I can't say how old I been seeing my Mistress, Lush not like that I think, but It's been a lot of my life.

I also have 4 blogs in Dutch, German, Swedish, and English. The Swedish one has my Fanny Modin years until I was 23.

All my other pics are my personal pics when I was younger, or after I stopped working in Paris.

I'm at work soon and starting my shift at the pub...Gotta go, drinks are up.

What the fack dag

Topic Watch This Space for a Stupendous Announcement about the New Direction of LushStories!
Posted 05 Jul 2017 15:30

I see your trolling again. What, hurting that other girls feelings not enough
to get your little dick hard? Not feel like a man yet this month?

I was gonna try to make friends with ya, but if ya gonna follow me around and not be nice, and try to be mean then
stop talking to me. I not like you, and I think ya just troll around the forums running your dick licker.
I think you're a mean person. So leave me alone. I'm not interested in you. Never will be, so slither away some where else.
Not want to talk to you, or know you.
Is that plain enough for ya, or do I have to send ya a get well card for your mental impairments.
Stop stalking me freak.

I screenshot and saved the other page showing how you started being mean to that girl first for know reason at all.
I'm saving every page ya follow me to from now on too.

And what does your comment mean too? You trying to say I'm a guy? What is wrong with you?
What an asshole someone would have to be to say that. ya been hurt by too many girls laughing at your small dick or something?
Of course I always go out of my way to ask about Lush having Live Cams if I didn't want them too, just so some moron wouldn't understand.
If ya trying to ruin my fun at Lush in any way, or hurt my feelings like ya did that other girl yesterday?
I'll just report ya to Lush for bothering me, and you can explain it to them.
Then I'll also do a few other things I can do about guys like you here.
I wonder how many others ya have been mean to as well, besides that other girl.
Think I need to talk with her again too.

Your think you're gods gift to girls attitude isn't gonna go well with me.
Especially with such a small cock that won't even get hard during cyber sex.
I not put up with that from any guy I know, any of my friends in real life,
and I'm surely not gonna put up with it from someone who doesn't even know me,
or from a freak on an online sexsite too? I not think so.

I've had dates with guys just like you before, even when I knew better. Didn't like them, and I not like you very much now either.
You're a very mean person, and following me around like some freak lets me know that for sure now.

But not worry...I'm not a mean person, and I would never tell anyone ya have a small dick and couldn't get it up to even cybersex good with me.
Ya must understand that we aren't very compatible though, and ya should just try to have Lushie fun some where else.
I need a better cyber lover than you can be for me. Sorry, so just go away.

Ya sure ya really want to start something with me? I won't just let it go ya know, no matter what ya say or do.
If not, then fine, come get all ya want and see how much noise I make about it.
We can just let everyone know who and what ya are then.
A lot of my Lush friends know me live, up close and personal. What about you?...hmmm
Sorry, but anything ya may think ya know? Ya gonna be surprised. Ya think ya are special that way?

Oh I'm not done yet...And if ever ya want to live cam with me in front of anyone here?
We have 3 of them here running 24/7 on our farm. Just pick a number.
I can invite any of my friends who talk with me almost everyday on my blogs, and we can live cam in front of admin or anyone,
anywhere on Lush. Let's just see what you really look like, I'll show others just how mean ya really are,
and you can show everyone the size of your dick. I'll have one of my close friends here show the size of their cock to compare.
Maybe then ya leave me alone and stop following me around Lush.
If ya can't live cam for some reason? Which wouldn't surprise me for ya to say that ya can't,
then we can post a photo of our International Driving Permits, or whatever it is that ya have,
in front of everyone in any chat room, or forum page.

Ya want to say you're sorry? I'm not hard to find ya know.
Anything other than that I not really care what ya do. Just go away, or do I need to also tattoo that on your little dick.

Nuh huh you're mean!


I'll show you just how nice I am. I'm so nice that I'll inform you that some big meanie stole your pictures and put them online for people to use god knows how!


You should really look into getting those taken down or something.

And yes if you post your international drivers license or whatever I promise to believe you. I'll forget how you said you've been traveling every month to see your master in England FOR THE PAST 11 YEARS even though you're like supposedly 22. When did you start? Europe is so progressive. But yeah post it, I hope the photo on it isn't one of those in your gallery that someone stole and placed online. That is so mean! And tiny dicked of them.

Topic Watch This Space for a Stupendous Announcement about the New Direction of LushStories!
Posted 05 Jul 2017 08:33


I kinda thought something like that really. But had to ask.
I not think very many here would use it anyway.
Seems maybe most Lushies are here instead of other live chat sites is because they want their privacy.

I can understand that I guess with their work, families,

I'm sure that worried you for a second there, bro.

Topic The best place to pick up?
Posted 05 Jul 2017 08:24

Dumber choice. That can get really ugly when things go sour.

It's a quickie not a relationship, ding dong. This is why no one wants to get any of your stank on their hang low.

Topic Trump/Shakespeare In the Park
Posted 03 Jul 2017 23:14

The anger is strong in this one.

It should be "the anger is strong with this one."

Sorry, it just bugs me when people try to be "clever" when quoting movie quotes as insults but get it fundamentally wrong.

The force isn't in you, it's with you.

Topic Waking up to a blow job - yay or nay?
Posted 03 Jul 2017 22:32

I value my sleep. This is a quick way to get involuntarily kicked.

