How I came to Lush

The story of how I came to Lush.

This is my first story, so any feedback would be amazing. It's my last day to spend time with my family before I go back to college. I spent the morning shopping with my mom, I had to go to Victoria's Secret to get some new lingerie. I gotta look good when I go back to college. I found this cute set of Pink lingerie, I can't wait to try and put the moves on my room mate. I got home and...Read On


How I lost it

How I lost my virginity, to my brother. <3

By popular demand, how I lost my virginity to my brother. On a typical Friday night, I would spend the night at my friend Amanda's house. We were going to have a sleepover, do our nails, and talk about boys I hoped we would talk about girls, too. Being 17 meant that we couldn't really go out. The local mall had a rule that you had to be 18, or accompanied with an adult, to shop there. Since...Read On