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Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:34

Definitely dressed, we'll get to rearranging clothing eventually... ;-)

Topic i have surgical scars. is it a turn off?
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:27

Your scars wouldn't matter to me in any way. In fact.. show your scars to any bj/gf early on. If they are negatively affected by them, you'll know early on how shallow and superficial they are and can move on.. if you so choose.

I agree, one of my girlfriends had scars on her arms because she used to cut herself (I know, not a great start XD) but I loved her even more for it and they actually motivated me to love her even more and to make sure she never felt the need to do anything like that again. My advice is if someone doesn't accept all of you for who you are, you're probably better off without them. If they can't take the (in your opinion) bad with the good, then they shouldn't have any of you.

Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:20

I'm pretty sure that the only thing I really know is that I will never fully understand women, and I think anyone who believes they totally understand how women work has to be kidding themselves. Can women understand men? I don't know, but I guess any chance is better that nothing

Topic Is One Kiss Cheating?
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:17

I think people spend too much time worrying about what constitutes "cheating". Whatever your exact definition may be, just ask yourself "Would my significant other not want me to be doing this?" If the answer is yes, then it can be defined as cheating (if such a definition is even required). In general, most women will be opposed to having you show romantic affection to another woman, and the more affection/contact the worse it is. Think of it as a spectrum rather than a distinct cut-off point.

This is a great answer and exactly the way I feel. It all depends on what you know will piss off your partner. Some women would consider sending another woman un-flirty text messages that are meant to get that other woman's attention somehow as cheating. Everyone has different standards on this and it's up to the couple to figure that out.

Agreed. There's not much more I can add to this, but I'd never want my significant other to be kissing anyone else, so this would fall in the 'definitely cheating' category for me.

Topic Shaving A Girl's Pussy
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:15

I've always wanted to try it, but also been worried that I'm gonna mess up somehow. I don't think I can *not* try it, though, it's just too appealing to me. I guess lots of practice and maybe a little demonstration might help... ;-)

Topic how do you guys do it?
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:13

Its actually quite amazing how much one can get right when you are that horny. I think mine varies from typing to stroking to typing to typing with one hand nearing the end to not saying much at orgasm time. I do however know that its a massive turn on to know the girl is enjoying herself on the other side just as much.

Pot, that's the best answer yet. Well said. But when the time comes for me to have mine, the other person can tell ... there's a bit of a lull in my typing while I take things into my own hands.

Agreed, it's not all about the physical motion, sometimes reading is a great turn-on as well. The motion doesn't have to be constant, either, that's where reading comes into play (if you'll pardon the pun). For me, I've developed my one-handed typing skills over the years, and I'm now equally good with both hands ;-)

Topic Why are males so obsessed with anal sex
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:07

If a guy can stick his cock in it, chances are he will

This is probably the best explanation we can hope for. Personally, I've never tried it and don't feel any specific *need* to do so, but if a girl's into it, I certainly won't turn them down

Topic Lingerie
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:04

Lingerie is definitely a turn-on, but it's not necessary by any means. Girls can definitely be sexy in just plain everyday clothes, and truth be told, it probably takes a bit more effort to be sexy in street clothes, but the fact that she puts in the effort for you gets me going any day of the week.

Topic BDSM
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:03

I'm primarily a dom, but that doesn't mean I always have to dominate (if that makes sense)

Topic How soon a girl puts out?
Posted 04 Aug 2011 08:00

Honestly, I don't really think it matters how long a girl waits, it's really her choice above all else and if she wants to wait, then let her wait. I dated a girl for about a year and a half before we finally had sex, and that was fine with me.

Topic Boobs - Can you answer honestly?
Posted 04 Aug 2011 07:57

I'm definitely partial to medium-sized, erring on the smaller side. Really big ones aren't really a turn-on, and neither are fakes; natural is the way to go.

Topic Cumming on a woman...?
Posted 04 Aug 2011 07:50

like alot of guys, any where she wants. If it turns her on more even better.

I'd have to agree, but personally I prefer to cum inside a girl. I like to mix it up a bit; variety's the spice of life, after all. :-)

Topic ipod/mp3 shuffle
Posted 02 Aug 2011 18:41

more than a feeling - boston

Topic ... in my pants
Posted 02 Aug 2011 12:57

where them girls at... in my pants

Topic Boxers or Briefs?
Posted 02 Aug 2011 11:19

boxers, definitely

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 02 Aug 2011 09:20

everything by madeon, that kid's ridiculously awesome

Topic What do you do to stay fit?
Posted 02 Aug 2011 09:17

try to keep with an everyday gym schedule, as well as keeping active with tennis, frisbee, and anything else my friends are up for

Topic Browser recommendation - Google Chrome
Posted 02 Aug 2011 09:14

chrome works really well for me, but i hear it doesn't do too well on macs... just word of mouth, though

Topic What smurf would you be?
Posted 02 Aug 2011 06:55

I'd probably be ADDSmurf, for attention deficit disor...hey look, something shiny!