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Topic: The two way highway known as oral sex.
Posted: 28 Mar 2013 01:08

I'm going to agree with the prior posters: some ladies don't need to be told to suck cock, as they do so willingly. I believe that oral is a two-way street, in that if you're going to verbally ask for a blowjob, you better be giving your lady some oral.

One time, after a date, this guy blatantly asked me: "Is there any chance in getting a blow job?" We hadn't had sex yet (and we never did), just made out. I was definitely turned off by this, and declined and went home. His asking made me feel cheap.

Topic: Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted: 21 Mar 2013 23:14

I don't judge "shemales" (not the term I'd use) or the gay community or or transmen. I am a huge advocate for gay rights, and accept them wholly.
However; I'm not physically attracted to transsexuals, and don't want to have sex with them.

Topic: Poor Boyfriends
Posted: 21 Mar 2013 22:59

I've never cheated on a boyfriend.
Part of me thinks I never will, and the other part of me knows I could be vulnerable to temptation as anyone else.
I do, however; have a code of ethics in that I will not date men who are married/in a relationship/divorced or have children. It just makes life easier.

Topic: Advice on the IUD contraceptive (the coil)
Posted: 16 Mar 2013 14:58

I've had a Paraguard IUD for nearly 2 years, and I love it. I opted for the hormone-free IUD, because I want to maintain as much as my natural hormonal biology as possible. I don't like taking the pill, because I would likely forget to take it, and I don't want or need pregnancy scares. I considered the Depo-Provera shot, but the weight gain I've observed in others who used it isn't appealing. I can't see myself using Nuva Ring or the patch, either. I also HATE condoms, especially because I have a latex allergy (I go condomless in monogamous relationships only). Since having it, I've had 0 pregnancy scares and no pregnancies. Outside of abstinence (haha), hysterectomy or getting your tubes tied, IUD's are the most effective form of birth control.

Implantation was horrible (even with pain medication), and they implant it during your period. I've never had children, any they say the pain is worse in those without children. My periods last slightly longer than they used to (1 or 2 days longer), and they were heavier in the first few months after implantation. I also had spotting between periods for the first few months after implantation. Fortunately, I have not had infections, etc. from the IUD. It's stayed put, and done its job. An IUD also made sense financially, as my copay for the pill was about $30/month, and I know some women pay more than that. I paid around $700 for my IUD (I believe the price has increased since I got mine), so the IUD pays for itself in slightly over 2 years, but lasts 5 years. It just made sense.

I wish you good luck on your IUD, and stay safe. Happy humping!

Topic: Pissing while fucking- sexy or a not?
Posted: 16 Mar 2013 01:30

I'm going to say NO.
I don't like the idea of urine or scat play or blood play or vomit play, but to each their own. If playing with those (unhygienic) bodily fluids makes them happy, then who am I to judge? I just don't want to participate.
The only bodily fluids I want involved in sex are pussy juices, precum, semen, saliva, and sweat. Tears are also okay, on occasion.

Topic: Where is one place you want to have sex at that you have not yet experienced???
Posted: 16 Mar 2013 01:25

This post is going to make me sound incredibly boring, inexperienced, vanilla, but I hope to someday fuck in these locations:
- orally servicing him as he sits in his office chair
- on the side of the road, in the car
- in a bathtub (Though I've had plenty of shower sex!)
- in a jacuzzi
- in a pool
- on a boat
- on a (private!) plane (A girl can dream, right?)
- on the hood of a car
- on a trampoline
- in a sex swing
- on a grass hill; Ideally, blanket(s) would be involved.
- on a balcony, bent over, looking at the view down below
- in the woods
- on a weight bench/exercise equipment
- in a sauna/steam room
- on patio furniture
- on a massage table
- in a classroom or doctor's office (corny, I know)
- in one of those barber chairs, you know, the ones that spin...

Topic: Quick question, Dick or Cock?
Posted: 16 Mar 2013 01:09

Cock, considering "dick" is often used as an insult.

Topic: What do you think about a male's profile that shows his junk?
Posted: 14 Mar 2013 23:02

I think it's completely unnecessary, and sort of a turnoff. It definitely shows he's confident about his equipment, a cockiness I don't find appealing.
If a guy post dick pics and nothing of his face/body, it makes me think that he's unattractive; like, what do you have to hide, buddy? You're putting on a sense of false bravado with the dick pic, yet won't show your face/body. Random dick pics remind me of the classifieds on Craigslist, which isn't a turn on. I would advise men against posting dick pics on their profiles; leave a little to the imagination!

Topic: After sex
Posted: 14 Mar 2013 22:52

It depends; I could want to... Pee. Clean up. Cuddle or be held. Eat. Drink. Relax. Read. Lounge around the house half naked, eating salty munchies.
Sometimes I crave intimacy after sex, other times I just want to be left alone.

Topic: Uncut Cocks
Posted: 14 Mar 2013 22:34

I've never encountered an uncut cock, but I'm definitely open to the idea.
I've heard that cut cocks are cleaner, and that uncut cocks are associated with higher risks of UTI's. I don't like UTI's.
But, due to my lack of experience, I would say that the most intelligent answer is I don't know.

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