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14 May 2014 17:46

kik didn't go so well. oh well.

09 May 2014 19:47

I have kik now! marinamontoya

15 Apr 2014 09:47

haven't uploaded a picture in ages... so here's a new one

29 Mar 2014 18:48


11 Feb 2014 18:22

girls, I'm making gifs in my free time now. if you have a video that you particularly like, hit me up (pm or online message, idc) and just link me the video with the part you want made into a gif and I'll see what I can do

29 Nov 2013 15:58

I go away for a day and come back to nine friend requests. ._.

30 Sep 2013 18:14

I need someone to distract me.

18 Sep 2013 20:57

Faye Reagan is amazing...

01 Aug 2013 01:49

I just want someone to talk to.

24 Jul 2013 13:43

I really hope everyone realizes that the "Naked Julia" thing is a complete and utter scam...

22 Jul 2013 17:38

we're up all night to get lucky

20 Jul 2013 20:29

I love guys, but I hate guys on here. -_-

21 Jun 2013 01:14

it is so easy to tell who's real and who's fake on here. it's even worse when you can reverse image search people's pics that they claim are "them" and find out that oh, no, it's just another fucking porn shoot. ugh.

20 Jun 2013 22:39

I feel like I'm really bad at making conversation on here...

18 Jun 2013 10:55

so bored...

02 Jun 2013 22:34

"Im [sic] sure you've had plenty of cocks, you look like a dumb whore." - myhotcum

Thanks, asshole. Don't mind my bachelor's in English and History (achieved simultaneously with honors, thank you very much). I'm sure you're compensating for something with those muscles of yours...

30 May 2013 19:51

I love when people use images from porn galleries (sometimes with the watermarks still there) on their profile and claim it's them...

28 Apr 2013 20:21

I know I'm not the best at messaging... but I don't get people who never reply to pokes and messages -_-

22 Apr 2013 17:17

Strap me down and fuck me like the whore I am.

22 Apr 2013 12:24

I need to cum...

20 Apr 2013 20:46

going through the comments on my pictures is getting me wet...

18 Mar 2013 21:16

I'm terrible at messaging... sorry, darlings ):

17 Mar 2013 14:59

guys on here can be really creepy...

16 Mar 2013 17:49

I'm really sorry if we're in the middle of talking and I go offline. I don't hate you, my internet is just shit.

11 Mar 2013 06:54

couple of new pics, to compensate for my absence.

10 Mar 2013 18:51

haven't been on in so long... luckily I found some of my old friends and some new ones too!

01 Dec 2012 09:27

30 Oct 2012 16:08

back after hurricane Sandy took our power out for a day and a half... glad to be here

19 Oct 2012 23:26

Tonight has been absolutely amazing. Never felt more pleasure because of people on here in my life. I love you all

16 Oct 2012 18:59

I convinced my friend to join today! Add her?