Straight Sex(2)


A night out to remember

works christmas meal gets real sexy

Christmas was looming, the annual fun fest which is the works Christmas meal was just days away. I would normally look forward to this annual eat, drink, fall over night out, but this year was different. My wife and I have been going through a rough patch. Work wasn’t a happy place to be; colleagues made redundant, orders lost etc. The evening of the party arrived, we all duly tripped off to...Read On


Working Late

Tina enjoys working late

We were told a few months back that our company was expanding, and after a lengthy interviewing process 3 people joined us. Two were male, and one was a woman; she was introduced as our technical assistant. I quickly found out her name was Tina, and she was married with a couple of kids. I thought she was probably mid to late thirties, blonde hair, with a fuller figure that had curves...Read On



Summer afternoon

Anna has fun in the sun

This story is basically true, a genuine bit of voyeurism from early last summer. One Saturday last May, my wife had gone off to work, I was left kicking about the house, with nothing much to do. I was sitting in the garden, enjoying the afternoon sunshine and a cold beer. I heard my neighbour’s patio door slide open, followed by bumping and banging with a bit of cursing thrown in. I...Read On