Stacey and David: Episode I - A Shower He Won't Forget

David has a shower that he will not forget in a hurry thanks to his sister and her friend

David came home after his usual evening rugby training to find that his sister, Stacey had invited her friend round for the evening. David who was 21 and Stacey, 17 lived together in a small apartment in the city after both wanting to move away from their parents. While David went upstairs to get ready for a shower, the girls downstairs were talking about how attractive he was. ‘...Read On


Stacey and David: Episode II - Just The Two of Us

Cindy leaves but the fun doesn't end...

‘So how did it feel?’ Cindy asked. ‘Did you like sucking your brother’s dick?’ ‘Yes…it was really good. It felt right, you know,’ Stacey explained. ‘God, he is so fucking hot. I really want him to fuck me. I just feel like going back upstairs and doing it all over again,’ Cindy expressed. As much as Stacey enjoyed sucking David’s dick beside her best friend, she began to feel like that...Read On



Shy Sophie: Episode I - The Night with Wendy

A shy eighteen year old Sophie discovers a new experience when she meets Wendy

It’s my first day of the creative writing course at college and I am sitting all by myself with nobody to talk to. Everybody is laughing, joking around and engaging with one another. Not me though, I am just too quiet and timid to join in any conversation. All my life I have been shy and to this day I am no different. I thought that college might just be the thing to gain confidence but I feel...Read On