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We feature both female masturbation (masterbation) and male masturbation stories here. A typical story will feature either teens, women, lesbians, young men or girls masturbating and exploring themselves for the first time. Masturbating has been defined as the excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. Closely akin to our toys section where external stimulus is involved.


No Touching

He wanted to meet to masturbate together. No touching, that would be cheating.

Years ago, when Yahoo Messenger still existed and had chat rooms, I met a man there. We hit it off right away. He was married, unhappily, but wasn't looking to cheat on his wife. He still loved her, but the passion had disappeared as happens with many marriages. He longed for that passion. It wasn't long before our chats turned sexual. Very hot conversations, about our likes, our fantasies....Read On


Brown Sugar

A mother rediscovers her beauty in the shower...

As they got home that evening, her small son was asleep. She was relaxed now that her son was down for the count. She needed a shower. It was a hot summer day outside that day. She put her son in his bed and kissed him on the forehead and said: “Good night, my sweet prince.” As her son slumbered, the mother felt a little frisky down under. While they were out and about, the mother knew she...Read On


The Snowglobe Conspiracy #003: Caution to the Wind

This is so hard to resist...

I’m out of breath. That was extraordinary. Fuck, that was intense . I don’t know when the last time I came like that was. I’m not even sure I have. ‘Overwhelmed’ is an inadequate word for what I am right now. I can’t see, I can’t breathe, I can’t think. My senses are stopped cold. A number of seconds pass before I am even able to comprehend my surroundings, let alone contemplate what...Read On


Sweet Memories

Sometimes a memory is all it takes

She walked in the door and set her purse on the table in the entryway.  It had been a long day and she was ready to shut out the world.  She was restless.  She knew why.  She hadn't seen him in a week and her body ached for him.  She stood in the entryway for a moment, gathering herself and figuring out what she wanted to do next when she happened to notice something on the floor near...Read On


Wife Masturbates in Car

Wife plays with herself in the car

It was a hot day in Tuscany and we had spent a nice day on the beach. My wife, Fiona, and I had spent the day teasing each other whilst in the sea by touching one another. She had even flashed her boobs at me and anyone else who was looking in our direction whilst she changed her bikini top for a dry one. I did enjoy seeing her F-cup boobs in public. No one had gone topless, which was a...Read On

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In desperate times, your body sometimes calls for desperate measures... It's time to listen.

"Hey, Case,“ was all my sister said as she hugged me, graciously ignoring the sweat and the travel-stains I was sporting. I was very aware that I was painting a generally unappealing image standing on her front step in crocs (crocs! With socks!) and with my hair wild and all my worldly possessions littered around my feet. Apart from a slightly sad smile and a sympathetic note in her voice...Read On

Massage Extraordinaire

A genuine sports massage which developed into something quite extraordinary!

She met me at her front door. The tall long-legged blonde with a well-shaped figure in the shortest mini that allowed her pink panties to peek out of her nicely rounded bum escorted me into her massage room. All this left me speechless! I could barely greet her so took a deep swallow instead. Once I’d regained composure I timidly smiled as I certainly did not want to be part of a sleazy...Read On


It Takes a Girl to Show a Girl

A student learns how to pleasure herself

Twenty years ago, I left home for the first time to go to Uni and I found a flat that I shared with a third year student called Amy. We had a bedroom each but shared everything else. Amy was lovely. She was friendly with a bubbly and chatty personality and a curvy figure. She was the complete opposite to me because I was extremely shy and quiet and with a figure that could pass for...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 9: Kiki and the Open Door

Chad sees an open door and learns something about his curvaceous friend.

