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Professionally I am an electrical engineer, but I'm also a writer. I like to write stories that have to do with sex, but a good story is not about body parts. It is about emotion, character development, and telling a tale. I'm interested in what makes people tick--what they do and why. Talking about sex is fun. Knowing someone is intimate. I am drawn to looking at women (shrug), but I am more interested in what goes on in your heads. To touch, to caress, to arouse... well, that is another story.

Matt Dyne
Being nice, making women feel good (soft), stone construction (hard), guitar, clarinet, singing, woodworking, and writing.
Favorite Books:
Shipping News, Rings Trilogy, and recently read "Cleopatra: A Life" by Stacy Schiff. Cleopatra was an amazing woman.
Favorite Authors:
Annie Proulx, JRR Tolkien, Norman Mailer, Robert Parker...
Favorite Movies:
Good Will Hunting, Seven Samurai, Harakari (the best revenge movie ever made), The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Gran Torino,
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Jazz, country, motown


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Topic: clothed or naked?
Posted: 13 Oct 2011 10:52

"More concealed is more revealed," I always say. It doesn't make sense literally, but it sounds like what you're talking about. Another way to say it is "Teasing builds arousal."

Teasing is where it's at, at least for starters.

Topic: If You Could Change Sex For A Day... Would You and Why?
Posted: 29 Jun 2011 14:15

Sure. easier to get laid.

Topic: Help! Vagina, Pussy, Cunt... what to call it....
Posted: 31 May 2011 14:55

As someone else wrote, what word to use for female (or male) anatomy depends on context.

Firstly, vagina is an internal organ, and pussy connotes more the external female genitalia, though the definition of pussy is not exact, and it can be used with great latitude.

If, in a story, a narrator is speaking, then I use proper English. A narrator does not directly express emotion, so vagina, vulva, and labia are preferred. However, pussy, though I am not altogether a fan of the word, has become ubiquitous, so, as I said, it can be used with great latitude.

If a man is talking to his wife of then pussy or cunt is not appropriate. Vagina or vulva is preferable.

If a modern young woman is talking to another modern young woman then pussy might be okay. Cunt would not be okay.

If a man is talking about a woman who he is angry with, such as a woman who strung him along and didn't come across, he might say something about what he'd like to do to her cunt.

Pussy connotes something soft, furry, and cuddly, so it might be used as a term of endearment, such as, "I love your pussy... I mean, I love all of you, but..." It wouldn't sound as good to say, "I love your vulva" or "vagina" or "cunt."

Terms like nether lips or secret garden are crap and should not be used, though I have used feminine core as in, "Her legs spread, and he could see deep into her dark wet feminine core.

Be imaginative, but don't slip into purple prose, and make sure the tone of the terms you choose fit the feelings of the context within which you place them.

Topic: Would you pay to take a girl's virginity? How much?
Posted: 06 Apr 2011 18:27

No! Never! But I would offer her a gift she would never forget. If you want to read a true story about how this happened, with my neighbor, a virgin until nineteen, you can read my story Girl Gets a Bath :


Believe the story or not, it's all the same to me.

Topic: 5 minute man
Posted: 01 Apr 2011 12:43

About thirty percent of men have or have had a problem with premature ejaculation. It's quite common--a vagina just feels so great it milks the cum right out of us. I suppose at one time that might have been an evolutionary advantage--the baby would be his--but it doesn't say much for a woman's right to choose.

A much smaller percentage of men, and women too, have the opposite problem. They can't orgasm with a partner though they can with themselves. This problem is usually psychological.

I've had this later problem, and it's more a benefit than a problem. If I take the time to develop a relationship it's not an issue, but for casual sex it can be. I am pleased that I have to get to know a woman before I can successfully have complete sex with her.

On the positive side, even when I know a woman well I can have sex for a very long time until I'm ready to come and then do so, though if I wait too long, like more than forty-five minutes, I may lose my arousal (what goes on in my brain, not my penis) and even though I remain hard I may not be able to come. When I masturbate I usually play around for thirty minutes before I come. So, on average, my condition turns out to be more of an advantage than a hindrance.

There are resources on the web that make suggestions about what a man can do to help with premature ejaculation, mostly various methods of distraction.

Another technique is to have him play with you for as long as you like and then, when you tell him to, to put his penis in you.

You should get a vibrator, and your partner should try not to be offended. No one is at fault. You're both just trying to feel good in whatever ways turn you on.


Topic: Sexless Relationship
Posted: 01 Apr 2011 12:26

Masters and Johnson, in their book Heterosexuality, state that on average men and women like sex equally, but how much one likes sex varies greatly among individuals.

There are many people, men and women, who are not very horny most of the time. That may seem odd to one who is always aroused, but I'm sure you can think of some men and women you know who just don't seem that interested in sex.

Some women need to have sex every day or more often, either with a partner or with themselves. Some women are only turned on by candlelight, wine, romance, talking, touching, and lots of foreplay, and many men don't have the patience for that or the skill to pull it off. Pulling themselves off is so much easier.

Topic: Why are males so obsessed with anal sex
Posted: 01 Apr 2011 12:18

I don't care for the idea. I've never done it and don't find the idea appealing.

On the other hand, pun intended, offer me a vagina, and I'll happily play in it all day long and far into the night.

Topic: big girls
Posted: 01 Apr 2011 12:14

You're cute, but your body may not fit our society's idea of perfection. there are a couple of ways of looking at that. One is that none of us are perfect specimens of beauty. The other is that we are all beautiful in our own ways.

My grandfather used to say: there's an article for every customer and a customer for every article.

