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Opera singer, then intelligence officer, then management consultant, then Fortune 500 co exec, then mentor to MBA/MSIE students and entrepreneurs.

I like to write stories (a) based on my own actual experiences and based on what I wish my own experiences had been.

My book-length coming of age tale will run about 300 pages when finished. I've published about 18 chapters, with another thirty plus written. Considered submitting to humor (my sense of humor is beyond both subtle and dry), to college (most of it does take place at a fictional college) or to bisexual (most of the characters are pretty agnostic about their sexual orientation, expanding the possibilities).

I'm also rewriting an unpublished story and just having fun. Yes, it is erotica. It is actually intended as comedy.

Two other works are in progress.

One is a college Spring Break story set in Spain.

The other is in concept stage and involves hypnosis. No "strange amulets," no "magic powers," no "Look into my eyes and she stripped naked and fucked everything in sight." That stuff is pure b.s. I ought to know; I'm a trained hypnotist.

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Where Jupiter aligns with Mars
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21 May 2018 13:10
I am an eclectic. I like everything but shopping.
Favorite Authors:
Michael Crichton. No one else comes close. The bulk of his writing is intended to provoke thought about complex systems.
Favorite Movies:
The Last Picture Show; In Harm's Way; Dances With Wolves
Favorite Music:
Modern works in systerna teleion, or “greater perfect” system.

Serial music, notably Anton von Webern.

Anything with a kazoo in it.


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Topic: Cannot parse image from URL
Posted: 09 Jul 2015 11:21

Thanks, nicola. I'll just wait.

Good luck with this.

BTW, I got the covers from "amycovers" on fiverr. Fiverr itself absolutely sucks. I like amy's work. she's a bit slow, so fiverr repeatedly encourages me to cancel the contract.

Topic: Cannot parse image from URL
Posted: 08 Jul 2015 23:12

Just tried to add an ebook, to "my e-books." Four Seconds on the Clock, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0118HRM4A?*Version*=1&*entries*=0


"Unable to parse image from url"

Same issue with "Life Changes, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YHI7MUM?*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Any help would be appreciated.


Topic: Approval Note For Story
Posted: 18 Sep 2014 20:27

This was a glitch that particular day. It is now fixed....xo

That is good to know. I've now been waiting six weeks to be told it was rejected or accepted.

Topic: Approval Note For Story
Posted: 19 Aug 2014 13:30

I submitted a poem today and did not receive the approval letter. The poem was approved but no email.

On the general topic, what is a reasonable amount of time to wait to hear back after something has been submitted? I know the reviewers are volunteers and are busy. I'm asking so that I can judge when to withdraw and resubmit in the event something has fallen through the cracks.


Topic: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Posted: 11 Aug 2014 09:33

I have had the unearned privilege of meeting a few notables.

While in college I went to a restaurant with my girlfriend. Sitting alone at a table was Cannonball Adderley. Uninvited, we joined him for dinner. His group was in town so I invited them all to my place. We jammed the whole night, with me playing piano. At the end of the night Joe Zawinul said to me, "You're right. You don't play very well."

While in Pohnpae researching a book I asked the local librarian, who had been of great help, to come to lunch with me. She asked if she could bring her husband; of course. We talked for two hours, and he was the most knowledgeable man I ever met about the island. Finally, I asked him what he did. He replied, "Oh, I'm the Emperor."

On an earlier trip there I met Bailey Olter. I had stopped by the U.S. Embassy where the U.S. Ambassador told me I should avoid Olter. He was a scoundrel and a drunk and she refused to have anything to do with him. She was right, but he was a delightful scoundrel and drunk. Two years later he invited me to his inauguration as President. The U.S. Ambassador was not invited.

Not exactly famous, at the Paris Air Show in 2001 I met Donald Evans, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. Later that day a horde of television cameras was following him as he toured the show. Every exhibitor gave away trinkets; we gave away propeller beanies. I walked past the tour wearing a beanie; the entire horde swiveled and started following me. I was all over French television that night. In fact, I was all over Portuguese television that night as well. A Portuguese television station had sent a crew to cover the show, but nobody in the crew spoke either French or English - only Portuguese and Spanish. I was the only person the reporter could find to interview in Portuguese. Fleeting fame.

Topic: does anyone here have a favorite musical?
Posted: 05 Aug 2014 09:12

Desert Song. The music is in my opinion the best of all, followed by Phantom of the Opera.

Topic: Middle Age is truly depressing
Posted: 02 Aug 2014 07:57

I think the legs are fake and the white spot between them is a ploy. Now the breasts may be real - MAYBE ?

Now for middle aged, 52 and believe its all true. Ya look back and wonder but ya also look forward.
If I had done this or this then mayube. But if I did change things would I have the love of my life now. Thew future I may have - whicj I look forward to. So you can't change the past, so be happy iwth life now.

