Behind closed doors and beneath the sheets: Pt 1

Does your family keep secrets like this one?

Alexis Age: 18 With a sigh, I walked from my brother, Eric's, room. He must have gone out with his friends; usually he waits for me on days Mom and Dad are gone. Bored, I plopped down onto the sofa and flipped on the television, absentmindedly flipping through the channels. I hardly ed as I fidgetted my legs. Damn it, Eric. I thought to myself, leave me here soaked with no one...Read On



Eventful Night

My bestfriend and I had been bi-curious for sometime, but never had anyone to experiment with.

I stayed the night at Katie's house over the weekend. Her mother was going to go camping with her boyfriend and had decided to leave us at home. While I was there, I took a shower, but got half of my bra wet. Setting it over the side of the bathtub to dry, Katie gave me a loose fitting shirt to wear. It felt weird to be without a bra; I always had mine on, even when I slept. My breasts felt...Read On


The First day of Summer

The sun glistened off her wet body as she climbed out of the pool...

The sun glistened off her wet body as Naomi climbed from the pool, her skimpy bikini clinging to her small, but perky breasts. She squeezed the water from her long black hair and sat in the chair beside me. Naomi flashed me her beautiful, radiant smile and began reading from her magazine. I had always envied her, even though she was my best friend. Naomi had naturally tanned skin that...Read On