A Memorable Backpack

I meet a younger girl while backpacking and have a ball.

I pull my car into the trailhead parking lot. Great, not another car here, I think, as I pull to a shady spot and turn off the ignition. This is a popular spot on the weekends because it is a perfect one day hike into the pools and creek area that the locals call the 'shut-in'. I have a week off and decided to take a couple of days to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It has been a mild...Read On


The Mercy Fuck

A hit on Craigslist brings relief to a horny old man.

Like many men my age, I'm just reaching retirement age, 62, I have found that being married to the same woman for so many years really put a damper on one's sex life. You grow tired of the same old routine after 40 years of marriage, and she just doesn't want to mess with sex at all. Thus, we decided to live our own lives. My buddies and I were sitting around drinking beer and...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Sally and Jack

Old friends visit and new memories are made

Sally and Jack I rushed around the house and made sure things were straight. Sally and Jack had emailed me a couple of weeks earlier and said they were coming to town for a visit and asked if they could stay at my place. We had been friends for years, ever since Jack and I had worked together back in our younger days. Sally, Jack, June, and I had been almost inseparable for many years....Read On


Sally and the Nudist Resort

Jack agrees to let me borrow Sally so we can visit a nudist resort.

It had been about a month since Sally and Jack had visited and we had had our weekend fuckfest. What wonderful memories I have of their visit. It was like an orgy. Jack would fuck Sally and then I would follow up with my turn. Sally loved it and I didn't think anyone could have that many orgasms in such a short time. Jack seemed to enjoy it as much as Sally. I think he really enjoyed...Read On



My Landlord

The landlord who offered more than meets the eye.

I remember this well, even though it took place almost 40 years ago. It was the summer between my junior and senior years in college. I had not done well the last semester of my junior year, probably because I preferred partying to studying. That, combined with the fact that I would need a few extra hours to graduate on time, made it necessary that I attend summer classes. I had always lived in...Read On



A Woodland Happening

A husband and wife conspire

It was one of those warm fall days, when summer wouldn’t quite let go, about 75 degrees. It was October 1 and the fall bow season had opened. I broke away from work about noon to get a little quality hunting time in. There is no quiet way to get up in a tree with a climbing stand, so I didn’t even try when I got to my favorite hunting spot. I had been sitting there about an hour and a half...Read On