Straight Sex(2)


A Flight to Remember

She gives me that knowing smirk as if she knows what trouble I’m about to get into with my new “frie

I can’t believe it’s been a month since meeting Robin and Tiffany, I think to myself as I drive to the airport. I begin to replay in my mind the events of that glorious day. It had been a busy day and I was on my way home. I had spent the previous three days in Washington DC on business. I was ready to get back home to Southern California. My meetings ended early that day allowing me to...Read On


Summer Drive

Good morning my love. So, where are we going today?

I just arrived home from my morning workout sweaty and feeling great. Craving a shower, I head to the bathroom leaving a trail of clothes across my bedroom floor. Standing naked in front of the mirror I admire my hard body that I’ve worked so hard to maintain. Tugging on my cock it becomes semi-rigid. I stop knowing what’s on the agenda for the day. Satisfied, I begin to shave the important...Read On