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15 Jun 2014 12:53

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“A Little Chinese” The thing about small town USA is that the slightest change on the surface can draw attention to things that are better off staying in the shadows. Case in point, in a sleepy little farm town tucked away in the corn and soybean fields of central Ohio, a new Chinese take out place opened up on the fringes of the poorer section of town. Because of the quality of the food and the speed at which they got it out, the place took off with in months.  Young Joe was a associate attorney in the biggest law firm in the little town who’s duties included getting lunch for the office so he was at this place at least two to three times a week. While he was there he began to notice a few things. The number of beautiful young girls that “worked there”. The unusual amount of traffic at certain times of the day. The fact that some of that traffic wasn’t even coming anywhere nears the actual restaurant. And mainly, the patronage of the dive bar across the street has dramatically increased. One night, Joe just gotten off work and let curiosity gets the better of him. He took a little detour and pulled into the parking lot of the “Big Apple” a night club.  The place had seen better days. The large faded red apple that looked suspiciously like a female rump was high up on the back wall. There were a few people milling about the parking lot more then likely things pertaining the wholesale pharmaceuticals. Joe got out of his car and walked across the street to the Restaurant. He pulled the front door open and stepped inside to a fairly long line. Oddly enough half of them where men that really didn’t look like they were that hungry. Joe got his number and took his place out the end of the line.   Slowly but surely the line whittled its way down to Joe. While he waited he noticed that most of the people who where ahead of him went took their ticket and went next door to the Big Apple. He decided that he would go and check things out. He opened the door and step inside the dark dive. It was rather busy in there with everyone from the takeout place and also most of the employee’s from the place. He quickly slid over to the bar and orders a beer. The place was quite full with all sorts of roughneck looking men and young Asian women dressed in their Bangkok best. All of the women where milling about testing to see who was into who like a judging at the county fair.

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28 Jan 2012 13:33

A Bi Woman who likes to play dress up gives a gay sales clerk the ride of his life.         “Personal   Shopper”  I would like to start off by saying that I consider myself Bisexual and while the concept of a female cross dresser is rare, I’m here to tell you that it does exist.  I like to wear men’s cloths, it really turns me on. It’s is if I am a completely different person when I play dress up .one day one I was bored beyond all reason , I happened to notice that a new Men’s wear store had opened up in a town close by and I thought to myself that maybe it was time to add to my wardrobe .

First it was prep time. Had to make myself over to look like a man so I could go in and scope the place out looking for potential targets First thing was had flatten out the B cups a little. I had a very tight sports bra that was just the ticket to pull that off. Then I re did my hair to give it that wind tunnel tested look. I then went over to my “Toy Box” and got out a good sized Dildo and a harness to strap it on with. Nothing gigantic minds you, but something that would still catch the eye of someone measuring your inseam. The final touch was in my garage. My vintage Harley Fat Boy hadn’t been out for a couple of weeks so I saddle up and headed out. The powerful engine rattling my loins was enough to skew my mind to deprave as I headed down the road to what ever I might find.

I was hoping the place wouldn’t be to busy and I lucked out. I pulled up to the front window of the store and gunned the throttle on big time to get everyone inside’s attention.

Once inside the store I checked out the layout of the place. Gay dar popped almost immediately with the salesman that was in the far corner of the store helping some fat guy pick out some off the rack pants.   I browsed around while the clerk dealt with the plus size customer and brought all of his purchases to the front register. As I roamed around the store picking things out me noticed that he was checking me out as well

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25 Jan 2012 13:17