Members located in Belgium

hi everybody i live in belgium and im a student if you want to chat with me, just add (and tip, i am straight!!)

I am a curious girl not only about sex but also a lot of thing. I admire people who don't have boundaries and strong imagination

i'm somebody very curious, want to interact with people and read their stories... Maybey chat and exchange stories privatly if contact is made, but thats the beauty of life, adventure and attraction!!!

Hi, I came across this site by lucky accident but decided to read a few stories and now I'm hooked. Due to Krystenah's stories I discovered some more about my sexual self, because I didn't know that I was into the M/s relation ( with me being the Master). And so I started to explore the world of M/...

Career military currently stationed in Belgium. I enjoy reading stories of just about anything however I tend to enjoy most often the voyeuristic stories of other members and will post my voyeur adventures as well as special encounters while deployed or traveling.

I'm matt, 25 years old now and live in Belgium. I'm almost 5 years in a relationship and I truly love my girlfriend. Luckily she's very open-minded I'm here to get some fun new ideas and to meet some new people. Because I visite this website mostly o...

hi !!! I'm soooooo curious... Always in for some fun and something new... so if you want to find - don't hesitate to say hi


I am a 20 year old male. Tommy Stifler is just my pen name since I don't want undesired people to find out who I am.

I must say it was not my idea to become a writer here, some one who read my stories before (non-erotic) said I should give it a go.

Feel free to ask what you want to know
i wont bite.

i can be naughty yet serious, have a good laugh and be silly.

and yes i know i dont show everything of myself on the pictures but that doenst say i dont have it

I'm a girl looking for some excitement... always in for meeting new peoples and pleasures...
still looking for my daddy

Hi there,

I'm 21 and since recently have this obsession with writing. I try to write a story more than a porno, although I don't always succeed. Of course wouldn't be posting on this site if I didn't like adding in a lot of sex scenes. I hope the result looks ...

Hi, i am an adventurer who loves sex and all things related to it. love to chat and meet new people hear their stories see their pictures, maybe meeting some...i believe their should be no taboo in sex..

I'm a 29 year old cook who works way to much and just need to relax sometimes. i love to read stories and anything taboo or extreme gets me all hot and steamy

Middle aged couple who after 30 years of marriage re discovered the joys of sex.
We experiment with toys, locations etc.
Usually he thinks up the fantasies and she improves them further.
We do threesomes with our toys, favorite: jackrabbit.