The Summons

I quickly did as he commanded...

“Are you ready?” your text questioned. Ready for what? Ready to suck your cock? Ready to have you tongue my pussy? Ready to be fucked by your glorious cock? Of course I am! “I am simply waiting on your command Sir.” I replied. “My abode, now!” You sent back. My pussy tingled in anticipation. I quickly gathered the lotion and oil I was expected to bring and got into my car for the short...Read On


The Punishment

I had been bad, really bad...

I’ve been so bad and you are angry at me, really angry. Not just the usual kind of anger that gets me whipped, but the kind that gets stone cold silence and rigidity in your posture. You push me away from you and go to stand up, but I cling to you and say I’m sorry. You ignore me, shoving me down onto the bed. I grab your waist and plead for you to forgive me; again you push me from you. I...Read On


The Meeting

The slave misses her Master

I hadn’t seen you in a week and a half.   You’ve been gone, out of town, working opposite of me.   I missed you.   Wanted to feel you, taste you.   You said meet me at the hotel, you’d be there shortly.   1 hour, 2, 3, 4…damn I’m going miss you again.   Then you’re here just as I was about to get out of bed and get dressed.   I let you in.   I know the drill.   I’m...Read On



My Girl's Night Out

I needed a night out...

I'm not such a good story teller, but the following is a true event and I thought I would give it a go.  I welcome your comments and constructive criticism.  Please do not duplicate without my persmission...   It was a rare night when both kids were gone and my girlfriend had invited me over for drinks and sitting in the hot tub.   I was looking forward to some good old fashioned...Read On

Love Poems(27)


I Know Who You Are

He is my world

I know who you are. You are the truest And most honest person I have ever known. I know who you are. You are the person who Knocked the breath right out of me  And lifted my feet off the ground. I know who you are. You are the person who Can see right through me See my all faults and still Love me for who I am. I know who you are. You are the person who Puts...Read On


Now and Forever

I love him...

Right now More than any minute Of any other hour Of any other day, I miss you, Desire you, And want to be Laying by your side With your strong arms Surrounding me. And right here, Now And forever, I Love You....Read On


Just Breathe

No matter how long it's been, there are some days I just can't get over how much I miss him...

There are days When it's incredibly Difficult to get out of bed And put one foot in front of the other. Those are the days I miss you the most because You, and you alone, Always were the one Who gave me Air to breathe....Read On


How Much Do I Love You

All I need is him

How much do I love you? That causes me to pause And try to quantify. I love you enough to watch NFL football On Thursday, Sunday and Monday, And even college football on Friday and Saturday. I love you enough to watch baseball (yawn) Or go to hockey games and watch them Even though they are on television Practically every day of the week. I love you enough to watch...Read On


And I Love You

His words cut like a knife...

I've been with someone Who knocked me down Every time I attempted to get up, And I really hope that Whatever I am doing Is not a disappointment to you or That I fail to meet your expectations, Because that just hurts too damn much. So no matter how what you said upsets me, You've always made me feel as though I’m worth something, Worth anything, But most...Read On



He doesn't realize how much he hurts me...

Just so you know It's not okay For you to Continuously ignore me. A girl needs to feel Wanted and desired So either you do Or you don't and You need to decide. I cannot go on acting As if your indifference doesn't sting Or that my heart doesn't bleed. So if you love me tell me And if you want me show me Because not only do I want to know But I need to feel your desire. ...Read On


What I Want

I finally realized what I wanted

I told you once I wanted more But felt confused By my own Inability to define What air and space confine. I look at you and The answer becomes clear. What is it I want? The answer my soul Has always known… What I want is you....Read On


The First 10 Minutes

What just happened?

I arrive outside To see you smile. You stop And plant a kiss upon my lips. My pulse skips a beat. You continue working the yard as I walk inside to work on school. You arrive inside To see me smile. You stop And snap and growl. My pulse stops, then races. Your words bring tears to my eyes. You step aside and move past Seemingly unfazed. We’ve arrived together To...Read On


A Silly Love Poem

I was feeling silly...

How do I love thee... Wait, that has already been done. My love is like... Oh shoot, that one has been taken too. My love springs eternal... Nope, that one has been used as well. Sigh. No matter how many times Someone else has used or tried The lines that come to mind, There can be no other way To express how I feel, Except to simply say "I love you."...Read On



I still miss him after all this time...

Not that it probably Matters one little bit, And not that I thought I could cry any more, But tonight I did. It was so much so that My soul felt the pain of Your absence. Why didn’t you just Leave me alone to Die in my own misery? Why did you ever even bother with me? Was I not better on my own? Because surely this pain, This agony, this misery, This lack...Read On


Not a Lie

My love for him is not a lie

There are so many things I could tell you If I were brave, Such as I’m not jealous Of all your friend girls, But then I would lie. I could tell you I’m Strong and brave And self-confident And you traveling to see Other friend girls (Or them traveling to see you) Doesn’t bother me, But then I would lie. I could tell you that The age difference Between us...Read On


I Cried Tonight

I love him so...

I cried as I drove home tonight But you didn’t know. I left my heart out in the air And it cracked as it fell. But it’s not the first time My heart has been damaged or contused. Can you not see The pain that seeps out of me? Sometimes I think I love too much, And, while you love, it’s not as deep. Should I stay and be in pain, Or should I end it now while I am still sane? ...Read On


The End

And then she was set free...

