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Topic does sex feel better without a condom?
Posted 01 May 2015 09:07

Of course it does.

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 01 May 2015 06:05

does now count?

Topic Ever met a sex partner online?
Posted 30 Apr 2015 08:12

yes. Mixed results. One good and one not as goodl

Topic Most guys won't EVER taste their cum, why?
Posted 30 Apr 2015 05:25

Do not know the answer to the question. I take all I can get...........and then some!

Topic Older men or younger men?
Posted 28 Apr 2015 05:31

younger if available

Topic What Do You Think About Interracial Sex?
Posted 14 Apr 2015 09:07

I do not see a correlation between race and sex.

Topic Have you ever slept with a man because you heard he had a big cock?
Posted 28 Mar 2015 06:10

yes. it was great and I would do it again...........and again...........and again

Topic guys do you like to be called daddy by a girl during sex or general or both
Posted 12 Mar 2015 13:23

by a girl, no. By a guy, yes.

Topic Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted 28 Feb 2015 06:00


Topic Are you a dry guy or do you use lube when masturbating?
Posted 22 Feb 2015 07:34


Topic How big a gap in years would you consider ok for a sexual partner?
Posted 19 Feb 2015 09:02

age is irrelevant. if we feel comfortable together that is what really counts.

Topic masturbation leads to impotence in men??
Posted 18 Feb 2015 12:42

can't prove that by me!! Just the opposite

Topic Guys/Girls, what do you find most appealing/turn on?
Posted 15 Feb 2015 05:55

a HARD cock.

Topic Do you like 69 ?
Posted 10 Feb 2015 12:53

You Bet.

Topic What is your favorite sex positions?
Posted 10 Feb 2015 05:38

reverse cowboy

Topic How many guys have done oral on another guy.
Posted 05 Feb 2015 17:10

Proudly. Many, Many, MANY times

Topic Anyone currently masturbating?
Posted 02 Feb 2015 17:19

you bet!

Topic How opposed are you in having sex with a virgin?
Posted 02 Feb 2015 14:56

Why would/should I be opposed? No reluctance here.

Topic If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted 30 Jan 2015 08:30

I would think that I had died and gone to heaven.

Topic When you get yourself off . . .
Posted 28 Jan 2015 16:52

getting off is the objective. Cleaning-up afterward is really an afterthought.

Topic Would you meet someone off Lush for sex?
Posted 28 Jan 2015 11:29

Depends upon who it is. In principle, yes I would

Topic If you caught someone you were attracted to, masturbating, would you stay and watch?
Posted 18 Jan 2015 05:41

it would be difficult not to join in

Topic I Am An Atheist. (Does that offend you?)
Posted 17 Jan 2015 05:29

Why would/should it bother anyone?

Topic What do you wear to bed?
Posted 04 Jan 2015 11:52


Topic who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted 31 Dec 2014 13:32

I certainly do.

Topic Would you sleep with a virgin?
Posted 31 Dec 2014 10:57

Sleep? Do not know how much sleeping there would be. Definitely would welcome the opportunity to spend a night with a virgin.

Topic snowballing or cum kissing
Posted 26 Dec 2014 14:15

Sharing is caring. In addition to that they are real turn-ons.

Topic Masturbating at work
Posted 26 Dec 2014 14:11

Many times. No one said easy but when the urge strikes......