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We feature both female masturbation (masterbation) and male masturbation stories here. A typical story will feature either teens, women, lesbians, young men or girls masturbating and exploring themselves for the first time. Masturbating has been defined as the excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. Closely akin to our toys section where external stimulus is involved.


The Royal Interrogator

A squire boy endures a frustratingly slow sexual interrogation.

The young squire trembled in fear. He had been in his cell for what seemed like an eternity. The king had ordered him to be interrogated, and he was terrified of what that might entail. The young man, sixteen years of age, was in the service of a wealthy nobleman and landowner who was opposed to the rule of the king. As such the boy was often used to deliver coded messages to other...Read On


Freya Gets Naughty

Freya, a beautiful young woman, plays with her pussy by the pool.

Sat back in a poolside chair, Freya let her long wavy, brown hair fall around shoulders. She reached for the SPF and squeezed a dollop onto her finely manicured hand. She started slowly over her toned arms, rubbing the lotion into her sun-kissed skin. She wore a light peach and turquoise blended bikini that only just seemed to cover her perfectly round boobs. The colour made her aquamarine...Read On


Weekend chores, and more

Anna rewards herself

I felt tense and needed release. I felt dirty and sweaty after spending all morning running errands and cleaning the apartment. Three-day weekends should be the norm, not the exception. It had been another long work week, and then Steve got me all excited on Thursday. I could still remember how he smelled and how he tasted – at least I think I could. I should not have told him that I’d...Read On


The Other Cathy Chapter Three

Ken's love life takes on a new dimension

By the time Ken arrived home, Cathy's resolve to be asleep and ignore any request he made for sex had, to a greater degree dissipated. As she showered, the memories of her cyber session with Martin, and her phone call with Carol, had stirred up once more that familiar itch in her groin. She allowed the warm water to play over her body as she recalled Martin’s huge black cock, and despite...Read On


The Ankle Massage

True story of the time an innocent ankle massage led to me cumming in her mouth.

Years ago, just before the birth of my third child, I rolled my ankle playing five-a-side football. I spent her labour hobbling around the maternity suite, my wife was not impressed. Anyway, after a few days, my ankle was black, and I sought to get some sports massage therapy for it after an X-ray suggested it wasn’t broken, through my healthcare plan. They found a massage therapist who...Read On


The Healing of Scrooge

Money was all old Eustace knew about, till a young girl asked intimate questions...

Charming young thing, my niece, what? Aha, I could see you found her fetching. Not that I've had much time for the tender passions myself. So far, anyway. Retired decades ago, but when business has always come first, it's too damned late to change. Been a bit of a Scrooge if you must know. Cynthia's not really my niece of course. Her grandfather and I went through school together....Read On



There is something about having someone secretly watching you.

There is something about having someone secretly watching you. Depending on what type of person you are, I guess, whether you are the type to get scared or you are a little adventurous and willing to have some fun with it. I, on the other hand, am a little adventurous, but hoping there is someone out there watching me is quite a turn-on. For some reason, it’s when I can shed my good-girl...Read On


She cuddles my cock at night

I couldn't sleep and her hands eased my tension in the night - this happened last night!

Last night I was so hot in bed, and horny. I always sleep naked whereas my wife is often cold and was in her PJ’s. I was lying on my back, having kicked the duvet off of me, when she turned over and her hand flopped down right onto my tummy, by my lower abdomen, inches from my cock… it was about 3 am. I was in agony. I wriggled and breathed in and out deeply to edge her hand down. Soon the...Read On


Dad's Prescription

What the Doctor ordered?