I say: we all have to play the hand we're dealt, so play as good a game as you can and try to have fun at it.

And once again, you're cute. You have a pretty face and a great smile. I'm a small, thin man, and I think we'd look great together.


Topic: Say one good thing about the person above you
Posted: 20 Mar 2011 10:50

Open, friendly, nontraditional, and a Lush addict, but cautious, which is good. A girl can't be too cautious who she lets in, even if she is Swollen.

Topic: Pinched Nipples
Posted: 18 Mar 2011 09:24

I love having my nipples pinched BUT be gentle.... Ease me in... Tease me first.....

It's like driving a manual shift car.... Listen to the noise of the engine.....

xx S

I agree with Stephanie. Nipples are wonderfully (or terribly) sensitive and, especially at first, need to be manhandled with a gentle touch. Later, after they are played with for awhile, they become somewhat desensitized, and a firmer touch may be appreciated.

But you be sensitive too, and, as Stephanie says, listen for signals as to how best to proceed. A woman will tell you what she likes--when your firmer touches thrill her and when to be gentle again.

I love women. Matt

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Candi Coated

Brandi saw her aunt on the street, ran past with a breathless “Hi,” ran up the walk to her cousin’s house, and entered without a knock. She took the stairs quickly, burst into her cousin’s room, and found Candi lying on her back, in bed, her face flushed, her dress pulled up her legs, and her nipples impudently poking peaks in the soft cloth of her top. “What are you doing?” Brandi...

Added 23 Jun 2012 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 127

Sea Change

He knew me well and that I was a good sailor, but he knew I was doing something dangerous. It wasn’t illegal, and there was nothing he could do to stop me. “You’re heading out alone?” he asked with a frown of disapproval. “I’ll be okay,” I said. I backed the boat out of its slip, shifted the transmission to forward, and headed out on diesel power. I turned the boat at buoy G13 and...

Added 13 May 2011 | Category Love Stories | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 3,622 | 2 Comments

A Tale of two Boilers

 A Tale of Two Boilers By Matthew Dyne I knew the new owner of Doc Wheeler’s house was shopping when my answering service called my cell. I’d noticed Billy’s and Serge’s, my competitors’, vans there last week. I parked in the driveway and walked up the path. I took a deep breath and stood tall and rang the bell. She took me by surprise. I had a hard time not looking down—I didn’t...

Added 28 Apr 2011 | Category Love Stories | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.25 | Views 2,842 | 2 Comments

Poker Game

The young woman had finished bathing, dressing, and putting on her makeup, and she was ready to leave for work. She stepped out of her bathroom and was confronted by a tall man she had never seen. She was frightened and about to try to run when another man appeared, a man she knew and despised, her nearest neighbor who lived a half mile down the gravel, country road that wound its way within...

Added 21 Apr 2011 | Category BDSM | Votes 7 | Avg Score 3.71 | Views 16,587

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

I come upon her, sleeping be, Immersed in dreams of revelry Her limbs are still, her eyelids twitch She might be beggar, queen, or witch I look high—look low—all around Her raiment’s nowhere to be found I did not seek to find her thus My blessings, are they fate or luck? Her breasts they rise as breaths she breathes Her form’s as pretty as you please Of all her gifts I would partake...

Added 10 Apr 2011 | Category Love Poems | Votes 2 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 2,377 | 3 Comments


I’m good looking enough but nothing special. I’d give myself a seven on a scale of one to ten, though I’ve been told I deserve better. I have short brown hair, I’m not comfortable dressing sexy or wearing a lot of makeup, and I’m not outgoing, which isn’t surprising, since I’m a software engineer. I’m kind of nerdy, but at least my figure is attractive. It gets me attention, but it’s not...

Added 06 Apr 2011 | Category Voyeur | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 5,697 | 2 Comments

Making the Grade

Once I got stopped for speeding and showed my boobs to a cop to get out of a ticket. He didn’t ask. I just unbuttoned my shirt as he was looking at my license. He seemed torn between arresting me and letting me strip, but he didn’t say anything, so I kept on going and unclipped my bra and took it off my breasts. He glanced around to see if anyone could see, and then he helped himself to a...

Added 02 Apr 2011 | Category Reluctance | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.21 | Views 33,032 | 2 Comments

Best of Both Worlds

“Surprise!” Ginny yelled. Sally startled awake from her nap in the sunshine, outside the pool house of her multimillion dollar mansion. She looked up, but her gaze drifted downward. I must be having a wet-dream , she thought. “I brought two friends,” Ginny said. “I thought you might need cheering up.” The cheering up referred to Sally’s husband dying. It wasn’t a tragedy—the man had...

Added 29 Mar 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 8,760 | 3 Comments

The Quarry

The quarry is a mystical place that really exists, where young people go to watch nymphs swim naked and bask on granite heated by the summer sun. I lived in northern Vermont with my brother. It was a very rural area. There weren’t many jobs—in the winter it was mostly working in the woods cutting trees for lumber or pulp, or on the railroad laying rails at thirty below with the...

Added 19 Mar 2011 | Category Voyeur | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 5,582 | 1 Comment

Girl Gets a Bath

I met Kerry’s mom first, not long after the two women moved in across the street. Kerry had left for college and I helped her mother out a few times, mostly with heavy lifting. Mom was my age and a fine looking woman, but Kerry was something else—prime fantasy material. Kerry was no tomboy, but she could work hard, physically. It was summer, after her first year of college, and she’d worked...

Added 07 Mar 2011 | Category First Time | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 17,434 | 6 Comments

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