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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
06 Jul 2012 02:00
Thanks for the add! I would say 'congrats' on the Yankees win, but guess it may have to wait an extra day. Looking forward to reading more of your stories!
01 Oct 2011 05:56
28 Sep 2011 08:28

OK, I admit it! There's nothing more more satisfying to a Yankees (whoooooooooo, whooooooooooooo) fan than watching Boston collapse -- which I did tonight with my friend Fran and about 500 other drunk and crazed baseball lunies at Stan's Sports Bar on River Ave. across from Yankee Stadium. I'm told this play -- an error by Ellsbury that resulted in a Baltimore inside the park home run -- could mean the end of the season for the Boston Red Sox. That's what we're hoping in the Bronx! Cheers -- Mari
27 Sep 2011 20:05
Good morning amazing woman. Thank you for the note you left on my profile page.
27 Sep 2011 07:06
Thanks. Once again quite a nice job on the story!
27 Sep 2011 06:56
27 Sep 2011 05:59

Thanks for the add. Very sexy profile. Hope we can chat soon.
26 Sep 2011 11:28
26 Sep 2011 10:48
25 Sep 2011 21:52
welcome back! i haven't seen you in forever
22 Sep 2011 20:18
I appreciate the add. The pleasure is all mine.
22 Sep 2011 13:38
thank you for adding me! xxxooo!
22 Sep 2011 09:53
Why didn't any of my teachers look like you?! I am already coming up with good teacher fantasies looking at your pictures! Thanks for the add!
22 Sep 2011 06:53
thanks for add chat soon x
02 Jun 2010 11:18
thanks for the add love. give me a shout whenever you want to talk :)
03 Mar 2010 14:48
thx for the add.
02 Mar 2010 19:17
Hey you! Thanks for the add. I hope you find what you're looking for on lush.
01 Mar 2010 16:52