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I give up on trying to write my own stories. Too many good ones here already! For now I like to chat with the sexy women of lush. I am learning English, this is good practice for me!

I'm a naughty girl from Argentina, I'm 20 yr... Sometimes I'm not available to chat, but you can send me a msg.

I was born in 1988 and i like older women.

i am married with a white woman.

Bounos Aires

I live in Argentina ,Bounos Aires. I just got out of a long term relationship with a guy ,so only looking for girls at the moment. I mainly want to wright and read ,but if girls wanna give me tips and advice on being with a women I welcome the advice and guidance.Men I wont except your friend reques...

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

I'm a fun person... I'm half Belizean/ Argentinan, I'm a down to earth chick that loves life... Im very sexually active and im a freak in bed.....if you wanna get to know more of me add me however....DO NOT ADD ME OR POKE ME OR MESSAGE ME IF YOU DON...

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Hey I like sex I have a rich boyfriend with a penis but when I'm alone with a friend girl to touch, I like being with girls lesbians. I'm here to meet someone just fun and good friends. Whether you like it enjoy.

Floating above the clouds

Just a silly and weird girl~
Boredom is quite magical nods
Im a bit new, so mind helping me?
Im a bit shy so please, be patient x)

In your dreams

Hello there, I am a lover of lush stories and always interested in learning/trying new things.
I'm new here, why not say hi? :)

First thing of all? Yus, i tend to be shy and get embarassed quickly. Beware! I might run away and you won't be bale to catch me o.o haha
I don't accept random Private Chats, if you break this, i'm afraid i'll be ignoring you the rest of the time. Learn how to be nice with people. ...

well, i'm not really sure what to say but here goes.... i am a young afro-european girl, i'm am currently a psychology student and consider myself to be very open-minded. I tend to get bored easily, i like adventure and a challenge and i have a very curious personality, i don't quit! i like to read ...