Topic Is Wonder Woman Overrated??
Posted 03 Jul 2017 21:34

First of all whoever created this topic needs punched lol!! Being a huge Wonder Woman fan and waiting forever for her to finally get the love she deserves. How can anyone say it was overrated. When there have many many Superman movies, Batman movies. She's always been overshadowed by other heroes or whatever. I saw it four times and each time I get an overwelming happiness and almost tears at certain parts of the movie. Some parts maybe cliched or over the top but who cares. It's become my all time favorite movie.

This why lush is still funny.

Topic Australia's "Underpants Gnomes" Gun Ban
Posted 03 Jul 2017 20:52

Your lack of reading comprehension is showing... as is your stupidity. You and Jack are troll brothers from another mother. Even when I fucking agree with you... you still can't get a clue. Whatever Noll. Have a nice life and grow the fuck up. That's not too sexist for you now, is it?

We're misters from another sister you sexist piece of shit.

Wait what... d'oh!

Topic Is Wonder Woman Overrated??
Posted 03 Jul 2017 20:44

cause i'm a hypocritical whore, remember?

Hmmm... I think it's the opposite that spurred this exchange.

PS: You aren't insinuating I called you that I hope. That would be pretty dishonest of you.

Topic Is Wonder Woman Overrated??
Posted 03 Jul 2017 20:34

it wasn't a debate. i simply stated that you're wrong. a debate means that i am willing to present well thought out arguments and am open to changing my mind if your arguments sway me. i am and was uninterested from either outcome. i simply wanted to point out that you were wrong. it's really very simple.

Oh so you were just attention hounding again.

Fair enough.

Topic Is Wonder Woman Overrated??
Posted 03 Jul 2017 20:27

He's referring to me. i simply didn't understand his reference at the time. also, i smoke a lot of pot. oh, and also, i just like to disagree with everything Jack says on general principle.


But if you really can't remember a movie's plot right after you watch it and you decide to engage in debate about it anyway, maybe you should cut back a bit.

Topic The best place to pick up?
Posted 03 Jul 2017 19:10

Dumb choices.

The answer is at work with your coworkers.

Topic Best Vietnam War Movie?
Posted 03 Jul 2017 18:45

Casualties of War can seem a bit exploitative at times but man is it horrific. It really does make you feel like shit while watching it. A feeling that lingers well after the movie is over.

Topic Australia's "Underpants Gnomes" Gun Ban
Posted 03 Jul 2017 18:42

Well... there's one point we can agree upon... Seax doesn't need a defender at all, nor should it be you.

This goes back to what I said before about you becoming the new Jack... and sadly... you are starting to show signs of the same sad, sick obsession he's got. So, I guess if that's the reason you were implying... then you are even more pathetic than I had originally thought. Either that or you and he suffer from the same delusion.

Don't insult me. Noll could never be like me.

He may be "obsessed" with laughing at and highlighting your stupidity, hypocrisy and various isms like I am but he could never ever ever be like me. Please.

Topic Counting days in chat
Posted 03 Jul 2017 18:28

Whenever I see someone has spent like 30+ days in a chat room I'm always like oofa ...

Topic Is Wonder Woman Overrated??
Posted 03 Jul 2017 18:07

Yes, yes it is.

I actually mentioned it was in the "last movie you watched" thread or something like that. Of course one of the local social justice warriors came in to tell me I was wrong and how it's the best movie ever. I brought up specific points about the movie that they did not even recall which makes me think they weren't watching that closely and went into the movie with a reverse closed mind, if that makes sense.

The stuff on the island was good, the acting was good especially the two leads. The villains were awful except doctor poison. She was interesting but maybe only because the other villains were really bad. Some of the worst. Lots of gaps in the narrative that don't make sense and would be unforgivable in a non superhero movie. It was just ok. It's the best of the rest I guess.

Topic Tell something weird about yourself, cooking-wise
Posted 03 Jul 2017 17:59

I use mayonnaise instead of butter on the outside of grilled cheese sandwiches.

It's not weird, it's actually fairly common, but I've been called weird for doing least until people have had my grilled cheese sandwiches. It toasts up the bread nicely like butter and gives the bread a really good flavor (especially sourdough).

Way to copy Pablo from la taqueria.

That's like wearing a Native American Headdress for EDC.


Topic The WORST movie you ever saw
Posted 03 Jul 2017 07:50

And here I thought I was pulling off the innocence.

...tell me more

Topic Australia's "Underpants Gnomes" Gun Ban
Posted 02 Jul 2017 23:34

Minor correction: she was talking about Seax not me.

Topic Australia's "Underpants Gnomes" Gun Ban
Posted 02 Jul 2017 20:34

I'm still not clear why you give a shit? You poked your nose into this, then you bitched, whined, and cried sexism. Sprite's right... you need to "grow a pair (of gender appropriate body parts...)"

Feel free to pick which pair you grow.

Nymphwriter literally said that if noll was a woman she would have used a different insult.

She doesn't even get that sprite was being sarcastic.

She constantly "sticks her nose into other people's exchanges" (when her nose isn't deep in a mod's ass that is) and then bitches and cries when people respond to her nonsense. The hypocrisy she displays is at a cartoonish level now.

She obviously suffers from some kind of psychosis and she claims to teach children. It's very concerning.

Topic The WORST movie you ever saw
Posted 02 Jul 2017 20:16

I watched College Girl Tries Anal for the First Time and it was total bullshit. It was probably her 200th time at least.

Topic Best Vietnam War Movie?
Posted 02 Jul 2017 16:28

Besides the ones you mentioned Born on the Fourth of July is pretty unforgettable. It's Platoon's companion piece really. Also First Blood (original Rambo) was one of the first movies to touch on ptsd from Vietnam while being action packed of course but still heartbreaking.

Animal Mother, is still a favorite screen name to use when i need to make one up on the fly.