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Topic Best way to pick you up and take you home
Posted 19 Dec 2012 15:44

Lets see seem sincere, be interesting, make me laugh. Limit the use of I and me. At least act as if you are interested in me as a person. Of course I know you are most interested in what is between my legs, but I do have other things to offer.

Lastly for a woman of my age, I love a man who owns a razor and has used it recently.

I agree with you about the razor. I love to be, and look clean. It also seems true that I get the best response by paying good attention to all of her, as I am interested in her anyway, that is easy. Also to talk mostly about her, and to let her know I am attracted. Drinking sure helps, and a lot of dirty dancing. Lol

Topic Have you ever masturbated at work?
Posted 13 Dec 2012 13:06

I do. Sometimes I just get so horny, so I go into the men's room and Jerk Off in a stall. I have heard others masturbating while I was in there as well. The taboo part of it turns me on a lot.

Topic Best way to pick you up and take you home
Posted 13 Dec 2012 12:53

Don't like to be 'picked up' (shocking term) by anyone. If the look of a guy turns me on or attracts my attention I'll give him subtle female hints indicating my possible interest in him. Smiles, sexy gestures usually ensure I'm chatting to the guy within half an hour. It may come to nothing as I speak to him and evaluate his sexual worth.

On the other hand I could be having sex with him in my bed before the bar has even closed for the night.

So let's say you like this guy, he is attractive, and in your opinion, someone you want to go home with. What happens if the subtle hints you send his way aren't being picked up? What if he seems interested, but just isn't picking up on the clues you send him?

Topic Best way to pick you up and take you home
Posted 13 Dec 2012 12:49

Oops!! I didnt read the entire post, just the title. I responded thinking he meant if I met a guy that I felt was nice and we hit it off.

I never go out looking to get picked up by a random guy!! Even a Ferrari won't help there, LOL!!

Actually that was really what I was going for. Like if you met at the bar, and had a conversation. lol

Topic Best way to pick you up and take you home
Posted 12 Nov 2012 07:11

If you were going to be picked up by a random guy, what is the best way that guy would go about accomplishing that?

Topic What's the naughtiest thing you've done sexually at work?
Posted 12 Nov 2012 07:07

I was in the break room talking to a girl, and she started out rubbing my leg with hers. After a bit she moved her hand to my thigh and started to rub my cock through my kakis. She kept rubbing me until I came. Then after work we hooked up in the parking lot, and we fucked in the back seat of her car. Turns out she had been crushing on me for months, and got really brave that day.

Topic Waking up to a blow job - yay or nay?
Posted 15 Oct 2012 16:08

A question posted in the girls forum sparked this particularly unintellectual question from me.. blah5 Shhh

Is waking up to a blow job truly something every guy likes, wishes for? Or is it a little bit creepy, (insert your feelings about it here! 'or is it...') her 'starting' on you whilst your asleep?

I love it. I am turned on by my woman showing me affection when i least expect it, so if she is playing with me before i even wake up, i am turned on so much by that.

Topic How big a gap in years would you consider ok for a sexual partner?
Posted 13 Oct 2012 19:28

My girlfriend is 10 years older than me. We get along really well. I think age is a number past a certain point. There are moments when we do hit that age gap. I mean when we talk about school days, she was turning 18 when I was 8 years old. She even was joking with me that when she was graduating high school she never thought she would eventually be sleeping with that 8 year old who was in second grade. Lol