Thank you for everything I never thought possible. Thank you for instilling great strengths in me That I didn’t think existed. Thank you for making me feel valued When I felt I had no worth. Thank you for caring for me When I never thought anyone ever would again. But most of all, thank you for allowing me to love you, Because I truly do, and always will....Read On


Laying Here Awake

It has been a long time....

Laying Here Awake I lay here awake Unable to sleep and I have my Master on my mind, As I do every day. Oh I know it’s "as it should be" And “of course", And all those answers You always give me. But please allow me to say How much I miss my Master Without the standard answers and responses You surely must have saved into your phone. And before you get angry at me ...Read On



I felt lost without my Master

Sometimes I look back And don't recognize the person I once was before You. And sometimes I look At who I am today And realize who I was No longer exists, And who I am is because of You. I am a person who is stronger Than I could have ever realized. So tell me please, Why is it today I feel so weak and...Read On


PS: I Love You

He doesn't understand...

So I'm awake sitting in the bathroom while you sleep and my heart is hurting over the changes and distance between us. I don't know what to think, but all I know is that I do not want to continue going this way. What way? The way we are now, with me being an after thought at the end of the day. With me being the last thing or person you think of everyday. With it being ok not to see me...Read On


Time Flies

I already missed my Master

Was it just 4 hours ago That you were here With me, in my bed? Was it not just moments Ago your hand Caressed and touched? Was it not just mere Seconds ago that your Lips kissed and scorched my skin? Was it not just minutes Since you plunged deep Inside me to my core? Was it not just the blink Of an eye since you Claimed me as yours? Sigh. Seems like 4 days ...Read On


The Illusion

He intoxicated me

The Illusion I am drawn to you Like a moth to a flame And fear I might Just get burned. But I am more than fascinated I am addicted and No longer in control of The urges you create. What is this face presented to The world versus the one That only we can see? Which is real, you or me? So I sit in the near dark And sip my wine thinking of you. I wonder to myself ...Read On


An Anomaly

It had to be my imagination

An Anomaly I’ve been thinking That you must be A figment of my Imagination. An anomaly, A freak of nature, And that surely Something is going to happen Catastrophic. It’s all because You picked me, Liked me, Loved me. Makes me almost Hold my breath Sometimes. Then I say To hell with the Consequences. Let the heavens rain fire, The stars collide, ...Read On


Am I Not Still Yours

I have missed my Master...

You care not You want not Why do you still have this hold? I have knelt naked at your feet With my back straight And my belly on the floor. I have been bent over the bed With you wielding a whip And stinging my ass. I have laid flat on my back With my knees spread  And your face buried in my v. I have been on my knees With your cock buried in my cunt And you pulling...Read On


A Happy Place

He makes me happy...

A hug, a kiss, A contented sigh, These are things I miss When you’re absent from my lips. A joke, a laugh, a pinch, a poke, A look, a touch, and a moment like this, These are things I like When you are here day or night. A moan, a rasping breath, A fluttering heart, and a burst of heat, These are things I feel When you take me deep. A warmth, a glow, A happy note, ...Read On


My Heart Aches

A message for the boyfriend...

My heart aches in places That I thought had been forgotten And knew how to feel. My heart aches in ways That I wondered still existed On any level or plane. My heart aches in a soulful sound In a musical tragedy that only Silence can hear. My heart aches in a dozen colors Blinding me With its brilliance. My heart aches but the mind Reaches out to save it...Read On



I miss my Master...

My body feels cold without your warmth, My heart pains in its yearning, And my soul cries out in emptiness. I am simply not whole in...Read On



He tore down my defenses...

Fences I build fences. I wall myself in And protect. I build fences. And with each day, week, or month That you are gone, My barrier grows stronger, impregnable. I build fences. You show up and try to enter, And find a fortress. I build fences. You knock, pound, and ram, And are told to move on, Yet you do not. I build fences. You slowly make your way through ...Read On


The Heartbreak

For my boyfriend...

When I saw your face There was nothing to compare To the feelings you inspired. When I was with you I always felt beautiful No matter the time of day. But now I feel the distance And the draft. No longer do you touch As though I delight No longer do you kiss To quench your thirst. No longer do you text As though you miss. No longer do you linger Before you part. ...Read On


The New in Me

I was hurt at first....

I just found it The money you put there After you left. The old me was hurt and angry And wanted to throw The money back in your face Yell at you Tell you to never come near me again. But the new me, the one that you own Felt happy you were here To leave the money To allow me to serve To be in your presence To touch, caress, and kiss. Yes, the new me felt taken...Read On


I've Missed You

I've been missing my Master...

I’ve missed you, but did you notice As I saw you there looking so divine, Hair all curly and mussed, making me want to touch? Your smell, your essence invades my senses. Look but don’t touch is the rule When all can view You pause; look over, just a quick glance But I did see. I say hello, you respond in kind, Causing my heart to skip more than a beat. Then you smile and...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Humoring Me

He surprised me

Had it been a week? Yes a whole freaking damn week. Ugh. Why was he so reserved when he had family or friends over? Why didn’t he want me to be over when he had company? I didn't know, but at least he was consistent over the last three years we had been dating. Back up, rewind. Yes, three years dating and we still weren’t living together, a choice made by both of us. It seemed to work except...Read On