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Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 15:38

If I get one more notification in my timeline that someone has unfollowed me I am going to march my happy ass right down to the Lush Headquarters in fucking Scottsdale Arizona and demand satisfaction.

Topic Story Feedback
Posted 08 Aug 2016 15:33

Un-classy nudes in my inbox will do.

Topic Who do you think is actually a guy although the profile says female?
Posted 23 Jul 2016 15:47

I think I have found some guys deliberately put female in their profile by simply chatting with them.

You must be some kind of super detective. Move over Batman, David has arrived.

Topic Celebrating our new sub forum!
Posted 23 Jul 2016 14:35

i could kill you with my thumb, you know.

Why, was it in youre but or some thing?

Topic Celebrating our new sub forum!
Posted 23 Jul 2016 14:32

now not know. feel not feal. you're not your.

Go a way, your annoying! Their, I said it.

Topic Celebrating our new sub forum!
Posted 23 Jul 2016 13:36


know I feal stupid as fuck. I hope your happy.

Topic Has the UK replaced the US as the political laughingstock of the world?
Posted 20 Jul 2016 09:12

First off, don't use your response to me to engage with Magical_Felix, it just makes you look like a coward and feeds his ego. If you have something to say to him... then fucking say it to him ... not to me. It's never too late to reply to anyone. However, I gave you fair warning dude.

Next, a Wikipedia article on copyright? Really?! Did you read what I said? I said you were repeating things almost to the point of plagiarism. Nothing about copyright. Please, don't send links to articles I won't read.

As for you not wanting to share "private information"... are you serious? That's your excuse for failing to answer a question. It's not like I asked you for your name, address, social security number, birth date, bank account number, etc. I asked you what country you came from. Considering the size of most countries, that's not asking for a whole hell of a lot of information. You choose to post on public forum then cry foul about your privacy. Truly you're a hypocrite.

And I don't need to know what country you're from to know you're an idiot. You are the one who has been using stereotypes... not me.

So stop talking about "your country" if you're not going to tell anyone where you're from. Stop using me to make useless attacks at Magical_Felix. If you don't have the balls to stand up to him yourself, that's your problem... not mine. I shut the door on him a long time ago and walked away. I don't care what he thinks about me or says. And honestly, I now feel the same way about you as well.

Oh my god haha

Topic Has the UK replaced the US as the political laughingstock of the world?
Posted 19 Jul 2016 15:03

As for what Magical_Felix posted, I, trully, don't care. I choose not to reply to his post for two reasons: 1. I've saw too late his reply. 2. I was too lazy to make a double post as I was using a tablet.

Nymph is just trying to make you feel foolish for responding to my post. It's a normal thing to respond to posts on a message board. Sure it was insulting but this thread is insulting in that it suggests the US is the world's laughing stock when nothing could be further from the truth.

But... Let's just say Nymph is right and it is foolish to respond to me when I post in the manner I posted to you... Nymph isn't someone who should talk. It took her over a year to realize that I would deliberately post in a way to fire her all up and watch her explode then laugh. I mean, the shit I would say was true... But you know, the truth can be embarrassing. You shouldn't take her nonsense seriously. The only reason she can even control herself now is because she supposedly has me blocked (she reads my posts anyway, let's get real) but if she does directly respond now she will look doubly foolish because she is supposedly using the block. That's why she always goes out of her way to say she inadvertently read my posts. Makes her look dumb and dishonest every time. If it weren't for the block feature she begged and begged for she would still be responding so don't take her judgment to heart. But yeah, she uses the "block" because she has to because she was so annoying about it and now I can say whatever I want to her and she can't defend her points. She played herself pretty much.

Topic Has the UK replaced the US as the political laughingstock of the world?
Posted 19 Jul 2016 11:40

Look, whoever the president is doesn't really matter. What matters, actually what should worry you, is gerrymandering. That's why nothing ever really gets accomplished.

Because of shady gerrymandering practices one party can win more house seats even though they don't win the popular election. In states like Pennsylvania the democrats can win over 50% of the popular vote but get only 5 out of 18 seats. It's ridiculous. Republicans are the monitory of the population but have a majority of the seats because of some "creative" manipulation of district lines.

Probably should have posted this in the trump thread or whatever but it's all the same. All these political threads are all about the same shit.

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 19 Jul 2016 09:08

uh huh

As I wonder who it was that "incited" that poor misunderstood guy in Brussels behind the wheel of that truck...

