Finding mother part 1

Nana lived next door but was soon to be more than a neighbor

Nana moved in to the apartment next to me about a year ago. She was stunning. Mature, tall and voluptuous with long red hair. Always in high heels and seemed nylons. Always with a little too much make up. And a lot of perfume. We didn't talk that much in the beginning. We would meet in the staircase and she would smile to me and whisper a little "good day". One Friday evening I was coming...Read On


Finding mother part 2

Nana gets more of what she wants

I stood out of bed naked, took Nanas hand and followed her to her bedroom. Her bed was huge and the room was very feminine with rose walls in a soft light and a lovely sense of perfume. Nana went to the bedside and turned on a lamp. She sat down on the bed and crossed her legs looking at me with a beautiful smile. "You are so sweet," she said while stretching out a leg letting the tip of her...Read On


Finding mother part 3

Nana knows whats best

Nana stood up and looked down at me as I sat on the floor, almost naked, in the bathrobe that only covered my shoulders and back. My cock was hard and I was so filled with lust for her. "Sweetie, I can see it in your eyes. It is so beautiful. Now tell Mommy you love her," she said. I moved further to her feet and kissed her perfect ankles dressed in nylon very softly and looked up at her...Read On