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Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 05 May 2013 19:57

Here's a moral question for the class:

I doubt anyone here looks up to you like a teacher. I mean get real...

Should I be forced to damage the hearing of my children and spouse if I ever have to defend them from harm?

If I had to live in the same house as nudiepants I would probably want to be deaf, to be honest. Can you imagine having to listen to nudiepants blow hard all day? Fuck that noise. I would want his blabbing off suppressed.

Or should I be forced to not have the ability to defend them with a firearm at all?

No one is saying you shouldn't be able to except maybe lord byron but he doesn't count because he's an extreme anti-gun blowhard in the same way you are the extreme pro gun idiot. You two represent the duality of man on this subject.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 05 May 2013 19:04

In theory, at least, you can get a silencer the same way you get a machine gun. Fill out a form 4, get one of the local police officials to sign it and mail it off to the ATF. When the FBI is through investigating you, if the ATF approves your having a silencer, you can get one. Texas is the only state where you can have it delivered to your house. In the other states you'll have to go through a dealer with a FFL.

AL, AR, AK, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MS, MT, ND, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WV and WY. allow private ownership of silencers.

What I wonder is why anybody needs a silencer if they don't plan to commit some kind of crime with it. You don't need a quiet weapon to defend your home or hunt deer.

Also, it takes just as long to get an ATF approval for a silencer as it does a machine gun, four to six months.

A machine gun has to have a receiver manufactured before 1986 to be legal to private citizens.

Weird, those states have a lot in common.... I can see how having a silencer is useful in more ways than just for crime but yeah, still not needed because the cons outweigh the pros. Funny how these extra hoops to jump through actually does make it harder to acquire something like a silencer. In California, I can get a hot gun really easily. A silencer? not so much.

And that's what I thought, Before 1986, so it's not like you can get any weapon anyway. And I doubt you can get a rocket launcher too... I mean I really doubt that. I feel stupid just typing it out.

Topic Westboro Baptist Church and Jason Collins
Posted 05 May 2013 18:18

Those people are about as serious as a clown smoking a bong.

It is best to pay them no mind. They thrive on attention. I doubt they believe their own bullshit. It's just a family of inbred folk.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 05 May 2013 18:03

They didn't ban fully automatic weapons from civilians. You pay a $200 tax and you can own any machine gun, rocket launcher, explosive device on the battle field. Learn the laws......

This is simply not true. That is limited to a few types of fully automatic weapons made before a certain date. You can't just pay 200 bucks and go buy a modern machine gun or rocket launcher manufactured last year (state of the art). Originally you could buy any type of weapon under the 2nd amendment. News flash simpleton, You cannot anymore so they have been stomping on your rights since before your grand pappy was born. Well not stomping, they have been saving you from yourself and everyone else from fools who think they need a rocket launcher for self defense.

And what about silencers? You can't get those either but they use them on the battlefield. Is this Amuricah or Nazi Germany!?

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 05 May 2013 13:10

W hat I am saying is that I was surprised to learn that m usic is consistently ranked in the top ten curriculum s behind medicine, law, certain types of engineering, and architecture .


Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 05 May 2013 12:56

Damn! I'm looking to put a pool in my back yard. I guess I'll be on some crazy watch list for gun & pool owning libertarians. I think I see a white van out front and someone in a dark suit & sunglasses taking pictures of my house.

Were they infringing on your 2nd amendment rights when they banned fully automatic weapons for civilians? <-- Why do the pro-every-type-of-gun-being-available people avoid this question?

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 05 May 2013 12:46

But they drown when they climb over the fence and trespass you idiot!

Yeah, let me plan a mass murder by luring a bunch of people into my pool you idiot.

Topic trust after affairs
Posted 05 May 2013 12:36

Were you just fooling around with me again Jack?

Com-er you little bastardBig Hugs



Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 05 May 2013 12:26

It's an accepted fact that far more children drown each year than die of accidental (or intentional) gunfire.

I have a proposal for you:

First, let's make it illegal for anyone with children to own a house with a pool.

Then, let's make anyone who does want to own a pool undergo strict, government-run pool-safety-awareness training before they're allowed to have a pool installed.

While we're at it, let's make anyone who wants to have a pool installed go through a thorough background check to see if they've ever had any pool-related incidents in their past.

Let's make sure that anyone who markets so-called "pool toys" to children is made to cease and desist. These lethal "pool toys" are much too dangerous for anyone except adults to own and handle responsibly. If they cared more about lives and less about profit, they'd aim their marketing exclusively at adults, and recommend that small children be kept away from "pool toys" altogether.

