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At age 68 the name of the game is camouflage. To hide the white balding head and wrinkles it's make-up time and a 'crowning glory' wig sorts out the top end. I can take 25 years off my appearance that way. I can't shave large areas as I still engage in competative rowing with other males, so it's opaque or patterned tights for the legs and long sleeves/ gloves for the arms. I love to dress from head to toe and take pics. of myself. I may do this only occasionally as the wife disapproves and I have to hide all my 'femme trove' VERY carefully ! I frequently have to order stuff made to measure as high street clothes are made to fit girls. At 6'2" in bare feet and 190-odd lbs. I'm no sylf, so it has to be size 14 bottom and 18/20 up top. OK for seperates, but a no-no for dresses. Shoes size US 13 have to be bought on the net. That can be fun, though.

Maryesther M.
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23 Jun 2018 17:17
CD-ing, Photography, Rowing. Offshore Sailing, Cross-country Skiing, hill walking, Bridge, chess, model making DIY, Grandchildren, Piano, Tin-whistle, Choral singing. Astronomy, Travel, snorkelling, suntans.
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Technical, historical, thrillers, who-dunnits, biographies
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Clive Cussler, Wilbur Smith, Kazuo Ishiguro, Winston Churchill, Siegfried Sassoon, Ken Follett, Gavin Menzies......The list is long
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Old B&W. Costume dramas, historical, adventure, AVATAR 3D...This HAS to be the direction movies are going in. I was bowled over by it. It has to be a major milestone in movie history.
Favorite Music:
Romantic Classical, Choral: sacred & secular, Bluegrass, Dance, Swing, Trad & some modern Jazz, Pop up to Abba and the Beatles, Irish traditional.


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Topic: Sex before marriage? Or marriage before sex?
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 18:36

Outside of some very wierd strict sects or Eastern arranged marriage traditions I can't imagine anyone would go so far as to actually marry someone without first having learned to enjoy each other's bodies.


Topic: Describe yourself in one word
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 18:31



Topic: Which is hotter.. first kiss or first fuck?
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 18:28

I would vote for that first long steamy kiss. Much more memorable than our first efforts at actual sex, which we eventually got good at, witness our 4 children who to date have given us 7 grandchildren, so THEY'RE also good at it!


Topic: Are you a soccer fan?
Posted: 21 Jun 2012 18:21

If all soccer football worldwide ceased tomorrow I wouldn't even notice.


Topic: What do you do to stay fit?
Posted: 20 Jun 2012 21:12

Today is my 70th birthday. I recently had to do a medical to get the required cert. to renew my drivers licence. Yesterday the results of my blood tests &c. came back and I had a brief chat with my Quack about them. He said that all my readings were bang on and he couldn't improve on my figures. He said that lifestyle-wise I was doing all the right things and I should simply continue to do so,

I'm a life-long competative rower and regularly compete internationally at Masters' level, as do a select band of like-minded blokes I row with. This involves frequent gym training, of course, as that is where one builds the basic fitness to apply in the boat during outings.

The trick is to monitor one's aerobic performance on a continuing basis using a heart monitor and an Ergometer, or 'Erg', as we call them. Long-term observation and notation is mandatory, so one can refer to how one performed two months, six months, two years, seven years ago. Weights are light nowadays, the emphasis being on repetitions. I damaged my lower back when young doing very heavy free weights and had to have it operated upon in 1996..successfully, I'm happy to say.

My body weight is the same as it was at age 24, but at this stage there is an annual performance decline, which is about 1.5% per year. Unavoidable, alas.


Topic: Smoking Bad, or Good?
Posted: 20 Jun 2012 20:55

More than 50 years ago now, as a young Medical student I did a two-month hospital residency under a Thoraxic Surgeon who daily did cardiac surgery, opening up the chest cavity to gain access to the heart &c. This meant temporarily deflating the lungs.
Lungs of children were beautifully pink and perfect, whereas the lungs of old smoker patients were visibly mottled with black stains, puckered and deformed. On seeing this I resolved never to touch tobacco in any form....not that I had up till then.

Smoking stinks, of course and even following someone walking down the street smoking gives one the whiff of Death. My job is to operate on peoples' mouths and daily I come into very close proximity with habitual smokers. Needless to say the face mask I wear helps minimise the stink from their breaths, as their mouths are like the bottom of an ashtray.....and they have to live with it.

Detecting oral cancers directly caused by pipe smoking keeps one always vigilant. I have recently lost an esteemed and clever colleague, a life-long pipe smoker who in retirement failed to detect esrly changes in his own mouth, announced that he was having to have a 'Block Dissection' of his mouth, tongue & neck to deal with an oral cancer, but he only survived one year.

Few smokers retain their upper back teeth beyond the sge of 50, as the passage of hot gasses daily past the palate causes progressive degeneration and loss of the supporting bone there and the teeth loosen & give trouble.
As a young seriously competative rower one of our chosen eight one year suffered considerable distress after pieces of high-pressure training. It transpired that he was secretly smoking and he lost his place in the boat. Smoking produces carbon monoxide gas which is inhaled, and that is a known respiratory poison.


Topic: The Institution of Marriage
Posted: 15 Sep 2010 07:26

I met a 21 year-old tall athletic girl at a party and fell in love with her at first sight. We were married within a year.
We begat four children, two of each, who in turn have to date produced six grandchildren for us, three of each.
We're still together after 42 years and share the same bed. Life hasn't all been a bed of roses, far from it, but we've both learned to take the rough with the smooth and to stick with it.

Nowadays the sex part has waned, but we dance a lot, which we both are good at and enjoy. It's quite physical...especially the tango. They say Ginger Rogers could do everything that Fred Astaire could do on the dance floor.... backwards!!

It takes two to Tango ! That goes for marriage, too.

Topic: Pee while swimming??
Posted: 15 Sep 2010 05:02

There is the joke about the word pneumonia....It's spelt with a silent 'P' like in swimming. About that activity.....Not on, y'know.

Chlorine or no, it's only right & proper to attend to such calls in the Loos before splashing in.

Topic: Current fashion fads that piss you off
Posted: 09 Sep 2010 18:44

Dislikes, I agree:...half-mast leggings on girls, capris on blokes. Blokes with their trousers hanging down off their backsides, minis on fat girls, Gym wear worn in the high street, crocks, platform shoes of all kinds.

Topic: how do you view sex?
Posted: 03 Sep 2010 16:53

Sex is stimulating the sex organs for the purpose of arousing pleasure. Usually sex with one's partner ends with sexual intercourse, which is the act which was designed to procreate the species.
Man's ingenuity has provided us nowadays with all sorts of aids to this pleasure and also the means to avoid pregnancy, which was the unavoidable lot of females until about the middle of the last Century.
Sexual pleasure and procreation have now become seperated for those who seek the former only, and that has allowed far greater sexual freedom to become 'the norm'.
I can only refer to attitudes displayed by my wife and myself, which have changed with time. When we were in our twenties and thirties we did the sexual act of procreation like two dancers...We got good at it, and enjoyed it a lot. We initially had three miscarriages at three months term, then our gynie man found the hormone additive formula and we had four adorable children, two of each, all within five years, after which I agreed to have 'the snip', which should have meant lots of sex and no further pregnancies.
Alas that was not to be. My wife lost interest, perhaps she found sex pointless and no longer seemed to enjoy it. I still remain strictly faithful to her after 42 years, but understandably indulge in pleasuring myself often while browsing sites like this.

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