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Just entered the world of audio posting! Listen to the audio version of my story A Little Night Music, vote, comment, and let me know what you think. Should I do more? You can listen here:

13 Nov 2013 07:12

IdleHands has made an audio recording of my story Lightning Reveals All. I am very flattered - - and you did a terrific job, Jack. You can check it out here:

13 Dec 2011 09:04

The Past by Nin Andrews

If she closed her eyes, she could see it in the dark room of her mind, the jukebox of her soul developing so slowly, she especially liked the way he said the word, blouse, when he unbuttoned her silk blouse, blue blouse, flowered blouse, his favorite one was pink and hung on a green lamp like a flower on a stem now that he was gone, and so was she and no one lived there anymore, the town kept lighting up without them as if it were the first dusk.

12 Nov 2010 14:49