Let's also make it a serious felony for any adult to even allow a child near a pool, let alone in a pool. All previously-installed pools should have hard locking covers installed so no child will ever be able to inadvertently be allowed to access the deadly pool.

Last, let's put strict limits on how many and what kind of pool chemicals are able to be purchased, with high taxes in place, in order to discourage pool ownership. We may not be able to outlaw pool ownership outright, but all we really need to do is discourage pool ownership. As years pass, and more and more pools fall out of use, the issue of pool safety will become less and less important, until private pool ownership becomes a thing of the past. After all, if anyone wants to go swimming, they can always just use their local community pool, under the watchful eyes of proper supervision. We'll work on hot tubs, Roman tubs, and claw-foot tubs once we've dealt with the menace posed by these evil privately-owned swimming pools.

After all, if it saves only one child, it'll be worth it...



You can't accidentally shoot your neighbor with a pool you idiot.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 05 May 2013 12:09

What makes you so special , AUTO CORRECT ?

I'm a snowflake, you dunce.

Oh , by the way, I was a music teacher . Fifth most difficult curriculum in existence but then , you wouldn't know anything about that! (one exclamation point will suffice)

Are you saying that the music classes are the fifth hardest amongst the rest of the subjects at your school? I would agree if there are only five subjects. Like, if I had five subjects to learn like: math, history, science, english and music. Then yeah, music would be the fifth hardest.

Or are you saying your particular music curriculum was the fifth hardest in the world amongst music curriculums? Let's pretend that that can actually be measured... Good thing they got rid of you. Why would they have the one-billionth best teacher on the planet teaching the fifth hardest curriculum? Makes no sense.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 05 May 2013 11:49

This is so beautiful.

Topic Serial Killers and their prevalance.
Posted 04 May 2013 19:13

The answer is clear to me...

Idle hands.

These countries you listed are amongst the most developed. Hunger, need, desperation are at a minimum. This environment creates jealousy, wrath and envy amongst those that had the tools to become but never did. These societies are not used to violence as an everyday thing and the serial killer can thrive, he can go un-noticed.

California is arguably the best place on the planet to live because of weather, economy and opportunity. The women are the most beautiful as well. This can breed hate and will amongst the have-nots. You have a have-not with will power and a skewed mind and you just created a serial killer.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 04 May 2013 09:48

This is not Churchhill downs this is not Hollywood Park

When the field is wide open

I'll pick the horse that's got the biggest heart

Let em run let em ride let em roll down the track

Let em win place and show

Let em one dollar exact

Six furlongs four phillys

Three mares three years and up

Who measures up

Well I wish you luck

Who measures up

Well I wish you luck

This is not Churchhill downs this is not Hollywood Park

When the field is wide open

I'll pick the horse that's got the biggest heart

Well they rush the windows and play odds on fave

(But the)My starter in 2nd deuces down a bit of give and take

Race is a puzzler when they open from the outside

It's a hit and run and they look back

You can't count on that

That's a fact

The old men from El Cerrito

Who talk about their picks

And they talk about all the wins of the great jock leftgit Pincay

This is not Churchhill downs this is not Hollywood Park

When the field is wide open

I'll pick the horse that's got the biggest heart

Every time i come back to the east bay i run into "big L"

My old friend Big L he's not doing so well

Me and Big L grew up across the freeway from the track

WE spent many days at the track

I see Big L come rollin up the street

On his little sister's pink ten speed

He said "Tim, Tim don't you remember me?"

"way back from 1973?"

Every time i see him he has to remind me

Like i would ever forget Big L

Then he's gone

Like a flash

Then he's gone

Like a flash

yeah like a flash

Ok this is rancid signing off for now

until next time we'll see you guys later...

Topic Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted 04 May 2013 08:50

No kidding. I prefer out of her tear ducts ( with joy ) as opposed to her nostrils, mouth or other orifices.

That's probably an eye of the beholder type thing...

Topic Tit Fucking
Posted 04 May 2013 08:49

Then you haven't been with the right woman

Or the women I am with have juicier bits ;)

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 04 May 2013 08:44

I believe there will come a day when the US government does try and confiscate all the guns. That will be when the government has become so overbearing and oppressive that any semblance of democracy, liberty and freedom has ceased to exist. By then the government will also decide who will or will not be allowed to have children.

I don't think they should take handguns, hunting rifles and shotguns away. Anything else, yes.


