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Mature, professional man. Father, ex-soldier, hunter, ex-farmer and witer. Living life to the fullest and and recording erotic thoughts and experiences a I wait at the many red traffic lights on the way to and from work.

Marcus SS
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I have a serious work abt my days as soldier in Africa that is taking shape. I also have a number of red-ligh-stories - erotic stories that pop into my head while waiting at traffic lights, that I will post here for all to enjoy.
Favorite Books:
Mostly historical factual, written fom a human perspective.
Favorite Authors:
Peter Ftzsimons, Sir Winston, Heinz Konsalik, Leon Uris


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26 Dec 2010
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Topic: Say one good thing about the person above you
Posted: 09 Jan 2011 04:46

Tubby is .... of a good vintage - he will mature well!

Topic: Type of panties
Posted: 08 Jan 2011 05:15

I dont wear them, but have some experience handling them - LOL. I guess it is probably a a trade-off between feeling/looking sexy and being comfortable. But then there seems to be some in-betweeners these days. And just in case you thaught men have it easier - we have choices to make as well.

Topic: Ladies what's a bigger turn on???
Posted: 08 Jan 2011 05:11

I must admit I am pleasantly surprised! I would never have predicted the Home-Coocked outcome in this day and age of conveniance and a world awash in cheap money. Is it just that I misjudge human kind, or have we writers ( and appreciaters of writers) just the same values?

Topic: What do you do in real life as opposed to online?
Posted: 05 Jan 2011 11:15

My real life and my my online-erotica life intermingle, lots of sessions, interaction and the deliverable is quite similar too. I am a business consultant mingling with clients and writes them nice reports on how to fix, turn, ressurect thier businesses ...... and they pay me for that!

Topic: Who Knows Your Writing Secret?
Posted: 05 Jan 2011 11:07

Mine are a well kept (I hope) secret and my real-life friends are non the wiser. I guess the only people that know will be the one or two that bother to read this post and perhaps browse the profile.

Topic: Guilty or Innocent.
Posted: 02 Jan 2011 13:25

Guil - cent: Have shared the cab, but have never, never paid for IT!
Do jou predict what people's genetalia will look like, based on the characteristics of thier hands and facial features?

Topic: How did you get started writing erotica?
Posted: 02 Jan 2011 05:14

My response starts off like that of Alison90 (above me ... or below ... or anywhere), but I digress .... It was easy, I have always let my imagination run a little free when I travel (especially if while waiting at red traffic lights) and the erotic stories crystalise in my mind for a while ... then I simply find time to put them to paper (in a manner of speaking). QED, see.

Topic: The perfect ass thread [PICS]
Posted: 29 Dec 2010 21:23

Well each to his/her own. The original fem arse was, wel goodish, and some of those male arses, wel I wished mine looked like that (boy would I get stares and strokes in bars). I must admit the PERFECT fem arse for me must have a little more definition/muscle.

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My Neigbour's Kitchen Zink - Getting Warmed Up

This Saturday morning I was in an exceptionally good mood. My leggy neighbour had hinted that she wanted me to take a look at her kitchen sink. Apparently the down pipe was somewhat blocked and the taps (faucet for the Yanks) were leaking. This she disclosed on the Thursday afternoon as we supported our kids playing an inter-school cricket game (our sons are the same age) The woman was...

Added 06 Jan 2011 | Category BDSM | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 8,993 | 1 Comment

My Neigbour's Kitchen Zink - Stretching Boundaries

I leaned backwards, reached into the toolbox on the kitchen table, and pulled out the light chain I had prepared the previous evening. Leaning forward, caressing her neck with my lips, I clasped the one cuff (carefully attached to the chain via silver solder the previous night) around her right wrist. She was surprised, but too surprise to react. I looped the chain around the mixer (through...

Added 05 Jan 2011 | Category Anal | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.2 | Views 20,391 | 3 Comments

Neighbour in need

The other morning on my way back from dropping the kids at school, yes I do sometimes have to spend my valuable time on activities such as these; I noticed my neighbour’s car standing at the side of the road with an obvious breakdown. I take good care of my cars and have them in mint operating condition, so I do not have much sympathy for idiots who find themselves in situations such as...

Added 01 Jan 2011 | Category Reluctance | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 32,985 | 5 Comments

Helping her get the rhythm right

Amanda and I had been going for about 5 months now. And we were great together. She was good looking, sweet, mature, an awesome lover and so into me. The emotional connection we had was absolutely magic. Our lovemaking was absolutely amazing. On weekends when we could spend quality time together, our loving would start out slow and deliberate and we would keep going for hours, only resting...

Added 29 Dec 2010 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.4 | Views 5,143 | 2 Comments

The Holiday Couple

A while back I was working in a coastal town renowned as a holiday destination. It was off season with not many holidaymakers around. After about three weeks of a 6 week assignment, I was as bored as one can only get when living out of a suitcase in a hotel. Not being much of a drinker, I alleviated the boredom by entertaining myself at the pool table some nights. The room was next to the...

Added 28 Dec 2010 | Category Voyeur | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 13,499 | 2 Comments

The Perky Estate Agent

She was late. I detested people with no respect for others' time. I stood in front of the new, 30 story apartment development in the city centre. With rising fuel prizes and the fast developing city living trend, I am looking for some city apartments as an investment opportunity. I saw the little black Mercedes crawling down the street. Stop. Do a risky U-turn and perform a 50...

Added 27 Dec 2010 | Category Voyeur | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 7,698 | 2 Comments

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