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I had been faithful to my wife for 25 years. That changed early last year when she told me that I should look elsewhere for sex. She loves me very much and I her but she is not really into sex. The rider is that she does not want to know about my activities.

So, now I am 'playing' with a ...

I'm straight guy and I love a girl with a nice butt and a wild sexyness. I have a wild imagination so hit me up if you wanna get hot and bothered. I have a lot of fantasied and i'd love to share them. I also find older girls/women very attractive, so no matter what you're age, hit me up.

im taken by my girlfriend and we are happy together.i like readingincest but wont take part in it so please dont ask.

quite and inquistive would like to know you and have fun

I'm Lucy, that's all you need to know. (:

Enjoy reading erotic stories, may write some one of these days.. Happily married, but always fantasizing... Hidden depths that just need a sp9rk to ignite

Im bi and 27...likes guys and girls ;) hit me up sometime hotties!

hi im jemma im 22 and im a topless barslut at a gents club atm im in a relationship with ma gurl chloe but dont let that stop u from flirting and getting dirty lol, im only after gurls atm so guys give the private chat requests a rest lol