Do you and barbilicious realize that this isn't the picture thread part of the forum? For fuck's sake... its bad enough with barbilicious who is clearly incapable of forming a thought of her own but now you too? You're posting on the level of someone who may possibly be mentally handicapped. Try and post a thought of your own. Your stupidity is more entertaining that way. Posting other's stupidity isn't funny or amusing or anything. It's just stupid.

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 19 Jul 2016 09:00

If Melania Trump were a member of Lush, I'd suspend her account for plagiarism. angry7

This is all starting to crossover into the surreal now. Like some Spanish absurdist political comedy from the 70s.

Topic Cops out of control - part 2
Posted 16 Jul 2016 16:42

At least four countries have issued travel warnings to its citizens of the dangers they may face traveling in the United States: The Bahamas, The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and New Zealand.

Let's face it. We've descended to the status of a dangerous third world country in the eyes of other nations.

Who cares... Do you care that I think it's beyond weird that you photoshop your head on other people's bodies? No, you don't.

As much as I think this country has a lot of problems (just like every other country) It is far from being a "dangerous" country to visit. I do not care what the Bahamas thinks of us. Seriously, the Bahamas... Issuing warnings when a lot of those islands are dangerous as fuck. Get real. Oh no, the governments of NZ, Bahrain, and the Emirates think America is too dangerous to visit because of the police. That makes so much sense, what are we going to do? Holy shit without their tourism money we might as well just all kill ourselves. Fucking Bahrain.. please. You're probably more likely to die from food poisoning or get hit by a car on the lawless roads over there than getting brutalized by a cop here while on vacation.

Topic The WORST movie you ever saw
Posted 14 Jul 2016 20:12

Obviously you didn't watch that movie because it's fucking awesome. Hard boiled is John woo and chow yun fat's fucking magnum opus.

Look, art is subjective. I get that.


Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 14 Jul 2016 19:41

I lol'ed

Topic Would you Marry, Bang (Fuck), Friend or Pass the Person Above You?
Posted 14 Jul 2016 19:38


Bang but with a reach around because I'm a gentleman and a squire.

Topic Not recieving online messages (black boxes) or notifications of any type
Posted 14 Jul 2016 19:24

ok this issue was effecting Chrome on Android. i've just uploaded a patch, let me know how it goes.

2 > 1 > 0 right Buz?

Dude, the shit you do sounds like such a pain in the ass...

I don't say nice things often. But, good job; good job keeping the site running. Sounds like a lot of work. Sounds like a fucking NIGHTMARE. But you get it done. Good job dude.

Topic 5 dead police in Dallas
Posted 14 Jul 2016 19:11

Thanks for the warning -- I'll start stockpiling Slim Jims and Red Bull for the impending Armageddon.

You are not getting it. You fucked with wellmademale. You're not surviving the apocalypse. You're fucking doomed. He's going to shove the internet right up your ass and piss on your corpse. Wellmademale ain't no joke. He's a fucking predator. Get to the choppa bro.

Topic The WORST movie you ever saw
Posted 14 Jul 2016 19:09

The Passion of the Christ.

That belongs in the BDSM section.

You should know better. Keep the site tidy, dawg.

Topic 5 dead police in Dallas
Posted 14 Jul 2016 19:04

I've embedded responses in your original text:

You gone and fucked with the wrong wellmademale. He's not only wrapping his head in tinfoil right now but his entire body. He's gonna read what you said and come slay the living fuck right out of you. He's going to put fingertips to keys on his grey plastic molded keyboard and fucking wreck every single thing you said. You have poked a straight up Internet dragon. RIP

Topic The WORST movie you ever saw
Posted 14 Jul 2016 16:28

You should always watch porn with choir girls from church. But avoid Mormons. They are just too physically demanding.

cleanse yourself (1).jpg

Topic Danielle X's What's the Odd One Out Quiz - A prize to the winner!
Posted 14 Jul 2016 14:20

You deserve somewhere between high fives and a kick up the bum!

D x

We'll meet in the middle and I'll give your bum a low five.

Topic Danielle X's What's the Odd One Out Quiz - A prize to the winner!
Posted 14 Jul 2016 14:17

Look at each section below and say which is the odd one out, and why . I'll write a flash erotica story for the winner!