Present Day: “Dad… Dad, are you in there?” Silly question really because I know he is in the house somewhere. I work as a Family Physician in a local medical clinic and visit home a couple of times a week to check on my father who lives alone. This evening when I enter the house, it is dark, no lights, and the heating is set excessively low. I turn up the thermostat and switch on...Read On


Rasul cum fun

We enjoyed a Rasul spa with orgasmic results and a lucky twist

Me and my missus got a mid-week day away from work at the local spa, somewhere where we’ve been before and got unto some naughtiness. This time we had booked a Rasul treatment for the late afternoon, which we were both looking forward to. Before then we spent our time in the various bubble baths, hot tubs and so on. I spent a lot of this time subtly pressing against her mound, hidden by...Read On


The Other Cathy Chapter Two

Ken get to see his wife in action

Cathy was thoughtful as she drank her morning coffee. Ken seemed to have changed, the sex they had last night was more passionate than she could remember in a long time. It could have been an accident, but at one point when she was riding him, his fingertip pushed slightly into her little-puckered hole. The thrill she had felt had almost given her an early orgasm. Another first was, as...Read On


The Arrangement Part 3: One More Round

Zora can't help letting her fingers wander while fantasising about her upcoming arrangement

Sleep did not come easily last night. And how could it have?   From the minute I came home late yesterday afternoon, I had been distracted. Dwelling on my encounter with a hunk named Dan. Thinking about his captivating eyes. His strong jaw line, outlined with an immaculately trimmed beard. His perfectly smooth, dark skin. His magnificent, Olympian's physique. Everything about him brought on...Read On


The tekoki championships, part 1

Jimi registers in the first European amateur tekoki championship

By the end of the summer term, Luna had left Britton High for a two months Spanish course in Chile. She was excited to finally meet in person her longtime pen-pal Gabriel. I was depressed with the prospect of losing our hand-play sessions, and depression gave me enough bravery to visit the new mega sex-shop recently opened in the Docklands area. Might there be a female sumo section down...Read On

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Math is hard, just like some other things in the exam room...

As illustrated in the figure above, in the frame xOy, we have a line l :x-y-2=0 and a parabola C:y=2px(p>0) I let my pencil whirl around the knuckle of my thumb and re-read the sentence for the third time, try to make sense of it in connection with the figure that shows a sideways parabola on a nearly blank coordinate system. Then I swallow the yell that’s bubbling in my gut, press my...Read On



to cave - intransitive verb -: to cease to resist.

Hannah’s insufferably girly script stared at me from the slip of paper in my hand. There was only one word on it. Logan Followed by a heart with a toothy smiley-face in it which I couldn’t easily look away from. It was the eyes. They were following me when I moved the paper around in my hand, like those of a haunted painting. Ugh. I gave the back of Hannah’s head another glare and, for...Read On


Wicked Game

A teen boy is forced to play a wicked game with a friend’s mother.

Marc looked out at the pouring rain and checked his phone for the fifth time. Still no response. At age sixteen he had his drivers license but no car, so he had to rely on his mother to provide transportation to and from work. He knew she had a busy day planned but still felt frustrated that he was stuck here after his shift. “Well, hello, Marcus,” a female voice called, interrupting...Read On


The Other Cathy Chapter One

Ken gets the shock of his life

Ken quietly put his key in the front door and opened it. He had been halfway to his office when he remembered he had left the contract he had been working on the night before on his study desk. He wasn't trying to be sneaky; he just didn't want to wake his wife. He and Cathy had been watching a late show on television and he knew she would probably still be asleep. As he tiptoed down the...Read On



Two friends explore together

It was on the bus home from a swim meet that my BFF Jacquie took my breath away and left me flushed and embarrassed. “Have you tried masturbating yet?” Simple question, but it left me excited and uncomfortable at the same time. “I have; most days I finger myself at bedtime,” she offered in a conspiratorial whisper. It took the rest of the bus journey and the ensuing walk to her house...Read On

Recommended Read

A Touch of Faith

In the aftermath of a desperate act, a teen boy's shame is turned to hope.

If someone had told me six months ago this was how my short existence would end, I'd have said they were crazy. Yet here I am, hot, sitting alone in my underpants in a nondescript hotel room, half a bottle of my dad's bourbon drained on the bedside table and a full bottle of pills resting in my left hand, its label swimming in and out of focus. It works on TV, but partway through the drink...Read On


The Second Touch

Just couldn't help myself thinking of her

I spent most of the night tossing and turning; visions of my passionate encounter with my colleague in the car merely hours before inundated my restless mind. I kept imagining her in her blue dress, riding me while lying in bed. Her amazing body rocking back and forth, taking me all in. Every time I closed my eyes, she would appear, facing me down with that intoxicating smile. Her dress...Read On


A Weekend Ride - Part 1

How often can a girl cum before the night has even started?