Australia I think it was, banned all guns after a horrific mass shooting and they haven't had one since. I do not get any sense of what you are talking about when I speak to an Australian... There is no liberty or freedom in Australia and they live under the boot of the government? LOL

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 04 May 2013 08:36

Ok, since sarcasm clearly doesn't work... you are a giant fucking moron if you actually can't see a difference. It's called hyperbole jackass. You'll notice that I actually did answer your question. Guns are used for defense and hunting. Although, I think it would be hilarious if a landmine blew up one of those watchtower society assholes about to knock on my door.

When the second amendment was written... Were there restrictions on what type of weapons we could acquire? No there wasn't. We could get the state of the art weaponry so we could defend ourselves against foreign and domestic threats. Now we cannot get the best weapons we can should we ever actually have to defend ourselves against foreign and domestic threats... So guess what genius? The second amendment has already been altered a bunch of times.

This goes out to all gun advocates. Were they infringing on your 2nd amendment rights when they banned fully automatic weapons for civilians? <-- serious question.

I think it would be hilarious if a landmine blew up one of those watchtower society assholes about to knock on my door.

Also calling someone a giant moron then saying something like that is... I don't know... Laughable.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 04 May 2013 08:29

As far as I know the removal of the 2nd ammendment would in any case be done by an elected congress voted by the American people. The base of a representative democracy is that the elected officials are voted in by the people, and thus the representatives in both houses represent the will of the people. Majority rules. Should the 2nd ammendment be removed then it is the will of the people, because no one will vote for a person that wants to change the constitution in a manner they oppose, regardless.

If you want to take up arms against the congress because the majority of the people made a choice you like, then you are at best a rebel, at worst a terrorist, and unless there are such overwhelming proof of electoral fraud that there can be no doubt that this is all rigged, then you are not fighting for democracy, you're against it.

That is what is so hilarious. The only thing they could do if they take all guns away, which they won't, is to wage a terrorist style war that has no intention of winning. Terrorist war against the US is just meant to drain our resources. The terrorists know they can't beat us. They just want to drain us. This segment of Americans are willing to wage this type of war over guns... It's really warped, especially because this segment of the population are the most gung-ho about waging war on terrorism in the first place. It's strange, bizarre and scary all at the same time.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 04 May 2013 08:25

Good Lord. If you're going to refer to my previous posts, at the very least, you should try and stay truthful about them.

I never once brought up home invaders. (you have brought this up many times for months)

I never once brought up tyranny. (you may not have in this thread but you have before, countless times)

I never once brought up the Darwin Awards. (you did in this thread, you may not have said award but you brought up darwin, you are making it a semantics argument)

Stop lying. (You are the biggest purveyor of misinformation on this topic. You are a liar and an idiot)

As for all your hard work against American gun manufacturers helping out child fighters in third-world countries...

Do you honestly think American guns are going to Africa? If so, not only are you naive, but you're totally ignorant of the way the firearms industry works. ALL guns made in America have serial numbers and are tracked from manufacturer to distributor. Exporting a firearm to any country other than an ally permitted by our State Department to purchase it is a felony good for 25 years in the federal pen. Which leads me to ask the following questions:

1. Do you really think the executives at Colt are going to risk their multi-million dollar careers to illegally sell a few rifles to African warlords? (American guns mostly go to Mexico and south America in trade for money and drugs. If you think the worlds guns just appear out of thin air and not from the biggest source of guns, by far, on the planet you are naive and in denial)

2. Do you really think those warlords are going to fork over a thousand bucks apiece for M-4s or AR-15s when they can easily get Com-block surplus AK-47s and AK-74s for the equivalent of $45-$50 each right there in Africa? (this is actually right, holy shit... There are also knock off black market guns in the middle east and asia that make their way to Africa)

Get real. (LOL)

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 03 May 2013 10:29

I really resent that! I don't own a gun and I don't have kids of my own. If a child is too young , then you make damned sure that it's out of their reach and unloaded. From the day that they can understand , you make damned sure that they understand it isn't a toy . J ust like a car , you don't play with it , you don't touch it , you don't get near it. I live in L ousiana and in many areas , kids hunt right after they walk. That has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with responsibility, which for some reason we have thrown out the window along with expectations. BTW I taught school until a few weeks ago . I walked because we don't teach responsibility any more ; no respect and NO EXPECTATIONS! There are also no consequences for STUPID BEHAVIOR! When <- consequences <- are given , behavior changes , it's behavior modification.

(Hit the return key here)
Guns are machines they can't think. People can think , they just use no common sense . H mmm come to think of it , maybe guns think more than p eople!

You were a teacher? Was it P.E.? Wait, that's a coach... Was it crafts?

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 03 May 2013 10:15

I never said anyone wanted to ban them, people were comparing guns (of unspecified type) to bombs so I was pointing out what I see the difference as.