Bat 52 and moving on.

I turn 66 this week. You have a lot to look forward to: Interrupted sleep from an overactive bladder, needing to take the elevator where stairs were used before, becoming your doctor's best friend until he retires and sells his practice to a third-grader, people start mumbling and speaking softly when they talk to you. Also, you're sure you paid that electric bill, why the threatening letter? And why are they making TV shows so fuzzy these days? This list could go on and on.

Once the girls (up to age 50) in the convenience stores start calling you "Darlin'," you're on the downward slope. Fortunately, I cna sslit use a tpyrwiteer.

Topic: Why are civilians being killed in Gaza?
Posted: 27 Jul 2014 10:12

Angieseroticpen has it right, as do Sprite and DanceWithMe. Mr. NudiePants needs to re-read his history. The anti-Jewish campaign by Arab Muslims started around 1900. Until then they were best of friends.

MadMartigan, the two-state solution has been offered to, and rejected by, the Arabs. They want a one-state solution that does not include Israel.

BiMale73, there have been no Israeli settlements in Gaza for nine years. You and Elit need to expand your sources of information.

WellMadeMale, the Israelis left Gaza completely. They offered a two-state solution with one condition: The Arabs and Hamas had to recognize Israel’s right to exist. The Arabs refused. The Israelis built 30,000 greenhouses for the Palestinians in Gaza. They have set up field hospitals to treat Palestinian wounded. And they’re not hiding tanks in the hospitals. Gaza is a wasteland for two reasons: First, the Arab states refused to accept the Palestinian refugees, preferring the PR value of people living under poor conditions. Second, Hamas is interested solely in destruction of Israel, not in betterment of its own people.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said it best: “I can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. What I cannot forgive is them forcing us to kill theirs.”

Topic: would you get mad if a random sexy hunk smacks your ass from nowhere?
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 06:52

I'm not a gal, so perhaps I do not understand the question.

"...if a random sexy hunk smacks your ass from nowhere." I've dabbled in quantum physics, but this one is over my head. Grasping the concept of doing anything "from nowhere" is too difficult for my poor brain.

Could we call this "Schroedinger's Ass Slap?"

Topic: What's the hardest thing about being in a relationship with you?
Posted: 10 Jul 2014 09:32

This would be my top-five. <img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed">

1. Independent - I don't need to be with someone 24/7, nor do I like constant checking-in, curfews or clingy behaviour. It makes me feel suffocated. overwhelmed and it also makes me feel like I'm not trusted. I love being with the person I'm with, but I also need space to do my own thing, see my own friends etc. but still know/feel that the connection is still there.

2. I'm not romantic - and I say this in terms of 'traditional romance' - poetry, cutesy V-day cards, snuggly-baby-talk, pet names, effusive complements and "I love you's", gag-worthy PDA. With me, a little goes a long way and too much is either a turn-off or will make me laugh because I can't take it seriously. I like 'romance' or 'connecting' when done in a fun, lighthearted way or a passionate way. When it's overly sweet or cheesy, I feel like I want to withdraw.

3. I don't like conflict - I could never be with someone that likes to "fight hard and love hard". I cannot do shouting matches or heated arguments where mean words are traded and then just shrugged off later. When someone says something that hurts me, it cuts deep and the effects linger. For me - conflict resolution means conversation. When I *am* that angry, I prefer to cool down before getting into it. And I will admit - I often brush things off or avoid conflict - probably to my own detriment - just because I don't like dealing with it unless absolutely necessary. I've actually had a guy say that I was *too* easy-going by not calling him out on his shit and making him feel like I didn't care either way. He wanted a girlfriend that would 'keep him in line' and that's just not my style.

4. It's difficult to get me to be vulnerable - it takes a lot for me to open up to someone emotionally. They may think I've really opened up but it's often an illusion. Being vulnerable means I could possibly get hurt. Getting to that point is a rarity because I have certain emotional safeguards in place. This is because I've been cut to the bone before and I hate the risk involved with possibly going back to that dark place again. Stemming off this, while it takes *a lot* to truly upset me, when someone does hit that level with me and I see a glimpse of potential for that dark place, I will just shut down and walk away completely. I can become instantly cold and detached once I see something as a dead end or once something feels too emotionally risky for me (in a negative way). I'm not one of these "I need closure" girls - I don't like dragging things out if I know it's not going to work.

5. Commitment-phobic - this is kind of related to the 'vulnerability' bit and maybe even the missing romance-gene - I'm a little jaded when it comes to human relationships and their longevity. I also hate labels, especially when they're premature. So... while I can be committed, it's difficult for me to think of long-term or feel assured something is going to go the distance. I'm more of a take it one week at a time rather than fixating on notions of 'soul mates' or what the future will look like.