My college-time girlfriend waited for me at the university parking lot. We were invited to stay at her best friend's place for the weekend. They are both nurses and were roommates during their training. Melanie, my girlfriend, was so keen on seeing Lisa again. Lisa lived a two hours' drive away from where I went to university - and still farther from where Mel worked. I knew they had been...Read On


No Touching

He wanted to meet to masturbate together. No touching, that would be cheating.

Years ago, when Yahoo Messenger still existed and had chat rooms, I met a man there. We hit it off right away. He was married, unhappily, but wasn't looking to cheat on his wife. He still loved her, but the passion had disappeared as happens with many marriages. He longed for that passion. It wasn't long before our chats turned sexual. Very hot conversations, about our likes, our fantasies....Read On


Brown Sugar

A mother rediscovers her beauty in the shower...

As they got home that evening, her small son was asleep. She was relaxed now that her son was down for the count. She needed a shower. It was a hot summer day outside that day. She put her son in his bed and kissed him on the forehead and said: “Good night, my sweet prince.” As her son slumbered, the mother felt a little frisky down under. While they were out and about, the mother knew she...Read On


The Snowglobe Conspiracy #003: Caution to the Wind

This is so hard to resist...

I’m out of breath. That was extraordinary. Fuck, that was intense . I don’t know when the last time I came like that was. I’m not even sure I have. ‘Overwhelmed’ is an inadequate word for what I am right now. I can’t see, I can’t breathe, I can’t think. My senses are stopped cold. A number of seconds pass before I am even able to comprehend my surroundings, let alone contemplate what...Read On


Sweet Memories

Sometimes a memory is all it takes

She walked in the door and set her purse on the table in the entryway.  It had been a long day and she was ready to shut out the world.  She was restless.  She knew why.  She hadn't seen him in a week and her body ached for him.  She stood in the entryway for a moment, gathering herself and figuring out what she wanted to do next when she happened to notice something on the floor near...Read On


Wife Masturbates in Car

Wife plays with herself in the car

It was a hot day in Tuscany and we had spent a nice day on the beach. My wife, Fiona, and I had spent the day teasing each other whilst in the sea by touching one another. She had even flashed her boobs at me and anyone else who was looking in our direction whilst she changed her bikini top for a dry one. I did enjoy seeing her F-cup boobs in public. No one had gone topless, which was a...Read On

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In desperate times, your body sometimes calls for desperate measures... It's time to listen.

"Hey, Case,“ was all my sister said as she hugged me, graciously ignoring the sweat and the travel-stains I was sporting. I was very aware that I was painting a generally unappealing image standing on her front step in crocs (crocs! With socks!) and with my hair wild and all my worldly possessions littered around my feet. Apart from a slightly sad smile and a sympathetic note in her voice...Read On

Massage Extraordinaire

A genuine sports massage which developed into something quite extraordinary!

She met me at her front door. The tall long-legged blonde with a well-shaped figure in the shortest mini that allowed her pink panties to peek out of her nicely rounded bum escorted me into her massage room. All this left me speechless! I could barely greet her so took a deep swallow instead. Once I’d regained composure I timidly smiled as I certainly did not want to be part of a sleazy...Read On


It Takes a Girl to Show a Girl

A student learns how to pleasure herself

Twenty years ago, I left home for the first time to go to Uni and I found a flat that I shared with a third year student called Amy. We had a bedroom each but shared everything else. Amy was lovely. She was friendly with a bubbly and chatty personality and a curvy figure. She was the complete opposite to me because I was extremely shy and quiet and with a figure that could pass for...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 9: Kiki and the Open Door

Chad sees an open door and learns something about his curvaceous friend.

“Yo, I think we actually did okay out there, man,” I said to my friend Paul after performing at our state choral competition. “You think? I mean, the Sopranos are going to soprano. Bitches.” Paul said. “You right about that, bro. They’re shady as hell, man. All we can do is do our job. I got to change.” I said, walking away. Besides my passion for writing, I sang in the choir for two years...Read On