“Yo, I think we actually did okay out there, man,” I said to my friend Paul after performing at our state choral competition. “You think? I mean, the Sopranos are going to soprano. Bitches.” Paul said. “You right about that, bro. They’re shady as hell, man. All we can do is do our job. I got to change.” I said, walking away. Besides my passion for writing, I sang in the choir for two years...Read On


An Accidental Dogger

A business trip turns into unexpected fun

My work requires me to travel to clients for meeting and sometimes the journey can be long. I like to dress smartly for meetings as I love the admiring looks I get from men and women and I always feel very sexy in a tight fitting suit. This particular day, I put on my favourite light grey two-piece suit with a white cotton blouse as I knew that I was seeing a lady who, I believe, is either...Read On


I Found a DVD...part3

Exquisitely set up

Having babysat for my friends Jane and Pete a couple of times and watched videos of them enjoying each other, I was getting hornier than ever. I had seen Pete's cum all over my friend Jane's face, I had seen Jane cum and squirt over his face and finally I had seen my friends hairy pussy filled with spunk. Since watching these amateur porn films, I had been constantly wet in the pussy area....Read On


Edging With A Friend

My lovely Asian friend loves mutual masturbation

Been spending a lot of time recently with a new friend. We've been getting together over a little wine, some soft lights, oil, towels, and watching each other indulge in no-holds-barred self-love - which includes anything we are into, like mirrors, oil, vibrators, nipple clamps (that's all me!). My new friend is a half-Chinese university student in his mid-twenties who I met online....Read On


I Found A DVD - Part 2

A second visit leads to more fun

During my last babysitting evening for my friend Jane, I found a video of her making love to her husband. Afterward, I couldn't look at her at work without thinking of the scenes I had witnessed on their DVD player. For weeks the thought of it would make my cunt start to drip and I would have to go to the ladies' to bring myself off. It had turned me into a sex maniac. I was masturbating four...Read On


Barcelona , Part 1 - Feli

A story in three chapters about our trip to Barcelona

She took off her high heels, stretched her legs and leaned back in her seat. She took a sip of the red wine that the stewardess had given her and ignored the secret looks that the man in the aisle seat was throwing her way. Although it made her feel good that men were still interested in her, even if she was thirty-nine years old, the man didn’t interest her at all. She stared out the window...Read On


The Trip Report

This story is about our first trip to a clothing-optional (sex positive) resort

I married young and things have continued to be pretty hot for us both over the last seven years. However, like most married couples we decided we wanted to try some new things. I expressed my desires to my hubby and to my surprise he said, “I’ve come to realize the thing that gets me going the most is knowing you’re turned on by something taboo. I live vicariously through your sexuality.” I...Read On


The return of Death

Guess who's back/ Back again/ Bill is back/ Tell a friend

The portal made a hell of a racket as it opened and he stepped through. He immediately stuck his bony hand down into the pocket of his coat and pulled up his cigarette pack and like so many times before stuck the cigarette between his teeth and lit it in a quick motion. A strong inhale made sure the end was lit, and the lovely nicotine went into his mouth and down. He took the cigarette out...Read On


Caught! The Sequel

Meeting Bobby again with his friend!

Applied knowledge and vision can yield self-liberation. Bobby couldn't wait to get back to town and tell William (Will) about his adventure getting caught masturbating by two older girls and how they talked him into jerking while they watched him cum. How Suzie had sucked his cock, sharing it with her friend, including his cum! How they had taken some photos holding his dick, and that...Read On



Boy caught in woods masturbating by two girls

The forest scenery has lots to offer including some surprising scenes. Home from college on a weekend, it was Saturday and Katie and Suzie decided on hiking the forest trail up to the waterfall.  Arriving at the trailhead, they park, noticing another car parked there too. Shouldering their day packs, they shove off at a leisurely pace among the shaded trees. Wondering who might be up...Read On

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It was twenty seven minutes to two. Twenty seven minutes until I’d see him again. I’d deliberated over what to wear all week and even after getting dressed I’d changed three times. I’d done my makeup carefully; painstakingly trying to emanate online contouring tutorials. Letting out a breath, I frowned at my reflection. I was trying too hard. It bordered on ridiculous. I had far more...Read On



When Big Sis Lends a Hand

It took me twenty minutes to grab my holdall and hustle out of the arrivals terminal. I was back in my hometown which was a ninety-minute flight from my university. Just close enough to visit but far enough away to give me space to grow and gain independence. I caught the bus into town which would pass two streets from my house, and as I settled back into my seat, I felt myself relax as all...Read On


Caught In The Act

Thinking she had the night to herself, she decided to indulge in a little bathime play...

