Straight Sex(5)


21st Birthday Ecstasy Pain pt one

Pleasure and pain

I was in my Father's restauarant/wine bar, allegedly celebrating my 21st birthday. I had split from my girlfriend about a month before, and had only had sex once since. I wasn't sure if dumping her had been the right thing to do, and was not in the mood to party. Standing at the bar with a few friends from out of town, I had noticed a very hot woman sittingĀ on a stool at the end of the...Read On


21st Birthday Ecstasy Pain pt two

Inside the lift, my party began

As soon as the doors closed, Leanne pushed me against the side-wall of the lift. She kissed me passionately and pushed her tongue inside my mouth. I reached out and pushed the stop button on the lift, but missed and pressed the top floor. As Leanne pushed her tongue around mine, which was now set in auto mode, I forgot about the lift buttons. As she pushed her hand onto my bulging cock, I...Read On



A woman exits the bathroom to put on some music

You exit the bathroom, having just bathed. As you head into the lounge, making your way towards the stereo, I exit the kitchen behind you, carrying two glasses of wine. As you make your selection, I place the glasses on the coffee table. You press play. I kiss your neck softly. You gasp, and put your hand to your damp hair. As I kiss your neck and then shoulders, you reach round and feel...Read On


The Beer Cellar/Pool Table Romp Pt1

what shouldn't happen... happens

A couple of years ago, I was running a bar with my now ex-girlfriend, Dee. We had a tempestuous relationship, but there was some love there, and most definitely lust. Her father had been taken ill and in hospital, and her mother was very upset, so Dee decided to go and stay with her mother for a few days. She left on the Wednesday. We were due to be both working that night. I told her that...Read On


The Beer Cellar/Pool Table Romp Pt2

and it keeps happening

So, having had our speedy encounter in the beer cellar, Jo and I made our back into the bar, still redressing our clothes. Jo headed straight into the pool room, just off the bar. "Drink?" I said as I pulled two bottles of beer and cold bottle of vodka from a fridge. "Oh, yes. Shall I rack them?" Jo replied. "Go for it," I said as I entered the pool room with a tray of glasses, beer and...Read On