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I'm a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan, nothin better than reading some hot stories after a day in the hot sun.

I am an active duty Soldier who is currently depolyed to Afghanistan. Since I need a sexual excitement whie I am away, I thought I would join this site. Love the WifeLover section.

I am an American expat earning a living in Afghanistan. I am either working or surfing. Hopping from job to job, I lost my stories I have written to pass the time when I lived in the US. I hope to rewrite them in the upcoming months. I have ADD so shiny things grab my attention. I love my curre...

Hi! I am Annalisa, a Senior Airman serving in the United States Air Force, currently deployed in Afghanistan. I found this site by a Google search of erotic stories to keep me occupied.
I started to read, and I decided to join up.
So Men & Boys, I have a man at home and he is the love of my ...

Hello everyone! My name is Tony. I'm 23 years old, 135 lbs, 5'8. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and in need of some internet pen pals! I like to play soccer and video games. I also enjoy meeting and getting to know new people. I love to ride my bike! Kawasaki Ninja Zx636. I am not an author ...



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Currently servin' a year-long tour in Afghan for the millionth time wantin' to relax to some good stories. Ye'h, my avator means I'm a macho man who loves his furry babies....

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I am 5'8 I weigh 120 pounds I have bleach blonde hair and a tight sexy cunt