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Super horny, would love to chat. Ladies hit me upp. =)

28 Jul 2012 08:09


01 Sep 2011 17:58


01 Sep 2011 17:58

Heyy everyone. Sooooo, I start a drive cross country today (7.2.11) and I probably won't be back for about a week. D= If I do check the site it will only be for a minute, bc I'll either be on my phone or not have a lot of time anyway. Soooo Email me =D. I would love to chat via email... this is going to be a looooooong week. Hugs and kissses!

02 Jul 2011 04:40

Well, I go through phases where I'm on lush, then I'm not for a while. But I've been back for about a solid week now, so I thought I would put up some pics. Comment if you like!

30 Jun 2011 10:19

Okay everyone! My second story is up and out! Read it, tell me how it is, tell all your friends if you like it.xoxoxox Mandy

03 Feb 2011 07:26

Just posted the story of how I lost my virginity to my brother. I hope it gets approved soon so everyone can read it. =) Mandy

02 Feb 2011 08:59

Finally just posted my first story, as soon as its read and moderated, you should read it! Then tell me how it is. xoxoxoxo

01 Feb 2011 17:33

I love picture comments and wall posts!

31 Jan 2011 09:12

Just so no one is offended... I'm not ignoring chat requests or anything. But I'm on my phone. I don't mind chatting... I'd love to. But you have to do it as inbox. Sorry

28 Jan 2011 17:21