St. Paul <--- this guy is the only non sinner of the bunch
New York

Gold <---- this one will get you laid

Tiger Woods <---- has slayed more pussy than all the others combined
Dustin Johnson
Justin Rose
Phil Mickelson
Rory Mcilroy
Angel Cabrera

Winston Churchill <---- flyest hats in the game
Margaret Thatcher
Dennis Thatcher
Gordon Brown
Sarah Brown
David Cameron

Rita Ora
Pope John Paul II
Mother Teresa
King Zog <---- only guy who has the guts to fight superman
Elvana Gjata

North Carolina
Virgina <---- more slutty chicks per capita

King penguin
Galapagos Penguin
Emperor Penguin
Rockhopper Penguin
Adélie Penguin <---- has way more #1 hits than the other penguins
Gentoo Penguin

Food blender
Washing machine <---- only one that can give a woman an orgasm

Banana <------ same as above

Absinthe <---- contains wormwood


The judge's decision (i.e.) me, is final Read it
The deadline to have your answers (in this thread) is 15th August, 2016
I retain the right to confiscate Katie's panties
In the event of a tie, a tie breaker/spanking will be used to decide the winner

Danielle X

I would like the character in the story to have a big butt.

Thank you.

Topic The WORST movie you ever saw
Posted 14 Jul 2016 14:05

One time I clicked on a porn because it specifically said that the pornstar was going to be doing her first anal on screen. I made sure I was alone, I got my tissues ready, lit a fucking summer breeze scented candle... I watched the whole thing and there was no anal to be found anywhere in this 25 minute long LIE. I was so dissapointed that I didn't even find a new video to jerk off to. I just put my rig away and went for a walk to clear my mind.

Topic Smartphones, tablets, iPads, Kindles
Posted 14 Jul 2016 12:44

All I see is wellmademale yelling at some kids to get off his lawn and the kids ignoring him because they are busy with their phones. Lol

Topic 5 dead police in Dallas
Posted 13 Jul 2016 14:50

What then, differentiates you from the murderer, or from those who used a robot drone to murder him 'on the domestic battlefield'?

That's exactly what Ben Franklin was getting at, and it lies at the very heart of what I stated earlier. Let's just ignore our constitution and give up the rest of our rights, hand them all over to the authorities so they can do anything they want to us.

To keep us safe (in their version of safe).

You do realize that the constitution is just an old piece of paper that the people in power can chose to ignore or use to push their own agenda at any given moment. I mean, look up the definition of amendment.

You talk about giving up your rights... You really don't have any rights. You have an illusion of rights. Even if the government decided to burn the constitution and the american people started a revolution and by some act of god won (yeah right) there would be a new constitution made and a new government would take over and it would just be the same shit again.

Go on a killing spree... get robocopped.

Topic Experimenting with the Notifications API
Posted 13 Jul 2016 14:34

Looks nice. The way it works can have some unwanted consequences though.
For instance: I usually open Lush in a separate window in private mode, that I can hide behind a regular browsing window if necessary. I can imagine that more members do something similar, depending on where they are. These notification show up on top of every else, whether the tab that runs Lush has focus or not. So it essentially gives away the fact that Lush is running, even when that window is hidden.

Don't be that creepy ass dude at the coffee shop logging into adult sites in public. For fuck's sake, man.

Topic 5 dead police in Dallas
Posted 12 Jul 2016 17:36

While it was deplorable that those five were murdered by Michah Xavier Johnson - has anyone given a moment's thought about Mr. Johnson being summarily murdered/dispatched/judged and tried on the spot - by a robot drone/bomb?

Mr Johnson's 14th amendment rights were not just trampled upon, they weren't even thought about. Which means that we as society, by not saying anything about this particular situation - are agreeing to surrender our own 14th amendment rights.

It's also one of the most blatant uses of a militarized drone to kill an American citizen.

So, while it was a terrible situation perpetrated by Micah Johnson - it was an equally terrible decision by whichever agency condoned and ordered Mr Johnson to be dealt with as if he were an ISIS combatant.

No apprehension, no trial, no judgement, no incarceration. Does it not make you want to know who made decided to implement this fucked up 'solution'?

Side note link: How America's Police became militarized. The 1033 Program.

It's not like they could just shine a light for batman to show up, apprehend him alive and put him in Arkham asylum. What else were they supposed to do? Wait until he ran out of ammo? Wait until he killed another cop or himself? Would you storm in there and read him his rights? Please.

Topic Has the UK replaced the US as the political laughingstock of the world?
Posted 12 Jul 2016 15:59

This is why I don't let my grandma use the Internet unsupervised. Sometimes she still manages to get ahold of the laptop though and sneaks the time I catch her she's all fired up about something or other talking about how Latino is an offensive term, Trump is a visionary, alien human hybrids and I won't even get into how pissed she gets at me for not taking her to meet local singles in her area. It's a nightmare every time.

Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 12 Jul 2016 11:17

I don't recall referring to anyone by name. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to point out the perceived faults in my logic. I was however, hoping they would be referring to my information on the topic. I love fishing and your bait is known to most. I don't think I'll take yours since as you pointed out this is a sex site. Although adult discourse does happen on here from time to time. So continue to be you, that's all anyone can really do. Being childish is not wrong, just annoying and predictable.

Who should be president is an endlessly arguable point. For now we are stuck with who will be president. I guess this a good place for fantasies though so I can keep dreaming that these aren't the actual candidates.

I like how pointing out the paradox in the crybaby's post equals "bait". Always the go-to defense. That or "trolling" of course...

So you were just randomly posting about people calling people stupid and since you didn't name names it wasn't directed at anyone specific? Is that what you're saying?

Dishonesty, spinelessness and crybabies lacking conviction on Lush is also predictable.

Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 12 Jul 2016 08:53

Who should be the next President? Interesting topic and fascinating to watch the exchanges contained in this thread. I am loath to wade into this particular pool considering the level the discourse has dropped down to at times. Calling people stupid, quoting people, editing, re-editing, lobbing even more insults then trying to appease people, while fascinating reminds me too much of overseeing a playground at recess. The only thing missing is someone calling someone else a poopy head.

I generally prefer to be a spectator to this but a few points or thoughts demanded I free them from my head. (Insert requisite joke about my head being empty if all thoughts are fleeing it in mass).

Either Trump or Clinton will be our next president. (Just typing that makes me feel slightly dirty and not at all proud of my country at the moment). Over 300 million people in America and this is who we've ended up with?

We're stuck now though. I'm much more interested at this point at who they will pick for their running mates. I've heard Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich names being talked about most frequently on Trump's side. Again I shiver at the thought of either. Christie I am sure would sell his soul (if he hasn't already) for the VP spot. Newt (?), great we'll have a base on the moon by the second term.

Clinton I don't think will pick Elizabeth Warren. For many reasons and the saddest one is that many (more than I care to think about) will not vote for a ticket of two women. I am afraid sexism and racism are still two things alive and well in America. Lately Tm Kaine has been brought up. Being from Virginia I am familiar with him and find him less objectionable as some others. He still would not sway me to vote for her because I have an issue with too many of her past dealings and decisions.

When people ask who I am going to vote for I tell them I am taking a pencil with me and will write in a name or just vote libertarian again. Hopefully four years can pass without things getting worse and we won't be in any new wars or an economic crisis. A sad day when that is the best one can hope for.

Our system is broken in so many ways but the fixes are not easy and no one is going to be able to change a things anytime soon. Although just getting some sort of campaign finance reform would go a long way. Don't see it realistically happening .

Another point people bring up is the absurdity of our presidential race and candidates. I like to watch and read about other countries politics as well and we are hardly alone in that or the worst. We just happen to have the biggest stage with the whole world watching.

An aside, I think it is interesting that in some states when you register to vote you must pick a party affiliation. In Virginia it is not a requirement, so when I hear someone say they are a registered this or that and they are from Virginia it annoys me. Small things do that to me. I just wish people knew more about their own system and I hope it is just because they registered so long ago they forgot you didn't have to choose a side. It never made any sense to me why you would have to choose one party or another. You aren't required to vote for any particular party. Again things like that catch my eye and I wander down another train of thought.

It's very late or early depending on how I choose to view it. I am now going to back out slowly and let this thread carry on. I do hope it stays on topic and is civil, but after reading through a lot of it, I am not hopeful. Carry on people and try to be adults. It's not really that hard.

You say I'm acting childish but at least I'm smart enough to know that no one on a sex site is going to read a massive post about politics. I'm smart enough to know that no one cares. Like, you read what I posted even though you're so adult and above it but I stopped reading and starting skimming yours after you were finished letting readers know you were finished calling me a child and you were going to get into your thoughts about politics. You're above it... Yet you partake in it... That was also the only interesting part of your post. It's just kinda dumb to go out of your way to disapprove of what people are posting then turnaround and do the same thing. Carry on and try not to contradict yourself. It's really not that hard.

(It's doubly ironic/hypocritical when you read your forum signature right after your post too... You're literally telling me I am doing it wrong. Amazing)