Fair enough.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 03 May 2013 10:09

I'm not talking about high powered rifles, I meant handguns used for personal defense, or shotguns. But whatever floats your boat. .. or sinks it.

But no one in the power to do so has talked about banning those.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 03 May 2013 10:04

To me, it's about control when it comes to comparing guns and bombs. You can control (to a certain extent) who is harmed by a gun, but with a bomb, there's more room for error, and they're a bit more destructive.

For example, if someone's about to attack you, you can shoot them in the leg, if you use a bomb, you're likely to blow up both them and yourself, not to mention anyone who's standing too close

But what if I want to use it for fishing? Just like a high powered rifle isn't the best for home defense, bombs wouldn't be for self defense. Or what if I just have a bomb hobby like target shooters do so and I just want to blow shit up in a safe controlled environment? What if the US turns tyrannical? I'd rather have bombs.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 03 May 2013 09:56

Anyone else notice the correlation between gun lovers and an inability to use grammar and spelling correctly? Just wondering.

Topic cuddling
Posted 03 May 2013 09:52

Check out this vampire.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 03 May 2013 09:18

This can't be a serious just can't be.

The scary part is, that it is serious. confused1

Pretty much the reason people don't use landmines for protection because it's illegal and there's no way you can get a hold of them(unless you have connections with dodgy arms dealers). I bet that if you put a sign in your frontyard that said "ACTHUNG! MINEN!" then you'd have bomb squad on your door rather quickly.

So are you ok with making small scale home made bombs as long as it's for my own protection? Is there really a difference between bombs and guns?

Funny how they don't answer the question right?

lol, your kidding right? Last time I checked, people don't set landmines in their front yard for protection or go hunting with frag grenades. they do, however, use guns for both.

I am not kidding.

If guns don't kill people and people kill people... Bombs (or any other banned weapon) do not kill people either, people kill people. This is the most common defense of guns. So why are bombs illegal and not something like an assault rifle? Neither of which kill people unless a person uses them. Why must my rights be stomped on!

Topic trust after affairs
Posted 03 May 2013 08:33

At what point does this become thread Jacking Jack?

When I post things and you respond with nothing to do with the subject.. Why do you think they named it after me?

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 03 May 2013 08:17

A sea of waves,
We hug the same plank
Just as I had rehearsed it over in my brain
(I saw your end)

If the waves suck you in, and you drown

If like you should sink down beneath
I'll swim down. Would you? Would You?

You hang anchors over my neck
I liked it at first
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And the waves suck you in, and you drown

If like you should sink down beneath
I'll swim way swim down. Would you?

Is that what you want?
Is that what you want?


If like you should sink down beneath, I'll swim down,
Would you?

Is that what you want?
With you
Is this what you want?
With you, you


Topic trust after affairs
Posted 02 May 2013 20:27

the reason I used to like you is because you used to remind me of myself when I was just a a kid.

I've read you wife swapping, ass fucking stories. Your a sick little punk, in your fantasy world.

Come out and judge me you little bitch.

You asked for my opinion. my opinion is: your a sore little punk, that can't really stand to hear the truth.
You apparently have never had true love. Therefor you'll never understand.

Felix, do you even understand what a person that assumes is?
It's a person just like you. You assumed from what I said, that I was a cheater.

Assuming is like telling a lie.
Pretty close to what we are talking about here. At least; pretty similar.

You assumed I cheated on my wife by what I said.
Hence, you called me a Stud, that likes to fuck sheep, and lord knows what else.
Other Words, your assumption was stated by you MajicalFelix, in front of over 2,500 members that may or may not believe you.
you tried your best to hurt me.
It's the same thing as lying.

You said: I despise liars.

Hows that for an opinion?

You're either really stupid or really funny. I think it's the former... You make assumptions based on my erotic fiction then go on to say why assumptions are bad? What?

Judging by your lack of an ability to spell correctly, even though English is your first language, and also your inability to have noncontradictory thoughts I am going to assume you are a slow adult. I mean, you literally do all the things you are saying I do.

So you think the kids out there should give cheaters a chance. Good for you. Great advice. I am telling the kids not to listen to suckers like you. I think that is better advice.

Try not to hurt yourself when you go kick some shit.

Edit: I saw how you added a few things about feeding me to sharks? Are you telling someone over the internet you would kick their ass? haha..

Topic pissing during sex
Posted 02 May 2013 19:04

Well, because in the last year of the previous century, Youtube had yet to be designed or actually set up?

Fuck if I know. If I did know, it'd have been me scoring half a billion from Google a few years ago.

.....I meant why are you watching monkey piss fetish vids?