Your description matches me pretty well. These characteristics are typical of two conditions: (a) Ultra-high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. You are female, which reduces the probability of that. I am male, and I have what used to be called Asperger's Syndrome. The condition is very badly portrayed by Hollywood; (b) Schizotypal Personality Type. You appear to be missing a key element in diagnosing this, which is a belief in magic and/or the paranormal.

My wife of 42 years has finally accepted that I am just not "normal."

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Power Chapter 35: Joining the NBA

Story to date: Mark enters college a virgin knowing nothing about sex or women. The college is remarkably permissive with public nudity and sex commonplace. Within a few days Mark falls in lust with Janice. As the first semester unfolds he develops an increasingly intimate relationship with his male roommate. His girlfriend leaves him for a friend, Drew, and Mark hooks up with actual...

Added 04 Apr 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 1 | Avg Score 4 | Views 3,410

Power Chapter 34: In BusinessFor Real

Once Drew and Janice were established in the cottage our money-making activities took off in a new direction. Drew said that we could make money hand over fist based on the academic majors of Anthony students. He called a meeting of “the principals.” I looked around and didn’t see any elementary school administrators. I was confused and said so. “Mark, you’re the number one Principal....

Added 02 Apr 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 2,278

Power Chapter 33: We're in Business

A week after his return Drew was allowed out of the hospital for an afternoon. Janice brought him to the first floor lounge in our dorm, where many of us had gathered. Charlene greeted them for the group and said “Seth and Nate’s room is yours to use uninterrupted today until you leave. Nate insisted and Seth doesn’t get a vote.” Most of us treated him like a delicate flower, afraid even...

Added 30 Mar 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 2,123

Power Chapter 32: Sylvia, Chernobyl and the Cottage

About two weeks after the auction I was getting a beer with Janice and Nate in one of the lounges; Mike was reading an Alumni newsletter. I asked him about it since he had not yet graduated. “Anthony hasn’t been around for very long,” Mike explained. “They have a fairly small alumni association and give seniors the newsletter to try and get us to join early.” Mike tossed the newsletter...

Added 28 Feb 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,698 | 1 Comment

Power Chapter 31: The ShirtOff His Back, Take Two

Earlier: At a charity auction the guys' clothes were auctioned off, after which the guys themselves were put up for purchase. To bid, you had to be nude yourself, give the guy an erection, and lead him off stage by his handle. Mark and Jay were "bought" by twins. The Twins left with me and Jay. We went to their room (the Senior Resident was greeting the returning mistresses and slaves at...

Added 24 Feb 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4 | Views 3,750

My Summer Job Chapter Four

Earlier:Greg’s mother went to jail, freeing him on his eighteenth birthday. His girlfriend helped him find a summer job, and told him she wanted to do some experimenting. The next day Greg met Brad, his new neighbor, and did some experimenting on his own. Charlene walked in on him with cum dripping from his mouth, and was happy he was putting on a show for her. Charlene and Erica then put on...

Added 23 Feb 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.43 | Views 11,151 | 4 Comments

Power Chapter 30: The shirt off his back

The next weekend was another LGBT dance. It was promoted as a fundraiser. Guys were asked to wear suits. At one point during the dance they would announce the fundraiser. Guys who wanted to could donate their suits. This sounded strange. Jay only owned one suit, and so did I. I told him I would buy each of us a new suit the next day, and we could donate our old ones. Sylvia said I didn’t...

Added 17 Feb 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 2 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 3,524

My Summer Job Chapter Three

“You are amazing!!” Christine exclaimed. “You knew one of my fantasies was watching you suck a dick, and you arranged for it to be happening when I got here. You are the best boyfriend ever.” Brad leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Dumb as a fucking box of rocks.” He then licked up a small stream of cum running down my chin and stepped away. “Got to be going. See you all later.” With...

Added 16 Feb 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.44 | Views 13,461 | 4 Comments

Power Chapter 29: Marcy

The girls spent the next two weeks planning for Marcy’s visit. Sylvia and I had sex every other day; Jay and I had none. Well, none if you don’t count a little fellatio as part of three- and four-ways. I was getting downright masterful at self-deception. Nate and Seth advanced to some kissing and petting but nothing more. Nate left the room when Seth and Charlene had sex. Mike and Sylvia,...

Added 12 Feb 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,512

My Summer Job, Chapter Two

Christine and I were both excited that I had the job. I reached between her legs and got a finger into her love tunnel, seeking out her clitoris. A whimper escaped her mouth, and we started toward the bedroom. That’s when her phone rang. Christine started to ignore the phone, but then she caught sight of a clock. “Fuck, it’s quarter after seven.” Christine answered the phone, and...

Added 11 Feb 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 11,695 | 2 Comments

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