“Hi, honey. Listen, I’m calling to let you know I’m going to have to work late tonight. The boss wants me to get this project wrapped up so the client can review it tomorrow when they fly in for the meeting. I’m not sure when I’ll be home. I’ll grab a bite to eat here at the office. So have a good night, and I’ll get home when I can. Hopefully, before you go to bed, but we’ll see…” That was...Read On


My 87-Year-Old Neighbor

Spying on my 87-year-old neighbor

My name is Doreen and I'm fifty-nine years old. This story might seem odd to some people, but it was a very unexpected awakening for me.  My next-door neighbor is an eighty-seven-year-old widow, "Little Lois" (which is what we call her). She is very self-sufficient; her only real problem is that she does not hear very well anymore. I normally stop by once a day to check on her, even though...Read On

Recommended Read

Night Flight

My first business trip to Paris.

How about this! I have been invited to attend the International Women in Business Conference being held in Paris, France. My very first official overseas business trip and I am more than ready for it. Definitely time this twenty-eight-year-old middle management executive strutted her stuff on a larger stage. Reading over the announcement, the core topics and activities sounded...Read On


Jimi; Chapter 1

Her boyfriend is a monster, galactic-far away above average in every Willie-involved discipline

In pain, Luna let go of her boyfriend’s cock. She grabbed her wrist and flexed her numb fingers with a sick grimace. How could he stand it? She felt enormous relief when the blood flowed through the veins in her hand once again. Sitting on her heels, between his stretched out legs and bent over his pelvis she had been stroking as if her life depended on it, that gnarled prick. She had...Read On


Lisa the Geek

A sixteen-year-old boy hooks up with an older girl who knows things

At the age of sixteen I was a high school sophomore thirsting for sex.  I was good looking and owned a car.  I dated a lot of girls.  But never had my eager fingers stroked a girl's breast.  Never had my hand been allowed beneath a girl's skirt.  Dates turned out to be make out sessions, after which I would go home and masturbate. It was late in the school year when Lisa Franks transferred...Read On


Mr Comma

"Hi, Mr Comma." “Hello, anybody there?” “Please Mr Comma, come out to play.” “No.” “Please Mr Comma, or should that be Ms Comma?” “Just Comma will do. And the answer is still no.” “Meany.” “Yes, why don’t you use Full Stop or Quotation Marks? You are always using them.” “Well, this is a job that only you can do for me.” “Oh yes.” "Yes, I promise you are perfect for what I want,...Read On


The Holiday - Day One

My wife and I educate two naive girls.

Day 1 My wife Sarah and I stopped at Zara’s house. Zara and Rhona were waiting. Excitedly the two girls threw their bags in the boot of the car and jumped in the back. The girls were both around twenty, several years younger than Sarah and me, but they both lived with their mums and neither seemed to have a boyfriend. Zara worked with Sarah and had jumped at the chance of a week’s holiday...Read On


Between Friends

Two friends help satisfy each other's needs while away from home.

“Shit! This wasn’t supposed to happen.” “What?” “Us together. Alone. You know my wife’s always been jealous of you.” You open your mouth to protest, but I cut you off.  “Yeah, I know, I know. It’s not like anything is really going on between us, but she’s just kinda… insecure I guess.” “What for?” you ask, straightening your back. “We’re just colleagues.” “I know. I never thought we...Read On

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A college girl can't keep her mind on her art...

The morning after it happened, I got up, went to class, went to the gym, had lunch, went to class again. It was a completely normal day. It wasn’t until I was halfway through my studio class later that afternoon that I heard the little voice in my head. ...what the hell did I do last night? I pushed the voice aside and focused on my painting. My edges were coming together, but I still...Read On


The Sin

I was a zealous Catholic woman. The church was everything to me. I believed in God and was in church every day. I didn’t date anybody regularly. Maybe once in a while, I would go on a “blind” date. If the guy was cute, we had sex. If no, home and Netflix. Usually mass’ was boring. Sometimes I asked myself 'why am I here'? Then I saw him. I think God wanted to see my reaction because I had...Read On