Aunt Helen's Helpful Hand

A mother enlists her sister's help with a sensitive problem between her young son and daughter

I grew up with two sisters. The older sister was beautiful with a body that looked like the famous actress of yesteryear, Elizabeth Taylor. I remember when she was preparing for her senior class prom I looked through a keyhole while she was in the bath tub. I saw large, beautifully formed breasts. She heard me outside the door and yelled so I had to sneak back to my room. I did appreciate...Read On


My Fiance' - a Sex Surrogate

Would you marry a man who wants to continue his sexual relationship with his stepmother?

My fiancé, Randy, had been a sex surrogate to his stepmother for his father who was away on work most of the time. He wanted to continue his sexual relationship with her after we married. He contended that their physical relationship was central to both his and his stepmother’s identities. This made me pause in accepting his marriage proposal but I did. This story is about our meeting to...Read On


Surrogate for My Stepmother

Dad wants to remarry but fiance'e objects since he will be overseas most of the time

My name is Kimberly. I tell our family’s story not out of a sense of depravity but instead as an opportunity to share our family’s unique solution in accepting the realities of a challenging situation which required living with unconventional sexual relationships. Some other families may find themselves in the same predicament someday. To be candid and upfront, I have to say that my...Read On


Wait 'til Daddy Leaves

Mother and son share joy from son's successful hormone treatment

When Donnie reached his 16 th birthday, his mother decided to finally get professional help with his delayed growth of his genitals. She took him to a physician, Dr. Jane, who prescribed some testosterone cream in the hope that this would help. Donnie’s mother was the first to admit that, because he still looked like a boy, she had treated him like one and not the young man that he...Read On



Top Sports' Shop Custom Jock-strap Fitting

Mature female clerks help young men in their purchasing of athletic supporters

“Donnie what are these?” I just counted 20 jock straps in your drawers,” Mrs. Patterson asks her son as she is placing clean clothes into his chest-of-drawers. “Oh, bein’ out for basketball, I go through them fast.” “Not that fast. I do your laundry every week and I don’t see why you can’t get by with four or five. This seems excessive.” “Well, Mom, I don’t want to run out....Read On



The Peasant Mother's Sacrifice

A mother solves her daughter's fear about losing her virginity to the lord instead of to her groom

In medieval times in Europe the law in some fiefdoms was that the lord had the privilege to fuck the bride first on her wedding night unless the bridegroom could offer a certain monetary payment. The Latin term for the policy was jus primae nocti or "first night rights." In this way the lord maintained his dominance over his manor, increased his coffers, as well as experiencing the...Read On