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Just taken some new private pics... You should let me know if you wanna see!

Also, just made a tumblr account. Come check out my dirty thoughts, images and everything in between -

22 May 2013 13:21

Just taken some new private pics... You should let me know if you wanna see x

22 Mar 2013 18:57

Love this pic... so sexy!!

16 Nov 2012 15:41

Wow, I think I'm in love with this woman...

16 Sep 2012 04:36

LOVE these pics!

10 Sep 2012 04:07

LOVE these pics!

10 Sep 2012 04:07

This pic just really turned me on...

02 Jul 2012 03:08

Girlfriend is away this weekend, so I have the toys to myself... Getting horny just thinking about it! Anyone wanna join me? xx

22 Jun 2012 09:36

Here's a new pic for anyone interested... Comment and let me know what you think xx

29 Dec 2011 12:00

Just made a very private picture public... Check it out and comment! Hope you like it xx

28 Dec 2011 17:36

Anyone wanna watch me on cam? xx

24 Nov 2011 14:36

How are you all? It's been a little while... x

25 Oct 2011 07:47

Just broke up with my girlfriend Feeling utterly lost, empty and alone.

28 Sep 2011 15:25

Back with the girlfriend and happier than ever! Sorry I've been away for a while everyone... Let's talk!! x

26 Jun 2011 15:33

Single again. Feeling pretty lonely right now... xx

05 Jun 2011 08:59

Having a really tough time with a girl I'm seeing. Need some advice... xx

03 Jun 2011 16:04

Wow! Just read the first story ever written about me by clickingkeystease... Absolutely amazing! Thank you baby xxx

23 Mar 2011 18:06

I'm gonna be in San Francisco next Friday (18th March) and Florida for 2 weeks in April... Anyone here gonna be close? x

10 Mar 2011 06:27

Just received my brand new sex toys... Tempted to try them out! xx

06 Mar 2011 05:31

Currently browsing various sex toys... Debating whether to buy one or not! x

28 Feb 2011 15:49

Just watched the best porn... Wow! -

07 Jan 2011 02:20

Comment on my pics girls and guys, I love knowing what you think! xx

13 Nov 2010 06:45

Guys and girls, be nice to my favourite Lush member, Summer1 - she's amazing! xx

05 Nov 2010 10:16

Seems you like the pic I added last week, so I'll keep it there for a while! Check it out and comment if you haven't yet xx

18 Oct 2010 06:24

I posted a new pic... I may not leave it up for long so check it out and comment xx

29 Sep 2010 15:20