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Topic Unsuspend me or I'll take you to court!!!
Posted 06 Oct 2011 11:15

thanks for the welcome..

I'm not sure whether it's done or not..several amendments have been filed for debate..and I understand it's still a rather big issue..
the way I see it, what's being punished is not telling a lie, but offending people.. and it's entirely in the hands of the "offended party" to determine what offends them and what doesn't.. if this thing holds, anybody could claim to be offended any time they're mentioned on the internet.. and ask for the mention to be pulled from the website. if the truth offends me, I may well have an instrument that allows me to legally have the truth removed and instead support a lie I prefer to the ugly truth.
in other words, people with a lot of money, a media staff and/or a political agenda may very well hire a team of censors and basically wipe the net of anything negative said about them..thereby massively influencing the public opinion.
yes..that sounds and probably is a little extreme..I doubt the law is as as "bad" as that.. but that's precisely the point of the debate.. the law is worded poorly and basically an over reaction of certain people protecting their private interests through "new laws" hastily put in place. as it is, the law does point in that Orwellian direction
I suppose part of the mess comes from the fact that most of the people who put this law together have very little understanding of how the web actually works.
we'll see what happens.

Topic Unsuspend me or I'll take you to court!!!
Posted 06 Oct 2011 10:30 I'm new here..been lurking around reading stories.
didn't really plan to do anything much beyond that, let alone join yet another forum, but this thread came up..
also, I'm going to spoil the fun a little bit, with a serious note.
after having lolled quite a bit over it, I've come to realize the lols had a bitter aftertaste for me..and I suppose for any other italian forumite/writer who has bumped into it over the last days.
our local king of sex-gossip and court jester-general of the G8, the prime minister, together with his cronies, is in the process of approving a law that will in fact allow precisely such things as have been threatened, to happen in our apparently not so democratic country.
from the moment that law becomes effective, anybody who has written (I suppose on italian websites) anything about anybody else, be it as blog, newsflash, public information or..well.. in any other form, may be forced by the subject of their writing to delete whatever it was they said and post an identically formatted rebuttal of what they posted. the "nice" touch to this? the enforcement comes directly from the subject of their writing, who will not even need to take the writer to court, for a third party to be the judge as to whether something untrue (and therefore slanderous) has been written.
there is no independent judge anymore. it roughly goes like this:

A writes "B was arrested for shoplifting" on his blog, facebook account, news site if he happens to be a journalist.
B takes offence and contacts A
A has 48 hours to remove the "slander" and post on his website/blog/facebook account something like: "I'm sorry, I've lied, B did not get done for shoplifting, I made a mistake"... no, smiley faces or sarcastic observations are not allowed either.
if A fails to comply, fines, trials and general unpleasantness ensue...
whether B has or has not been arrested for shoplifting is irrelevant.. not even an autenticated copy of a police report or an appeal in court can assist A in not having to "rectify".
the matter has stoked quite some protests, amongst others from the Italian Wikipedia site, who closed down for a couple of days in protest...
mmmh website won't let me post wiki links to the events... anyhoo.. it's easy to google wiretap law italy and bump into the story.

so..yeah..not 100% relevant to this situation, which includes a ban.. but it did resonate with current events.