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The moment you are only a year away from closing the chapter of a decade.

29 Jan 2013 21:39

Had a pretty bad Christmas, Fiance and I got into a fight, he took my car, returned it and I haven't seen or spoken to him since boxing day. So I have updated my status as "single" and you know what he caused it and I have no idea what he was gaining from blowing up at me.

06 Jan 2013 23:46

Counting down the day till I don't have to wear elastics.

30 Nov 2012 20:16

Found out Fiance's first serious girlfriend (who happened to be Fiance's brother's girlfriend first before the chick moved onto Fiance) sent his mother a christmas card. His mother was indifferent and said "I shouldn't open this, Mr Sweets should open it as she was Mr Sweets and his brother's friend. Not mine." Uh huh then.

24 Nov 2012 23:53

I am not looking forward to waking up at 4:00 am. If only Fiance wasn't too "tired" to drive three hours to the city to stay the night. My appointment is 9:00 am and that was the only time the receptionst could fit me in. FML.

20 Nov 2012 04:55

Sorry for whinging but here I go again. It is almost two weeks since op and I'm sick of the liquid diet. I'm glad I'm losing weight on it but honestly how can one say it is easy to get bored of milkshakes, custard, soup etc. Though I am stronger now watching others eat proper solid food.

19 Nov 2012 18:22

Who knew it can get exhausting just by eating? Just had custard and now I'm feeling a bit sick and physically tired.

19 Nov 2012 00:53

Can't believe I went without painkillers today (the pain wasn't that bad) and I had to wrestle with stupid little rubber bands to hold my jaw shut. On the plus side I lost 5.5 Kilos. I'm 81 kilos people

15 Nov 2012 02:13

A week since I went and had jaw surgery. Thus explaining my absences from Lush. How is everyone going?

14 Nov 2012 02:15

I'm so bored anyone want to chat?

28 Oct 2012 04:54

Hello wonderful people. Had a fantastic week. Went to the drive in and saw "Paranormal Activity 4" not as scary as the first movie but I jumped a little at some of the scenes. Who knew that kids could be so creepy. What is new ith everyone else?

27 Oct 2012 05:25

Sorry for my little spat. All I can say is I saw the pic of my former friend and her now husband and think wow they are a bunch of dorks and she sure didn't look like a beautiful bride. More like a butter face in a wedding dress. Oh and her hair was so limp and lifeless. Gross.

14 Oct 2012 01:17

The moments when the guy you are with thinks the reason you are acting petty and like a school girl is because her friend's getting married and didn't invite you. No the real reason is I had to wait and wait for that magical four worded question to come from your lips. And is way after the said friend got engaged and she ahd only known her fiance for two years before they got engaged. What is it now seven fucking years. It's because of my personality attutide, body. Blah. I'm a cow for free. I'm a woman and you just don't get it.

12 Oct 2012 04:01

Been away for a while. Fiance has been sulking because I haven't been spontaneous and on top of that lost a bracket from my braces. What a shit weekend.

08 Oct 2012 19:53

"Anything that draws attention to your mouth is good. And sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds guys of being naked, and makes them think of sex!" - Cher "Clueless"

17 Sep 2012 07:09

Is off to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful day. I'm drafting my first story for lush tomorrow.

31 May 2012 08:33

Been gone for a while on a wonderful holiday and planning my wedding. Can't believe how much things change once wedding is mentioned.

29 May 2012 20:12

On Lush with my gorgeous boyfriend

31 Mar 2012 03:44

Haha, while next door dick was away I got my parking spot back YAY. Now he has to park in front of his house. I'm not going to be moving my car anytime soon. And if he parks his stupid 4 Wheel drive in my spot again, I'm going to park my old 91 Honda in front of his house with the takeaway paper bags sitting the back seat.

26 Mar 2012 22:54

Even though I have Aunt flo had two amazing nights of sex with my significant other.

26 Mar 2012 16:17

I better change that.


24 Mar 2012 03:26

Damn you Mother Nature for bringing again the announcement that I'm not pregnant. So not much nookie for me.

24 Mar 2012 03:24

Last week I had sex in the back of Mr Sweets' father's 1991 Jaguar. It was hot and felt strange having sex on leather seats.

21 Mar 2012 04:48